Kashaya - English


-Cv-v > vsfxpfxIterative reduplication: the action is repeated a few timesadded to just a dozen or so verbs that can also occur in unreduplicated form; but many verbs require this reduplication (sometimes changing to Frequentative in the plural)
-CvCv-v > vsfxpfxFrequentative reduplication: the action is repeated in quick successionused quite freely, although there are some verbs that do not have a Frequentative form
-CvCʼCvʔCʼv-sfxPL*kʰiṭʼkʰiʔṭʼiunspec. comp. form-Plural of*hkʰiṭʼ2choke*pʰitʼpʰiʔtʼiplur. aff.-Plural of*hpʰitʼtear*qosʼqoʔsʼoplur. aff.-Plural of*hqosʼspill nonliquids*qʰaṭʼqʰaʔṭʼaplur. aff.-Plural of*hqʰaṭ1rip apart or open
-c1cv > vsfxTerrestrial: the action takes place on the ground or floorwith a few verbs, the Terrestrial and Essive act as a pair; either one or the other must be presentterr.*cohqosʼciknock over a group of solid objects; bump non-liquids and cause them to spill over*hihkocterr.hihkóʔv-posgroup be sitting on the groundsyn*ca3 2*nohpʰo 1*šoko·d1cf*ca3 1*šohko1 1*hihkomessivehihkómʔv-posgroup be sitting off the ground
-c2cv > vsfxSemelfactive: usually means that the action is done once, but with verbs of motion can also mean "start" or "away"smlf.*bacʼocstart singing, talking, etc.??*bahcʼolhcibird peck hole with beak*bahkotʰciwear away with mouth; (bird) peck to nothing*bahpʰatʼcilips flop in*bahqoyʔcibend something with mouth*bahyo·cput words together; mix, attach words; use words to a songsmear or spread a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissing*bakʼe·nciask too many questions, press too closely for answers*balebalectalk over someone or something; drown out noise with talking or cryingexclude*balubaluctalk and talk so that another can’t speak*bama·cgroup sit or lie down off the ground; get on a horse, bus*banecfall*bapa·šcibe done speaking; complete what one is saying*bapa·ṭʰcibaqʰo·cuproot one with snout*batašciwbird to squash or mash something soft and mushy with its mouthbird bill*baṭicgroup lie down on the ground*bayotʰcigather a group by speaking to them or calling them over; herd or gather animals by calling them*baʔa·cgo after, go gathering; go get thing that doesn't move (change location), primarily food.*baʔbalhciturn over an object with the mouthdiscuss one subject thoroughly; discuss or go over one list of topics*baʔdicpick up with the mouth, beak*baʔkʰošcibent, of people*baʔkʼayʔciget beak stuck*baʔkʼonhcibow or bend body over something*baʔkʼošcibow head*baʔkʼuyʔci(person) nod the head, bend over, bow*baʔlawʔcisay something quickly after something else happens; in answer to a question or repeating someone else’s words*baʔpʼoʔpʼocbeg or ask (someone) for one thing after another until you have everything of theirs*baʔqʼacciconsole or calm down someone by talking*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*baʔṭʼebaʔṭʼechaving a sulky face (like child); mouth trembles as if you are about to cry; lips pressed together *biʔdimciaim (a gun)*coʔdomcistart to hold a bunch or mass at a place; hold up for someone to see, rather than simply be holding*cʰiʔcʼamcispace open up*cʰiʔdimcipick up and hold one thing (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder); grab and hold part of an object to drag; take and hold by the hand to lead*dimcitake and hold a nonlong object, for example holding the object to do something with it*diʔcʼolhcicave in*hidulciseveral to fail to touch with body *hiʔkʼonhcihold under arm against body*kanhcisettle down*siʔbalhcibe turning, shifting with tongue*šuhsaclead several (people, animals) away, start to lead somewhere; pull (with a rope)*daʔdimciessivedaʔdímciwv-hndpick up and hold a heavy objectpl.dahsamci*baʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.baʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-red(bird) peck away on one spot (on a tree) creating a shallow hole*bihsamcismlf.bihsámciwv-hndpick up and hold several long objects in the armssg.*biʔdimci*cahnomacsmlf.cahnomáʔv(an animal) make a sound or vocalization once, such as a dog barking or an owl hooting*caʔkʼonhcismlf.-vcover with large object; rear end*caʔkʼonhcicʼrefl.caʔkʼónhciʔvretain something by sitting on it*dabalcismlf.-vwipe face once*dabalcicʼrefl.dabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)*dahpohpocsmlf.dahpóhpoʔv-redstuff to be overflowing*du·bayhcismlf.-vbe too busy*mihšecsmlf.-vsmell, sniff*mihšecʰqacaus.mihšécʰqawvsmell, sniffcf*mišecʰqa*miʔkanhcismlf.