Kashaya - English

Pʰo·tolplacevillage on Haupt Ranch
pʰa1pʰa´Free Variant of*pʰa·son
pʰa2pʰa´1interjnasty, don't touch!cfpʰaʔpʰapʰuw 12babynastyDerivative:ʔahpʰa
pʰa-pʰapref-instrpfxwith the end of a long object, with the fist (neither {da-} nor {dǔ-} is used for actions of the closed hand); by wrappingpref.*pahkepoke into something shallow; poking blocked*pahkelhlay a long object horizontally across something*pahkutsound of pounding something hollow*pahkʰocatch a moving object (shape unimportant), with the end of a long object, the fist; by wrapping*pahlo·mbreak at the joint*pahludknock off with side of stick or brush off with hand (not acting as a hand that can grasp items), poke off*pahmiystir with stick*pahnattest something with the end of a long object; for instance, see whether a potato is cooked by poking with a fork*paholtry to find by poking*pahpʰukʼutuse end of long object to poke something into something soft so that it sinks*pahqabe stiff, specifically of the leg*pahqalhwipe off by poking or ramming*pahqʰobotpoke someone in the ribs or belly with a long object (e.g., a stick)*pahsamcicʼhit with fist and bounce back*pahsimextinguish (a fire) by poking with a stick or similar object*pahšenever fail to poke *pahšukʼuṭput (pencil) into something soft (mush, food, mud, loose dirt)*pahtaylightly poke with a long object*pahṭilhmake boom by pounding with end of stick, pestle*pakelsmooth or flatten something with end of stick or other long object*pake·ṭpound off an edge*paki·lpound with fist*pako·lturn with rod*pakʰu·lfeel rough to a poke*papʰu·raise dust with the end of an instrument*paqʰa·poke with a long object and break off*pasahit off with fist*paši·mpoke and scatter*pašudhard to dig; when digging ground, find it too hard and quit*patašsquash something soft and mushy, with the end of a long object*pati·twalk crookedly, in a twisting manner*patʰiltear but not necessarily apart (by poking) with the end of a long object*pʰacʼo·uncover by pounding*pʰacʼo·qpoke, stab, spear*pʰacʼu·lpoke or hit with fist*pʰadulbe beyond reach of poking with a stick*pʰaduwact on edge with the end of a long object, the fist; by wrapping*pʰakʼilpoint with a cane*pʰakʼisscratch lightly with the point of a long object*pʰakʼi·2make a mark on the flesh by wrapping (a bandage too tight)*pʰakʼi·1scratch and make bleed with the point of a long object (pen, arrow) or make mark by putting on bandage too tight*pʰakʼu·mkillhurt, beat up*pʰali·tpaddle or row*pʰanacpush together with pole (or end of other long object)*pʰana·cover, block, by wrapping; cover by poking, pushing (something)*pʰana·mtie with rope or string, wrap up, encase*pʰaneaim to hit with fist, hand*pʰanempunch, hit, bump with fist*pʰapʼilbe slippery (to cane)*pʰaqʼa·ṭscrape with long pointed object*pʰasʼimfold using end of long object*pʰatʼe·tstand upright, erect (a pole)*pʰaṭʼampoke, disturb by poking (hornetsʼ nest)*pʰaṭʼu·licteem with, be numerous; be thickly covered*pʰaʔbewrap tightly, tie up, bandage*pʰaʔbolh1turn over something by poking*pʰaʔbolh2many small dry particles come off with the end of a long object, the fist; Idiom: to hit someone*pʰaʔcʼamhbe stiff [?]*pʰaʔcʼanhput something long into something sticky*pʰaʔcʼondetach with the end of a long object*pʰaʔdayacmiss with fist*pʰaʔdi2poke stick in something soft or in crack and break it*pʰaʔkʼopoke, strike with a long object moving lengthwise (stick, pencil)dot*pʰaʔkʼufinish poking with a long object, etc.