Kashaya - English


-m1mv > vsfx1Essive: diverse abstract meanings, often stative2Supraterrestrial: the action takes place in one spot off the ground or flooressive*bahpʰatʼmaa person have flopping lips; lips flop or sink in (due to not having teeth)*bahpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahsamhold several objects in the mouth*banemfall to groundput in containerput, throw (not on ground)pick up or move something that is located on the ground*baṭihcimgroup lie at base; go across base*bayemhold with mouth, words*bayotʰmakeep a group busy by talking to them; call to work*baʔcʼolhmamake a hole by pecking, such as a chick pecking a hole in an egg*baʔdimhold something with the mouthurge, encourage*baʔsʼaṭʰmabe hit in the mouth; speak sharply*baʔsʼimbe faint*ba·skalmabe bright, clear, distinct, with the voice, by speech (or hearing)*bihpʰa·šmalip sag inward*biʔcʼolhma(moth) make holes by eating*bi·skalmataste clear or clean; (mouth) feel good and clean after brushing the teeth or eating fruitclean-tasting, clear-tasting*cahnomautter sound once*caʔcʼolhmawear a hole in (a chair) by sitting on it, or suddenly break through the seat of a chair*celhmacarry on back by strap*cihpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, by holding a small part of a larger object, e.g. a handle*cuhpʰa·šmasag inward with a round object*cuṭʰa·lmabe bright, light enough to see by*cʰiʔcʼamhave space, have a room, leave a space, make spacespace, opening; a parking space*cʰiʔcʼolhmamake a hole in something while holding a tool; make a hole in paper while writing*dahsismaitch; have a painful surface irritation*daʔcʼolhmamake or dig a hole or opening with the hand (not in the ground)*dihpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, by gravity, falling, a heavy weight*diṭʰa·lmabecome bright or light enough to see, as the result of an unseen cause, such as falling or gravity*diʔcʼenhmalay across?*dohkolhmaloosen by fiddling with fingers*duhpʰa·šmamake sag inward, depress, with a finger*hahcelhmaspan an opening with the legs by standing over it*hihpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, with body, by itself*hihsismabody feel surface irritation; body feel itchy*hiṭʰa·lmabright, light enough to see by, (with the body?); be bright out*mahpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, with sole of foot*mahsismarash feeling on foot*mihpʰa·šmacollapsed, knocked in by kicking*miṭʰa·lmabe bright, light enough to see by, especially of the sky*muhpʰa·šmacollapse from car driving on*muhsismascorch; burn black, be burnt black; singe or cook well-done, thoroughly*muṭʰa·lmaan area be bright enough, light enough to see by, as a result of sunlight coming inan area be bright enough, light enough to see by, as a result of sunlight coming in*pihkolhmamake it loose by hitting (but not apart), e.g. loosen tooth*pihsismasurface irritation of eye; feel something in eyesquint, half-close eyes (as from glare or irritation, but could be for any reason)*piṭʰa·lmabe bright, light enough to see by, especially as the result of turning on lights with the side of a long object, such as flipping a light switch with the finger*pi·skalmabe bright; (to person) look bright in one placebright or light in color, appearance, or design*puṭʰa·lmabe bright, light enough to see by, from wind blowing away clouds*pu·skalmabe blown, burned clean, clear*pʰiʔcʼenhmapoke side of stick into open [?]*pʰobo·šmainflate with air*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up, be enlarged insubstantially*qahkolhmaloosen by biting*sihpʰa·šmasag inward, depress, by water*siṭʰa·lmaget bright (after rainy, foggy weather)*šohkolhmapull loosesmlf.*siʔbocgroup start to float or sailplur. aff.*baqʰam*bihsilhmaessivebihsílhmawvget a sliver in something by encircling, e.g. with the arms*cihsam1essivecihsámʔv-hndhold several things (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder); hold by the hand to lead; hold part of objects to dragsg.*cʰiʔdim1*cobo·šmaessivecobošmáwvbe swelled upsyn*cobo·kʼma*cutušpl.*cobohšimcobóhšimʔfr. var.*cubu·šma*cʰiʔdim1essivecʰiʔdímʔv-hndhold one thing (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder); hold part of an object to drag; hold by the hand to leadpl.*cihsam1*dima2essivedimáwv-hndhold a nonlong object, including something such as a handkerchief or sheet of paper that requires support underneathsyn*biʔdim1*coʔdom2 1*ʔbem2pl. mvt.