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ṭʰiwṭʰíwmim-inanwhiz; sound of a bullet, sound of rifle firing; strongly whispered (hiss?)ṭʰiw cenʔsound of bullet hitting dustcfsʼiw

ṭʰiwiṭʰiwi´nfork, bifurcationqʰale ṭʰíwi·fork of treecfteneto·r5.2.2.8Eating utensilhisʼu· ṭʰiwi·lawn.p.hisʼu· ṭʰiwí·lawnarrow notch*ṭʰiwi·mverb.ṭʰiwimʔ´v1be or get forked2forked
*šuʔdimacʼšuʔdimáʔPlural Agent of*šuʔdimadlead, pull (one) within
*šuʔdimacšuʔdimáʔv-hnd1lead one (person, animal) in there, in from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamac 12lead one (person, animal) south or east from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamac 2Directional of*šuʔdi-mac
*šuʔdim2šuʔdímʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) across or past; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsam1Directional of*šuʔdi-m2
*šuʔdim1šuʔdímʔv-hndhold one (person, animal) in place by pulling (on a rope)pl.*šuhsam2Essive of*šuʔdi*šuʔdimcismlf.šuʔdímciwv-hndgrab and hold one (person, animal) in place by pulling (on a rope)pl.*šuhsamci
*šuʔdicšuʔdíʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) away, start to lead somewhere; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsacSemelfactive of*šuʔdi
*šuʔdišuʔdíwv-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] lead someone, take somewhere, pull along; [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop leading someone, stop taking somewhere, stop pulling along; stop carrying or holding, set downpl.*šuhsaPrefixed:šu-*ʔdi1*šuʔdim1essivešuʔdímʔv-hndhold one (person, animal) in place by pulling (on a rope)pl.*šuhsam2*šuʔdimcismlf.šuʔdímciwv-hndgrab and hold one (person, animal) in place by pulling (on a rope)pl.*šuhsamci*šuʔdicsmlf.šuʔdíʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) away, start to lead somewhere; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsac*šude·nʔwaddist.šudenʔwadúv-hndlead one (person, animal) here and there, all over, all around; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusatʰmucʼpl. agt.*šude·cʼwacʼ*šuda·ladir.šuda·láwv-hndlead one (person, animal) down; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·la*šuda·lamecʼdir.šudala·méʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) down off of; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·lamecʼ*šuda·loqdir.šuda·lóʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) up toward here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·loq*šuda·loqocʼdir.šudalo·qóʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) up out of; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·loqocʼ*šuda·qdir.šudaʔ´v-hnd1lead one (person, animal) out from here, go away; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·q 12lead one (person, animal) north or west from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·q 2*šuda·qacdir.šuda·qáʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) up from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·qac*šuda·qocʼdir.šuda·qóʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) out from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·qocʼ*šuda·qʷdir.šudaʔ´v-hnd1lead one (person, animal) out toward here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·qʷ 12lead one (person, animal) northward or westward to here, from the south or east; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·qʷ 2*šude·bicdir.šude·bíʔv-hnd1lift (one) up by pulling; start to pullpl.*šusa·bic 12lead one (person, animal) up, away; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·bic 2*šude·ddir.šude·du´v-hnd1lead one (person, animal) along, in one direction; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·d 12lead one (person, animal) toward here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·d 2pl. agt.*šude·cʼ*šude·ducdir.šude·dúʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) far, away to a distance; pull (with a rope)pl.*šusa·ducpl. agt.*šude·cʼic*šuʔdim2dir.šuʔdímʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) across or past; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsam1*šuʔdimacdir.šuʔdimáʔv-hnd1lead one (person, animal) in there, in from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamac 12lead one (person, animal) south or east from here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamac 2*šuʔdimaddir.šuʔdimá·duv-hndlead one (person, animal) within an enclosed place (house, pasture); at a place identified in the context, enclosed or not; pull (with a rope)sg.*šuhsamadpl. agt.*šuʔdimacʼ*šuʔdimaqʷdir.šuʔdimáʔv-hnd1lead one (person, animal) in here; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamaqʷ 12lead one (person, animal) southward or eastward to here, from the north or west; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamaqʷ 2*šuʔdima·ducdir.šuʔdimá·duʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) home, to a place, to a destination; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsama·ducpl. agt.*šuʔdima·cʼic*šuʔdima·qocʼdir.šuʔdimá·qoʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) back a few steps; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsama·qocʼ*šuʔdimuldir.šuʔdimúlʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) around to the other side; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamul*šuʔdimu·licʼdir.šuʔdimú·liʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) all the way around; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsamu·licʼ*šuʔdiwaydir.šuʔdiwáyʔvintroduce to someone*šuʔdiyicʼrefl.šuʔdiyíʔvlead (dog), pull after oneself
*šuʔcʼetadšuʔcʼetá·duPlural of*šuʔcʼetsaw off edge
*šuʔcʼeʔcʼešuʔcʼéʔcʼewv-redbreak pieces off by sawingšuʔcʼeʔcʼecisaw many branches on a stick, or saw a stick half through, or all the way throughIterative of*šuʔcʼe
*šuʔcʼetšuʔcʼéʔvcut off end with sawšuʔʼétʰciwcut end (of stick) off with sawPrefixed:šu-*ʔcʼetPlural*šuʔcʼetadšuʔcʼetá·du
*šuʔcʼe-vbreak piece off by sawingPrefixed:šu-*ʔcʼeiter.*šuʔcʼeʔcʼebreak pieces off by sawing
*šuʔcʼaʔcʼa2šuʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redpack tight inside by pushing or pullingIterative of*šuʔcʼa2
*šuʔcʼaʔcʼa1šuʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redpull tight (show strings, basket twine)šuʔcʼáʔcʼa·ybe pulled tight - tighter than othersIterative of*šuʔcʼa1
*šuʔcʼanhšuʔcʼánʔvpull something stuckšuʔcʼanhciget stuck, of a door (pulled and it won't open or won't close)cf*šucʼa·t*šuʔcʼa1Prefixed:šu-*ʔcʼanhPlural*šucʼahnišucʼáhn
*šuʔcʼabašuʔcʼabáwvpull several long objects apartšuʔcʼabá·ci mul ʔahay ʔ ˆ pull that stick apart!šuʔcʼabaʔpull open (an apple, a peach) with the fingers or handsacts as plural for semelfactive formPrefixed:šu-*ʔcʼaba
*šuʔcʼa2-vpack tight by pushing or pullingPrefixed:šu-*ʔcʼa1*šuʔcʼaʔcʼa2iter.šuʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redpack tight inside by pushing or pulling
*šuʔbušubutšuʔbušúbuʔPlural of*šuʔbušuʔbutwitchtic

