Kashaya - English


baba´interjoh no!, don’t say that!cfhay1 1hoʔwayhoʔwayway
*ba-n-kinfather’s father, father’s parent’s father, father’s parent’s brother, father’s older brother, mother’s older sister’s husband2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherba·sʼenʔ1stba·sʼénʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·banʔmaba·sʼmiba·sʼmiya·basʼfr. var.ba·sʼedeobj.ba·sʼetoben.ba·sʼenʔkʰeloc.ba·sʼetoʔnavoc.ba·sʼeba·sʼedeba·banʔ1st inf.ba·bánʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: father’s father (informal: grampa, grandpa); also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·sʼenʔmaba·sʼmiba·sʼmiya·basʼobj.ba·batoben.ba·banʔkʰeloc.ba·batoʔnavoc.ba·bamiba·sʼ2ndmibasʼ´n-kinyour grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·banʔba·sʼenʔmaba·sʼmiya·basʼobj.miba·sʼelben.miba·sʼeʔkʰeloc.miba·sʼeʔnacom.mibasʼe·yimiya·basʼ3rdmiyá·basʼn-kinhis, her, their grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·banʔba·sʼenʔmaba·sʼmiba·sʼobj.miya·ba·sʼelben.miya·ba·sʼeʔkʰeloc.miya·ba·sʼeʔnamaba·sʼ3rd refl.mabasʼ´n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·banʔba·sʼenʔmiba·sʼmiya·basʼobj.maba·sʼelben.maba·sʼeʔkʰeloc.maba·sʼeʔnacom.mabasʼe·yi*mabasʼaqverb.mabasʼáʔv-kincall someone father’s fatherpl.*mabasʼa·taqmabasʼá·taʔ*mabasʼahmucʼrecip.mabasʼáhmuʔv-kinaddress each other according to a paternal grandfather relationship; call each other father’s father and son’s childpl.*mabasʼa·tahmucʼmabasʼá·tahmuʔ
ba-bapref-instrpfxwith the mouth (of human beings), with the snout (of animals), with the beak (of birds). The meaning includes both the organ that produces speech, the mouth, and the organ that detects speech, the ear; thus the translation is often best given by an English verb expressing speaking or hearingpref.*bahpʰasink in with mouthsunken (mouth)bahqʰoʔder.bahqʰóʔ1adjinsulting, of one word2adjinsulted3ninsultpl.bahqʰoʔmacʼ*bahqʰoʔmacʼahqader.bahqʰóʔmacʼahqawvinsult (someone)*bahqʰoʔmacʼaqdir.vinsult someone; be insulted; be an insult*babo·lpref.babolʔ´vmake a hole with the mouth, beakcf*bakʼo·l*baṭo·l 1pl.*babola·tadbabolá·tadu*bacepref.bacéwvgrab with the mouth, beak (of bird)pl.*bacetbacéʔ*bacecʼpref.bacéʔ1vput on a headbandcf*pʰana·m2nheadband with dangling ornamentscf*šacecʼ 2pl.*baceyʔtabacéyʔtaw*baco·lpref.bacolʔ´vline the inner surface with the lips, snout, or beak (as bird preparing nest); by speech (or hearing)pl.*bacola·tadbacolá·tadu*bacʰa·pref.bacʰaw´vstuff into hole with beak, snoutpl.*bacʰat2bacʰáʔ*bacʰi·ṭpref.bacʰiʔ´v(bird) pulling out (worm from ground) with beakpl.*bacʰiṭbacʰíʔ*bacʰupref.bacʰúwvscrub with mouth or beakpl.*bacʰutbacʰúʔ*bacʰulpref.bacʰúlʔv(bird) pick food out of a crack, or a berry on a treepl.*bacʰulʔtabacʰúlʔtaw*bacʼalpref.bacʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the mouthpl.*bacʼaltabacʼáltaw*bacʼa·ṭpref.bacʼaʔ´v(bird) put several (acorns) tightly in a hole, using the beak*bacʼepref.-vspeak fast*bacʼebacʼefreq.bacʼebácʼewv-redspeak fast*bacʼi·ṭpref.bacʼiʔ´vmix languages, mix words, especially using English words while speaking Kashayapl.*bacʼihṭibacʼíhṭiw*bacʼo·1pref.bacʼow´vexpose with the mouthpl.*bacʼotbacʼóʔ*bacʼo·2pref.bacʼow´vstart to sing or play musical instrumentpl.*baʔcʼowadbaʔcʼowá·du*bacʼocsmlf.bacʼóʔvstart singing, talking, etc.??*bacʼo·mpref.bacʼomʔ´vinterrupt someone who is speakingpl.*bacʼotambacʼotámʔ*bacʼo·qpref.bacʼoʔ´vpeckcf*baʔdenpl.*bacʼotʰqobacʼótʰqow*badayicʼpref.badayíʔvanswerpl.*badayi·cʼetbadayi·cʼéʔ*badayi·tacʼ*badilpref.badílʔvbe beyond attainment, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*badiltabadíltaw*badulpref.badúlʔvbe beyond reach, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahcepref.bahcéwvobstruct or interfere with speaking*bahcehceiter.-vstutter repeatedly*bahcehcecsmlf.bahcéhceʔvstutter repeatedly*bahcelhpref.-vspeak with a stammer, as if something is preventing effective speech*bahcelbahcelfreq.bahcélbahcelʔvspeak with a stammer, as if something is preventing effective speech*bahcenhpref.bahcénʔvstammer, stutter, have a speech impedimentpl.*bahcena·tacʼbahcená·taʔ*bahcenbahcenhfreq.bahcénbahcenʔv-redstammer repeatedly*bahcʰa1pref.bahcʰáwvknock over with the mouth, snout, or beak (as a pig might do)pl.*bacʰat1bacʰáʔ*bahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble with mouth*bahcʰahcʰaiter.-vcrumble with mouth*bahcʰahcʰacsmlf.bahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble with the mouthpl.*bahcʰabacʰatadbahcʰabácʰata·du*bahcʰepref.-v-redbe nosy, ask a lot of questions*bahcʰi1pref.bahcʰíwvface insult with truth, embarrassed from having ancestors named or telling something bad about him that is true; make ashamed*bahcʰiwa·ducdir.bahcʰiwá·duʔvshame, insult, or criticize someonepl.*bacʰihwaduc*bahcʰi2pref.bahcʰíwvpeck to pieces*bahcʰibahcʰifreq.bahcʰibáhcʰiwv-redpeck or pick to pieces with beak*bahcʰitalpref.bahcʰitálʔvmake jerky: cut meat into strips and string it to drypl.*bacʰita·laq*bahcʰocpref.