Kashaya - English


h1hsuppan "inorganic" glottal fricative appearing as an increment to a word that normally does not contain one; this entry is used for coding texts where the speaker seems to have used such a consonant
h2hmim-inandrink, watercfqʰaʔahqʰa 1Unspecified Variantx
-h-hvifxPlural Act: the object undergoing the action is plural, or the act is performed on the same object more than onceoften infixed before a stem-final /c/, sometimes /t/ or /ṭ/; causes deletion of an increment in the rootplur. aff.*bahci*bahli2*baṭihci*bihli2*bohci2*bohkʼi*bohši*buhci*buhši*butʼuhci*buṭuhci*cahli*cehli*cihṭim*cilihci*cohṭi*cʼahni*cʼehci*cʼihṭi*cʼocʼohṭi*cʼohli*cʼohti1*cʼuhli*damuhcim*dasehyaq*duhw*habahti*hahci*hahti*hotʼohti*hqʰahci*huhci*huʔuhti*kahni*kehli*kuhṭi1*kuhṭi2*kʰehṭi*kʰuhli*kʼahli*kʼahni1*kʼahni2*kʼehni*kʼehši*kʼihsi*kʼihši1*kʼihši2*kʼihtʰicget dark*kʼihṭʰi*kʼohli2*kʼohni*kʼohyi1*kʼohyi2*kʼoṭohci*kʼuhyi*loqʼohci*luhṭʼi*mabihci*mašahci*matʰihci*maṭihši*micʰehci*miyahti*moqʰohti*nahci*nehci2*nehci1*pahṭi1*pahṭi2*pihmohyi*pimohyi*pohši*pʰahli*pʰahqʼi*pʰahš*pʰocʼahti*pʰohci*pʰuhti*qahlaqʰahci*qʰahli2*qʰamahti*qʰanahci*qʼahci1qʼahsi*qʼahṭi*qʼosahti*sehyi*sihsi2*siht*sohṭi*suhli*sʼihci2*sʼihci3*sʼihli*sʼuhli*sʼuqahyi*sʼuwahci*šahci2*šakuhti*šibahti*šinahti*šohli*šohma*tahš*tehyi*tihti*tubihci*tʼehti*tʼehyi*tʼuhli*ṭahši*ṭahti*ṭihli*ṭihš*ṭihši*ṭʰehli*ṭʰehš*ṭʰehyi1*ṭʰihli*ṭʼahci*ṭʼahši1*ṭʼahyi*ṭʼihš*ṭʼuhli2*ṭʼuhli3*ṭʼuhli1*wahtʼi*yehci*yohti*ʔilahti*ʔišahti*ʔiyuhma*ʔtʼehni
ha-hapref-instrpfxwith a swinging motionpref.*haco·lline a baby basket or packing box with soft, fluffy material*hacʰa·rest the heel on (a table)*hacʰibe chapped (hands, skin); dry and scaly, rough-looking*hacʰi·ṭremove, take out by kicking*hacʰulremove several things by kicking*hacʼa·ṭstuck*hacʼi·ṭknead something into dough; mix into dough by kneading*hacʼo·expose by kicking*hacʼo·qthrow something sharp so that it sticks in*hacʼu·lkick really hard*hadahcʰikick over, knock over with foot with swinging motionhahceshield or anything that blocks an arrow*hahcʰa1kick over, knock over by swinging (a bat or club)*hahcʰotbe tired of kicking*hahkot1knock by kicking something loose or tapping with foot*hahkʰocatch with a swinging motion (as shinny racquet)*hahlalfeet get cracked, blistered, callused*hahludknock off with a kick*hahnattest or try something with a swinging motion, or with the heel*hahpolhgush by kicking*hahpʰoṭmake many fine particles come off by shaking leg*hahpʰukʼutswing something into something soft (mud, water)*hahqaget used to kicking; kick so much it comes easy*hahqalhmolt; shed hair; surface materal come off by itself*hahqʰalhbarely touch by kicking*hahsikʼitkick up gravel*hahsimextinguish (a fire) by kicking or a similar swinging motion*hahsoqwrap up, swaddle*hahsotwrap, enclose with a swinging motion*hahsoṭsow seeds (one or several); throw away, waste (money)throw away*hahšokʼotkick so juices splashes up*hahšolhshake loose; come loose, detach easily by shaking*hahšukʼuṭkick dust, walk in dust*hahtaytouch with foot or leg*hahtenharrange by swinging foot*hahtontolokick and make swell up*hahṭilhkick or knock over with the legs, by kicking; * throw a stick at*hahṭolhkick and make clang*hahwiby swinging or kicking, stick something into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, be stuck in as a result of kicking or swinging*hahwisʼscatter*hahyolmix with a swinging motion or by kickingspread, smear a liquid by swinging or