-vnod head once in affirmative*miʔkanhcicʼrefl.miʔkánhciʔvnod head once in affirmative*muʔbecsmlf.-vsmother (of fire)*muʔbecʰqacaus.v(of fire) smother (with water?)*pohcʰohcʰoc2smlf.-vsteam (food)*pohcʰohcʰocʰqacaus.pohcʰóhcʰocʰqawvsteam (food); tenderize meat, by pounding*pʰiqʼa·ṭʰcismlf.pʰiqʼaṭcíwvswipe, scrape oncepl.*pʰiqʼaqʼaṭʰci*pʰisʼamcismlf.-vblink*pʰisʼamcicʼrefl.pʰisʼámciʔvblink; close eyes once (and might keep them closed)*qaʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.qaʔsʼáʔsʼaʔvcrush so that the contents are squeezed or forced out (not necessarily something messy); can apply to an animal, or to a tin can or wooden box*sihsoṭʰcismlf.-vdisappear*sihsoṭʰcicʼrefl.sihsóṭʰciʔvdisappear, vanish, dissolve, liquefy*sikʰelcismlf.-vdisappear*sikʰelcicʼrefl.sikʰélciʔvdisappear (of person)*sikʼalcismlf.sikʼálciwvfire to die down, light to go out*sikʼalcihqacaus.sikʼálcihqawvlet a fire die down, turn a light off*silusilucsmlf.silusíluʔvconfuse someone by means of speech or talking; "snow" someone with fast talk*siqʰolcismlf.-vsuck in once*siqʰolcicʼrefl.siqʰólciʔvsuck in once, sniff once, inhale once*soʔbosoʔbocsmlf.soʔbosóʔboʔv-redcome to have irregular projections*sʼaṭicsmlf.sʼaṭíʔvbe healthy*sʼukʰusʼukʰucsmlf.sʼukʰusʼúkʰuʔv-redbe blunt-pointed*ši·batʰcismlf.-vfeel sorry for oneself*ši·batʰcicʼrefl.ší·batʰciʔvfeel sorry for oneself, feel inadequate or inferiorfr. var.*ši·baccicʼ*šoʔkʼonhcismlf.-vpull up against oneselfdahsamcismlf.dahsámciwv-hndpick up and hold several heavy objectssg.*daʔdimci*duhṭʰahṭʰaciter.duhṭʰáhṭʰaʔvunwind, unscrew, destroy with the fingers*mahkʰiṭʼciiter.-vstrain foot*mahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.mahkʰiṭʼciʔvstrain or sprain one's foot
*ca1-n-kinmother’s father, mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brother2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherca·sʼenʔ1stca·sʼénʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfmaca·sʼmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔfr. var.ca·sʼedeobj.ca·sʼetoben.ca·sʼenʔkʰeloc.ca·sʼetoʔnavoc.ca·sʼeca·sʼedeta·tanʔ1st inf.ta·tánʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father (informal: grampa, grandpa); also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼobj.ta·tatoben.ta·tanʔkʰeloc.ta·tatoʔnavoc.ta·tamica·sʼ2ndmicasʼ´n-kinyour grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔobj.mica·sʼelben.mica·sʼeʔkʰeloc.mica·sʼeʔnacom.micasʼe·yimiya·ca·sʼ3rdmiyá·casʼn-kinhis, her, their grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmica·sʼta·tanʔobj.miya·ca·sʼelben.miya·ca·sʼeʔkʰeloc.miya·ca·sʼeʔnamaca·sʼ3rd refl.macasʼ´n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔobj.maca·sʼelben.maca·sʼeʔkʰeloc.maca·sʼeʔnacom.macasʼe·yi*macasʼaqverb.macasʼáʔv-kinacknowledge someone as one's grandfather (one's mother’s father); call someone by that word
*ca3cáw1v-posone sit, be sitting; one nonlong object or one person or animal bent into a nonlong shape, be stationary in some specified location on the ground or floorqʰale sáma· qʰaʔbe cawthe rock sat by the treemuhtʰi doco·ṭíʔ cawthe rattlesnake was lying coiled upcayí·ceducontinue to sit downcayiʔcontinue to sitcf*hcayicʼ 2*hihkoc*hka*hkaṭʼ*hko4*hkoy*šohko1 12vone nonlong object, or one person (assumed shape is immaterial), be in some specified location (on the ground or not is immaterial); be, remain, stay, live, dwell, abideʔa·petóʔna castay with my father!duwíʔcapʰṭʰe qali· cawgod abodes aboveMr. Tróuette toʔna ca(to one) stay at Mr. Trouette's!syn*hihkoc*nohpʰo 1*šoko·d13vone person be in a state or condition; certain nonconcrete concepts be, including the dateku ʔacaʔ šihmi šá· cawone man was an expert shotbeṭʼbuyi caw iwa bimaciwhat is the date today ?sibóyi cawthe third of the monthsyn*ṭʰaʔba*ʔi 1loc.ʔaca·c šina· cawalliHuman Skull Sitting: a place slightly northwest of Huckleberry Heightsdimo caph. v.dimo cáwvlive with spouse's familyqali· caph. v.qali· cáwvstay up (all night)*cuma1cumáw1v-posone be sitting off the groundcf*caʔtʼenh2nexperienceweya cumawcomp.weya cúmawnpowerkawa·yu cumahci· yacn.p.kawa·yu cúmahci· yaʔncowboy, rider; horse breaker, rider of bucking horsessynkawa·yu naṭawake·ruwa·ka naṭaʔoho cumaʔlin.p.ʔoho cúmaʔlinlampcumatʰmawplur.essiveabs.cumátʰmawnchair, bench, any seatcumatʰmaw bihkocomp.cumátʰmaw bihkonhigh chair (with long legs)cumatʰma· dahlokʼciwn.p.cumátʰma· dahlókʼciwnfolding chair*cuma·csmlf.cumaʔ´v-posone sit down on something off the ground, such as a chair or tablepl.*cumahci*cumahqacaus.cumáhqawvkeep locked up*cumayicincep.vsettle in or on a place; (spirit) enter a person*cahci1smlf.cahcíwv-posone sit down on the groundpl.*šuqʰac*cahcihqacaus.cahcíhqawvseat; lead to seat; help in sitting; set or place a child in a seat*cahqa3caus.cáhqawvset (**); connect (wires)pl.*cahqawad*cahqacʼrefl.cáhqaʔvput a costume oncf*caqa·cʼ*šaqacʼ*camucʼrecip.camúʔvsit with someone, with each other
