Kasem - English


pa₁ [M ] B1 (paga; impf: pae) v hit, hammer in a peg or nail cf: paare.
pa₂ [M ] B2 (impf: pae; past: pɛa) v 1give { Yé pa-o! Don't give (it) to her! | Ba pɛ-o mena. They gave him millet. } 2permit, allow, cause to happen { Ba pɛ o tɔge de ba o vo. They made him go with them. | Ba pɛ-o chwoŋa se o viiri. They allowed him to leave. } 3consider { Ba pae o ye nɔn-ŋom. They consider him a good man. } 4do on behalf of, for the benefit of { Ba yeigi gwoori ba pa-o. They bought cola-nut for her. | Ba vage kara ba pa-o. They farmed for him. } cf: paro, pɛɛre.
pa₃ [M ] conj so that (result) { pa se so that | O zeili-ba pa se ba viiri. He chased them so that they went away. }
pa-bu n prince { Pa-bu ba lwoori zele. A prince does not beg for clothing. } cf: paare, , pɛ-taro; cf: .
pa-faro n paramount_chief cf: -faro, -fɔrɔ; cf: .
pa-taro n bodyguard, soldier cf: nazoa; cf: pɛɔ.
paa [R ] n fever, malaria, allergy
paala (der. of paale) n boasts
paale₁ A1 v aux do intentionally, deliberately { O wo paale o ke. He didn't do it on purpose. } [ der. pale-kia ]
paale₂ [H ] A1 v 1reveal, disclose, describe 2boast [ der. paala ]
paao n bird_trap
paare₁ [R ] A1 v hoe weeds around young crops, first hoeing after planting (domain: 6.2.4 - Tend a field.) [ der. pare ]
paare₂ n 1chieftaincy { O di paare Paga ne. He became chief in Paga. } 2luxury, ease { O lage paare. He likes a life of ease. } cf: , pɛ-taro, pa-bu.
paare₃ [H ] n peg, stake (for tethering animals) { che-paare metal stake } cf: pa.
pae₁ impf. of pa v hammers_in
pae₂ impf. of pa v gives
paga pa v hammered_in
page₁ [L ] A1 v lie on something { n yi page woŋo you desire something }
page₂ v praise { Dé page-na Baŋa Wɛ! Praise the Lord! } (domain: - Worship, - Praise.) [ der. pempaga ]
pagese v imitate (domain: - Imitate.)
pakaane DE/YA n heap of bush meat for sale (domain: - Meat.)
palalala ideo spread wide and open (domain: 8.2.4 - Wide.)
pale₁ [R ] A1 v hang up { Pale gwarro tem se te ko. Hang out the clothes to dry. } (domain: 7.5 - Arrange, - Lift.)
pale₂ [H ] v watch secretly, spy
pale-kia (der. of paale, kikia) n intentional_acts