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dab liquid with hand*dahyol 2dahyólʔpl.*dayolaqvspread or smear a liquid with the hand; rub or dab a liquid onto something with the handkumíʔda ʔa mu·kito mahsiʔ dahyolá·dem mul dahqalí·cʼenʔevery time I rubbed charcoal on him, he rubbed it off himselfʔihpʰú· dahyoli mil hiʔbu tol muhlálʔkʰe ʔe· murub grease on those potatoes; they will crack (when they're baked)mante®kí·ya cuhni· tól dahyolispread butter on the bread!5.2.1Food preparation7.3.7.3Spread, smearsmlf.*dahyo·c
dab on with hand*dahyo·c 2dahyoʔ´vdab or pat on liquid, such as cologne, with hand; smear or spread liquid with handdahyoʔto smear on with hand or pat on with hand in one placeʔahqʰa tó dahyo·ci ~ mul ʔáhqʰa to dahyo·cidab water on me!, smear
daddy-long-legsqʼolo qʰade·duqʼolo qʰáde·dundaddy-long-legs1.6.1.8Spider
daggerpunya·lpunyá·lnhunting knife, dagger4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot6.4.1Hunt6.7.1Cutting tool
damʔahqʰa cahcehqawʔahqʰa cáhcehqawaph.hqʰacahcehqawndamsynʔahqʰa cahcew6.6.7.3Controlling water7.3.6.2Block, dam upʔahqʰa cahcewʔahqʰa cáhcewndamʔahqʰa cáhcewe· mu mi·there's a dam theresynʔahqʰa cahcehqaw6.6.7.3Controlling water7.3.6.2Block, dam up
dam up*cuna· 1cunaw´vwater builds up, backs up in river; cover with water (incl. frost, snow)šóhqʰawi ʔahqʰa wála·wol cuna·qamat River’s End, at the river mouth, the water is blocked (from low flow)ʔihyu· cunawfrost covers (everything); The frost is covering the ground; It is frosty7.3.6.2Block, dam up
damage from scratching*caqʼa·scaqʼas´pl.*caqʼasa·tadvscratch and make a streak, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifehóhwa caqʼascíhqamelaI made something (the chair, by leaning back,) scratch a streak into the doornaṭa qáwi ʔem caqʼasá·duwa·duthe baby scoots around all over on its butt7.9.1Damagesmlf.abs.caqʼa·sciw
damage from scratching with hand*daqʼa·sdaqʼas´pl.*daqʼasa·tadvscratch and make a streak, with the hand or pawdaqʼasciw(cat) to scratch a streak (in wood)syn*daqʰal2*daqʰaqʰaṭ*daṭʼo·*daṭʼo·s7.9.1Damage
dammed up*capacapáwvbe overgrown or covered with vegetation; be fully dammed up so water covers all of an areacapatʰuʔdon't be overgrown!šinicca ʔbacʰqan ʔama· capáhqawaʔthey raised wheat which blanketed the landsyn*cupacf*cahce6.2.4.5Neglect plants7.3.7Cover
damp placeʔama· ʔahqʰaʔama· ʔáhqʰandamp place1.3.3Wet
DanakadanakadanakáplaceDanaká: a place where people lived east of Phochayta Rock at Stewarts Pt. and south of Condor's Roost