ca-capref-instrpfxwith the rear end, with a massive or bulky object, with a knifepref.*hayukʼutthrow a pick (not spear)recip.cahwe·nmucʼrock or swing back and fortha chair or seat that rocks or swings back and forth: rocking chair, swing chairseesaw, teeter-totterinstr.cahwe·nmuʔliseesawiter.*caʔwiʔwiquickly twist while sitting (can be fast or slow)freq.*caʔkʰocaʔkʰorepeatedly bend to a half squat (as in dancing)*cabo·lpref.cabolʔ´vhollow out with rear endcf*caṭo·lpl.*cabola·tadcabolá·tadu*cacepref.cacéwvsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip offpl.*cacetcacéʔ*cacopref.cacówvbe crushing with the rear endpl.*cacotcacóʔ*cacʰa·pref.cacʰaw´vgrab hold tightly of a massive objectpl.*cacʰat2cacʰáʔ*cacʰi·ṭpref.cacʰiʔ´vcut out with a knifepl.*cacʰiṭcacʰíʔ*cacʼalpref.cacʼálʔvmassive object separate but remain attachedpl.*cacʼaltacacʼáltaw*cacʼepref.-vmake a quick cut*cacʼi·ṭpref.cacʼiʔ´vcut up (the ingredients of a salad) so that they become mixed togetherpl.*cacʼihṭicacʼíhṭiw*cacʼi·ṭaqdir.cacʼiṭaʔvsit together, mix (socially)syn*dicʼi·ṭaq 1*hicʼi·ṭaq*cacʼo·pref.cacʼow´v1transform by sitting2whittlepl.*caʔcʼowadcaʔcʼowá·du*cacʼo·mpref.cacʼomʔ´vchop off, amputate a limbpl.*cacʼotamcacʼotámʔ*cacʼo·ṭpref.cacʼoʔ´vcut off ends with knife*cadahcʰipref.cadáhcʰiwvshove aside with the rear endcf*cadaʔdi*cadaʔdipref.cadáʔdiwvwith rear to push aside or down (person or fence)cf*cadahcʰipl.*cadaʔditicadáʔditiw*cadilpref.cadílʔvbe unable to sit (on a chair), miss sitting on something, especially because it is too far awaypl.*cadilta*cadultafr. var.*cadul*cadulta*caduw1pref.-vact on the edge of something with the rear end*caduw2pref.cadúwʔvpeel something in one piece, with a knifecf*biṭʼo·*caṭʰo*caṭʼo·s*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*cahcepref.cahcéwvbe obstructed by something massive; dammed up (but not necessarily fully)cf*capa*cupa*cahcehqacaus.cahcéhqawvdam up; obstruct with something massive*cahcelhpref.-vbe obstructed by massive object*cahcelhmaessivecahcélhmawvbe blocked, stopped, obstructed by a massive object; for example, a gate with sliding bars blocking the waypl.*cacehlimcacéhlimʔ*cahci2pref.cahcíwvintercept with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifepl.*cacitcacíʔ*cahcʰa1pref.cahcʰáwvknock over backing uppl.*cacʰat1cacʰáʔ*cahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰahcʰaiter.-vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰahcʰacsmlf.cahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble by sitting onpl.*cahcʰacacʰatadcahcʰacácʰata·du*cahcʰocpref.-vwear out with rear end*cahcʰohcʰociter.cahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)*cahcʰocahcʰocfreq.cahcʰocáhcʰoʔv-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)*cahcʰotpref.cahcʰóʔvbe tired of sitting*cahkepref.cahkéwvbe blocked by something in sitting*cahkilhcipref.cahkílhciwvsit with a thud; make a thud sound when sitting down*cahkopref.-v(chair) move loosely when sat in*cahkolhpref.-vloosen by sitting in*cahkolhmaessivecahkólhmawv(old chair) loosened by sitting in*cahkotpref.-vwear out seat of chair or pants*cahkotʰcismlf.cahkótʰciwvwear out seat of chair or pants*cahkʰapref.-vstain with rear end*cahkʰahkʰapref.cahkʰáhkʰawv-redstain by the action of the the rear end or other bulky object*cahkʰepref.-vscoot over, shift position along a surface while sittingsyn*caye*cakʰe·nʔwaddist.cakʰenʔwadúvmove, scoot around on one's butt or rear endpl.*cakʰetʰmucʼcakʰétʰmuʔpl. agt.*cakʰe·cʼwacʼ*cahkʰeyʔcicʼrefl.cahkʰéyʔciʔvshift in seat, especially if toward someone or somethingpl.*cakʰeyʔtacʼcakʰéyʔtaʔ*cahkʰopref.-vcatch with an object*cahkʰupref.-vcrush by sitting on *cahkʰuhkʰupref.cahkʰúhkʰuwv-redcrush (glass) by sitting on*cahlabapref.cahlabáwvcrack apart (by cutting)pl.*cahlabatcahlabáʔ*cahlalpref.cahlálʔvcut into several pieces with a knifehiʔbu cahlalʔcomp.abs.hiʔbu cáhlalʔnfrench fries; potatoes split lengthwise*cahlokʼpref.cahlóʔvmassive or bulky object to bend*cahlo·mpref.cahlomʔ´vdismember an animalcf*bahqʰolh*šamepl.