This dictionary is respectfully dedicated to the late Chiana Chief, Pɛ Rowland Adiali Ayagitam II, who in 2000 celebrated his golden jubilee as Chief of Chiana, Upper East Region, and who sadly passed away in 2006. For most of his life Pɛ Ayagitam II was in the forefront of efforts to promote Kasem as an effective language in education and development. For many years he served as Chairman of the Kasem Language Committee, among his many other regional and national responsibilities. He was eager to see the publication of a Kasem dictionary and gratefully received earlier drafts for review. While this dictionary is far from perfect, we trust it will be a fitting tribute to him and to his memory.

Chiana Chief

Pɛ Rowland Adiali Ayagitam II: Chiana Chief 1950–2006