-vwear down with mouth or beak*bahcʰohcʰociter.bahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰobahcʰocfreq.bahcʰobáhcʰoʔv-redwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰotpref.bahcʰóʔvbecome tired from talking, voice give out*bahkepref.bahkéwvput beak into something shallow*bahkešpref.bahkéšvbragʔama bahkešmawʔtʰinn.p.ʔama báhkešmawʔtʰin1na braggart2adjchoosy*bahkipref.-vrefuse*bahkihkiiter.bahkíhkiwv-redrefuse to do somethingpl.*bahkibakitadbahkibákita·du*bahkopref.v*bahkohkoiter.bahkóhkowv-red(woodpecker) tap on tree (with beak)pl.*bahkobakotadbahkobákota·du*bahkotpref.-vpeck away*bahkotʰcismlf.bahkótʰciwvwear away with mouth; (bird) peck to nothing*bahkutpref.bahkúʔ1vget dullcfbahku2adjdull*bahkutʰqacaus.bahkútʰqawvdull; become dull or less sharp*bahkʰanpref.bahkʰánʔvbe uncertain, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl. agt.*bahkʰana·tacʼ*bahkʰanicʼrefl.bahkʰaníʔvto be uncertain of course of action, to excuse self if told to do something*bahkʰepref.-vmove with snout*bahkʰeyʔcicʼretr.bahkʰéyʔciʔvmove something with the beak, mouthpl.*bakʰeyʔtacʼbakʰéyʔtaʔ*bahkʰelpref.-v?*bahkʰopref.bahkʰówvcatch moving object with mouth or beakpl.*bakʰotbakʰóʔ*bahkʰupref.-vcrush to pieces with bill*bahkʰuhkʰuiter.bahkʰúhkʰuwv-redcrush to pieces with bill*bahli1pref.-vbe nosy*bahlihliiter.bahlíhliwv-redbe nosy, prying; be too inquisitive, ask too many questions; repeatedly ask the same questionsyn*bahṭʰihṭʰipl.*bahlibalitadbahlibálita·du*bahlopref.bahlówvdetach with the mouth (take curtain off rod, not off table)pl.*balolbalólʔ*bahlokʼpref.bahlóʔvfeel like collapsing from words*bahludpref.bahludúvpick (fruit, etc) off of branch with beak, mouthpl.*baluʔtabalúʔtaw*bahlu·cpref.bahluʔ´v1hurt, upset someone by one's words2spill something by means of pecking, or otherwise with the mouth: chicken or birds to peck on a sack so that wheat spills out*bahlu·mpref.bahlumʔ´vforget*bahmiypref.bahmíyʔv(not talk) dog poke all over with nose*bahmopref.-vwork the mouth*bahmohmoiter.bahmóhmowvwork the mouth*bahmu·lpref.bahmulʔ´vdo incompletely, fail to complete, be left over, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahnatpref.bahnáʔvask*bahnatʰqacaus.bahnátʰqawvask someone a question*bahnataddur.bahnatá·duvask about something, ask for informationpl. agt.*bahnatacʼ*bahnaticʼrefl.bahnatíʔv1ask someone to do something; ask for permission; practice (a song)2practice (song)*baholpref.bahólʔvcall for something or someone unseen, not presently within sightpl.*baholmabahólmaw*bahpapref.-vpat with snout*bahpahpaiter.bahpáhpawv-redpat repeatedly with snout*bahpolhpref.bahpólʔvcause (liquid) to gush or spurt by the mouth or snout, or by speakingpl.*bahpola·tadbahpolá·tadu*bahpʰatʼpref.-vlips flop in*bahpʰatʼmaessivebahpʰátʼmawva person have flopping lips; lips flop or sink in (due to not having teeth)cf*bahpʰatʼci*beʔṭʼe·cicʼ*bihpʰatʼci 2*bahpʰatʼcismlf.bahpʰátʼciwvlips flop incf*bahpʰatʼma*beʔṭʼe·cicʼ*bihpʰatʼci 2pl.*bapʰatʼi*bahpʰa·špref.-vsag with mouth*bahpʰa·šmaessivebahpʰašmáwvsag inward, depress, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*bapʰahšimbapʰáhšimʔ*bahpʰipref.-vshred by pecking beak*bahpʰihpʰiiter.bahpʰíhpʰiwv-redshred by pecking with beakpl.*bahpʰibapʰitadbahpʰibápʰita·du*bahpʰukʼutpref.bahpʰukʼúʔvsink into with the mouthpl.*bapʰukʼutbapʰukʼúʔ*bahpʰuṭpref.-vbe unable to finish telling*bahpʰuṭaydir.bahpʰuṭáyʔvbe unable to finish telling (a story that is too long)*bahpʰuṭʼpref.bahpʰúʔvlose control of, become weak, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahqapref.bahqáwvbe inured to a noise, so that it isn’t noticeable or bothersome; get used to somethingpl.*baqawa·tadbaqawá·tadu*bahqalhpref.vwipe the mouth, snout, or beak on something; wipe something with the mouth, snout, or beakcf*baqol*bahqoṭolpref.bahqoṭólʔvfail to get what one asks for, beg or plead in vain; be unable to make somebody do what is askedpl.*baqoṭoltabaqoṭóltaw*bahqoṭolqacaus.bahqoṭólqawvdeny to someone what he or she has requested; withhold granting a request; refuse to give something*bahqoṭolqacʼrefl.bahqoṭólqaʔvhesitate; refuse to do something*bahqoyʔpref.-vbend something with mouth*bahqoyʔcismlf.bahqóyʔciwvbend something with mouth*bahqʰapref.-vsound fade away*bahqʰahqʰaiter.bahqʰáhqʰawv-redbarely be able to hear*bahqʰabahqʰafreq.bahqʰabáhqʰawv-redsound fade away*bahqʰabaqʰa·ducdir.vsound fade in distance*bahqʰaṭpref.bahqʰáʔvrip with beakpl.*baqʰaṭʼqʰaʔṭʼabaqʰáṭʼqʰaʔṭʼaw*bahqʰayʔpref.-vpush with mouth*bahqʰayaddir.bahqʰayá·duvpush along with mouth*bahqʰolhpref.bahqʰólʔvcut through, cut open (fish or chicken to clean it out)cf*baṭʼan2*cahlo·m*šamepl.*baqʰola·tadbaqʰolá·tadu*baqʰoltabaqʰóltawʔaca·c bahqʰolhph. v.ʔacaʔ báhqʰolʔ1voperate, perform surgery on a person2noperation, surgery on a person*bahsa1pref.bahsáwv-hndput down several objects with mouth; stop pushing several objectssg.*baʔdi 1*bahsamessivebahsámʔv-hndhold several objects in the mouthsg.*baʔdim 1*bahsacsmlf.bahsáʔv-hndpick up several objects with the mouth, beak, or snoutsg.*baʔdic*basa·bicdir.basa·bíʔv-hndmove or push several objects away with the mouthsg.*bade·bic*basa·ddir.basa·du´v-hndmove or push several objects along with snout (of an animal)sg.