*calotam*caluhlucalúhluw*cahlupref.-vcut with knife*cahluhluiter.cahlúhluwv-redcut to pieces with knife*cahlu·cpref.cahluʔ´vspill out (of beads, flour, water)syn*šahlu·c*cahmiypref.cahmíyʔvkeep moving around in seat*cahmoypref.cahmóyʔvshift around, not sitting still*cahmupref.-vsit on and break*cahpapref.-vpat with rear*cahpahpaiter.cahpáhpawv-redpat repeatedly with rear*cahpanhpref.cahpánʔvcompress with rear end or with bodypl.*cahpana·tadcahpaná·tadu*cahpopref.cahpówv(water) overflow a dampl.*capotcapóʔ*cahpolhpref.cahpólʔvgush by sitting onpl.*cahpola·tadcahpolá·tadu*cahponpolopref.-vrear end swollen*cahponpolocsmlf.cahpónpoloʔvrear end swollen*cahpʰaqʼpref.cahpʰáqʼciwvbreak interior (of something) with rear end, e.g., by sitting on itcf*cahpʰatʼcipl.*capʰahqʼicapʰáhqʼiw*cahpʰatʼpref.-vflop down onto rear end*cahpʰatʼmaessivevbe flopped on rear*cahpʰatʼcismlf.cahpʰátʼciwvflop down onto rear end; sit flat, as car on flat tire.cf*cahpʰaqʼpl.*capʰahtʼicapʰáhtʼiw*cahpʰipref.-vshred with knife, rear, massive object*cahpʰihpʰiiter.cahpʰíhpʰiwv-redshred with a massive object, the rear, a knifesyn*cahpʰitʼcipl.*cahpʰicapʰitadcahpʰicápʰita·dudial. var.*cahpihpi*cahpʰitʼpref.-vtear with knife*cahpʰitʼcismlf.cahpʰítʼciwvtear with knife, by sittingsyn*cahpʰihpʰipl.*cahpʰitʼpʰitʼiwadcahpʰítʼpʰitʼiwa·du*capʰitʼpʰiʔtʼicapʰítʼpʰiʔtʼiwdial. var.*cahpitʼci*cahpʰukʼutpref.cahpʰukʼúʔvsink into something soft, of the rearpl.*capʰukʼutcapʰukʼúʔ*cahqa1pref.cahqáwvbe used to sitting (in a lumpy chair), so that it is not bothersome; sit somewhere usually as "that's my chair, I usually sit there"*cahqa4pref.-vrub with butt*cahqʰapref.cahqʰáwvslide on rearcf*cahqʰaya·la*cahqʰahqʰaiter.cahqʰáhqʰawv-redslide on rear*cahqʰacahqʰafreq.cahqʰcáhqʰawv-redslide on rear repeatedly*cahqʰaṭ1pref.cahqʰáʔvwhittle, shave off pieces from (a stick) with a knifesyn*dihqʰaṭ2*cahqʰaṭ2pref.cahqʰáʔvrip apart with a knifepl.*caqʰaṭʼqʰaʔṭʼa*cahqʰayʔpref.-vslide on rear*cahqʰayaddir.cahqʰayá·duvslide along on read (as a baby)*cahqʰaya·ladir.cahqʰayá·lawvslide downhill on one’s rearcf*cahqʰapl.*caqʰahyalacaqʰáhyiwcaqʰahyalawabs.plur.caqʰáhyalawnslide (on a playground)*cahqʰayʔmadir.cahqʰáyʔmawvslide across on rear*cahqʰolhpref.cahqʰólʔvleak (of cup), massive object to break throughpl.*caqʰola·tadcaqʰolá·tadu*caqʰoltacaqʰóltaw*cahsa1pref.cahsáwvback up in car or take step backward and bump into something in waterpl.*casatcasáʔ*cahsa2pref.cahsáwv-hndpush several objects by backing up (either with with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*caʔdi1*cahsamessivecahsámv-hndhold several objects in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*caʔdim*casa·ddir.casa·du´v-hndpush along several objects by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*cade·dpl. agt.*casa·cʼ*cahsakʼatpref.cahsakʼáʔvfall hard and bounce with rear end; rear end jarred*cahsetʼpref.cahséʔvmany to project (i.e. hair on body)*cahsipref.-vmake into piece with knife*cahsihsiiter.cahsíhsiwvmake into pieces by cutting with the blade of a knife: slice up cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and other items that do not crumble when cut; can refer to an object on a surface or held in the handcf*cahsuhsu*cahsut*cahsikʼitpref.cahsikʼíʔvknock away or over something with rearsyn*šahsikʼitpl.*casikʼitcasikʼíʔ*cahsimpref.cahsímʔvextinguish, put out (a fire) by sitting on itpl.*casitʰmacasítʰmaw*cahsitpref.cahsíʔvslice*cahsitacsmlf.vslice once*cahsitaqdir.cahsitáʔvtear, shred, slice with rear end, knifepl.*casihtaqcasíhtaʔ*cahsokʼotpref.cahsokʼóʔvspurt by sittingpl.*casokʼotcasokʼótʔ*cahsompref.cahsómʔvmess up with rear, by sitting*cahsoqpref.cahsóʔ1vsit on a matsyn*cahsot 12ngrass mat to lie on, anything to lie or sit on, cushion, mattresssyn*cahsot 2pl.*casotʰqo*cahsotpref.cahsóʔ1vsit on matsyn*cahsoq 12na mat to sit on, a cushionsyn*cahsoq 2*cahsupref.-vmake into piece with knife*cahsuhsuiter.cahsúhsuwvmake into little pieces with a knifecf*cahsihsi*cahsut*cahsutpref.cahsúʔvmake into little pieces with a knifecf*cahsihsi*cahsuhsu*cahšapref.-vmess up by sitting*cahšanpref.cahšánʔ1vbe soft and springy: said of a large object that one sits or lies on, like a bed or chair, or possibly of a springy object that one backs into2adjsoft and springy: of a bed or chair*cahtaypref.cahtáyʔvtouch with rearpl.*catayʔtacahtáyʔtaw*cahtenhpref.cahténʔvflatten something by sitting or with the rear end*cahtontolopref.cahtóntolowvrub by sitting*cahtošcipref.cahtóšciwvskin or scrape the rear end or some other bulky objectcf*caṭʼo· 1*cahtʰipref.