beinnu [R ] -/TE (infl: bwoŋo) n pl faeces, dung, flatulence { Naao ná jaane n kwo, n ná nɛ ko beinnu, n wó duri mo. If a buffalo has killed your father, if you see its dung, you will flee. | bein-lɛɛro fresh faeces | Bein-lɛɛro mo zaŋe bein-dwonnu lwom. Fresh faeces evoke the smell of old faeces.; New events may bring back unpleasant memories. } (domain: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) [ bein-kɔŋɔ , na-beinnu , nabein-bibilu , der. bein-gwoŋo ]

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