kicking*haki·lswing bucket or leg*hako·ltwirl with the legs*haku·ṭpick off, kick off, scrape hops off with hand in swinging motion*hakʰu·lrough to leg*hakʼalkick open slightly*hakʼilpoint with leg*hakʼisscratch lightly with a thrown long object (stick)*hakʼi·throw (knife, glass) to scratch and make bleed*halacfail to kick; miss when kicking*hana·push dirt over something (esp. with leg, fence, other swinging object)*hana·mkick to cover*haneaim to kick*hanecaim to kick, hit*hanemhit, bump, with a swinging motion; especially kicking with the leg*hano·ylimp, like with a sore ankle*hapʰo·be splashing with legs, by kicking; scatter by kicking (esp. of water)*hapʰu·scatter small particles or objects from the ground by kicking; kick up small particles (e.g. sand)*hapʼilslip feet alone*haqolstroke with leg*haqʰalmake a mark by kicking or by scraping backwards with the foot*haqʰaqʰaṭscrape or strip the surface with a swinging motion*haqʰa·1break by pressing leg against*haqʰa·2get the leg cut*haqʰa·ṭfeel good while making a swinging motion*haqʰoṭgouge or scratch several times, with a swinging motion, making deep wounds in flesh*hase·lclean or rinse feet by kicking them around in water*hasuscratch several deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface*hasu·lthrow (something) to knock (something else) down; throw out bad acorns while sortingthrow something away; get rid of something unwanted*hasʼimtie upstrap (for tying)*hasʼulrub something with the heel or side of the foot, making it smooth and shiny, for example by rubbing on pitch or salve*haša·lmake noise with leg*haši·mdisarray, scatter, with a swinging motion*hašo·mscatter by throwing*hatašsquash with the heel*hataṭtwist, with a swinging motionat an angle, on a bias; not in a straight line*hate·mscatter (something) with legs, by kicking*hatilhlacross legs; long objects overlap*hatʰutkick and break*hatʼatbother with foot*hatʼe·lthrow and make sticky*hatʼulkick and make liquid come out*haṭa·ttwist body*haṭi·llie with legs up*haṭi·mwave legs around in the air silently*haṭo·mclang, make noise, from kicking something, such as a bucket*haṭʰilspread, stretch out, with a swinging motion (esp. of legs, by kicking)*haṭʼamstir up a swarm (of hornets, bees) by throwing something*hawayawaken by kicking or swinging*hayukʼutthrow a pick (not spear)*haʔbolhknock over by thrown stick*haʔcanhstuck*haʔcʰu??*haʔcʼa1throw (axe) to stick it into (a log)*haʔcʼamhthrow and make project straight, stiff*haʔcʼolhthrow something hard against a surface, such as the groundkick a hole in; kick open; throw something to make a hole in something else*haʔcʼondetach something by kicking it, such as a leg off a stool or a handle off a door; kick off*haʔdi2get a splinter by swinging the arm or by kicking*haʔkʰošswing leg back to bend at knee*haʔkʼacrack by kicking*haʔkʼo1kick backwards against (like a horse)be hit with a thrown long object (stick)*haʔkʼufinish pulling up grass (a swinging motion)*haʔne·cicʼused to and good at kicking ball, as a football player*haʔpʼanhkick closed*haʔqʼalhinsert one's foot into something by swinging it or kicking*haʔsʼaṭslam (down, against)*haʔsʼaylimp, wobble on legs*haʔsʼilsplash liquid; throw water*haʔsʼiyfold with body*haʔsʼo1crumple with a swinging notion*haʔsʼonhdent by throwing (something) or kicking*haʔsʼoqknead (dough)*haʔsʼulhpress down with a swinging motion*haʔtʰisneeze, be sneezing*haʔtʼeone to throw something (like mud) so it sticks*haʔtʼutbe a long