-vtear hole with knife*cahtʰopref.-vwear hole by sitting*cahṭapref.-vmake noise with massive object*cahṭahṭaiter.cahṭáhṭawv-redmake noise with massive object*cahṭanṭalapref.cahṭánṭalawvworn out, faded, by sitting, e.g. faded corduroyspl.*cahṭanṭalat*cahṭonṭolopref.cahṭónṭolowvbody get sore from sitting, laying too long; rear end get sore from moving while sitting. *cahṭʰapref.cahṭʰáwvtake (meat) out from with a knife; cut out of containerpl.*caṭʰatcaṭʰáʔ*cahṭʰepref.cahṭʰe´adjspread out at the end, or by sitting on?*cahṭʰinhpref.cahṭʰínʔvsit on to straighten out lumpspl.*cahṭʰina·tad*cahwatʼpref.cahwáʔvsquash, flatten, lose tenseness, tone, collapse, with the rear end*cahwaṭʰpref.cahwáʔvfatten, with the rear end*cahwe·npref.cahwenʔ´vrock with rear end or while sitting, as in rocking chair; shakecahwe·nmucʼrecip.cahwenmúʔ1vrock or swing back and forth2na chair or seat that rocks or swings back and forth: rocking chair, swing chair*cahwipref.cahwíwvstick butt, rear end into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, rear end be stuck in*cahwitpref.cahwíʔvselect a seat; choose a place ot sit*cahye·pref.cahyew´vliquid stop running or flowing; with causative, block liquid from moving, turn off waterpl.*cayetcayéʔ*cahyolpref.cahyólʔv1mix with large round object or rear end, by sitting2spread or smear something with a large round object or the rear end, by sittingpl.*cayolaqcayoláʔ*cahyo·csmlf.cahyoʔ´v1mix two or more things together with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting2smear with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting*caka·nmapref.caka·nʔ´vstick out (of bone, elbow, shoulder, hip, cheek, knee)cf*caka·šma*cake·špl.*cakahnimcakaʔnader.cakáʔnaadjprominentsynca·kanka*cakancaka·nfreq.cakáncakanʔv-redkeep sticking out hip, shoulder, elbowca·kankatempl.ca·kánkaadj-ideoprominent, projecting, sticking out (of hip, butt, breast, shoulder)syncakaʔna*caka·špref.-v(massive object) block the way*caka·šmaessivecakašmáwvmassive object project, block the waysyn*cake·šcf*caka·nma*cake·špref.cakeš´vmassive object project, protrude, get in the waysyn*caka·šmacf*caka·nma*cake·ṭpref.cakeʔ´vwith knife to take off corner or edge*cakišpref.cakíšvtighten in seat of pantsca·kiškišitempl.ca·kíškišiadj-ideotight in the seat*caki·mpref.-vcatch by sitting on*caki·mcismlf.cakimcíwvcatch a part of one thing on something else by sitting on it or setting something heavy on it; also, be caught*caku·ṭpref.cakuʔ´vcut off severalcf*hlud1*mikuṭʰci*misʼa·pl.*cakuhṭicakúhṭiw*cakʰu·lpref.cakʰulʔ´vfeel rough on rear endpl.*cakʰula·tad*cakʼalpref.cakʼálʔvpush with the rear end to open slightlypl.*cakʼahlicakʼáhliw*cakʼipref.-vwhittle, cut narrow*cakʼi·pref.cakʼiw´vscratch something by sitting on it; be scratched by sitting on somethingpl.*cakʼit*cakʼi·špref.cakʼiš´v(chair) squeak from being sat upon; car squeakpl.*cakʼihšicakʼíhšiwca·kʼiškʼišitempl.ca·kʼíškʼišiadj-ideosqueaky (of chair)*cakʼo·lpref.cakʼolʔ´vwear a depression into by sitting on (a chair); scoop out a hollow, e.g., cantaloupe seedsca·kʼolkʼotempl.ca·kʼólkʼoadj-ideosaggy from being sat on (of a sofa)*cali·tpref.caliʔ´vspread lot of little papers with rear endpl.*cali·tʰmacalitʰmáw*cama1pref.camáwvcollect water; water level risepl.*camat2camáʔ*cama2pref.camáwvtwine (a basket); weave (a basket), begin making a basketsyn*biʔsʼaṭcf*ʔbu2*ʔbulpl.*camat1camáʔ*camhmicpref.camhmíʔvget used to sitting; know how it feels to sit (on something)*canacpref.canáʔvhide self behind an object; put something in front to hide self; be blocked by an object*cana·pref.canaw´vput something or stand in the way deliberately; block by being in the waybalay cana·ph. v.balá· canawvblood be blockedsynbalay hina·*cana·mpref.canamʔ´vattack, ambush, make surprise attackpl.*canatamcanatámʔ*canempref.vback up against*cane·cpref.caneʔ´v1blame2get an armful; put in the waypl.*canehcicanéhciw*capapref.capáwvbe overgrown or covered with vegetation; be fully dammed up so water covers all of an areasyn*cupacf*cahce*capa·špref.capaš´vcomplete (work, task, etc.)*capa·šcismlf.capašcíwvbe finished, be complete*cape·lpref.capelʔ´vsit on something and spread or smear itsyn*caqol*capo·špref.capoš´vget a blister on the buttocks (from horseback riding)pl.*capoša·tadcapošá·tadu*capʰo·pref.capʰow´vsplash repeatedly by sitting in water*capʰu·pref.capʰuw´vscatter small particles from the ground by shooting*capʼilpref.capʼílʔvfeel slick to rear end*caqolpref.caqólʔvstroke with rearsyn*cape·lpl.