*bade·d 1pl. agt.*basa·cʼ*bahsa2pref.bahsáwvhave an obstruction in one’s way, be blocked: in a car by a downed bridge, blocked by brush while walking; something to get in waysyn*dasatadpl.*basat2basáʔ*basatʰqacaus.vinterrupt*bahsakʼatpref.bahsakʼáʔvfall and hit face with hard bounce on something*bahsempref.bahsémʔvinterrupt others by speaking*bahsetʼpref.bahséʔvhairs protrude or stand out from the face, as in a mustache*bahsikʼitpref.bahsikʼíʔvpush away with mouth or beak (as chicken)pl.*basikʼitbasikʼíʔ*bahsompref.bahsómʔvinterrupt someone by speaking; mix someone up*bahsoqpref.-vquiver*bahsoṭpref.bahsóʔvscatter with the mouth, beakpl.*basohṭibasóhṭiw*bahšapref.-vmess up*bahšahšaiter.bahšáhšawv-reddisarrange, mess up*bahšepref.bahšéwvused with negative: fail to say; leave out (words or information); omit saying anything that must be saidpl. agt.*bahšetacʼ*bahšolhpref.bahšólʔv1remove, detach, pick off with the mouth or beak2metaphorically, remove the words from someone by speaking: generally, correct what someone is saying; stop someone from speaking a particular way, or saying bad thingspl.*bašohlibašohlíw*bahšonhpref.bahšónʔvgo ask for something, whether or not you're sure it can be givenpl.*bahšona·tadbašoná·tadu*bahšukʼuṭpref.bahšukʼúʔvbill to sink inpl.*bašukʼuṭ*bahtapref.-vpoke snout on ground*bahtahtaiter.bahtáhtawv-redpig poking snout here and there on ground*bahtaypref.bahtáyʔvsay something to someone, especially to correct behavior or in a way that will be annoying; bother someone by saying somethingpl.*batayʔtabahtáyʔtaw*bahtepref.-vpat with mouth*bahtehteiter.bahtéhtewv-redpat with mouth*bahtena·lapref.bahtená·lawvcalm down*bahtsipref.bahtsíwvbudge, movepl.*bahtsitadbahtsitá·du*bahtʰunhpref.bahtʰúnʔvrefrain from saying, hold back, fail to say*bahṭekeyepref.bahṭekéyewvface distortedsyn*bihṭekeye*qahṭekeye*bahṭihṭipref.bahṭíhṭiwvpound on the table*bahṭilhpref.bahṭílʔvmake thud*bahṭolhpref.bahṭólʔvmake clang with mouth*bahṭonṭolopref.bahṭónṭolowvwear away the inside of something using the mouth or beak*bahṭoypref.bahṭóyʔvcomfort, cheer up; do a favor; explain how to do something*bahṭʰa1pref.bahṭʰáwvopen up, take apart something by speakingpl.*baṭʰatbaṭʰáʔ*bahṭʰa2pref.-vunwind with words*bahṭʰahṭʰaiter.-vunwind with words*bahṭʰahṭʰacsmlf.bahṭʰáhṭʰawvunwind with words*bahṭʰipref.-vkeeping asking the same question*bahṭʰihṭʰiiter.bahṭʰíhṭʰiwv-redkeeping asking the same questionsyn*bahlihlipl.*bahṭʰibaṭʰitadbahṭʰibáṭʰita·du*bahṭʰolhpref.bahṭʰólʔvclear the voice*bahwatʼpref.bahwáʔvflop, disintegrate with the mouth*bahwaṭʰpref.bahwáʔvbe wide of mouth*bahwepref.-vshake by talking*bahwehweiter.bahwéhwewv-redshake by talking*bahwelpref.bahwélʔvdo quickly, repeatedly, with the mouth*bahwe·npref.bahwenʔ´vshake with beak*bahwipref.bahwíwv(an animal) to stick snout, beak, mouth into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, snout, beak, or mouth be stuck in*bahwitpref.bahwíʔvask for certain thing(s)*bahye·pref.bahyew´vstop speaking, singing, cryingpl.*bayetbayéʔ*bahyolpref.bahyólʔv1mix something into another with the lips, snout, or beak; mix, attach words2spread or smear a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissingpl.*bayolaqbayoláʔ*bahyo·csmlf.bahyoʔ´v1put words together; mix, attach words; use words to a song2smear or spread a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissing*bahyoqʰpref.bahyóʔvstir, shake with the mouth, beak*baki·lpref.bakilʔ´vswing, wave around, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*baki·lmabakilmáw*baku·ṭpref.bakuʔ´vdronepl.*bakuhṭibakúhṭiwšina bakuṭʰciyʔph. v.šina bákuṭʰciyʔvget dizzy, headache, from noise, yellingfr. var.šina bakuṭʰciw*bakʰipref.bakʰíwvstretch with beak (as bird pulling worm)*bakʰu·lpref.bakʰulʔ´vbe rough voicedsyn*ṭʰayaṭʰayaba·kʰulʔkʰutempl.ba·kʰúlʔkʰuadjraspy-voiced*bakʼalpref.bakʼálʔvopen slightly with the mouthpl.*bakʼahlibakʼáhliw*bakʼe·npref.-vask too many questionspl.*bakʼehni-*bakʼe·ncismlf.bakʼencíwvask too many questions, press too closely for answerspl.*bakʼehnicbakʼéhniʔ*bakʼi·špref.bakʼiš´1vbe squeaky or shrill (of voice, car)2vspeak with a raspy, squeaky or grating voice (naturally, not put on)3adjraspy or squeaky (voice)pl.*bakʼihšibakʼíhšiwba·kʼiškʼišitempl.ba·kʼíškʼišiadj-ideoraspy, squeaky (of the voice)*bakʼoyʔcʼedpref.bakʼóyʔcʼeduvbrag about how you are the bestpl.*bakʼoyʔciwacʼbakʼóyʔciwaʔ*bakʼo·cpref.bakʼoʔ´vsound important (good or bad)*bakʼo·cʰqacaus.bakʼocʰqáwvmake something sound extreme, speak in strong terms (pro or con); warn against (a place)*bakʼo·lpref.bakʼolʔ´v(bird) be pecking in one place, making a holecf*babo·l*baṭo·l 1*bakʼumpref.bakʼúmʔvsound hard to do*bakʼumqacaus.bakʼúmqawvpersuade someone that some action is too hard to do, talk someone out of doing some hard taskcf*bakʼummahqa*bakʼumaqdir.bakʼumáʔvtalk to one’s limit, get tired of talking*bakʼummahqacaus.bakʼúmmahqawvby talking to make someone tired of a task, discourage someone, try to talk someone out of doingcf*bakʼumqafr. var.*bakʼu·mahqa*bakʼuma·cʼrefl.