*šuʔbušuʔbušuʔbušúʔbuw1v-redtwitch, move with muscle spasms revealed through the covering skinšuʔbušúbu·cʼitic in many placessyn*šuʔbunicʼ2ntic, muscle spasms revealed through the covering skin7.1.9Move a part of the bodyFrequentative of*šuʔbuPlural*šuʔbušubutšuʔbušúbuʔ
*šuʔbunhcicʼšuʔbúnhciʔvtwitch onceSemelfactive of*šuʔbunicʼ
*šuʔbunicʼšuʔbuníʔvbe twitching, by pushing or pullingʔiša· tol suʔbuní·cʼe· toon my arm it is twitching (repeated tics, muscle spasms)ʔahša šúʔbuniʔa fish was nibbling (detectable pulls)syn*šuʔbušuʔbu 1always ReflexiveReflexive of*šuʔbunh*šuʔbunhcicʼsmlf.šuʔbúnhciʔvtwitch once
*šuʔbunh-vbe twitching, by pushing or pullingPrefixed:šu-*ʔbunh*šuʔbunicʼrefl.šuʔbuníʔvbe twitching, by pushing or pullingsyn*šuʔbušuʔbu 1*šuʔbunhcicʼsmlf.šuʔbúnhciʔvtwitch once
*šuʔbu-vtwitchPrefixed:šu-*ʔbu4freq.*šuʔbušuʔbutwitch, move with muscle spasms revealed through the covering skintic, muscle spasms revealed through the covering skin
*šuʔbešuʔbešuʔbešúʔbewv-redhave a sad, long-faced look, as though ready to cryšuʔbéʔbew(same meaning)Frequentative ofšu-*ʔbe1*šuʔbe

šuʔbala·duʔlišuʔbalá·duʔlingear shift (of car)*šuʔbalad