*pʰaʔluwrap (a small package); wrap with a sticka small package*pʰaʔpʼanhcover with the end of a long object*pʰaʔqʼacwrap tight, tie tightly, securely*pʰaʔqʼalhpoke with a stick or pole into a hole*pʰaʔsʼaṭ1slap; tie hard to leave mark*pʰaʔsʼaṭ2braid, tie tight, hard; slappʰaʔsʼoslim*pʰaʔsʼo1hem*pʰaʔsʼulhwrap up*pʰaʔtʼemstart making some object; begin (to sew, build, eat; not sleep)beginning of project, e.g. center piece of basket*pʰaʔtʼutʰusqueeze, be squeezed*pʰaʔṭʼa1hold by tying*pʰaʔṭʼeʔṭʼepound one place*pʰaʔṭʼolhpat*pʰaʔṭʼubutpoke under with end of sticksmlf.*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼictie (package) tight; wrapped upiter.*pʰaʔṭiʔṭipoking with stick, keep on doing ** pushing into pile?*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼacrack, tap with the end of a long object, e.g., a stick, cane*pʰayot2pref.abs.pʰayóʔ1vstuff (a bag); bag be stuffed, full2na stuffed bag*pacopref.pacówvcrush, be crushing with the end of a long object (e.g. pestle); pound upcf*pahcohcopl.*pacotpacóʔ*pacʰi·ṭpref.pacʰiʔ´vtake out with the end of a long objectpl.*pacʰiṭpacʰíʔ*pahcopref.-vpound up*pahcohcoiter.pahcóhcowvpound upcf*pacopl.*pahcopacotadpahcopácota·du*pahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble with end of long object*pahcʰahcʰapref.-vcrumble with end of long object*pahcʰahcʰacsmlf.pahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble with the end of a long objectpl.*pahcʰapacʰatadpahcʰapácʰata·du*pahcʰocpref.-v-redwear out something by poking*pahcʰohcʰociter.pahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear out something by pokingalways reduplicated*pahcʰopahcʰocfreq.pahcʰopáhcʰoʔv-redwear out something by pokingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahcʰotpref.pahcʰóʔvgive out with the end of a long object*pahcʼelhpref.-vpoke into [?]*pahcʼelhmaessivepahcʼélhmawvpoke into [?]syn*pʰaʔcʼenhma*pahkipref.-v-redrepeatedly pound with fist*pahkihkiiter.pahkíhkiwv-redrepeatedly pound with a fistcf*paki·lalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahkopref.-v-redpounding hand to make noisealways reduplicated*pahkolhpref.-vhit post on ground to make sound or loosen something*pahkolhcismlf.pahkólhciwvhit post on ground to make sound (thud) or loosen something*pahkotpref.-vwear out by pounding*pahkotʰcismlf.pahkótʰciwvwear out by pounding*pahkʰupref.-v-redcrush in a powder*pahkʰuhkʰuiter.pahkʰúhkʰuwv-redcrush to pieces in a powderalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated *pahpolhpref.pahpólʔvgush with the end of a long objectpl.*pahpola·tadpahpolá·tadu*pahponpolopref.-vmake swell painfully from repeated poking*pahponpolocsmlf.pahpónpoloʔvmake (something alive) swell badly and painfully from repeated poking*pahqʰayʔpref.-vslide with long object*pahqʰayaddir.pahqʰayá·duvslide a long object (cane) point first; slide object by poking*pahqʰopref.-v-redrepeatedly skewer*pahqʰohqʰoiter.pahqʰóhqʰowv-redrepeatedly skeweralways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahsa1pref.pahsáwv-hndmove several objects with the end of a long object (such as the fist); by wrappingsg.*pʰaʔdi1*pahsamessivepahsámʔv-hndhold several objects with the end of a long object (such as the fist); by wrappingsg.*pʰaʔdim*pasa·ddir.pasa·du´v-hndmove several objects along with the end of a long object (such as the fist); by wrappingsg.