*caqola·tadcaqolá·tadu*caqʰalpref.caqʰálʔvbrush against with the rear endpl.*caqʰahlicaqʰáhliw*caqʰa·1pref.caqʰaw´vcut or slice with a knife (not necessarily cut off)pl.*caqʰamcaqʰámʔ*caqʰawa·tadcaqʰawá·taducihṭʰiṭi caqʰa·ph. v.cihṭʰiṭí caqʰawvcircumcisepl.cihṭʰiṭi caqʰamcihṭʰiṭí caqʰamʔ*caqʰa·cʼrefl.caqʰaʔ´vcut something off self*caqʰa·2pref.caqʰaw´v(fall and) get cut in the rump*caqʰa·ṭpref.caqʰaʔ´v(chair) to feel good, be comfortable (to sit in)*caqʰoṭpref.caqʰóʔvcut off several at the rootscaqʰo·csmlf.vcut one off at roots*caqʼa·spref.caqʼas´vscratch and make a streak, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifepl.*caqʼasa·tadcaqʼasá·tadu*caqʼa·scismlf.-vstreakcaqʼa·sciwabs.caqʼascíwadjstreaked, from scratching*caqʼa·ṭpref.caqʼaʔ´vbe scraping with a knife to remove surface material*casapref.casáwvknock off several by backing upsyn*šusa*case·lpref.caselʔ´vclean, make clear, rinse rear end (by putting in water); clean while sitting*casisilpref.cahsisílʔvfeel irritation by sitting on crumbs, grit, scratchy surfacefr. var.*cahsisil*casi·ṭpref.casiʔ´vscatter or scrape with a knife*casu·lpref.casulʔ´vfood drop before ripe because of broken taboo or bad weathercf*disu·l*musu·l 2*casʼa·lpref.casʼalʔ´vsqueeze out liquid by sitting (as baby sitting on wet diaper)*casʼiypref.casʼíyʔvfold with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caši·mpref.cašimʔ´vscatter by sitting*catupref.-vpress with rear to make bulge*catucatufreq.-vpress with rear to fill and make bulge*catucatucsmlf.catucátuʔv-redpress with rear to fill and make bulge (a suitcase)*catʼapref.catʼawvsit on (a dress that you aren’t wearing)cf*catʼat*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔduc*catʼatpref.catʼáʔvbe bothered by sitting on dress you are wearingcf*catʼa*catʼe·lpref.catʼelʔ´vsmear with rear end*catʼulpref.catʼúlʔvsquash by sitting on; squeeze contents out of something by sitting on itpl.*catʼuhlicatʼúhliw*caṭalpref.caṭálʔvbe flaredca·ṭalʔmenʔcomp.cá·ṭalʔmenʔname(a woman’s name)ca·ṭalʔṭatempl.cá·ṭalʔṭaadj-ideoflared*caṭiṭi·mapref.caṭiṭí·mawvlong object stretch, lay across, over somethingsyn*caʔṭim*caṭo·lpref.caṭolʔ´vmake a depression or hole in something with the rear end, such as by sittingcf*cabo·l*caṭʰe·lpref.caṭʰelʔ´vcut off a rotten spot (of apple); gouge out a piece with a knife (not cut off a slice); spread or separate by sitting or cuttingpl.*caṭʰelʔtacaṭʰélʔtaw*caṭʰopref.caṭʰówvpeel in pieces with a knife, especially food items such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, applescf*biṭʼo·*caduw2*caṭʼo· 2*caṭʼo·s*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*caṭʼampref.caṭʼámʔv(to stir up) by sitting on; sit down and disturb (ant nest or yellowjackets; not of snake)*caṭʼanpref.caṭʼánʔvbreak open sore on rear endpl.*caṭʼantacaṭʼántaw*caṭʼa·pref.caṭʼaw´v1burst something by sitting on it, such as an egg or a boil; more generally, sit on something and keep it from movingcf*catʼa*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔduc2lance (a boil); remove boil by cutting it and draining the liquidpl.*calaṭʼa1calaṭʼáwhuʔuymo caṭʼahqawph. v.huʔú·mo caṭʼahqawvsnap a picturecfhuʔuymo calaṭʼahqa·lihuʔuymo sʼiqacʼyoqo caṭʼa·ph. v.yoqo cáṭʼawvcastratepl.yoqo calaṭʼayoqo cálaṭʼawhuʔuymo calaṭʼahqa·lin.p.huʔú·mo calaṭʼahqa·lincamerasynhuʔuymo sʼiwaʔlicfhuʔuymo caṭʼahqaw*caṭʼempref.caṭʼémʔvbe tired of sitting*caṭʼo·pref.caṭʼow´v1get sore from sitting on rear end, get saddle sorescf*cahtošci2peel (tree bark, food, etc.) with knifecf*caṭʰopl.*caloṭʼocaloṭʼów*caṭʼo·spref.caṭʼos´vremove covering so liquid oozes out, skin, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifecf*biṭʼo·*caduw2*caṭʰo*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*caṭʼupref.caṭʼúwvrear end sink into, not necessarily entirely submergecf*caṭʼulci*caṭʼulpref.-vsink into with rear*caṭʼulcismlf.caṭʼúlciwvsink into with the rearcf*caṭʼupl.*caṭʼuhliccaṭʼúhliʔ*caṭʼulatad*caṭʼulma*caṭʼunpref.caṭʼúnʔvsit on something slimy; feel slimy to sit on, such as rocks with seaweed on them*cawipref.cawíwvtwirl, spin on rear end or while sittingcf*cayipl.*cawitcawíʔ*cayepref.-vmove, hold, with a massive object; propped object slipsyn*cahkʰecf*cuyecʼ*cayemessivecayémʔvbe propped up against; support by leaning against; hold heavy objectsyn*cuyem*caye·ddir.caye·du´vpush or move something along with the shoulders, with something massive, whether slow or fastpl.