narrow space on the inside, with the sides close together like a canoeelongated, long and narrow, boat-shaped (basket or dish)boat-shaped basket: twined, oval, with knob-like reinforcement at one end*haʔṭulay legs lengthwise on an edge*haʔṭʼaqʼattake off; take off with a swinging motion*haʔṭʼethrow something long and hit something; make mark of several long things; one to throw long object so that it hits but doesn’t mark*haʔṭʼuṭmake sparks by throwing*hiʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze with body*maʔṭʼubutsubmerge foot*miʔṭʼubutsubmerge toe or nose*muṭiṭi·mastretch across with kinetic energy, such as throwing or heat*hacepref.hacéwvhold with the heel, rest the heel (on a desk); hook heel onto something (as with spur, to keep from falling back)cf*hacʰa·*hane*hayempl.*hacethacéʔ*hacecʼrefl.vcatch something on self with leg*hace·pref.-vbrace with foot*hace·cʼrefl.vbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)pl.*hacehcʼi*hacopref.hacówvbe crushing by kickingpl.*hacothacóʔ*hacʼalpref.hacʼálʔvspread legs apartsyn*haṭʰilpl.*hacʼaltahacʼáltawhacʼalmaessivevhave spread legspl.hacʼahlim*hacʼalhacʼalfreq.hacʼálhacʼalʔvrepeatedly spread legs*hacʼepref.-v-redmake quick kick*hacʼehacʼefreq.hacʼehácʼewv-redmake many quick kicks (strong or weak)always frequentativealways frequentative*hahcelhpref.-vspan an opening with the legs by standing over it*hahcelhmaessivehahcélhmawvspan an opening with the legs by standing over itpl.*hacehlimhacéhlimʔ*hahcelhcismlf.hahcélhciwvspan an opening with the legs by standing over it*hahcʰa2pref.-v-redcrumble by kicking*hahcʰahcʰapref.-v-redcrumble by kicking*hahcʰahcʰacsmlf.hahcʰáhcʰaʔv-redcrumble by kickingpl.*hahcʰahacʰatadhahcʰahácʰata·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahcʰocpref.-v-redwear out from kicking*hahcʰohcʰociter.hahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear out from kickingalways reduplicated*hahcʰohahcʰocfreq.hahcʰoháhcʰoʔv-redwear out from kickingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahkipref.-v-redswing or tap rear of foot*hahkihkiiter.hahkíhkiwv-redrepeatedly swing or tap rear of footcf*hahkilhci*hahkot1always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahkilhcipref.hahkílhciwvstomp hind legs, foot every once in a while, as a horse (not paw ground)cf*duhkilhci*hahkihki*hahkot1*hahṭilh*haṭihaṭi*haṭi·m*hahkopref.-v-redknock by kicking*hahkohkoiter.hahkóhkowv-redknock by kicking pl.*hahkohahkotadhahkohákota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahkolhpref.-vkick loose*hahkolhmaessivehahkólhmawvkick looserequires essive -ma*hahkot2pref.-vwear out with leg or by kicking*hahkotʰcismlf.hahkótʰciwvwear out with leg or by kicking*hahkʰupref.-v-redkick to pieces*hahkʰuhkʰuiter.hahkʰúhkʰuwv-redkick to piecessyn*hahyuhyualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahlapref.-vmove around fast*hahlamessivehahlámʔvmove in a weird or erratic manner, limp, hop*hahlahahlafreq.hahlaháhlawv-redmove around fast, move arms, head, talk fast, act crazy or out of controlpl.*hahlahahlamonly occurs with essive or frequentative*hahlupref.-v-redcut by kicking*hahluhluiter.hahlúhluwv-redcut to pieces by kickingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahponpolopref.-vmake painfully swollen by kicking*hahponpolocsmlf.hahpónpoloʔvmake painfully swollen by repeated kicking*hahpʰopref.-vshake leg*hahpʰohpʰoiter.hahpʰóhpʰowvscatter with a swinging motion, by shaking one's legsyn*hahwe·npl.