*pʰade·dpl. agt.*pasa·cʼ*pahsa2pref.pahsáwvbe blocked from poking something with the end of a stickpl.*pasatpasáʔ*pahseypref.pahséyʔvcover by wrappingcahla· pahsemaʔn.p.cahla· páhsemaʔndiaphragmsyndile· pahsemaʔdile· pahsemaʔn.p.dile· páhsemaʔnmiddle covering; diaphragmsyncahla· pahsemaʔ*pahsupref.-vcrush to pieces by pounding*pahsuhsuiter.pahsúhsuwvcrush to pieces by pounding*pahšapref.-v-reddisarrange by poking*pahšahšaiter.pahšáhšawv-reddisarrange, mess up, by pokingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahšipref.-v-redpoke grass*pahšihšiiter.pahšíhšiwv-redpoke grass, poke in box of papers to move around (to look for something or not nec.)always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahtapref.-vtap with fist*pahtahtaiter.pahtáhtawvrepeatedly tap with the fistsyn*dahtahta*pahtepref.-v-redpat*pahtehteiter.pahtéhtewv-redpat repeatedly with hand or fist or end of long objectalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahtenhpref.pahténʔvflatten with the end of a long object*pahtʰopref.-vpuncture all over*pahtʰohtʰoiter.-vpuncture all over*pahtʰohtʰocsmlf.pahtʰóhtʰoʔvpuncture all over, as a needle into paper*pahṭi3pref.-vpound with fist*pahṭihṭiiter.pahṭíhṭiwvpound several times with fistcf*paṭipaṭi*paṭi·mci*pahṭʰapref.pahṭʰáwvtake apart, make into pieces, either by pounding with an instrument, or just disassemblingpl.*paṭʰatpaṭʰáʔ*pahṭʰipref.pahṭʰíwvstep over something, put foot over; stand with legs spread outsyn*caʔqʰom*lahwi*ma5pl.*paṭʰit*pahṭʰuṭpref.pahṭʰúʔvpieces come off of bigger object with the end of a long object*pahyuṭpref.pahyúʔvpokecf*pihyuṭ*pʰaʔṭʼuṭ*paki·mpref.-vhold down with stick*paki·mmaessivepakimmáwvhold down with stick*paki·mcismlf.pakimcíwvuse a stick to hold down or restrain something that is stretched out *papʰo·pref.papʰow´vbe using end of long object to splash*pase·pref.-vwash hands*pase·cʼrefl.paseʔʼvwash handssyn*dase·lpl.*pasetʰmacʼ*pate·mpref.patemʔ´vpat*patupref.-v-redstuff with fist*patupatufreq.-v-redstuff with fist*patupatucsmlf.patupátuʔv-redstuff with the fist, by wrappingalways frequentativealways frequentative*paṭipref.-v-redmake pounding noise*paṭipaṭifreq.paṭipáṭiwv-redmake a pounding noise on the ground, possibly on a chair alsocf*pahṭihṭialways frequentativealways frequentative*paṭi·mpref.-vpound once*paṭi·mcismlf.paṭimcíwvpound something (one's chest, the ground) oncecf*pahṭihṭi*paṭʰaṭpref.paṭʰáʔvbreak open with the fistpl.*paṭʰahṭi*paṭʰopref.paṭʰówvpeel or remove outer layer in pieces by striking or hittingsyn*piṭʰo*pʰaṭʼo·*paʔkʰopref.-v-redbend leg*paʔkʰopaʔkʰofreq.paʔkʰopáʔkʰowv-redrepeatedly bend legalways frequentative always frequentative*paʔṭipref.-vbarely stand*paʔṭimessivepaʔṭímʔvstand unsteadily, barely stand; stagger in one placecf*paʔcʰa1*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼicpl.*paʔṭitʰma*paʔṭiʔṭiiter.vstagger*paʔṭipaʔṭifreq.vstaggerpl.*paʔṭipaṭit*pʰacʼalpref.pʰacʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰacʼaltapʰacʼáltaw*pʰacʼepʰacʼepref.pʰacʼépʰacʼewvdo small quick movements with the end of a long object*pʰacʼi·ṭpref.pʰacʼiʔ´vmix by pounding or poking with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰacʼihṭipʰacʼíhṭiw*pʰakʼalpref.pʰakʼálʔvopen slightly with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰakʼahlipʰakʼáhliw*pʰakʼuspref.pʰakʼúsvbe narrow with the end of a long object*pʰalepref.