*dihtim2díhtimʔqʰaʔbe dimawph. v.qʰaʔbe dímawvkeep the vocal rhythm in Kashaya music*pihcecʰmaessivepihcécʰmawv1(cliff) to overhang and shelter (the ground below); (view) be obstructed by several heads or tops of long objects; (group) to crowd together (with heads sticking up)2encircle ?*pʰiʔlašmaessivepʰiʔlášmawvhave a big or high forehead*silatʰmaessivesilátʰmawvbe flat (faced) etc.syn*siʔlawʔci*siqʰolmaessive-vsuck in*siqʰolmacʼrefl.siqʰólmaʔvsuck in, sniff, inhale*siʔdim2essivesiʔdímʔv-mvtone float or sail in placepl.*siʔbom2*šahsamessivešahsámʔv-hndhold several objects with a long object moving lengthwisesg.*šaʔdim*šuhsam2essivešuhsámʔv-hndhold several (people, animals) in place by pulling (on a rope)sg.*šuʔdim1*šuhsamcismlf.šuhsámciwv-hndgrab and hold several (people, animals) in place by pulling (on a rope)sg.*šuʔdimci
-m2mv > vsfxDirectional: across, pastcomp.šina·mʔṭʰetop, crest; tiptop of anything; top of headdir.*bihsam2carry several long objects in the arms across or past*biʔdim2carry a bunch across or past*cimamcrawl or swim across or past*coʔdom1carry across or past in a containercarry across or past while supported underneath, especially on the shoulders or headride a horse across or past*dahsam2carry, move several heavy objects across or past*daʔdim3carry, move something heavy across or past*dimcarry a nonlong object across or past*duʔsʼilhmasplash or flick (water) across or on something with the fingers*hpʰemcarry across on back*momrun acrossmuhkʰunmafeel ashamed*nem3put across*siʔdim1one float or sail across or past*ʔbem1carry a long object across or past*ʔdomhold hand out over something*cihsam2dir.cihsámʔv-hndcarry (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder) several things across or past; drag; lead by the handsg.*cʰiʔdim2*cimadir.cimáwv-mvtcrawl or swim across or pastsyn*ciyam*cimamucʼrecip.cimamúʔv(game) go evenly*ciyamdir.ciyámʔv-mvtseveral crawl or swim across or pastsyn*cimasg.*cimam*cʰikʼi·mdir.cʰikʼimʔ´vmake a streak across with a stick*cʰiʔdim2dir.cʰiʔdímʔv-hndcarry (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder) one thing across or past; drag; lead by the handpl.*cihsam2*dukʼi·mdir.dukʼimʔ´1vstreak, make a mark across with the fingercf*dukʼis*dukʼi·1 1*duqʼa·ṭ*dusu*duʔkʼi2na streakpl.*dukʼimtam*dukʼitamdukʼitámʔdukʼi·mʔ cuhtin.p.dukʼimʔ cúhtinbasket design of straight or dashed lines; or a long line*hcamdir.cámʔvfly acrosspl.*catʰmacátʰmaw*pʰikʼi·mdir.pʰikʼimʔ´vmake streak across with axe*sihqʰayʔmadir.sihqʰáyʔmawvslide across on something wet and slick*siʔbom1dir.siʔbómʔv-mvtgroup float or sail across or pastsg.*siʔdim1*šuhsam1dir.šuhsámʔv-hndlead several (people, animals) across or past; pull (with a rope)sg.*šuʔdim2*šuʔdim2dir.šuʔdímʔv-hndlead one (person, animal) across or past; pull (with a rope)pl.*šuhsam1*ʔdamqadir.dámqawv-mvt1two (male or female) go across or pastsyn*hayohwim*ma5*pʰima12a few men go across or past
-m3msfxPlural Act: the object undergoing the action is plural, or the act is performed on the same object more than onceoccurs in a variety of contexts, after vowels and consonants; has the form /ma/ after a consonantplur. aff.*biyo·lma*buhkʰubuhkʰum*cucum*cʼulma*dukuyʔduku·yma*du·tʰma*holma*hsohsom*hṭʰinma*hwenma*kata·cʰma*keʔyekeʔyem*ki·lma1*ki·lma2*ko·lma*kʼilma*kʼopoškʼopošma*kʼoyokʼoyom*kʼutʰma*layama*li·tʰma*loqʼocʰma*pelma*qʰalma*qʰam1*qʼa·ṭʰma*qʼosma*qʼoso·lma*selma*su·lma*sʼulma*tolotolom*ʔcʰa-ʔcʰam*ʔkʼim*ʔṭʼaṭʰma*ʔṭʼolma*haʔtʰiwmaplur. aff.haʔtʰí·maw ?Plural of*haʔtʰisneeze
mama´pro2nd person Singular Nominative: youmiʔkʰeben.miʔkʰe´pro12nd person Singular Benefactive: for you22nd person Singular Possessive: your, yoursmitoʔnaloc.mitóʔnapro12nd person Singular Locative: where you are22nd person Singular Locative of Home: at your house, at your placemitoobj.mito´pro12nd person Singular Accusative: you22nd person Singular Accusative: your, yoursnihnavoc.níhnapro2nd person Singular Vocative, used with friend or intimate: sweetheart, darling, friendcfni·2