*hahpʰohapʰotadhahpʰohápʰota·du*hahqʰapref.-v-reddrag foot along*hahqʰahqʰaiter.hahqʰáhqʰawv-redslide legsalways reduplicated*hahqʰahahqʰafreq.hahqʰaháhqʰawv-reddrag foot along, kick up dirt while walkingcf*hayi1always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahsapref.hahsáw1v-hndmove several objects by swinging the foot, or kickingsg.*haʔdi1 12v-mvtseveral move with the wingssg.*haʔdi1 2*hahsamessivehahsámʔv-mvtseveral hover in the airsg.*haʔdim*hasa·ddir.hasa·du´1v-hndmove several objects along with the footsg.*hade·d 12v-mvtseveral move along with wingssg.*hade·d 2pl. agt.*hasa·cʼ*hahsitʼpref.-v-redscratch*hahsihahsifreq.hahsiháhsiwv-redscratchpl.*hahsihasialways frequentativealways frequentative*hahšapref.-v-redkick and mess up *hahšahšaiter.hahšáhšawv-redkick and mess up, disarrangealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahšipref.-v-red(chicken) flap wings and raise dust*hahšihšiiter.hahšíhšiwv-red(chicken) to scratch around in the dirtalways reduplicated*hahšihahšifreq.hahšiháhšiwv-red(chicken) flap wings and raise dustalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahtepref.-v-redpat with heel*hahtehteiter.hahtéhtewv-redpat (ground) with the heelalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahtʰunhpref.hahtʰúnʔvshow off, wave arms*hahṭipref.-vkick ground*hahṭihṭiiter.hahṭíhṭiwvkick the groundcf*haṭi·m*hahṭʰapref.hahṭʰáwvtear down (house); tear open (corral)pl.*haṭʰathaṭʰáʔ*hahṭʰe1pref.hahṭʰéwvspread out parts of body*hahṭʰe2pref.-vflutter wings*hahṭʰehṭʰeiter.hahṭʰéhṭʰewv(birds) flutter wings*hahṭʰupref.-vpiece come off a larger object by means of a swinging motion*hahṭʰuhṭʰuiter.hahṭʰúhṭʰuwvpieces come off a larger object by means of a swinging motion*hahwatʼpref.hahwáʔvkick and make collapse, flop, disintegrate, lose tenseness, tone*hahwatʼmaessivehahwátʼmawvkick and make collapse*hahwatʼcismlf.hahwátʼciwvkick and make collapse*hahwepref.-v-redshake with leg*hahwehweiter.hahwéhwewv-redshake with leg; shake legalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahwe·npref.hahwenʔ´vleg shakingsyn*hahpʰohpʰo*hahye·pref.hahyew´vstop or quit an activity that involves a swinging motion, such as kicking or pulling grass from the groundpl.*hayethayéʔ*hahyupref.-v-redkick to piece*hahyuhyuiter.hahyúhyuwv-redkick to piecessyn*hahkʰuhkʰualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*hahyuṭpref.hahyúʔvpoke*halepref.-v-redbe swollen*halehalefreq.halehálewv-redbe swollen, often as a result of violencepl.*halehalewadhalehálewa·du*halehalecsmlf.haleháleʔvbe swollenpl.*halehalewadhalehálewa·dualways frequentative, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*halu·mpref.halumʔ´vswarm (insects, birds)cf*haluhalu*hanac1pref.-vremain*hanaca·la1dir.hanacá·lawvremain, stay behind, be left behindfr. var.hinaca·laonly with Directional -ala*hanac2pref.-vsecond crop of fruit last to go*hanaca·la2pref.-vsecond crop of fruit last to gohanaca·lawabs.hanacá·lawn1second crop of fruit (probably second pickings)2last person to go*hapaṭpref.-vpatch hole by sewing or glue*hapaṭʰcismlf.hapáṭʰciwvpatch a hole by sewing or using gluepl.*hapahṭihapáhṭiw*hapa·ṭpref.-vcover by adhering*hapa·ṭʰcismlf.hapaṭʰcíwvcover with a patch or other material, in various ways: sew a patch on clothes, nail a board over a hole in the wall, glue paper over something*haqʼa·spref.haqʼas´vscratch and make a streak by kickingcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·ṭ*hasu*hayi2pl.