-vtalk to one's limit*bakʼuma·cʼeddur.bakʼumá·cʼeduvkeep talking about how hard some task is for the talker to do*bakʼumicʼrefl.bakʼumíʔvtalk too long*balacpref.baláʔvmake a mistake when speaking; fail to say what one intended*balepref.-vtalk over noise*balebalefreq.-vtalk over someone or something*balebalecsmlf.balebáleʔv-red1talk over someone or something; drown out noise with talking or cryingcf*balibali*balulu2excludepl.*balebalewadbalebálewa·du*bale·mpref.balemʔ´vmake a loud, discordant noise; many people shout; many things sound but not in unison, such as car hornscfbalemciya*balipref.-vtalk over someone*balibalifreq.balibáliwv-redtalk over someone; drown out someone else talkingcf*balebalec 1*balulu*balibitpref.balibíʔvbarely perceive sound; catch glimpse of sound*balupref.balúwvsmeared around mouth from eatingpl.*balutbalúʔ*balulupref.balulúwv-redhave unclear or blurred soundcf*balebalec 1*balibali*balubalucsmlf.balubáluʔvtalk and talk so that another can’t speakcf*baṭʼam*baʔbaʔba*bama3pref.bamáwvput shapeless substance with the mouthpl.*bamat2bamáʔ*bamhmicpref.bamhmíʔvsay correctly; hear speech correctly*bamipref.bamíwvunderstand speech; speak language that is heardpl.*bamitbamíʔ*bamucpref.bamúʔvtease with the words, with speechsyn*dumuc 1*ʔo·yoʔtʼa*banacpref.banáʔvblame, accuse; place blame oncf*bana·1*bana·1pref.banaw´vkeep secret; not tellcf*banacpl.*banat*banawicʼrefl.v*banawi·cʼeddur.banawí·cʼeduvdeny; refuse to tell what one did; tell a lie (with negative, "confess")*bana·2pref.-vdeceive*banawaddur.banawá·duvfool, deceive (by words), play trick on, liecfhaṭʰkʼo 2pl. agt.*banawacʼ*bana·mpref.banamʔ´vbury with snouth, beak*bane1pref.banéwvthrow a round or otherwise nonlong object and hit something with itcf*hatʼe·l*haṭʼel*haʔṭʼe*šacʼopl.*banet1banéʔ*bane·ddir.bane·du´v1throw object to location2move object to location*bane3pref.banéwvput or throw a round or nonlong objectsyn*biʔdic 1*hsa1*ne3 1cf*dane*mihca*ne3 1*ʔdaba·ne*bana·la1dir.bana·láwvput (several) down in*bane4pref.banéwvhold something tightly with the mouthpl.*banet2banéʔ*bane·cpref.baneʔ´vput together, with the mouthpl.*banehcibanéhciw*bapa·špref.-vbe done speaking*bapa·šcismlf.bapašcíwvbe done speaking; complete what one is sayingcf*baʔkʼufr. var.*bapa·ṭʰci*bapa·ṭpref.-v*bapa·ṭʰcismlf.bapaṭʰcíwFree Variant of*bapa·šcibe done speaking*bape·lpref.bapelʔ´vwipe the mouth against (a sleeve) to get (sauce) offsyn*baqol*bapʰo·pref.bapʰow´vduck head under water several times*baqa·sʼpref.baqasʼ´vbreak, break off [?]*baqolpref.baqólʔvwipe mouth, snout, or beak; pass one thing over the surface of another, with the lips, snout, or beaksyn*bape·lcf*bahqalhpl.*baqola·tadbaqolá·tadu*baqʰapref.baqʰáwv(throat, voice) become hoarse; (throat) be sore; lose one's voicecf*baqʰa·šba·qʰašqʰaša*baqʰa·špref.baqʰaš´vhave a faint voice (with essive); get hoarse (with semelfactive)cf*baqʰaba·qʰašqʰašaba·qʰašqʰašatempl.ba·qʰášqʰašaadj-ideofaint-voiced, raspy like with laryngitiscf*baqʰa*baqʰa·šdial. var.ba·qʰašqʰa*baqʰa·ṭpref.baqʰaʔ´1vbe enjoyable or interesting to hearant*base2adjinteresting*baqʰa·ṭʰqacaus.baqʰaṭʰqáwvpraise, cause to sound goodcf*daqʰa·ṭ1*baqʰoṭpref.baqʰóʔv(animal) uproot several with the snoutbaqʰo·csmlf.vuproot one with snout*baqʼa·ṭpref.baqʼaʔ´vscrape with snout or beakcf*basu*basapref.basáwv(bird) to pick off several (pieces of leaf) with the beak*basepref.baséwvnot like to hear, tired of hearing; sound boringant*baqʰa·ṭ 1*base·lpref.baselʔ´vclean, make clear, rinse, the lips, snout, or beak; cf*base·cʼ*basi·ṭpref.-voveruse voice*basi·ṭicʼrefl.basi·tíʔvsing, use voice too much; waste one's voice; want to sing; be free to sing*basupref.basúwvscratch several times with mouth or beak deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface; bird build nest with beak (AS)cf*baqʼa·ṭ*bisupl. agt.*basuwacʼ*basʼampref.basʼámʔv(bird) to stuff (acorn) (in hole); eatpl.*basʼatambasʼatámʔ*basʼaylapref.basʼáylawvtangle by mouth*basʼa·lpref.basʼalʔ´vliquid come from solid, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*basʼimpref.basʼímʔvovercome with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); wilt or overcome (someone) by wordspl.*basʼitambasʼitámʔ*basʼulpref.basʼúlʔvmake smooth and shiny, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*basʼu·lbasʼulʔ´*baša·mpref.bašamʔ´vrustle, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*bašamatbašamáʔ*bašo·mpref.bašomʔ´vechopl.*bašohmabašóhmaw*bašošomiter.bašošómʔvreverberate (in house or can)*bašudpref.bašudú1vsound strange, not be understandable or acceptablesyn*pišud1cfpišunʔ2adjsound strangesynbašunʔpl.*bašuda·tadbašudá·tadubašunʔder.bašúnʔadjstrange soundingsyn*bašud 2*bašudaqdir.vbe unable to understand words; (something) to sound unfairpl.*bašucʼaq*batašpref.-vsquash with mouth*batašciwsmlf.batášciw1vbird to squash or mash something soft and mushy with its mouth2nbird bill*bataṭpref.batáʔvtwist, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*batilhlapref.batílhlawvtwist words; cross, lap over with the mouthsyn*bati·t*bati·tpref.batiʔ´vroll, wrap, wind, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)syn*batilhlapl.