-v-redfill by pounding*pʰalepʰalefreq.pʰalepʰálewv-redfill (hole) by pounding in dirt; hit with fist and make someone swell pl.*pʰalepʰalewadpʰalepʰálewa·du*pʰalepʰalecsmlf.pʰalepʰáleʔvfill by poundingpl.*pʰalepʰalewadpʰalepʰálewa·dualways frequentative, usually with semelfactive -calways frequentative*pʰalipref.-vstir with long object*pʰalicsmlf.pʰalíʔvstir with a long objectpl.*pʰalitacʼpʰalitáʔ*pʰalopref.-v-redbecome round by wrapping*pʰalopʰalofreq.pʰalopʰálowv-redbecome round by wrapping, with the fistalways frequentativealways frequentative*pʰasʼa·pref.-vbreak one's bonepl.*pʰalasʼa*pʰasʼa·cʼrefl.pʰasʼaʔ´vbreak one's own bone*pʰasʼulhpref.pʰasʼúlʔvstraighten (hair)*pʰaṭʼa·pref.pʰaṭʼaw´vsquash or cause innards to come out by pokingpl.*pʰalaṭʼa1pʰalaṭʼáw*pʰaṭʼa·špref.pʰaṭʼaš´vput hair off forehead by poking*pʰaṭʼo·pref.pʰaṭʼow´vremove, peel off outer layersyn*paṭʰo*piṭʰocfmusu·tapʰlapl.*pʰaloṭʼopʰaloṭʼów*pʰaṭʼupref.pʰaṭʼúwvend of a long object sink intosyn*pʰaṭʼulci*pʰaʔṭʼubut*pʰaṭʼulpref.-vpoke to make sink*pʰaṭʼulcismlf.pʰaṭʼúlciwvpoke, push with long object to make sink under watersyn*pʰaṭʼu*pʰaʔṭʼubutpl.*pʰaṭʼuhlicpʰaṭʼúhliʔalways occurs with semelfactive, essive, or directionals*pʰaṭʼunpref.pʰaṭʼúnʔvbe slimy, with the end of a long object, the fist; by wrappingpl.*pʰaṭʼuna·tad*pʰaṭʼunta*pʰawipref.pʰawíwvpoke with stick or the end of another long objectpl.*pʰawitpʰawíʔ*pʰayepref.-vmove or hold with the end of a long object*pʰayemessivepʰayémʔvhold in place ("up") with a stick, e.g. hold up a leaning fencepl.*pʰayehtimpʰayéhtimʔ*pʰaye·ddir.pʰaye·du´vmove or push something along, guide or prod an animal, using the end of a long objectpl.*pʰayehtadpʰayéhtaduoccurs with Essive or Directional suffix*pʰayot1pref.pʰayóʔvpile up or scatter with a long objectpl.*pʰayohtipʰayóhtiwqaʔdi pʰayohtibiʔlin.p.instr.qaʔdi pʰáyohtibiʔlinpitchfork*pʰayukʼutpref.pʰayukʼúʔ1vprobe or poke with a pole (i.e. into mud, a bin of wheat, to tend a fire); penetrate into a substance2nfire-tender, fire-poker, someone who tends the fire in the roundhouse with a long stick to stir the embers*pʰaʔba1pref.pʰaʔbáwvsplit open with crowbar*pʰaba·csmlf.pʰabaʔ´vdig up [AS]*pʰaʔba2pref.-vbother with end of long object*pʰaʔbaʔbaiter.pʰaʔbáʔbawvbother with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰaʔbapʰabatpʰaʔbapʰábaʔ*pʰaʔbalhpref.-vbe turning with end of long object*pʰaʔbalhcismlf.pʰaʔbálhciwvbe turning with the end of a long object, by pokingpl.*pʰabahlicpʰabáhliʔ*pʰaʔbotʼpref.pʰaʔbóʔvsoften, disintegrate something soft and weak, with the end of a long object, the fist: tenderize meat by poundingpl.*pʰabotʼpʰabóʔ*pʰaʔbotʼadder.pʰaʔbotʼá·duvkeep pounding (abalone) with a pestle to soften it*pʰaʔbotʼcider.pʰaʔbótʼciwvpoke once and disintegrate (a puffball mushroom)*pʰaʔcʼa1pref.pʰaʔcʼáwvstick a long object into something: a spear into a log; a knife into an abalone shell, to pry it open; pry the meat from the shell after it's open; insert an asparagus knife into the groundpl.*pʰacʼahpʰacʼáh*pʰaʔcʼa2pref.-v-redkey stuck in lock *pʰaʔcʼaʔcʼaiter.pʰaʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redkey stuck in lockalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔcʼabapref.pʰaʔcʼabáwvpry open; break a round object*pʰaʔcʼabacsmlf.pʰaʔcʼabáʔvbreak openpl.*pʰacʼabaacts as plural of semelfactive form*pʰaʔcʼepref.