*haqʼasa·tadhaqʼasá·tadu*haqʼa·ṭpref.vscrape by kickingcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·s*hasu*hayi2*hati·tpref.hatiʔ´vwrap around several timespl.*hatihtihatíhtiw*hati·ticsmlf.vwrap once, tangle*hatupref.-v-redkick with one or both feet*hatuhatufreq.hatuhátuwv-redkicking around with one or both feet, not twisting; kick in the aircf*haʔyiʔyidial. var.*hatohatoalways frequentativealways frequentative*haṭampref.-v-redfoot hit against something*haṭamhaṭamfreq.haṭámhaṭamʔv-redfoot hitting repeatedly against something, making a rapping sound, not nec. in aircf*haṭanhaṭa·nalways frequentativealways frequentative*haṭa·npref.haṭanʔ´vleg hang, project, not touching anything, swinging*haṭanhaṭa·nfreq.haṭánhaṭanʔvswing leg out in space, not necessarily hitting anythingcf*haṭamhaṭam*haṭi1pref.haṭíwvkick up*haṭi2pref.-v-redkick on ground making sound*haṭihaṭifreq.haṭiháṭiwv-redkick around on ground making sound (not accepted for similar sound on chair)cf*hahkilhci*hahṭilh*haṭi·malways frequentativealways frequentative*haṭiṭimpref.haṭiṭímʔvput leg across space, as between chair and footrest*haṭo·lpref.haṭolʔ´vmake a depression in something by kicking itpl.*haṭola·tad*haṭʰe·pref.haṭʰew´vone to spread out limbs, such as arms or wings, as in holding hands or flying awaycf*do·bic*do·qpl.*haṭʰewadhaṭʰewádu*haṭʼelpref.haṭʼélʔvthrow (wet cloth or something long, if not wadded up) (on wall) and make spotcf*bane1*hatʼe·l*haʔṭʼe*muṭʼel*muʔṭʼe*šacʼo*haṭʼempref.haṭʼémʔvbe tired of kicking*haṭʼipref.haṭʼíwvtwist or bend the body, or parts of the bodysyn*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭ1*hiṭʼipl.*haliṭʼihaliṭʼíw*haṭʼihti*haṭʼo·pref.haṭʼow´vget sore from rubbing foot, heel on somethingpl.*haloṭʼohaloṭʼów*hawipref.hawíwvkick multiple timescf*hayi1pl.*hawithawíʔ*haya·mpref.hayamʔ´vkick something to break it and fail (one or several times); hurt by kickingpl.*hayama·taqhayamá·taʔonly with negative suffix*haye1pref.-vmove or hold with the foot, especially as it involves a swinging motion*hayemessivehayémʔvhold with foot, keep foot pressed on somethingcf*hace*hacʰa·*hane*hayecʼ*mayecʼpl.*hayehtimhayéhtimʔ*haye·ddir.haye·du´vmove along with the foot pressed on something, such as riding in a car with the foot propped uppl.*hayehtadhayéhtadu*haye2pref.-v-redmove around*hayehayefreq.hayeháyewv-redmany to move around as in anthill or cars and people on busy streetcf*biyobiyo*biyolbiyo·lalways frequentativealways frequentative*hayecʼpref.hayéʔvhold foot against something, put foot on; rest foot by putting it upcf*hayem*mayecʼ*hayi1pref.hayíwvmove foot (not stick or hand) back and forth; rub with footcf*hahqʰahahqʰa*hawi*hayi2pref.hayíwvscratch using legs and nails, claws; rub foot on somethingsyn*maqʼa·ṭcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·s*haqʼa·ṭ*hasu*hayohayopref.hayoháyowvmany do quickly by kicking*hayotpref.hayóʔvpile up with feet; push into a pile with the feetpl.*hayohtihayóhtiw*haʔbapref.haʔbáwvbe breaking apart with a swinging motion*haba·csmlf.habaʔ´vbreak one apart by swinging*haʔbalhpref.-vbe turning by kicking *haʔbalhcismlf.haʔbálhciwvbe turning by kickingpl.*habahlichabáhliʔ*haʔbepref.-v-redkick blindly*haʔbehaʔbefreq.haʔbeháʔbewv-redkick repeatedly where one cannot see what might be encounteredpl.*haʔbehabethaʔbehábeʔalways frequentativealways frequentative*haʔbu1pref.-v-redleg motion revealed through partition*haʔbuhaʔbu1freq.haʔbuháʔbuwv-redrepeated leg motion revealed through a partition. For example, a mouse moving around under a rugpl.