*batihtibatíhtiw*batulpref.batúlʔvby words to straighten out – to tell people what to do*batʰilpref.batʰílʔvtear but not necessarily apart, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*batʼa·cʼpref.batʼaʔ´1vbe still (unmoving or silent), with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); quiet2adjquiet, still*batʼe·tpref.vput in hole with mouthpl.*batʼet1batʼéʔ*batʼošpref.batʼóšvpeel, of the face*batʼulpref.batʼúlʔvsqueeze something out of something with the mouthpl.*batʼuhlibatʼúhliw*baṭa·tpref.baṭaʔ´vtongue get twisted by speaking*baṭe·mpref.baṭemʔ´vsay the same thing repeatedly*baṭo·lpref.baṭolʔ´v1(a bird to) peck a hole in something with the beak, snout, etc.cf*babo·l*bakʼo·l*biṭo·l2keep saying same thing, ask persistently*baṭʰaṭpref.baṭʰáʔvbreak open with the mouth*baṭʰa·mpref.baṭʰamʔ´vmake noise like shouting, screaming; speak loudly*baṭʼampref.baṭʼámʔvtalk too muchcf*balubaluc*baʔbaʔba*baṭʼan1pref.baṭʼánʔvbruise or cut lips, snout, or beakpl.*baṭʼanta2baṭʼántaw*baṭʼan2pref.baṭʼánʔvclean (small fish, frog, trout, snake, small birds); slit open and squeeze out the insidessyn*duṭʼancf*bahqʰolhpl.*baṭʼanta1baṭʼántaw*baṭʼa·pref.baṭʼaw´v1(bird) break open (an egg) by pecking; mother help the chick out of the eggcf*laṭʼa·2get a nosebleed by bumping the nosesyn*cuṭʼa·cfʔilamo balay3say (words) perfectly, correct mistakes in speechcf*baya·mpl.*balaṭʼabalaṭʼáw*baṭʼahqacaus.baṭʼahqáwvcorrect speech errors or mistakes in speechpl.*balaṭʼahqabalaṭʼáhqaw*baṭʼelpref.baṭʼélʔvmake stain or spot by putting one (spreadable) thing on another, with the lips, snout, or beak*baṭʼipref.baṭʼíwvbend speech, manipulate words; bend with mouth or snoutpl.*baliṭʼibaliṭʼíw*baṭʼo·pref.baṭʼow´vskin (animal) with knifepl.*baloṭʼobaloṭʼów*baʔṭʼowad*bawaypref.bawáyʔvwake by talking or snoringcf*baʔbaʔbapl.*bawayʔtabawáyʔtaw*bawipref.bawíwvbeg; convince talk someone into doingsynmen sʼihqacf*bayipl.*bawitbawíʔ*bayaʔtapref.bayáʔtawvhelp (share in) the conversation, support by talkingcf*diya·duc*qa·yi*qʰaʔdi*baya·mpref.bayamʔ´vbe unable to finish with words or speechcf*baṭʼa· 3pl.*bayama·taqbayamá·taʔ*bayepref.-vdirect, warn, remind; give oral instructions to someonesyn*bade·d 2*bayemessivebayémʔvhold with mouth, words*baye·ddir.baye·du´vsend someone along with instructions; tell (a blind person) which way to gopl.*bayehtadbayéhtadu*baye·daducdir.bayeda·dúʔFree Variant of*baye·ducwarn, remind when leavingpl.*bayehtada·ducbayéhtada·duʔ*baye·ducdir.baye·dúʔvremind or warn someone of something as they are leaving; send someone away with instructions to be careful or to be goodpl.*bayehtaducbayéhtaduʔfr. var.*baye·daduc*bayipref.bayíwvpromise cf*bawipl.*bayiwacʼbayiwáʔpl. agt.*bayiwacʼ*bayihqacaus.bayíhqawvpromise a feast, an offering*bayotpref.bayóʔvcause to move together or form a group by speaking or other noisepl.*bayohtibayóhtiw*bayotʰmaessivebayótʰmawvkeep a group busy by talking to them; call to work*bayotʰcismlf.bayótʰciwvgather a group by speaking to them or calling them over; herd or gather animals by calling them*bayota·ducdir.vto scatter, scare away (sheep, birds) by clapping or yelling; animals scattering food with their mouths*bayukʼutpref.bayukʼúʔvpenetrate with the mouth, snout, or beak; stick mouth, snout, or beak in*bayu·ʔpref.-vcall someone from group*bayu·ʔcismlf.bayuʔcíwvcall someone's name to pick him or her out of a group; pick someone out of a group; choose someone from a grouppl.*bayu·ʔciwadbayuʔciwá·du*baʔba1pref.baʔbáwvbe breaking apart (a nut) with the mouth (using teeth or beak)*baʔba2pref.-vbother by talking; flirth with by talk*baʔbaʔbapref.baʔbáʔbawv-redbother someone by talking; flirt with by talking; bother someone by talking, flirt with by talkcf*balubaluc*baṭʼam*bawaypl.*baʔbababatacʼbaʔbabábataʔ*baʔbalhpref.-vturn with mouth*baʔbalhcismlf.baʔbálhciwv1turn over an object with the mouth2discuss one subject thoroughly; discuss or go over one list of topicspl.*babahlicbabáhliʔ*baʔbaʔbapref.baʔbáʔbawv-redbother someone by talking; flirt with by talking; bother someone by talking, flirt with by talkcf*balubaluc*baṭʼam*bawaypl.*baʔbababatacʼbaʔbabábataʔ*baʔcʰapref.baʔcʰáwvstutter; chatterpl.*baʔcʰatbaʔcʰáʔ*baʔcʰabaʔcʰafreq.baʔcʰabáʔcʰawv-redchatter; stutter; repeatedly move mouth up and down fast (eating or talking); ‎(sing or speak) unevenly, not smoothly or fluently, with interruptionspl.*baʔcʰabaʔcʰam*baʔcʰupref.baʔcʰúwvsurface be completely covered (box filled?); no more room, (grass) grown thick together; covered with many small thingscf*ʔcʼalpl.*baʔcʰutbaʔcʰúʔ*baʔcʼapref.-vpack tight inside mouth*baʔcʼaʔcʼaiter.baʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redpacked tight inside with the mouth several times*baʔcʼalpref.baʔcʼálʔvteem with the mouth*baʔcʼepref.-vbreak off piece with beak*baʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.baʔcʼéʔcʼewv-redbreak off pieces with beak (like birds to cherries)*baʔcʼetpref.baʔcʼéʔ1vchip (a tooth, a saw blade)2adjchippedpl.