*cayehtadcayéhtadu*cayipref.cayíwvrub rear end on cornercf*cawi*caykucpref.caykúʔvwhittle down*cayukʼutpref.cayukʼúʔvsit down into something (such as mud); sink into while sitting*caʔbapref.caʔbáwvsplit with a knife, break apart by sitting on*caba·csmlf.cabaʔ´vbreak apart by sitting on*caʔbalhpref.-v(massive object) be turning*caʔbalhcismlf.caʔbálhciwvmassive object be turningpl.*cabahliccabáhliʔ*caʔbopref.-vcur piece off*caʔboʔboiter.caʔbóʔbowv-redcut pieces offpl.*caʔbocabotadcaʔbocábota·du*caʔbolhpref.caʔbólʔvknock over by sitting downpl.*caʔbola·tadcaʔbolá·tadu*caʔcʼapref.caʔcʼáwvflexible object stiffen with the rear end*caʔcʼabapref.caʔcʼabáwvcut in half, cut open with a knifepl.*caʔcʼabatcaʔcʼabáʔ*caʔcʼamhpref.caʔcʼámʔadjbe stiff (of hair), be starched (clothes), be erect (of tail)syn*pʰiʔcʼamhpl.*cacʼahtim1cacʼáhtim*cacʼahtim2*caʔcʼanhpref.vstick something on by sitting on it; spread something sticky on seat by sitting*caʔcʼepref.-vtake nicks out of chair*caʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.caʔcʼéʔcʼewv-redtake nicks out of chairsyn*caʔcʼoʔcʼocf*caʔcʼet 1*caʔcʼetpref.caʔcʼéʔv1keep cutting off pieces from the edges of a hard object, using a knife; remove several nicks by whittling the edge (or even place nicks there, depending on the action); especially, cut off nicks in wood on the edge of a chair or tablesyn*caʔcʼotcf*caʔcʼeʔcʼe2sit on the edge of chair, readypl.*caʔcʼetadcaʔcʼetá·du*caʔcʼopref.-vcut with knife*caʔcʼolhpref.caʔcʼólʔvsit down hardcf*muhti*pʰiʔcʼolh1pl.*cacʼohlicacʼóhliw*caʔcʼolhmaessivecaʔcʼólhmawvwear a hole in (a chair) by sitting on it, or suddenly break through the seat of a chairpl.*cacʼohlimcacʼóhlimʔ*caʔcʼonpref.caʔcʼónʔvdetach by sitting; sit on something loose or weak and break it offpl.*cacʼontacacʼóntaw*caʔcʼotpref.caʔcʼóʔvcut little pieces off edge with knifesyn*caʔcʼet 1pl.*cacʼohticacʼóhtiw*caʔdi1pref.caʔdíwv[with a directional-locational suffix] push something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car); [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop pushing by backing uppl.*cahsa2*caʔdimessivecaʔdímʔv-hndhold something in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)pl.*cahsam*cade·ddir.cade·du´v-hndpush along something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)pl.*casa·dpl. agt.*cade·cʼ*caʔdi2pref.caʔdíwvget a splinter by falling down or by sitting*caʔkʰopref.-vbend to half squat*caʔkʰošpref.caʔkʰóšvbend long object (like body) near middle; bend at the waist, kneescf*caʔkʰocaʔkʰo*caʔkʰošcismlf.caʔkʰóšciwvbend at knee and half-squatsyn*šaʔkʰošci*caʔkʼa1pref.caʔkʼáwvcrack (a chair) by sitting (on it)pl.*cakʼatcakʼáʔ*caʔkʼa2pref.-vwalk along with legs apart*caʔkʼayʔpref.-vget butt caught in between objects*caʔkʼayʔcismlf.caʔkʼáyʔciwvget butt caught in crackpl.*cakʼahcicaʔkʼáhciw*caʔkʼipref.-vwhittle at one point*caʔkʼiṭpref.caʔkʼíʔvcut off with a knifecf*cakʼihwala*caʔkʼiʔkʼipl.*cakʼiṭ*caʔkʼo1pref.caʔkʼówvbump the elbowpl.*cakʼotcakʼóʔ*caʔkʼo2pref.-vchip at a spot with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-vchip away with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.caʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-redchip away at a spot (on a plank) with a knife*caʔkʼolhpref.caʔkʼólʔvbump with elbow or rear and overturnpl.*cakʼohlicakʼóhliw*cakʼolkʼohlo*caʔkʼonhpref.caʔkʼónʔvcover with a large object; the rear endcf*caʔtʼunhpl.*cakʼohnicakʼóhniw*caʔkʼonhcismlf.-vcover with large object; rear end*caʔkʼonhcicʼrefl.caʔkʼónhciʔvretain something by sitting on it*caʔkʼoypref.-vcut scattered objects*caʔkʼupref.caʔkʼúwvfinish cutting with a knife; finish sitting in a series of chairspl.*cakʼutcakʼúʔ*caʔlawʔpref.-vmove while sitting*caʔlawʔcismlf.caʔláwʔciwvmove around while sitting in a chair; fidget in chair, either side to side or up and downpl.*caʔlawʔcitad*caʔlacaʔlafreq.caʔlacáʔlawv-redmove around with quick movements while sitting; fidget in a chair, side to side or up and down*caʔlopref.-vtangle with the body*caʔlupref.caʔlúwvwrap with the rear endpl.*caʔlucalutadcaʔlucáluta·du*caʔluṭʼpref.vslip by sitting*caʔpʼanhpref.caʔpʼánʔvshut, close, plug, cover an opening. pl.*capʼantacapʼántaw*caʔpʼanicʼrefl.caʔpʼaníʔvhold it in*caʔqʼacpref.caʔqʼáʔvrelax, secure, feel, sit tight, settle backpl.*caqʼahcicaqʼáhciw*caʔqʼoʔdipref.caʔqʼóʔdiwvdo well with the rear end; with a knifepl.*caʔqʼoʔdiwadcaʔqʼóʔdowa·du*caʔqʼoʔdicsmlf.