*haʔbuhaʔbut1haʔbuháʔbuʔalways frequentativealways frequentative*haʔbu2pref.-v-redfeel with legs*haʔbuhaʔbu2freq.haʔbuháʔbuwv-redrepeatedly feel for something unseen with legspl.*haʔbuhaʔbut2haʔbuháʔbuʔalways frequentative*haʔcʼa2pref.haʔcʼáwvflexible object stiffen by kicking*haʔcʼa3pref.-v-redsqueeze into hole with leg*haʔcʼaʔcʼaiter.haʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redsqueeze something into a hole tight, using the leg or foot, or by kickingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*haʔcʼopref.-v-redkick edges off*haʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.haʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redkick edges off*haʔcʼoʔcʼocsmlf.haʔcʼóʔcʼoʔvkick edges offalways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*haʔdi1pref.haʔdíw1v-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] move something by swinging the foot, or kicking; [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop moving something by swinging or kicking the footpl.*hahsa 12v-mvtmove self with the wingspl.*hahsa 2*haʔdimessivehaʔdímʔv-mvthover in the air: that is, stay in one place by moving the wingspl.*hahsam*haʔdic1smlf.haʔdíʔvhockey term to pick up ball with hockey stick*haʔdic2smlf.haʔdíʔ1vtie up2nhandlesynʔaše· 1*haʔdicʰqacaus.haʔdícʰqawv1tie up2attach a handle to something; put a handle on somethingpl.*haʔdica·tanʔqa*hade·ddir.hade·du´1v-hndmove something along with footpl.*hasa·d 12v-mvtmove self along with wingspl.*hasa·d 2pl. agt.*hade·cʼ*haʔkʼanhpref.haʔkʼánʔvlean a long object against by kickingpl.*hakʼahnihakʼáhniw*haʔkʼanhmaessivehaʔkʼánhmawvlean long object against by kicking*haʔkʼanhcismlf.haʔkʼánhciwvlean long object against by kicking*haʔkʼayʔpref.-vkick something in between two objects*haʔkʼayʔcismlf.haʔkʼáyʔciwvkick something in between two objectspl.*hakʼahcihaʔkʼáhciw*haʔkʼo2pref.-v-redpaw at ground creating depression*haʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-v-redpaw at ground creating depression*haʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.haʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-red(horse) paw away (at the ground) creating a shallow depressionalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*haʔlopref.-v-redtangle by kicking*haʔloʔloiter.haʔlóʔlowv-redtangle by kicking; tangle in legsalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*haʔlupref.haʔlúw1vwrap (a package)2nbig packagecf*pʰaʔlu 23adjwrapped up*haʔpʼopref.-v-redempty by hitting*haʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.-v-redempty out by hitting*haʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.haʔpʼóʔpʼoʔv-redempty out by hitting, tapping, knockingpl.*haʔpʼohapʼotadhaʔpʼohápʼota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*haʔqʼapref.-v-redkicking around to get feet on something to get up*haʔqʼahaqʼafreq.-v-redkick feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up*haʔqʼahaqʼa·cʼrefl.haʔqʼaháqʼaʔv-redkick the feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up (from lying position)always frequentativealways frequentative*haʔsʼapref.-v-redkeep rhythm*haʔsʼahaʔsʼafreq.haʔsʼaháʔsʼawv-redkeep rhythm; rhythm (of movement)always frequentativealways frequentative*haʔsʼo2pref.-vrepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔsʼoʔsʼoiter.haʔsʼóʔsʼowvrepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔtʼa1pref.haʔtʼáwvfeel, detect with feet*haʔtʼa2pref.haʔtʼáwv1be enough2shareonly with /mucʼ/, reciprocal, and /hqa/, causative.