*ma1-n-kingrandmother: father's mother2.6.5.2Woman4., grandmotherma·sʼenʔ1stma·sʼénʔn-kinmy, our grandmother: father's mothercfmama·sʼma·manʔmima·sʼmiya·ma·sʼfr. var.ma·sʼedeobj.ma·sʼetoben.ma·sʼenʔkʰeloc.ma·sʼetoʔnavoc.ma·sʼema·sʼedema·manʔ1st inf.ma·mánʔn-kinmy, our grandmother: father's mother (informal: grandma, granny)cfmama·sʼma·sʼenʔmima·sʼmiya·ma·sʼmu·munʔobj.ma·matoben.ma·manʔkʰeloc.ma·matoʔnavoc.ma·mamima·sʼ2ndmimasʼ´n-kinyour grandmother: father's mothercfmama·sʼma·manʔma·sʼenʔmiya·ma·sʼobj.mima·sʼelben.mima·sʼeʔkʰeloc.mima·sʼeʔnacom.mimasʼe·yimiya·ma·sʼ3rdmiyá·masʼn-kinhis, her, their grandmother: father's mothercfmama·sʼma·manʔma·sʼenʔmima·sʼobj.miya·ma·sʼelben.miya·ma·sʼeʔkʰeloc.miya·ma·sʼeʔnamama·sʼ3rd refl.mamasʼ´n-kinhis, her, their own grandmother: father's mothercfma·manʔma·sʼenʔmima·sʼmiya·ma·sʼobj.mama·sʼelben.mama·sʼeʔkʰeloc.mama·sʼeʔnacom.mamasʼe·yi
*ma2-v-instrput shapeless substancecf*ma4*ṭʼišPlural*mat1-*bama3pref.bamáwvput shapeless substance with the mouthpl.*bamat2bamáʔ*cama1pref.camáwvcollect water; water level risepl.*camat2camáʔ*cuma2pref.cumáwvput a shapeless substance using a round object, flowing water, etc.pl.*cumatcumáʔ*cʰimapref.cʰimáwvscoop with instrument; pick up (powder) with (spoon); scrape loose dust with something like broom; serve food with utensilpl.*cʰimatcʰimáʔ*dama1pref.damáwvscoop in hands (gravel, sand, flower, dirt, bunch of eggs); get (flour from barrel); scrape loose material into a container, pick up bunch (of beans)pl.*damat1damáʔ*dima3pref.dimáwvput shapeless substance with gravitypl.*dimatdimáʔ*himapref.himáwvgather shapeless substance (e.g. water); gather substance with undefined shape (e.g. wood pile)pl.*himathimáʔ*mama1pref.mamáwvput shapeless substance, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handpl.*mamatmamáʔ*mima1pref.mimáwvput shapeless substance with the toespl.*mimatmimáʔ*pʰima2pref.pʰimáwvput shapeless substance with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰimatpʰimáʔ*šama2pref.šamáwvput shapeless substance by long object object moving horizontallypl.*šamat3šamáʔ
*ma3-v-instrtwine a basketPlural*mat2-*cama2pref.camáwvtwine (a basket); weave (a basket), begin making a basketsyn*biʔsʼaṭcf*ʔbu2*ʔbulpl.*camat1camáʔ*dama2pref.damáwvweave, twine a basketpl.*damat2damáʔ
*ma4máwvput a container holding liquid or another shapeless substancemi·li má mul ʔput that (container) there!cf*ma2*ṭʼišmost often with a directional suffixPlural*matʰmamátʰmaw
*ma5máwv-mvtone go across or pastsyn*hayohwim*lahwi*pahṭʰi*pʰima1*ʔdamqa 1Directional of*wa-m2Free Variant*mam
ma-1man-kinpfxReflexive third-person possessive in kinship system3rd refl.mahcuṭʼkihis, their own nephew: sister's son (in relation to a man); also man’s wife’s brother’s son
ma-2mapref-instrpfxwith the sole of the foot, with the foot or claws of a bird, with the butt of the handder.*mapaarrive in time, esp. for work or foodabs.mahwenmucʼbicyclepref.*mabet1grope with the foot, feel with the foot for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present*mabi·lturn something with a circular motion of the foot, pedal (a bicycle)*macatsearch, look for*macehold by stepping on (a rope so that someone else cannot pull it away)*mace·guard, protect, watch over, tend to, take care of, be responsible for*macocrush with foot by walking over (clods) many times*macʰa·grab or start to hold tight in the hand; lean bottom of foot on something*macʰi·ṭpull out with foot*macʰuldig several things or mass (e.g., dirt) out of something with sole of foot*macʼi·ṭmix by stirring with the feet (such as soil or sand)*macʼo·1expose by stepping on*macʼo·2transform by walking*macʼo·mtear (a rolled newspaper) in two while holding in the hand, pressing the fingers to the palm*macʼo·qinsert something into sole of foot; step on something sharp*macʼo·ṭgrab a big bunch with feet or hand*macʼu·lstep on to hurt*mahcʰa2push over with the bottom of the foot*mahcʰibe hurt by stepping on*mahkefoot not go all the way in (liquid, etc)*mahkem(feet) project, stick out*mahkʰocatch with sole of foot*mahlodetach with mouth*mahnattry with foot*mahpostep into water and cause it to overflow*mahpʰaqʼinterior of a surface break, collapse, from someone walking on it*mahpʰuṭʼlose control of feet, feet become weak*mahpʰuy2thrust foot into something yielding while falling*mahqabe familiar with by walking*mahqalhremove from surface with foot*mahsa2step on something in way*mahsakʼatbounce with the sole of the foot*mahsetʼmany to project, with the sole of the foot*mahsikʼitbounce through air with the foot*mahsimextinguish, put out (a fire) with the feet: stamp out a fire*mahsommess up with foot*mahsoqencase (a gun)quiverrug*mahsoṭscatter