-vto get well settled into one's seat*caʔqʼoʔdiyicʼrefl.caʔqʼóʔdiyiʔvto get well settled into one’s seat*caʔsʼaṭpref.caʔsʼáʔvmake mark by sitting on something roughpl.*casʼayʔṭacasʼáyʔṭaw*caʔsʼipref.caʔsʼíwv1be little bits, pieces, by cutting with a knife2slicepl.*casʼitcasʼíʔ*caʔsʼo1pref.caʔsʼówvmash with the rear end*caʔsʼo2pref.-vwrinkle by sitting on*caʔtʼapref.caʔtʼáwvseem, feel, detect with the rear end, e.g., while sitting*caʔtʼepref.caʔtʼéwvfasten, stick to rear endpl.*catʼetcatʼéʔ*caʔtʼekelepref.caʔtʼekélewvdistort, make out of shape, flatten, by sitting on*caʔtʼelpref.caʔtʼélʔvnot sit enough; not get enough (rest, enjoyment) while sitting or lying down*caʔtʼempref.caʔtʼémʔvstrike (as panther); man to grab and start fightingsyn*maʔtʼem1*caʔtʼenhpref.caʔtʼénʔvattach the rear end; sit (on a cushion, pad)cf*cuma1 1pl.*caʔtʼehnicaʔtʼéhniw*caʔtʼentʼelepref.caʔtʼéntʼelewvcrumple, make out of shape with the rear end, e.g., by sitting on something*caʔtʼunhpref.caʔtʼúnʔvconstrict, reduce and close inner space. with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifecf*caʔkʼonh*caʔṭipref.-vpeel the skin of a tree or fruit using a knife*caʔṭimpref.caʔṭímʔvstretch a long object across something else; lay a long object over or across somethingsyn*caṭiṭi·ma*caʔṭupref.caʔṭúwvsit on edge, sidewayspl.*caʔṭut*caʔṭʼapref.caʔṭʼáwvhold between two objects using the rear end or another bulky object [?]cf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔducpl.*calaṭʼa2calaṭʼáw*caʔṭʼašpref.caʔṭʼášvjoin together objects by bulky area ??pl.*caṭʼahšicaṭʼáhšiw*caʔṭʼaṭpref.caʔṭʼáʔvcrack with the rear endcf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼawʔduc*caʔṭʼawʔducpref.caʔṭʼáwʔduʔvinjure severely by sittingcf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭpl. agt.*caṭʼawʔcʼic*caʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.caʔṭʼéʔṭʼewvsit on (box) and flatten, crush flatpl.*caʔṭʼecaṭʼehticaʔṭʼecáṭʼehtiw*caʔṭʼolhpref.caʔṭʼólʔvmake slapping noise by bumping*caʔṭʼubutpref.caʔṭʼubúʔvrear (to sink) in water; head (to sink) in waterpl.*caṭʼubutcaṭʼubúʔ*caʔwipref.-vquickly twist sitting*caʔyapref.caʔyáwvstart to sit down and get up*caʔya·qpref.vrecognize by sitting; know what it is you are sitting on; feel right or familiar by sitting*caʔyi1pref.caʔyíwvcut rawhide strips with a knife*caʔyi2pref.-vwiggle in seat*caʔyispref.-vrock in seat*caʔyismaessivecaʔyísmawvrock on butt in seat; moving around in seat*caʔyopref.-vsit and rumple*caʔyoʔyopref.-vsit and rumple up*caʔyoʔyocsmlf.caʔyoʔyoʔv-redsit (on bed) and rumple (up the covers)*caʔyupref.-vfeel discomfort from sitting*ca·sqʰacpref.cá·sqʰaʔv1wear smooth with rear end2crop; cut with knife (so that surface is smooth, flat?)pl.*ca·sqʰawa·tadcá·sqʰawa·tadu*ca·sʼlucpref.cá·sʼluʔvget slick from wearsyn*ca·šluc*ca·šlucpref.cá·šluʔv(seat of pants) get slick from wearsyn*ca·sʼluc*ca·ṭʰešpref.v*ca·ṭʰešmaessiveca·ṭʰéšmawvbe wide-bodied, of fat man or tree trunkcfca·ṭʰešṭʰešecaʔsʼopref.caʔsʼo´adjwrinkled by sitting, from being sat on (such as pants or dress)caʔyopref.caʔyo´adjwrinkled, with the rear endca·kʰeškʰešetempl.ca·kʰéškʰešeadj-ideo(tree bole) flared at the bottom, wide at the basesynca·ṭʰešṭʰeše
cabacʼolcabácʼoladvin the back of the house, behind the house6.5.1.1House8.6.1.1BackCompound:ʔahcabacʼo·-l
cabahlawcabáhlawnsplinter, sliver, or other wood fragmentcabáhla· mito miʔdiyyou've got a splinter in your toe6.6.3.2Wood8.1.6.2PieceCompound:bahlaw
*cabahliccabáhliʔPlural of*caʔbalhcimassive object be turning
*caba·ccabaʔ´vbreak apart by sitting onSemelfactive of*caʔba
*cabola·tadcabolá·taduPlural of*cabo·lhollow out with rear end
*cabo·lcabolʔ´vhollow out with rear endcf*caṭo·lPrefixed:ca-*bo·lPlural*cabola·tadcabolá·tadu
*cacecacéwvsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip offcacé· cumawe· ma mil cumatʰma· tolyou are sitting holding the chair downPrefixed:ca-*cePlural*cacetcacéʔ
*cacehlimcacéhlimʔPlural of*cahcelhmabe blocked by massive object
*cacetcacéʔPlural of*cacesecure by sitting
*cacitcacíʔPlural of*cahci2intercept, head off
*cacocacówvbe crushing with the rear endPrefixed:ca-*co1Plural*cacotcacóʔ
*cacotcacóʔPlural of*cacobe crushing with rear end
*cacʰat1cacʰáʔPlural of*cahcʰa1knock over backing up
*cacʰat2cacʰáʔPlural of*cacʰa·grab hold tightly of massive object
*cacʰa·cacʰaw´vgrab hold tightly of a massive objectPrefixed:ca-*cʰa·1Plural*cacʰat2cacʰáʔ
*cacʰiṭcacʰíʔPlural of*cacʰi·ṭcut out