Kashaya - English

1Free Variant of2what crabs say
2interj"I don’t wanna hear that." "Skip it."; not worth listening toFree Variant1
3Unspecified Variant ofØ2no sound
4mim-animA tells B a lie, C hears this and secretly to D goes /qʼ/; or C in B’s hearing but not A’s, could go /qʼ/ = caught in a lie (bragging, fib) or A could unknowingly be repeating a lie (BT) !
*qʼacqʼáʔPlural of*qʼa·leave behindgive up
*qʼaca·laqʼaca·láwvleave behindcf*qʼawa·laDirectional of*qʼa·-alaPlural*qʼahcalaqʼáhcalaw
*qʼaca·qacqʼaca·qáʔvleave things at a place upsyn*qʼawa·qacDirectional of*qʼa·-aqac
*qʼacci-v-instrscrape off, remove surface materialSemelfactive of*qʼa·ṭ1Free Variant*qʼaṭʰci
qʼacihpʰaFree Variant ofqʰa cʼihpʰadrift seaweed
*qʼacʰmahqaqʼacʰmáhqawvrace (a horse)qʰama núwaw ˆ kawa·yu qʼácʰmahqati minhe chased him as if he were racing with the horse6.4.6Things done to animals4. withCausative of*qʼa·cʰma
*qʼacʰmamucʼqʼacʰmamúʔvrace each other, compete in a racemulído mensʼi·li duwi yaʔ ti· qʼácʰmamuʔti šiyiʔ ˉ.then Coyote said that he would racecf*cuʔkʼumucʼ*mihyacʰmucʼ*na·namucʼ withReciprocal of*qʼa·cʰma*qʼacʰmamucʼqacaus.1vrace horses2nhorse race
*qʼacʰmamucʼqa1vrace horses2nhorse raceCausative of*qʼacʰmamucʼ
*qʼacʰmulqʼacʰmúlʔvleave scattered aroundDirectional of*qʼa·-mul
*qʼacʰqaqʼácʰqawPlural of*qʼa·hqarescue
*qʼahcacʼicPlural Agent of*qʼawa·duc2put away, store, hide
*qʼahcaducqʼáhcaduʔPlural of*qʼawa·duc1store, hide
*qʼahcalaqʼáhcalawPlural of*qʼaca·laleave behind
*qʼahcaloqocʼqʼáhcaloqoʔPlural of*qʼa·waloqocʼload up (a vehicle)
*qʼahci1-Plural of*ʔqʼactightenPlural Affix-h-
*qʼahci2qʼáhciwPlural of*qʼaw(go to) leave behind
*qʼahciciqʼahcicíwPlural of*ʔqʼaccitighten
qʼahsiqʼahsi´Free Variant of*qʼasa·tadPlural of*qʼa·sscratch and make streakPlural Affix-h-
*qʼahṭi-Plural of*qʼa·ṭ1be scraping offwith directional suffixesPlural Affix-h-
*qʼahṭʰaqʼahṭʰáwvmake crunching sound, as by walking on gravelcf*qʼaṭʰaqʼaṭʰoccurs with R*qʼahṭʰaqʼahṭʰafreq.qʼahṭʰaqʼáhṭʰawvsound of walking on gravelcfqʼaṭʰa·mfr. var.*qʼahṭʰahṭʰaw
*qʼahṭʰahṭʰawFree Variant of*qʼahṭʰaqʼahṭʰasound of walking on gravel