little pieces with the feet*mahšanbe springy, spongy, resilient under the feet, when walking on something*mahšolhcome loose off of foot; kick offsnatch (out of someone's hand)*mahšukʼuṭfoot sink in to liquid, mud*mahtaytouch with foot*mahtenhflatten with the feet, trample*mahtʰaget somewhere quick by walking*mahṭilhstamp with foot*mahṭolhmake noise with feet*mahwistick foot into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; foot be stuck in *make·ṭwith foot to take of corner*mako·l(to twirl) with foot; turn a wheel with foot*maku·ṭbreak off branches with hand (with butt pushing); pick flowers*makʼi·šscrape with the feet (hob-nailed boots on a sidewalk)*makʼumbe excessive, be too much or too difficult to do for the feet*malayaslip because can’t get a foot hold on it, because it’s slippery or steep;*malucoat, cover with a coating. with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the hand*mama1put shapeless substance, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the hand*manacherd, drive, chase (animal or crowd)*mana·cover, block. with the sole of the foot; push dirt onto with sole of foot; step on*manedance*mapo·šget a blister on the bottom of the foot (from walking)*mapʰo·be splashing with the soles of the feet while walking in shallow water*mapʰo·ṭsplash with the feet (while wading across a puddle)*mapʰu·scatter small particles from the ground by walking on, through them*mapʼil(particles) feel of extremely fine texture, feel slick to the foot*maqʰalmake a mark with the foot, claws, etc.*maqʰaqʰaṭstrip off; scrape with the hand*maqʰa·break off by stepping on (a dry stick); break by pushing with foot*maqʰa·ṭfeel good on feet*maqʰoṭuproot with foot*maqʼa·mprotect someone or something else (in an unspecified way)*maqʼa·ṭscratch with foot*maqʼosemit a sound from scraping (on the ground) with foot, paw, or hoof*maqʼošemit a scuffing, shuffling sound*masapull several (branches) off of (tree); break by pulling or pressing*masedislike, be irritated by. Restricted to objects, activities involving the foot, like wearing shoes*mase·lclean, rinse feet (by submerging or immersing them in water?)*masisilfeet be irritated, hurt, feel tender from walking barefoot on gravel*maso·lswirl water with foot*masuscratch several wih claws deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface*masʼa·break fingers, branches; crack knuckles; break with the butt of the hand or with the sole of the foot; thorn to break off in foot *masʼulmake smooth and shiny, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the hand*masʼuymake pointed, out of shape, using the foot, i.e., by stepping on, etc*maša·lmake noise walking*maši·mdisarray, scatter, by walking on it*mašudfeel strange to the feet; strange shoes*matašflatten, squash something by stepping on*mate·npress down on something with the foot, to flatten or make an impression*matilhlatwist; cross over with the small end of a long object, e.g., fingers*matʼatbother with sole of foot (as something on floor)*maṭi1be uprooting by walking on*maṭʼamdisturb (yellowjacket nest) by stepping on*mawoṭstir with foot*mayukʼutput foot down deep into (mud), sink into*maʔbabe spading the ground, be opening the ground by stepping on (a spade)*maʔbe1hold one's breath*maʔcʼanhstep on something sticky*maʔcʼolhmake a hole in something (such as a rug) by walking on it, or more generally make a hole with the foot*maʔcʼondetach by stepping*maʔcʼoqʰotremove piece by walking*maʔdi2get (splinter) in tongue, foot*maʔkʼo1bump with foot *maʔkʼuwalk all over, walk everywhere, walk the entire area*maʔluwrap with foot*maʔne·cicʼget used to walking*maʔqʼactighten with sole of foot*maʔqʼalhinsert one's foot into something by pushing rather than kicking*maʔqʼotamchoke someone by stepping on the neckmaʔsʼaputrifiedlymph*maʔsʼaṭhit hard and hurt with sole of foot*maʔsʼipinch with whole hand*maʔsʼiyfold with foot*maʔsʼonhdent (could be temporarily) by stepping on*maʔsʼoqmash (grapes) with foot*maʔtʼem1beat up by any method (or be beaten up)*maʔtʼem2find with foot*maʔtʼemhstep on flat object*maʔṭufoot on edge*maʔṭʼa??*maʔṭʼašpush into place with the sole of the foot*maʔṭʼeʔṭʼepress repeatedly with foot; flatten by stepping on*maʔṭʼubutsubmerge footsmlf.*maʔsʼaʔsʼacbreak up to piecesrefl.mahwenmucʼbicycle*mahpanhder.mahpánʔvcompress with the footpl.