*baʔcʼetadbaʔcʼetá·duhoʔo baʔcʼetn.p.hoʔo báʔcʼeʔnchipped or missing tooth, including the tooth of a saw blade or similar tool*baʔcʼopref.-vpeck off piece*baʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.baʔcʼóʔcʼowv-red1peck off pieces (e.g., bird pecking edge of bread)2wear out voice or become hoarse from talking too much*baʔcʼolhpref.-vmake a hole by pecking*baʔcʼolhmaessivebaʔcʼólhmawvmake a hole by pecking, such as a chick pecking a hole in an eggcf*baʔsʼonhpl.*bacʼohlimbacʼóhlimʔ*bahcʼolhcismlf.bahcʼólhciwvbird peck hole with beakpl.*bacʼohlicbacʼóhliʔ*baʔcʼonpref.baʔcʼónʔvdetach by wordspl.*bacʼontabacʼóntaw*baʔcʼoqʰotpref.baʔcʼoqʰóʔvpeck out piece (of skin and make bleed)pl.*bacʼoqʰotbacʼoqʰóʔ*baʔdayacpref.baʔdayáʔvmake a mistake when speaking; miss a word, mispronounce a word; unintentionally say the wrong thing (a slighting remark)pl.*badayabadayáw*badayacʰqacaus.badayácʰqawvcause someone say something wrong, especially by interruptingpl.*badayahqabadayáhqaw*baʔdenpref.baʔdénʔvbe piercing. with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)cf*bacʼo·q*baʔdipref.baʔdíw1v-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] move with the mouth or snout or beak; pushing an object with mouth or snout [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop putting down with mouth; put down with the mouth; stop pushing an object; stop convincing someone to do something, to cease causing someone to do something by talkingpl.*bahsa12vstop convincing someone to do something, to cease causing someone to do something by talking*baʔdimessivebaʔdímʔ1v-hndhold something with the mouthpl.*bahsam2vurge, encourage*baʔdicsmlf.baʔdíʔv-hndpick up with the mouth, beakpl.*bahsac*bade·bicdir.bade·bíʔv-hndmove something away with the mouth; move something up with the mouthpl.*basa·bic*bade·ddir.bade·du´1v-hndmove or push along with the snout (of an animal)pl.*basa·d2vdirect, give directions, encouragesyn*bayepl. agt.*bade·cʼ*badi·cʼrefl.badiʔ´vcall on someone to come toward oneself, or to do something*baʔduwpref.baʔdúwʔvsound to penetrate*baʔkʰopref.-vbend head*baʔkʰobaʔkʰofreq.baʔkʰobáʔkʰowv-redrepeatedly bend head*baʔkʰošpref.baʔkʰóšvbend one's head*baʔkʰošcismlf.baʔkʰóšciwvbent, of peoplesyn*baʔkʼuyʔci*baʔkʰošcicʼrefl.baʔkʰóšciʔvbend one'€™s own head down once*baʔkʼapref.baʔkʼáwvcrack with the mouthpl.*bakʼatbakʼáʔ*baʔkʼayʔpref.-vget beak stuck*baʔkʼayʔcismlf.baʔkʼáyʔciwvget beak stuckpl.*bakʼahcibaʔkʼáhciw*baʔkʼipref.-vspeak indirectly*baʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.baʔkʼíʔkʼiwv-rednot speak directly to the point but gradually approach it from several directionspl.*baʔkʼibakʼitadbaʔkʼibákʼita·du*baʔkʼopref.baʔkʼówvbump with the mouth, get bumped in the mouthpl.*bakʼotbakʼóʔ*baʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-vpeck hole in*baʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.baʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-red(bird) peck away on one spot (on a tree) creating a shallow hole*baʔkʼobaʔkʼofreq.baʔkʼobáʔkʼowv-red(woodpecker) repeatedly hit with bill*baʔkʼolhpref.baʔkʼólʔvturn a nonlong object over with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*bakʼohlibakʼóhliw*baʔkʼonhpref.baʔkʼónʔvhold the mouth over; lay face down on somethingpl.*bakʼohnibakʼóhniw*baʔkʼonhcismlf.baʔkʼónhciwvbow or bend body over something*baʔkʼoypref.-vspeak in a scattered way*baʔkʼoyaddur.baʔkʼoyá·duvspeak in a scattered way*baʔkʼupref.baʔkʼúwvfinish talking or singing; finish doing something with the mouth, snout, or beaksyn*baʔṭašci*baʔyacf*bapa·šcipl.*bakʼutbakʼúʔ*baʔkʼuypref.baʔkʼúyʔvnod the head*baʔkʼuyʔcismlf.baʔkʼúyʔciwv(person) nod the head, bend over, bowsyn*baʔkʰošci*baʔkʼuyʔcicʼrefl.baʔkʼúyʔciʔvbend the head down towards the chest; bow head down*baʔkʼuyaydir.baʔkʼuyáyʔvnod the head toward someone (in greeting)syn*miʔkʼanay*baʔlawʔpref.-vsay quickly*baʔlawʔcismlf.baʔláwʔciwvsay something quickly after something else happens; in answer to a question or repeating someone else’s wordsfr. var.*baʔlayʔci*baʔlabaʔlafreq.baʔlabáʔlawv-redkeep repeating the same word over and over again, quickly; speak quickly after something else happens (repeatedly) cf*daladala*daʔladaʔla*baʔlipref.-vbird to swing worm in beak*baʔliʔliiter.baʔlíʔliwv-redbird to swing worm in beak*baʔlopref.-vstammer*baʔloʔloiter.baʔlóʔlowv-redone to stammer, talk different language or talk broken languagecf*baʔluʔlubaʔlupl.*baʔlobaʔlombaʔlobáʔlomʔ*baʔlupref.-vstutter, babble*baʔluʔluiter.baʔlúʔluwvstutter, fail to speak effectively (as if mute); babble (as a baby does)cf*baʔloʔlobaʔlupl.*baʔlubaʔlubaʔlubáʔluw*baʔne·cicʼpref.baʔne·cíʔvused to noise, so don’t mind or pay attention*baʔpʼanhpref.baʔpʼánʔvclose with the mouth or snoutpl.*bapʼantabapʼántaw*baʔpʼopref.-vbeg someone for something*baʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.-vto beg someone for one thing after another until you have everything*baʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.baʔpʼóʔpʼoʔv-redbeg or ask (someone) for one thing after another until you have everything of theirspl.