-v-redbreak off pieces with end of long object*pʰaʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.pʰaʔcʼéʔcʼewv-redbreak off pieces with end of a long object; go around lid of container prying it openalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔcʼenhpref.-vpoke into*pʰaʔcʼenhmaessivepʰaʔcʼénhmawvpoke (a stick) into (an opening) so that it stays theresyn*pahcʼelhma*pʰaʔcʼopref.-v-redpound to pieces*pʰaʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.pʰaʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redpound to pieces*pʰaʔcʼoʔcʼocsmlf.pʰaʔcʼóʔcʼoʔvpound to piecesalways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*pʰaʔdi1pref.pʰaʔdíwv-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] move or hold one thing with the end of a long object (such as the fist), by wrapping; [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop moving or holding one thing with the end of a long object or by wrappingpl.*pahsa1*pʰaʔdimessivepʰaʔdímʔv-hndhold one thing with the end of a long object (such as the fist); by wrappingpl.*pahsam*pʰaʔdicsmlf.pʰaʔdíʔv-hndpoke so as to move; move by poking*pʰade·bicdir.pʰade·bíʔv-hndmove up something with the end of a long object (such as a fist); shovel up; by wrapping*pʰade·ddir.pʰade·du´v-hndmove along one thing with the end of a long object (such as the fist); by wrappingpl.*pasa·dpl. agt.*pʰade·cʼ*pʰaʔkʼa1pref.pʰaʔkʼáwvcrack with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰakʼatpʰakʼáʔ*pʰaʔkʼa2pref.-v-redstand stiff-legged*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼaiter.-v-redstand stiff-legged*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacsmlf.pʰaʔkʼáʔkʼaʔv-redstand stiff-legged (not necessarily apart)always reduplicated*pʰaʔkʼapʰaʔkʼafreq.pʰaʔkʼapʰáʔkʼawv-redwalk stiff-leggedalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔkʼanhpref.pʰaʔkʼánʔvlean a long object against with the end of a long objectpl.*pʰakʼahnipʰakʼáhniw*pʰaʔkʼanhmaessivepʰaʔkʼánhmawvlean long object against with end of long object*pʰaʔkʼanhcismlf.pʰaʔkʼánhciwvlean long object against with end of long object*pʰaʔkʼayʔpref.-vpoke and get stuck in crack*pʰaʔkʼayʔcismlf.pʰaʔkʼáyʔciwvpoke and get stuck in crackpl.*pʰakʼahcipʰaʔkʼáhciw*pʰaʔlipref.-v-redscull boat*pʰaʔliʔliiter.pʰaʔlíʔliwv-redscull a boatalways reduplicated*pʰaʔlipʰaʔlifreq.pʰaʔlipʰáʔliwv-redscull with an oar at the rear of a boatalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔlopref.-v-redshrink with fist*pʰaʔloʔloiter.pʰaʔlóʔlowv-redshrink with the fistalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔpʼopref.-v-redpoke out everything*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.-v-redpoke out everything*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.pʰaʔpʼóʔpʼoʔv-redpoke out everythingpl.*pʰaʔpʼopʰapʼotadpʰaʔpʼopʰápʼota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔsʼo2pref.-vsqueeze with fist*pʰaʔsʼoʔsʼoiter.pʰaʔsʼóʔsʼowvsqueeze with fistsyn*daʔsʼoʔsʼo*pʰaʔsʼoqpref.pʰaʔsʼóʔ1vcrumple (dress), mash, deflate (balloon)2adjmashedpl.*pʰasʼotʰqopʰasʼótʰqow*pʰaʔtʼa1pref.pʰaʔtʼáwvfeel by pokingcf*šasʼim*pʰaʔtʼa2pref.-vbe chock full*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼaiter.-vbe chock full*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacsmlf.pʰaʔtʼáʔtʼaʔvbe chock full; stuff, stacksyn*daʔtʼaʔtʼac*dohtohto 1pl.*pʰaʔtʼapʰatʼadpʰaʔtʼapʰátʼata·du*pʰaʔtʼenhpref.