*mahpana·tadmahpaná·tadu*mahpʰuy1der.mahpʰúyʔvquicky thrust foot into something*maʔsʼoʔsʼoder.maʔsʼóʔsʼowvcrush with foot (ball of paper, can but not brittle object)cf*mahyuhyu*macʼalpref.macʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the footpl.*macʼaltamacʼáltaw*macʼepref.-v-redwalk with quick short steps*macʼemacʼefreq.macʼemácʼewv-redwalk with quick short steps, make quick movements with the feetsyn*cʼitucʼitu 1always frequentativealways frequentative *mahcelhpref.-vspan with foot*mahcelhmaessivemahcélhmawvspan an opening with the footpl.*macehlimmacéhlimʔ*mahcelhcismlf.mahcélhciwvspan with foot*mahcʰa3pref.-vcrumble with foot*mahcʰahcʰaiter.-vcrumble with foot*mahcʰahcʰacsmlf.mahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble with the footpl.*mahcʰamacʰatadmahcʰamácʰata·du*mahcʰocpref.-v-redwear out something by walking on it*mahcʰohcʰociter.mahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear out something (e.g., floor) by walking on it, wear out tires but not carcf*mahpʰihpʰi*mahtʰihtʰic*mahtʰohtʰoalways reduplicated*mahcʰomahcʰocfreq.mahcʰomáhcʰoʔv-redwear out something (e.g., floor) by walking on it, wear out tires but not caralways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahkopref.-v-redtap with bottom of foot*mahkohkoiter.mahkóhkowv-redtap with bottom of footpl.*mahkomahkotadmahkomákota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahkolhpref.-vloosen with foot*mahkolhcismlf.mahkólhciwvloosen with the footrequires semelfactive -ci*mahkotpref.-vwear by walking*mahkotʰcismlf.mahkótʰciwv(sole) wear out by walking on (linoleum)*mahkʰiṭʼpref.vstrain foot*mahkʰiṭʼciiter.-vstrain foot*mahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.mahkʰiṭʼciʔvstrain or sprain one's foot*mahpapref.-v-redpat with foot*mahpahpaiter.mahpáhpawv-redpat repeatedly with footalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahponpolopref.-vmake painfully swollen by walking about*mahponpolocsmlf.mahpónpoloʔvmake painfully swollen by walking about*mahpʰa·špref.-vsag inward, depress, with sole of foot*mahpʰa·šmaessivemahpʰašmáwvsag inward, depress, with sole of footsyn*mahpʰaqʼpl.*mapʰahšimmapʰáhšimʔ*mahpʰa·šcismlf.mahpʰašcíwvsag inward, depress, with sole of footpl.*mapʰahšcirequires essive -ma or semelfactive -ci*mahpʰipref.-v-redshred with sole of foot*mahpʰihpʰiiter.mahpʰíhpʰiwv-redshred with sole of footcf*mahcʰohcʰoc*mahtʰihtʰic*mahtʰohtʰopl.*mahpʰimapʰitadmahpʰimápʰita·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahpʰukʼutpref.mahpʰukʼúʔvsink into with the foot*mahpʰuṭpref.-vbe unable to finish walking*mahpʰuṭaydir.mahpʰuṭáyʔvbe unable to finish walking a certain distance*mahqoyʔ1pref.vbend or sprain ankle*mahqoyʔ2pref.-vsprain ankle*mahqoyʔcismlf.mahqóyʔciwvsuddenly to bend, strain, or sprain the ankle*mahqʰapref.-v-redshuffle along*mahqʰamahqʰafreq.mahqʰamáhqʰawv-redshuffle along; slide feet repeatedlypl.*mahqʰamaqʰatadmahqʰamáqʰata·dalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahsa1pref.mahsáwv-hndcarry several objects in claws and place on ground like a fish-hawk would land with a fish; take several objects with foot to a place (as a hawk does)sg.*maʔdi1*mahsamessivemahsámʔv-hndhold several objects with the claws or the footsg.*maʔdim*masa·ddir.masa·du´v-hndcarry several objects along in the claws, as a hawk would a fishsg.*made·dpl. agt.*masa·cʼ*mahsispref.-vrash feeling on foot*mahsiscismlf.mahsísciwvrash feeling on footrequires essive -ma or -ci*mahšapref.-v-redtrample*mahšahšaiter.mahšáhšawv-redtrample by walking on; disarrange, mess up with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handalways reduplicated*mahšamahšafreq.mahšamáhšawv-redrustle something while walking on italways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahšipref.-v-redscatter small objects with sole of foot*mahšihšiiter.mahšíhšiwv-redscatter small objects with the sole of the foot, clawsalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahtapref.-v-redwalking slowly*mahtahtaiter.mahtáhtawv-redwalking slowly; also tap in one place with footalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahtepref.-v-redpat with foot*mahtehteiter.mahtéhtewv-redpat with footsyn*mihtehtealways reduplicated*mahtemahtefreq.mahtemáhtewv-redstomp the groundalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahtʰipref.-vput hole in the feet*mahtʰihtʰiiter.