*baʔpʼobapʼotadbaʔpʼobápʼota·du*baʔqʼacpref.baʔqʼáʔvtighten, make secure, make safe, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*baqʼahcibaqʼáhciw*baʔqʼaccismlf.vconsole or calm down someone by talking*baʔqʼacaydir.baʔqʼacáyʔvmake secure with words, ask someone to look after something*baʔqʼoʔdipref.baʔqʼóʔdiwvorally to explain, give directions, fix a misunderstanding, correct, instructpl.*baʔqʼoʔdiwadbaʔqʼóʔdowa·du*baʔsʼapref.baʔsʼáwvmany sounds togethercfqʼoʔo dace*baʔsʼawaddur.baʔsʼawá·duvsingcf*cahno 1*hoʔyis*qacʼa·m*qaʔcʼaṭ*tolotolo 1*baʔsʼawa·ladir.baʔsʼawá·lawvlowering (of voice)*baʔsʼawi·bicdir.baʔsʼawí·biʔvsing up; rise (of voice)*baʔsʼaṭpref.baʔsʼáʔv1hit hard and hurt, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); (fall and) hit own face against something2repeatpl.*basʼayʔṭabasʼáyʔṭawhiʔda basʼaṭʰmucʼrecip.n.p.hiʔda básʼaṭʰmuʔna fork in road; where road or trail comes together (not of river or tree)*baʔsʼaṭʰmaessivebaʔsʼáṭʰmawvbe hit in the mouth; speak sharply*baʔsʼaypref.baʔsʼáyʔvbe drunk, high*baʔsʼipref.baʔsʼíwvbe partly, incompletelypl.*basʼitbasʼíʔ*baʔsʼimessivevbe faint*baʔsʼilpref.-vsplash with the mouthpl.*basʼihli-*baʔsʼilaydir.baʔsʼiláyʔvsplash (water) from the mouth; for example, a horse drinking water tosses up its head and splashes it on somethingpl.*basʼihlaybasʼíhlayʔ*baʔsʼonhpref.baʔsʼónʔvdent, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)cf*baʔcʼolhma*baʔsʼoqpref.baʔsʼóʔvmash, crumple, deflate, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*basʼotʰqobasʼótʰqow*baʔsʼuypref.baʔsʼúyʔ1vget pointed in the mouth2nboat-shaped basket, coiled and oblong, used for serving foodcf*haʔtʼut 13ndeep container that is oblong, longer than it is wide; roasting pan*baʔtʼa1pref.baʔtʼáwvsound like; seem, feel, detect with the mouth; by hearingʔihmi baʔtʼaph. v.ʔihmi báʔtʼawv1belive, agree2obey, mindfr. var.ʔama ʔihmi baʔtʼaʔama· ʔihmi baʔtʼa*batʼa·ddir.vsound be approaching; hear a sound when it is not there*batʼa·ducdir.vsound remind you of other sound; sound travel far or away*baʔtʼe1pref.baʔtʼéwvbird to fasten acorn in treepl.*batʼet2*baʔtʼe2pref.-vmany close together*baʔtʼeʔtʼeiter.-vmany close together*baʔtʼeʔtʼecsmlf.baʔtʼéʔtʼeʔvmany close together*baʔtʼelpref.baʔtʼélʔvbe insufficient, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔtʼem1pref.baʔtʼémʔvfind, hit upon, strike, attack, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)unspec. var.*batʼehtim2*baʔtʼem2pref.baʔtʼémʔv1guess, bid, answer correctly2bidpl.*batʼehtim1*baʔtʼenhpref.baʔtʼénʔvattach, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); assign namepl.*baʔtʼehnibaʔtʼéhniw*baʔtʼenaydir.vhave name or be named (surname, not first name); name be assigned or attached*baʔtʼentʼelepref.baʔtʼéntʼelewvmess up with the snout*baʔtʼilpref.baʔtʼílʔ1vbe noisy; make annoying noise; make too much noise2nannoying noise*baʔtʼilqacaus.vcause something else to make noise (by rattling an object, etc.)*baʔṭašcipref.baʔṭášciwvdo to all with the mouthsyn*baʔkʼu*baʔyapl.*baṭašbaʔṭáš*baʔṭʼaqpref.baʔṭʼáʔvcall the name, pick out certain people; name off, count out (cows passing by, people going through door)syn*baʔṭʼaṭpl.*baṭʼatʰqabaṭʼátʰqaw*baʔṭʼaṭpref.baʔṭʼáʔvname offsyn*baʔṭʼaq*baʔṭʼawʔducpref.baʔṭʼáwʔduʔvinjure severely, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl. agt.*baṭʼawʔcʼic*baʔṭʼepref.-vsulk*baʔṭʼeʔṭʼeiter.baʔṭʼéʔṭʼewvsulk, "flatten with mouth"pl.*baʔṭʼebaṭʼehtibaʔṭʼebáṭʼehtiw*baʔṭʼebaʔṭʼefreq.-vhave sulky face*baʔṭʼebaʔṭʼecsmlf.baʔṭʼebáʔṭʼeʔvhaving a sulky face (like child); mouth trembles as if you are about to cry; lips pressed together *baʔṭʼelhpref.baʔṭʼélʔvpart, mat down. with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*baʔṭʼela·tadbaʔṭʼelá·tadu*baʔṭʼopref.baʔṭʼówvsmack one's lipssyn*baʔṭʼolh*baʔṭʼolhpref.baʔṭʼólʔvsmack lipssyn*baʔṭʼopl.*baʔṭʼolma*baʔṭʼolta*baʔṭʼubutpref.baʔṭʼubúʔvface (to sink) in waterpl.*baṭʼubutbaṭʼubúʔ*baʔṭʼuṭʰupref.baʔṭʼúṭʰuwvsqueeze lips*baʔwipref.-vnuzzle with lips*baʔwiʔwiiter.baʔwíʔwiwvnuzzle (a child) with the lips, using rather quick movements with the mouthpl.*baʔwibawitadbaʔwibáwita·du*baʔyapref.baʔyáwvstart to say something then stop in middle of sentencesyn*baʔkʼu*baʔṭašci*baʔya·qpref.baʔyaʔ´vunderstand; recognize speech; detect and recognize, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)pl.*bayataqbayatáʔ*baʔyepref.-vtalk with trembling voice*baʔyeʔyeiter.baʔyéʔyewvtalk with trembling voice (while crying)*baʔyopref.-vwrinkle using beak*baʔyoʔyopref.-vwrinkle using beak*baʔyoʔyocsmlf.baʔyóʔyoʔv-red(bird) rumple (fabric, etc.) using beak*baʔyupref.-vhurt with mouth*ba·skalmapref.bá·skalmawvbe bright, clear, distinct, with the voice, by speech (or hearing)pl.*ba·skala·tadbá·skala·tadubase·pref.-vsave self by talking*base·cʼrefl.baseʔ´vsave or protect oneself by talking, by means of what one says; defend oneself against blame or accusationcf*base·lpl.