-vmix with stick*pʰaʔtʼenaydir.-vmix with stick*pʰaʔtʼenaymucʼrecip.pʰaʔtʼenáymuʔvmix together with a stickpl.*pʰaʔtʼehnaymucʼpʰaʔtʼéhniw*pʰaʔtʼutpref.pʰaʔtʼúʔvlong narrow space inside, sides close together*pʰaʔṭipref.-vpoking with stick*pʰaʔṭʼa2pref.-vtap with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼaiter.pʰaʔṭʼáʔṭʼawvcrack, tap with the end of a long object, e.g., a stick, cane*pʰaʔṭʼaṭpref.pʰaʔṭʼáʔvcrack, tap with the end of a long object, e.g., a stick, cane*pʰaʔṭʼawʔducpref.pʰaʔṭʼáwʔduʔvinjure severely using fist; slap or poke hard (not nec. but could be enough to knock out)cf*pahcʰipl. agt.*pʰaṭʼawʔcʼic*pʰaʔṭʼespref.pʰaʔṭʼésvhit with fist or slap and make certain sound*pʰaʔṭʼipref.-vtie tight*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼiiter.-vtie tight*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.pʰaʔṭʼíʔṭʼiʔvtie (package) tight; wrapped upcf*paʔṭim*pʰaʔṭʼopref.-v-redsound of hitting lightly with hands*pʰaʔṭʼoʔṭʼoiter.pʰaʔṭʼóʔṭʼowv-redsound of hitting lightly, patting, tapping with hands; patting dust off with handsyn*daʔṭʼoʔṭʼoalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pʰaʔṭʼuṭpref.pʰaʔṭʼúʔvuse the end of a long object to make sparks fly out by stirringcf*pahyuṭ*pihyuṭfr. var.*pʰaʔṭʼiṭ*pʰaʔṭʼuṭʰupref.pʰaʔṭʼúṭʰuwvsqueeze with the fist*pʰaʔwipref.-vpress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔwiʔwiiter.pʰaʔwíwiwvpress against and twist with sticksyn*pʰaʔyiʔyipl.*pʰaʔwipʰawitadpʰaʔwipʰáwita·du*pʰaʔyapref.pʰaʔyáwvthreaten to cut; raise hand as if to slice, stab, but not actually do the motion; threaten to swing weapon, but not actually strike*pʰaʔya·qpref.pʰaʔyaʔ´vrecognize with end of long object*pʰaʔyipref.-vpress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔyiʔyiiter.pʰaʔyíʔyiwvpress against and twist with the end of a long object, e.g., a sticksyn*pʰaʔwiʔwi*pʰaʔyupref.-v-redhurt with first*pʰaʔyuʔyuiter.pʰaʔyúʔyuwv-redpress with side of hand down while wigglingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*pahyoqʰunspec. comp. form-vstir with end of long object*pahyoqʰmaunspec. comp. formpahyóqʰmawvstir sev times
*pʰabahlicpʰabáhliʔPlural of*pʰaʔbalhcibe turning with end of long object
*pʰaba·cpʰabaʔ´vdig up [AS]Semelfactive of*pʰaʔba1
*pʰabetpʰabéʔPlural of*pʰaʔbewrap tightly, bandage
*pʰabetʰmacʼPlural of*pʰaʔbeyicʼwrap, bandagebandage
*pʰabeʔtaPlural of*pʰabe·cʼwrap self
*pʰabe·cʼvwrap selfPlural*pʰabeʔta
*pʰabotʼpʰabóʔPlural of*pʰaʔbotʼtenderize
*pʰabo·cpʰaboʔ´vattach to something by poking itSemelfactive of*pʰaʔbo
*pʰacʼabaPlural of*pʰaʔcʼabacbreak open
*pʰacʼahpʰacʼáhPlural of*pʰaʔcʼa1stick long object into
*pʰacʼahnipʰacʼáhnPlural of*pʰaʔcʼanhput something long into something sticky
*pʰacʼahtimpʰacʼáhtimPlural of*pʰaʔcʼamhbe stiff [?]
*pʰacʼalpʰacʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the end of a long objectPrefixed:pʰa-*cʼalPlural*pʰacʼaltapʰacʼáltaw
*pʰacʼaltapʰacʼáltawPlural of*pʰacʼalseparate but remain attached with end of long object
*pʰacʼa·ṭpʰacʼaʔ´vstuck into something and can't pull outPrefixed:*cʼa·ṭ1
*pʰacʼepʰacʼepʰacʼépʰacʼewvdo small quick movements with the end of a long objectPrefixed:pʰa-*cʼe
*pʰacʼihṭipʰacʼíhṭiwPlural of*pʰacʼi·ṭmix by pounding
*pʰacʼi·ṭpʰacʼiʔ´vmix by pounding or poking with the end of a long objectPrefixed:pʰa-*cʼi·ṭPlural*pʰacʼihṭipʰacʼíhṭiw
*pʰacʼontaPlural of*pʰaʔcʼondetach with end of long object