-vput many holes in the feet*mahtʰihtʰicsmlf.mahtʰíhtʰiʔvput many holes in the the feetcf*mahcʰohcʰoc*mahpʰihpʰi*mahtʰohtʰo*mahtʰopref.-vburn holes*mahtʰohtʰoiter.mahtʰóhtʰowvburn holescf*mahcʰohcʰoc*mahpʰihpʰi*mahtʰihtʰic*mahtʰohtʰocsmlf.mahtʰóhtʰoʔvburn holes*mahṭipref.-vstomp feet*mahṭihṭiiter.mahṭíhṭiwvstomp, stamp feetcf*maṭimaṭi*mahṭʰapref.mahṭʰáwvwear open, wear down, with the sole of the footpl.*maṭʰatmaṭʰáʔ*mahṭʰopref.-vremove outer layer with foot*mahṭʰohṭʰoiter.mahṭʰóhṭʰowvremove outer layer with footsyn*maṭʰo*mahwepref.-v-redwalk along shaking*mahwemahwefreq.mahwemáhwewv-redwalk along shakingalways reduplicatedalways frequentative*mahwelpref.mahwélʔvdawdle, take a while walking somewherewith negative*mahwe·npref.mahwenʔ´vshake, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handmahwenmucʼrefl.abs.mahwénmuʔnbicycle*mahye·pref.mahyew´vstop or quit an activity with the feet: especially dancing but also walkingpl.*mayetmayéʔ*mahyolpref.mahyólʔv1join others (in dancing); catch up to someone (while walking); stand next to someone2spread or smear a liquid with the footcf*mawoṭpl.*mayolaqmayoláʔ*mahyo·csmlf.mahyoʔ´v1join others (in dance); catch up to others (while walking); stand next to someone2spread or smear a liquid with the footpl.*mayohci*mahyoqʰpref.mahyóʔvstir, shake up with the foot*mahyupref.-v-redcrush brittle object*mahyuhyuiter.mahyúhyuwv-redcrush brittle object (glass bottle, sticks) by stomping on; to crush (any shape) something that breaks into many piecessyn*maʔtʼutʰuccf*maʔsʼoʔsʼoalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*mahyuṭpref.mahyúʔvstir, poke several places, with the sole of the foot*maki·mpref.-vrestrain with foot*maki·mmaessivemakimmáwvrestrain with foot*maki·mcismlf.makimcíwvrestrain with the sole of the foot; for example, stand on a rope that someone is pulling so that it stops*makʼalpref.makʼálʔvopen slightly with the footpl.*makʼahlimakʼáhliw*makʼe·npref.makʼenʔ´voverpress with the footpl.*makʼehnicmakʼéhniʔ*makʼe·nmaessivemakʼenmáwvoverpress with footpl.*makʼehnim*makʼe·ncismlf.makʼencíwvoverpress with footpl.*makʼehnicmakʼéhniʔ*makʼi·pref.makʼiw´vscratch something with the foot (or toenails?); scratch foot by stepping on somethingcf*makʼi·š*maqʼa·ṭ*masupl.*makʼitmakʼíʔ*malepref.-v-redclose hole by stomping in dirt*malemalefreq.malemálewv-redfull hole closed by stomping in dirtpl.*malemalewadmalemálewa·du*malemalecsmlf.malemáleʔvclose hole by stomping in dirtpl.*malemalewadmalemálewa·dualways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*mamadipref.-vgo check on*mamadicʼrefl.mamadíʔvgo check onsyn*hšiṭʰad*macatadcf*cat1*hšiṭʰad*kʼe·š*moypl.*mamadi·tacʼ*mana·cpref.manaʔ´vchase away, with the foot; throw aheadcf*manac*mapaṭpref.-vcover hole with foot*mapaṭʰcismlf.mapáṭʰciwvcover or fill in a hole with the sole of the footpl.*mapahṭimapáhṭiw*mapʰu·mpref.mapʰumʔ´vscatter dust by kicking, kick up a cloud of dustsyn*mapʰu·*mati·tpref.matiʔ´vroll, wrap, wind, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handpl.*matihtimatíhtiw*matupref.-v-redstuff with the feet*matumatufreq.-v-redstuff with feet*matumatucsmlf.matumátuʔv-redstuff with the feetalways frequentativealways frequentative*matʰilpref.matʰílʔvtear but not necessarily apart using the sole of the foot*maṭi2pref.-v-redmake noise pouding ground*maṭimaṭifreq.maṭimáṭiwv-redmake noise pounding the ground, trotting alongcf*mahṭihṭialways reduplicatedalways frequentative*maṭi·špref.maṭiš´vstretched tight, of a surface, by stepping on it; or pressing with the sole of the footpl.*maṭihšimaṭíhšiw*maṭʰaṭpref.maṭʰáʔvbreak open with the foot*maṭʰilpref.maṭʰílʔvspread, stretch out, using the foot, i.e., break in new shoes*maṭʰopref.maṭʰówvremove the outer layer in pieces, with the sole of the footsyn*mahṭʰohṭʰocf*maṭʼo·*maṭʼa·pref.maṭʼaw´v1step on, stomp on, touch (no damage necessary)cf*maṭʼam*maʔṭʼa2make sick by anything (ko·ko); (wale·pu) to poison, infect (person) (because get hemorrhage)cf*maṭʰa·m 1pl.*malaṭʼa1malaṭʼáw*maṭʼempref.maṭʼémʔvbe tired of doing action with the foot, such as walking, wearing shoescf*makʼum*maṭʼo·pref.maṭʼow´vtake off outer layer, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handcf*maṭʰopl.*maloṭʼomaloṭʼówmaṭʼo·cʼrefl.abs.maṭʼoʔ´nforeskin*maṭʼupref.maṭʼúwvfoot sink into liquid*maṭʼunpref.maṭʼúnʔvslimy to feet*mawaypref.mawáyʔvawaken by touching or shaking with the sole of the footpl.*mawayʔtamawáyʔtaw*mawo·lpref.