Kashaya - English


*ṭʼa1ṭʼáwvmake a clacking, flapping soundṭʼa ṭʼa ṭʼaclacking soundṭʼaʔbaʔbawclacking of pigeonṭʼaʔbaṭʼaba·duʔpigeon flying away, sound of wings flapping fading into a distanceFree Variant*ṭʼaʔbaʔbaDirectional*ṭʼaya·lapour down into
*ṭʼa2-vput (into or out of a container), pourPlural*ṭʼahyiwith directionalsDirectional*ṭʼayaypour onto*ṭʼaya·ducpour away*ṭʼaya·qpour out, away*ṭʼaya·qpour out, away*ṭʼayi·bicpour down and out; tip over*ṭʼayi·bicpour down and out; tip overEssive*ṭʼa·mpour into Nominal Phrasecuhni ṭʼahyimʔpancakesSemelfactive*ṭʼa·c2spill
*ṭʼac-v-instrsprayPlural*ṭʼahciPrefixed*pʰuṭʼacspray, be blown
*ṭʼahci-Plural of*ṭʼacspray
*ṭʼahpʰahpʰaṭʼahpʰáhpʰawv-redemit sounds of tapping (tapping with a stick or of walking on gravel)ṭʼahpʰáhpʰatap!Compareṭʼapʼsound of hittingFrequentative*ṭʼahpʰaṭʼahpʰaemit sounds of tapping
*ṭʼahpʰaṭʼahpʰaṭʼahpʰaṭʼáhpʰawv-redemit sounds of tapping (tapping with a stick or of walking on gravel); make sound of bad spark plugs, of sputtering engineṭʼahpʰaṭʼáhpʰa· manetap dance!ṭʼahpʰaṭʼáhpʰa(to person) tap!Used with directionals*ṭʼahpʰahpʰaemit sounds of tapping
*ṭʼahši1-Plural of*ʔṭʼaš1fasten in place
*ṭʼahši2ṭʼáhšiwPlural of*ʔṭʼaš2fasten in place with no agent
*ṭʼahṭʰaṭṭʼáhṭʰaʔvcrushed (of rock) or pieces of rock in the soilCompare*hihsutmake little piecesNominal Phraseqʰaʔbe ṭʼahṭʰaʔgravelØ-no agent*ʔṭʼaṭ3crack
*ṭʼahyaducPlural of*ṭʼaya·ducpour away
*ṭʼahyalaṭʼahyaláPlural of*ṭʼaya·lapour down into
*ṭʼahyaqṭʼahyáʔPlural of*ṭʼaya·qpour out, away
*ṭʼahyayPlural of*ṭʼayaypour onto
*ṭʼahyiṭʼahyíwPlural of*ṭʼa2put, pour
*ṭʼahyibicṭʼáhyibiʔPlural of*ṭʼayi·bicpour down and out; tip over
*ṭʼahyimṭʼáhyimʔPlural of*ṭʼa·mpour into
ṭʼakʼṭʼákʼmim-animtap; sound of hitting something with fingernail; sound of clock (tick-tock) but not of popcorn; sound of tapping teeth; sound of house cracking; sound of rock hitting rock or telephone poleComparekʼaṭʼ2creakkʼopʼhollow soundṭikʼ??
ṭʼalṭʼálmim-inansound of tinfoil blowing against stick; of dry wagon wheel spokesṭʼalalsound of tinfoil blowing against stickṭʼalal ṭʼalal ṭʼalal ṭʼalalrepeated sound of tinfoilCompare*ṭʼalaṭʼalamake sound of repeated striking
*ṭʼala-v-instr(teeth) chatter; tapoccurs with R or /-·m/Derivative*ṭʼala·mchatter, tapFrequentative*ṭʼalaṭʼalamake sound of repeated striking
*ṭʼalaṭʼalaṭʼalaṭʼálawv-redmake sound of repeated striking, such as chattering teeth, pounding feet, wood slapping a wallqahsilá·dun hoʔo ṭʼálaṭʼalawe· toit being cold, my teeth are chatteringmuʔwíʔwiyiʔ mo·dem qʰama ʔem ṭʼalaṭʼála·nʔwhile he was running with his legs churning, his feet were pounding along2.3.2.2Sound7.7.1HitCompareṭʼalsound of tinfoil blowing against stick*ṭʼalachatter, tap
*ṭʼala·mṭʼalamʔ´vstrike repeatedly; chatter, taphoʔo ṭʼála·me· tomy teeth are chattering7.7.1Hit*ṭʼalachatter, tap
*ṭʼam1-v-instrtalk too muchFree Variantṭʼa·mPrefixed*baṭʼamtalk too much
*ṭʼam2-v-instrstir up a swarmPrefixed*caṭʼamdisturb (nest) by sitting on*daṭʼamdisturb (nest) with hand*diṭʼamdisturb (nest) by falling on*duṭʼammore keep coming*haṭʼamstir up swarm by throwing something*maṭʼamdisturb by stepping on*miṭʼamkick nest*muṭʼamstir up by running into or throwing rock*pʰaṭʼamdisturb (nest) by poking*pʰiṭʼamstir up swarm with side of long object*pʰuṭʼamstir up nest*ṭʼam4stir up swarm
*ṭʼam3-v-instrflash, sparkPrefixed*siṭʼamacʼflashReflexive*siṭʼamacʼflash
*ṭʼam4ṭʼámʔvstir up a swarm, not necessarily get stung without agentive meaning; best translated as passive or intransitivecoʔo cúhse mala·to· coʔo ʔem ṭʼamʔthe bees swarmed around the beehive1.6.4.1Animal movementØ-no agent*ṭʼam2stir up swarm