Kasem - English


wa pl. of n pl gods (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being, - Idol.)
wa- stem of n st sun wa-zoore evening, sunset
wa-paala -/YA n pl traits, talents; how God has endowed a person { Wɛ de nɔɔno maama de o wa-paala mo. God forms every person with his or her traits. }
wa-zoore (from wa-, zo) n evening, sunset (domain: - Time of the day.)
waao adj empty, hollow, unprotected (domain: 8.3 - Quality.)
waare₁ [H ] A1 v punish [ der. waarem ]
waare₂ [M ] A1 v 1abate, stop (of rain) { Doa kam waare. The rain has stopped. } 2be weaned, stop breast feeding { Bu wom waare o tu tega. The child has been weaned. }
waare₃ A1 v learn from mistakes
waare₄ [M ] be alert { n yia waare you are alert }
waarem (der. of waare) n punishment
waaro [L ] -/TE n pl cold, cool { Waaro jege-ne. I am cold. | De m waaro. (How is) your coolness? (morning greeting) } [ idiom de-m-waaro ]
waase [M ] A1 v whisper, speak in a low voice { Ba jege o taane ba waasa. They are whispering about him. }
wadaa n rule, regulation, law
wae wane v st be_able ant: ware.
waleere dialect of wɛleere n sin
waleme v struggle, make an effort to achieve something (domain: - Work hard.)
wane [R ] (wae) 1v overcome, conquer, have power (over) { O wane-ba. He overcame them. } 2v aux be able, capable { A bá wane a vo. I am unable to go. | N wae kaana dedɛ n di. You may marry many wives. } cf: ware. [ der. wɔnɔ ]
wapuli variant spelling of wɛ-puli
wara₁ [L ] v be smart, alert, active, capable
wara₂ [L ] v be pliable (domain: - Stiff, flexible.)
ware₁ [L ] v st be_unable { Ba ware tuu kom ba go. They couldn't kill the elephant. } ant: wae. cf: wane.
ware₂ [M ] A1 v 1greet, pray { Á ware sɔŋɔ. Greet your house. (farewell greeting) | Ba wora ba ware Wɛ. They are praying. } 2appeal for help { O vei o ware o varem. He went and sought help with his farming. } [ der. warem ]
ware₃ [H ] n brick, building block
ware-bworo [HL ] n brick_mould
ware-zoŋa [HR ] n basin, metal bowl, dish