-vbe soft, yielding (not springy) to the sole of the foot*mawo·lcismlf.mawolcíwvstep on something soft and yielding, but not springy*mayepref.-vmove or hold something with the bottom of the foot*mayemessivemayémʔvhold in place, keep from moving using the foot: hold down a clutch, hold (a log) in placepl.*mayehtimmayéhtimʔ*maye·ddir.maye·du´vmove along or with the foot, move while holding something with the footpl.*mayehtadmayéhtaduoccurs with Essive or Directional suffix*mayecʼpref.mayéʔvrest or set foot oncf*hayecʼ*hayempl.*mayeʔtacʼmayeʔtaʔliinstr.mayéʔtaʔlinstirrup, foot restfr. var.mayeʔtaʔ*mayipref.mayíwvbe like, take after someone; resemble because of a genetic relationship*mayi·csmlf.vact likepl.*mayihcim*mayu·ʔpref.-vbe after (to catch)*mayu·ʔcismlf.mayuʔcíwvwant to catch something; be after something in order to catch it (animal, money, good time)pl.*mayu·ʔciwadmayuʔciwá·du*maʔbalhpref.-vbe turning with foot*maʔbalhcismlf.maʔbálhciwvbe turning with the footpl.*mabahlicmabáhliʔ*maʔbe2pref.-v-redgrope with foot*maʔbemaʔbefreq.maʔbemáʔbewv-redbe groping repeatedly with the sole of the footpl.*maʔbemabetmaʔbemábeʔalways frequentativealways frequentative*maʔbolhpref.maʔbólʔvturn over something with the footpl.*maʔbola·tadmaʔbolá·taduplural stem mabohl- with directional suffixes*maʔcʼa2pref.maʔcʼáwvflexible object stiffen with the foot*maʔcʼopref.-v-redbreak by stepping*maʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.maʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redbreak into many pieces by stepping*maʔcʼoʔcʼocsmlf.maʔcʼóʔcʼoʔvbreak to pieces by steppingalways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*maʔdenpref.maʔdénʔvbe clawing, with talons, etcpl.*maʔdena·tad*maʔdi1pref.maʔdíwv-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] in general, move or carry something with the foot; especially, take with the foot or claws to a place (as a fish-hawk would carry a fish in its claws and place on the ground); [without a suffix] stop performing this action: put down what was carried with the foot or claws to a placepl.*mahsa1*maʔdimessivev-hndhold something with the claws or the footpl.*mahsam*made·ddir.made·du´v-hndcarry along in the claws, as a hawk would a fishpl.*masa·dpl. agt.*made·cʼwithout a movement suffix, this means to put down what was carried; with a movement suffix, it means to carry in the direction indicated*maʔkʼapref.maʔkʼáwvcrack with the footpl.*makʼatmakʼáʔ*maʔkʼanhpref.maʔkʼánʔvlean a long object against with the footpl.*makʼahnimakʼáhniw*maʔkʼanhmaessivemaʔkʼánhmawvlean long object against with foot*maʔkʼanhcismlf.maʔkʼánhciwvlean long object against with foot*maʔkʼayʔpref.-vget foot stuck*maʔkʼayʔcismlf.maʔkʼáyʔciwvget foot stuckpl.*makʼahcimaʔkʼáhciw*maʔkʼepref.-vbecome erect*maʔkʼecsmlf.maʔkʼéʔv(penis) become erect from manipulation*maʔkʼecʰqacaus.maʔkʼécʰqawvmake stiff by manipulating (butter, penis)*maʔkʼo2pref.-v-redwear depression with foot*maʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-v-redwear depression with foot*maʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.maʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-redwear a depression (into the ground) with the footalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*maʔkʼuṭʰpref.-vwalk crunching*maʔkʼuṭa·duwaddist.maʔkʼuṭá·duwa·duvbe making crunching sounds from walking around (on leaves, grass, twigs)*maʔkʼuṭʰmakʼuṭʰfreq.-vwalk crunching*maʔkʼuṭʰmakʼuṭʰa·dadlocom.maʔkʼúṭʰmakʼuṭʰa·daduvbe making crunching sounds from intermittently walking (on leaves, grass, twigs)*maʔlopref.-v-redtangle with foot*maʔloʔloiter.maʔlóʔlowv-redtangle with the foot; mess up by walking on (bed)always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*maʔpʼanhpref.maʔpʼánʔvclose with the footpl.*mapʼantamapʼántaw*maʔpʼopref.-vempty out with foot*maʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.-vempty out with foot*maʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.maʔpʼóʔpʼoʔvempty out with the footpl.*maʔpʼomapʼotadmaʔpʼomápʼota·du*maʔsʼapref.-vbreak up in piece*maʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.maʔsʼáʔsʼaʔvbreak up to piecescf*masʼa·*maʔsʼaʔsʼaiter.-vbreak up to pieces*maʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.maʔsʼáʔsʼaʔvbreak up to piecescf*masʼa·*maʔtʼapref.maʔtʼáwvseem, feel, detect, restricted to objects, activities done with the footsyn*siʔtʼa1*maʔtʼekelepref.