dance*manemanéwpl.*manetvdanceʔúl duweni ʔacaʔ yácʰma qʼoʔo mánen huʔú·mo tol (mul) mákʰle dukʼímtamaʔ long ago when the Indians danced, they made streaks of white clay on their facesku·yi ʔnati mane·cidance once anywaycaus.*manehqader.mane·la·lin.p.abs.qʼoʔo manew yacqʼoʔo 1qʼoʔo´ndanceʔaya·yo kʼáṭa qʼoʔomarriage dance (with white jackets, shells, and black designs)cohšo qʼóʔoribbon danceqʰá·mosʼ pili·li qʼoʔostar hoop dancefeather dance movements are: to·to, hoʔsiya, diʔcʼanʔ, likʰotiʔ; a few of the other dances are: lehú·ye, šukkin, ca·ne, lu·limúʔ, qʼoʔo, lamé·sa qʼoʔo, šina· báhṭʰe4.2.4Dancecomp.cuhma qʼoʔocomp.duhṭʰal qʼoʔocomp.kilakʰ qʼoʔocomp.lame·sa qʼoʔocomp.lo·le qʼoʔocomp.pʰusʼi qʼoʔocomp.qʰa·mosʼ qʼoʔon.p.qʼoʔo cahnohqawph. v.qʼoʔo dacen.p.abs.qʼoʔo manew yacn.p.qʼoʔo qʰamacʰqawn.p.šahku leʔwe qʼoʔocomp.ʔaca·c qʼoʔocomp.ʔahqa qʼoʔocomp.ʔama·cʼoʔ qʼoʔocomp.ʔoho qʼoʔo
dance around*puhṭi·dpuhṭi·du´vdance around; move around dancingpuhṭinʔwadudancing aroundkʼaye·ma puhṭinʔwadudance around alone
dance costumemane·la·li 2mane·lá·lina costume with designs on it, worn during dancemane·lá·licostume for dancing, has designs on it5.3.3Traditional clothing
dance housemaʔcamaʔcanroundhouse, sweathouse, dance houseʔama· yo· mi·méʔ ṭʼo maʔca qawiwat that time the sweathouse was built undergroundmaʔcá lto· ciwoló·qocʼba pʰíʔtʼan mul ʔacacʼ íyowal pʰakʼumʔhe crawled up out of a sweathouse and killed that former mana fire was kept burning in the buildingcfcapa hca6.5.1.1House4.2.4Danceloc.maʔcaw
dance typeca·ne2ca·ne´ndance typeca·ne tʰín e· muit is not a /ca·ne/ danceca·ne qʼóʔoan old time dance4.2.4Dancelehu·yelehú·yendance typedancers try to scare people by running up to them4.2.4Dancelo·le qʼoʔolo·le qʼóʔondance type: crazy dance, an old-time dance4.2.4Dancešukkinšukkínna dance in which men look around wildlyšukkin é· muit's a /šukkin/4.2.4Dance
dance with vigor (group)*siʔbom2siʔbómʔv-mvtgroup float or sail together in place; metaphorically, group dance in place with vigor and style
dance, Big Headšina· bahṭʰešina· báhṭʰenBig Head dance4.2.4Dance
dance, clownyu·kaš 2yú·kašnclown dance4.2.4Dance
dance, expression at end ofbalemciyabalemciyáinterjan expression that was formerly said by some people at the end of a dancecf*bale·m4.2.4Dancearch
dance, feather, first partto·toto·to´nfirst part of feather dance: without whistle, dancers grunt for rhythmto·to qʼoʔofeather dance songcf*diʔcʼanh 1*likʰoticʼ 1hoʔsiyaʔešeddu4.2.4Dance
dance, feather, fourth part*likʰoticʼ 1likʰotíʔnfourth part of the feather dance, a slow steady leg hop on the beat with the /libu·/ whistle to keep rhythmcf*diʔcʼanh 1hoʔsiyato·to4.2.4Dance
dance, feather, second parthoʔsiyahoʔsiyánsecond part of feather dance, danced fast with libu· whistle to keep rhythmcf*diʔcʼanh 1*likʰoticʼ 1to·to4.2.4Dance
dance, feather, third part*diʔcʼanh 1diʔcʼánʔpl.*dicʼahninthird part of the feather danceslow steady beat kept by the /libu·/ whistle, leg hopcf*likʰoticʼ 1hoʔsiyato·to4.2.4Dance
Dance, Heatʔoho qʼoʔoʔoho qʼóʔonHeat DanceMen only in the sweat house; they fan the heat to their opponents, and jump in the cold when they can't stand the heat anymore.4.2.6Entertainment, recreation