*haʔtʼempref.haʔtʼémʔnan underground drum that was danced on; any drum*haʔtʼemhpref.haʔtʼémʔvcover by throwing something over (with a swingin motion)*haʔṭipref.-vgather surface into smaller piece with kicking *haʔṭiʔṭiiter.haʔṭíʔṭiwvgather surface into smaller piece with kicking*haʔṭʼapref.-vflop*haʔṭʼaʔṭʼaiter.haʔṭʼáʔṭʼawvflop around*haʔṭʼelhpref.haʔṭʼélʔvkick down grasssyn*maʔṭʼelhpl.*haʔṭʼela·tadhaʔṭʼelá·tadu*haʔṭʼespref.haʔṭʼésvcrack (sound), with a swinging motion, i.e., hitting with a stick or kicking*haʔṭʼiṭ1pref.haʔṭʼíʔvtwist several things together, tangle, crosssyn*bicʰa·*haṭʼi*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*hiṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭiṭpref.-vwrap around tight*haʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.haʔṭʼíʔṭʼiʔvwrap around tight, tightensyn*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼifreq.haʔṭʼiháʔṭʼiwvtwist togethersyn*haṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭ1*haʔṭʼiʔṭʼic*hiṭʼi*haʔṭʼopref.-vrun around with opposite sex*haʔṭʼohaʔṭʼofreq.haʔṭʼoháʔṭʼowvrun around with opposite sexcfhaʔṭʼo·lemenʔ*haʔṭʼubutpref.haʔṭʼubúʔvthrow iron rod (in water) and it sinks inpl.*haṭʼubuthaṭʼubúʔ*haʔṭʼuṭʰupref.haʔṭʼúṭʰuwvsqueeze with legs*haʔwipref.-vnudge*haʔwiʔwiiter.haʔwíʔwiwvnudgesyn*haʔyiʔyipl.*haʔwihawitadhaʔwiháwita·du*haʔyipref.-vtwist foot in air*haʔyiʔyiiter.haʔyíʔyiwvtwist foot in airsyn*haʔwiʔwicf*hatuhatu
ha cʰo·hacʰó·Dialectal Variant ofʔahay cʰo·wood wormCompound:ʔahayʔicʰo·
ha simahasimáDialectal Variant ofhasimebeard, whiskers
ha sʼiʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlihasʼíʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlinlipstick5.4.2CosmeticsNominal Phrase:hasʼiʔdakʼi·ssʼiyiʔli
ha sʼiʔda ʔimehasʼíʔda ʔimenmustache2.1.5HairCompound:hasʼiʔdaʔime
*habahlichabáhliʔPlural of*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking
*habahtiPlural of*habatdo with tonguePlural Affix-h-
*habahtimPlural of*habatʰmado with tongue
*habathabáʔvperform some action with the tongue: move the tongue in some direction, put the tongue in some placehabata·duʔgo with the tongue(ʔaha wí) habátʰcicʼiput your tongue back in your mouth!7.1.9Move a part of the bodyoften with directional, essive, or semelfactive suffixVerbalization ofha·ba-t1Plural*habahti*habatʰmaessivehabátʰmawvdo with tonguepl.*habahtim*habatʰcismlf.habátʰciwvdo with tongue
*habatʰcihabátʰciwvdo with tongueSemelfactive of*habat
*habatʰmahabátʰmawvdo with tongueEssive of*habatPlural*habahtim
*haba·chabaʔ´vbreak one apart by swingingSemelfactive of*haʔba
*hacehacéwvhold with the heel, rest the heel (on a desk); hook heel onto something (as with spur, to keep from falling back)cf*hacʰa·*hane*hayemPrefixed:ha-*cePlural*hacethacéʔ*hacecʼrefl.vcatch something on self with leg
*hacecʼvcatch something on self with legReflexive of*hace
*hacehcʼiPlural of*hace·cʼbrace self with foot
*hacehlimhacéhlimʔPlural of*hahcelhmaspan with legs
*hacethacéʔPlural of*hacehold with heel
*hace·-vbrace with footPrefixed:ha-*ce·*hace·cʼrefl.vbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)pl.*hacehcʼi
*hace·cʼvbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)Reflexive of*hace·Plural*hacehcʼi
*hacohacówvbe crushing by kickingPrefixed:ha-*co1Plural*hacothacóʔ
*hacohliPlural of*haco·lline with padding
*hacola·tadhacolá·taduPlural of*haco·lline with padding