-vstep on something hollow and flatten it out*maʔtʼekelecsmlf.maʔtʼekéleʔvstep on something hollow and flatten it outcf*maʔtʼutʰuc*maʔtʼutʰupref.-vstep on edge of long object*maʔtʼutʰucsmlf.maʔtʼutʰúʔvstep on edge of long object (sheet of paper [?], hollow inside – can or box) and bendsyn*mahyuhyucf*maʔtʼekelec*maʔṭipref.-vgather surface into smaller piece with feet*maʔṭiʔṭiiter.maʔṭíʔṭiwvgather surface into smaller piece with the feet*maʔṭʼaṭpref.maʔṭʼáʔvtwist together, mix*maʔṭʼawʔducpref.maʔṭʼáwʔduʔvstep on (something) to hurt itpl. agt.*maṭʼawʔcʼic*maʔṭʼepref.maʔṭʼéwvspot or stain something, make mark by putting semiliquid on something with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handpl.*maṭʼetmaṭʼéʔqʰama maʔṭʼewn.p.qʰama máʔṭʼewnfootprintcfcohšo duʔṭʼewqʰama miʔṭʼew*maʔṭʼelhpref.maʔṭʼélʔvpart, mat down with the footsyn*haʔṭʼelhpl.*maʔṭʼela·tadmaʔṭʼelá·tadu*maʔṭʼiṭpref.maʔṭʼíʔvtwist several things together, tangle, with the sole of the foot, claws, the butt of the handonly reduplicated*maʔṭʼuṭʰupref.maʔṭʼúṭʰuʔvclench fistpl.*maṭʼuṭʰucohšo maʔṭʼuṭʰucn.p.cohšo máʔṭʼuṭʰuʔnclenched fistcfcohšo kuʔmucʰqaw*maʔwipref.-vfoot rub while twisting*maʔwiʔwiiter.maʔwíʔwiwvfoot rub while twistingsyn*maʔyiʔyipl.*maʔwimawitadmaʔwimáwita·du*maʔyapref.maʔyáwvstep on something intending to smash it but only half smash it*maʔya·qpref.maʔyaʔ´vrecognize with the foot*maʔyipref.-vstep on and twist*maʔyiʔyiiter.maʔyíʔyiwvstep on and twist with, or crush and twist with the butt of the handsyn*maʔwiʔwi*maʔyo1pref.-vhang in folds*maʔyomessivemaʔyómʔvhang in folds, as when clothing is too loose*maʔyo2pref.-vpucker with sole of foot*maʔyoʔyoiter.-vpucker with sole of foot*maʔyoʔyocsmlf.maʔyóʔyoʔvpucker, wrinkle, using the sole of the foot; to walk on rug and rumple it up*maʔyupref.-v-redhurt by feet*maʔyuʔyuiter.maʔyúʔyuwv-redcause pain but not injury by the action of the feet; walk on gravel and it hurts; step on something to hurt oneself (but it doesn’t go through the skin)always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*ma·sqʰac2pref.-vbe worn bare by feet*ma·sqʰac1smlf.má·sqʰaʔv(path) be worn bare (of vegetation) by feetpl.*ma·sqʰawa·tadmá·sqʰawa·tadumaʔṭʼipref.maʔṭʼi´adjbent by the foot*manetanʔqacaus.vpet
*mabahlicmabáhliʔPlural of*maʔbalhcibe turning with foot
*mabahtaqmabáhtaʔPlural of*maba·qacknowledge someone as father-in-law
mabahṭʰemabáhṭʰeplaceBigland: a place east of Elderberry place and north of Tree SittingDerivative:ʔama·1bahṭʰe
*mabasʼahmucʼmabasʼáhmuʔv-kinaddress each other according to a paternal grandfather relationship; call each other father’s father and son’s childReciprocal of*mabasʼaqPlural*mabasʼa·tahmucʼmabasʼá·tahmuʔ
*mabasʼaqmabasʼáʔv-kincall someone father’s fatherVerbalization ofmaba·sʼ-aq2Plural*mabasʼa·taqmabasʼá·taʔ*mabasʼahmucʼrecip.mabasʼáhmuʔv-kinaddress each other according to a paternal grandfather relationship; call each other father’s father and son’s childpl.*mabasʼa·tahmucʼmabasʼá·tahmuʔ
*mabasʼa·tahmucʼmabasʼá·tahmuʔPlural of*mabasʼahmucʼaddress in paternal grandfather relation
*mabasʼa·taqmabasʼá·taʔPlural of*mabasʼaqcall someone father’s father
mabasʼe·yimabasʼé·yiComitative ofmaba·sʼ3r.Poss father's father
maba·maba·´n-kinhis, her, their own father-in-lawcfmiba·miya·ba·tʼileyac2.6.5.1Man4. person reflexive possessor of*ba·Objectivemaba·lBenefactivemaba·ʔkʰeLocativemaba·ʔnaComitativemaba·yi*maba·qverb.mabaʔ´v-kinacknowledge someone as father-in-lawpl.*mabahtaqmabáhtaʔ
*maba·cmabaʔ´vspade the ground, open the ground by stepping on (a spade)Semelfactive of*maʔba
maba·lmabal´Objective ofmaba·3r.Poss father-in-law
*maba·qmabaʔ´v-kinacknowledge someone as father-in-lawVerbalization ofmaba·-aq2Plural*mabahtaqmabáhtaʔ
maba·sʼmabasʼ´n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandcfba·banʔba·sʼenʔmiba·sʼmiya·basʼ2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherThird person reflexive possessor of*baObjectivemaba·sʼelBenefactivemaba·sʼeʔkʰeLocativemaba·sʼeʔnaComitativemabasʼe·yi*mabasʼaqverb.mabasʼáʔv-kincall someone father’s fatherpl.*mabasʼa·taqmabasʼá·taʔ*mabasʼahmucʼrecip.mabasʼáhmuʔv-kinaddress each other according to a paternal grandfather relationship; call each other father’s father and son’s childpl.*mabasʼa·tahmucʼmabasʼá·tahmuʔ
maba·sʼelmaba·sʼélObjective ofmaba·sʼ3r.Poss father's father