*basetʰmacʼbasétʰmaʔbaʔlupref.baʔlu'adjstuttering, stammering; not speaking effectively, or unable to do socf*baʔloʔlo*baʔluʔlucahno baʔluph. adj.cahno báʔluadjmute (can only mouthe noises not words); having any speech defectba·kʰaškʰašatempl.ba·kʰáškʰašaadj-ideohaving indistinct speech*bane2unspec. comp. formbanéwv1act on, put, lay down nonlong obj (for light objects); to throw and hit with nonlong obj2fall down (onto the ground, a bed), collapse in a ball, crumpled; drop to the ground3set, choose a day or date for some activitysyn*ne3 5*ʔdaba·necomp.dabá·newvthrow, throw away, or abandon a non-long objectcf*bane3*dane*mihca*ne3 1qali bane·bicph. v.qali báne·biʔvstart (jump from being startled)*banemessivebanémʔv1fall to ground2put in container3put, throw (not on ground)4pick up or move something that is located on the ground*banemcicʼrefl.banémciʔvswing back*banembanemfreq.banémbanemʔvbounce*banecsmlf.banéʔvfall*banehqacaus.banéhqawvthrow down, to ground*bana·la2dir.bana·láwvthrow downʔahqʰa banala·muʔlin.p.ʔahqʰa bánala·muʔlinconfluence of streams; where two streams flow togetherʔahqʰa bana·lawn.p.ʔahqʰa bána·lawnwaterfall*bana·lahqacaus.bana·láhqawvput down*bana·lamecʼdir.bana·lámeʔvput down inpl.*mica·lamecʼ*bana·loqdir.bana·lóʔvregurgitate; throw food up; food come back up*bana·qdir.banaʔ´1vswing, throw out, fall outcf*mitaq2na swing3vthrow outpl.*mitaqmitáʔsuppl.*mitaqthrow out*bana·qacdir.bana·qáʔv1throw something upwards2take last breath, pass on, die*bane·ducdir.bane·dúʔv1use up contents; run out of supply2fall asleep*bane·ydir.-vput item on self*bane·yicʼrefl.baneyíʔvput item on self, hold item against self*bane·bicincep.bane·bíʔvbe delayed; delay event*banemacʼrefl.banemáʔvput on oneself (hat, clothing)*banemucʼrecip.banemúʔvbet, donate (in group)
-babavsfxSame-Subject Past: the action denoted by the verb has been completed and precedes that of the main verb, and they have the same Agent; "after, having done, when, and, because"n.p.cila ʔibaafter a while
*babahlicbabáhliʔPlural of*baʔbalhciturn over with mouthdiscuss
*babola·tadbabolá·taduPlural of*babo·lmake hole with mouth
*babo·lbabolʔ´vmake a hole with the mouth, beaksʼihta ʔem ya·palka babolʔbiwthe bird pecked a hole in the apple [?]cf*bakʼo·l*baṭo·l 1Prefixed:ba-*bo·lPlural*babola·tadbabolá·tadu
*bacebacéwvgrab with the mouth, beak (of bird)sʼihta ʔem ʔicʰo· baceba wahqawthe bird grabbed the bug (in its mouth) and swallowed itPrefixed:ba-*cePlural*bacetbacéʔ
*bacecʼbacéʔ1vput on a headbandcf*pʰana·m5.3.7Wear clothing5.3.3Traditional clothing2nheadband with dangling ornamentscf*šacecʼ 25.3.3Traditional clothingPrefixed:ba-*cecʼPlural*baceyʔtabacéyʔtaw
*bacetbacéʔPlural of*bacegrab with mouth
*baceyʔtabacéyʔtawPlural of*bacecʼput on a headbandheadband
*bacola·tadbacolá·taduPlural of*baco·lline with mouth
baco·baco·´n1cattail, tule reedTypha, especially Typha latifolia?baco· šiyothickly growing cattailsmi qʰáʔṭo hcow mi· báco· qoláwthere was a pond there, with a group of cattails1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2boat, raft, canoe; a boat of any kind now, but formerly one made of cattails or reeds bound in bundlesmusu báco·log raftqʰabánha· baco·raft, driftwood boatʔahqʰa yo· baco· muʔsʼulá·danʔthe boat is coming swiftly through the water7.· haʔtʼutcomp.baco· háʔtʼuʔncanoebaco· wihlamʔcomp.baco· wíhlamʔnreed shoots, cattail shoots; used as foodsynhaʔamʔ
baco· haʔtʼutbaco· háʔtʼuʔncanoe7.·*haʔtʼut
baco· wihlamʔbaco· wíhlamʔnreed shoots, cattail shoots; used as foodsynhaʔamʔ5.2.3.1Food from plantsCompound:baco·*wihlam
*baco·lbacolʔ´vline the inner surface with the lips, snout, or beak (as bird preparing nest); by speech (or hearing)Prefixed:ba-*co·l2Plural*bacola·tadbacolá·tadu
*bacutbacúʔPlural of*bahcujumpPlural Affix-t2
*bacutambacutámʔPlural of*bacu·mwin (gambling)Plural Affix-ta-
*bacutamqabacutámqawPlural of*bacu·mqawin game, money
*bacu·labacu·láwvjump downwaṭacʼem qʰaʔbe tol cumaba dahko·bícʼba ʔahqʰa yo· bacula·ythe frog sitting on the rock raised up (as frogs do) and jumped down into the waterqali·cátʰmuʔ to· ʔacaʔ baculá·meʔli puṭʰehqaw em–puṭʰe·ba muʔsʼulá·da·nʔwhen the man jumped down from the plane the parachute expanded and came down softlyʔul šasʼu qʼo yam ʔa mulém ʔa bihše mo·du ʔin šasʼú ʔel to· be·bíʔli pʰiʔtʼan ʔahqʰa yó· ʔel i mi· bacú·law. Then, when I ran towards the deer with the harpoon shaft – having taken my harpoon shaft – suddenly it jumped down into the water.Directional of*bahcu-ala
*bacu·mbacumʔ´vwin (in gambling)kamhse bacumwiye· yalthey won our stakessyn*mihyac*bacutambacutámʔ*bacu·mqacaus.bacumqáwvwin money (while gambling), win (a game)cf*mihyac 1pl.*bacutamqabacutámqaw
*bacu·mqabacumqáwvwin money (while gambling), win (a game)pé·su ma bacumqaye· ~ mihya·ye·did you win any money ?béṭʼbuyi bacumqawahow many times did you win?ya ṭʼo bacumqayamwe won (the game, not nec. money)cf*mihyac of*bacu·m-hqaPlural*bacutamqabacutámqaw
*bacʰat1bacʰáʔPlural of*bahcʰa1knock over with mouth
*bacʰat2bacʰáʔPlural of*bacʰa·stuff into hole with beak, snout
*bacʰa·bacʰaw´vstuff into hole with beak, snoutsʼihta yaʔ baʔdícʰpʰi mul ʔimo· bacʰaʔbaif the bird picks that up with its beak, it would stuff it into a hole with its beakPrefixed:ba-*cʰa·1Plural*bacʰat2bacʰáʔ