Kashaya - English

*ṭa1-v-instrdo quickly and excitedlyalways reduplicated, see reduplicated forms*daṭapref.vdo something in hurry*daṭadaṭafreq.v-reddo something in a hurry, rush*muṭamuṭapref.freq.v-redshoot excitedly, hurriedly, quickly*šaṭapref.vrun excited*šaṭašaṭafreq.v-redrun around excited; jump up and down from excitement (no noise nec.)
*ṭa2-v-instrmake bumping noise*cuṭapref.v-redmake bumping noise with elbow*cuṭacuṭafreq.v-redmake bumping sound
=ṭaṭaprtFocusid.ko·ko ṭagee, my, how come
ṭacʼqʰaṭacʼqʰa´placeSand Springs: a place where people livedCompound:miṭacʔahqʰa
*ṭahši-Plural of*ṭa·šfade
*ṭahti-Plural of*ṭa·ttwist
ṭakayaṭakáyanfolks, people you knowṭakayahcaṭakayayacʰmaṭakáya ṭʼo·where are the rest of the people?ṭakáya qʼoʔdigood folks
ṭakʼṭákʼinterj"It just came to me," just remembered; or just got the idea
ṭalṭálmim-inanflat resonant sharp onset sound, of slamming a door once or hitting a rock on a houseṭalalperhaps a longer slamming sound
*ṭal-v-instrflared*caṭalpref.vbe flaredca·ṭalʔmenʔcomp.name(a woman’s name)ca·ṭalʔṭatempl.adj-ideoflared
*ṭalaṭalaṭalaṭálaw1v-redrattle; rattle around ṭalaṭala·duD: Durativeʔahca cácʰu· ʔel ʔihya yaʔ ṭalaṭálahqawthe wind is rattling the house poles2mim-animsound of old wagon wheel or trucks rattling; soun of engine out of order, fan belt slapping or bumper loose
ṭamṭámmim-inansound of slamṭám cede· šihmi mubácʼbait went /ṭam/ when the gun went offṭám cede· ʔahca bane·liit went /ṭam/ when (rock) hit the houseṭam ṭam ṭam ṭamrapping sound*haṭampref.vfoot hit against something*haṭamhaṭamfreq.v-redfoot hitting repeatedly against something, making a rapping sound, not nec. in air
ṭapʰṭápʰmim-inansound of striking table
ṭaqʰṭáqʰmim-inansound of rock hitting head
ṭaʔqʼoṭaʔqʼo´1nsaltbihše ṭáʔqo sʼiwto salt meat, salted meat5.še ṭaʔqʼo sʼiwsalted meatkoci·na bihše ṭaʔqʼo sʼiwn.p.nsalted pork
ṭaʔqʼo šuhwehweʔlinsalt shaker
*ṭaʔsʼiṭáʔsʼiwv1try in vainṭáʔsʼiti min ʔa· haʔdi móqa·du bihše tálhqʰaʔ mo·bícʰqatimin"I tried to do so but failed; there, I ran off, towards deer, to make it run away."ṭáʔsʼiti min pʰalá hqawi·ceduyou keep going back (to your husband) but it is in vainṭaʔsʼití min – ha·ba ʔóhqawa·dun cʰiʔyicʰíʔyiwno headway, but, sticking tongue out, scribbling awayṭaʔsʼí ʔkʰe min ʔem ʔṭʼo mu macu·sʼel cadu daqa·cʼam cʰoyí·cʼeṭiit's hopeless for him (or them) to want to see his uncle after he's dead2not remember; "do you remember?"weʔé· ṭaʔsʼiwammudon't you know, remember?ʔe· ṭaʔsʼiwaṭa mu pʰala men kihlaʔoh yes remember, they still played there anywayṭaʔsʼiwa mi·lí ʔyowam mensʼiwdon't you remember that happened there
ṭa·mṭa·m´Free Variant of*ṭa·mtap
*ṭa·m-v-instrtap (light noise); make sound of slamalways reduplicated, see reduplicated formsFree Variantṭa·m*cuṭa·mpref.vbump with elbowcuṭamcuṭa·mfreq.mim-inannoise from pile driver*daṭa·mpref.vmake noise by hitting with hand*daṭamdaṭamfreq.v-redkeep hitting with hand*diṭa·mpref.vmake slamming sound*muṭa·mpref.vmake noise by throwing, kinetic energy*piṭa·mpref.vmake noise by hammering; banging*piṭampiṭa·mfreq.v-redmake noises by hammering*puṭa·mpref.vwind blowing (door) to make hammering noise*puṭampuṭa·mfreq.v-redsound of stick moving back and forth against house, or beating a rug
*ṭa·n1-v-instrmake sound of slam*cuṭa·npref.vmake sound of bump (less than diṭa·n)*diṭa·npref.vmake sound of slam (more than cuṭa·n); sound of piling lumber
*ṭa·n2-v-instrside of long object be in contact with something at one end onlyalways reduplicated with certain prefixes*daṭa·npref.vhold or press one end of a long object with the hand, so that it is in contact with something at one end only*haṭa·npref.vleg hang, project, not touching anything, swinging*haṭanhaṭanfreq.vswing leg out in space, not necessarily hitting anything*hiṭa·npref.vside of long object be in contact with the body*piṭa·npref.vside of long object flip up; warped from water*puṭa·npuṭa·npref.freq.vside of long object be in contact with something at one end only, by blowing*qaṭa·npref.vflipped up*šuṭa·npref.vside of long object be in contact with something at one end only, by pulling, pushing and pulling; with a long flexible object
ṭa·šṭa·šngiant (in mythical names)4.9.2Supernatural beingalways as second member of compound?cuye·ṭa·šcomp.namePinenut Giant, guardian of sugar pine nuts who has the ability to turn people into bouldershiʔbuṭa·šcomp.namePotato Giant, a mythical being who protected potatoes from transgressors
*ṭa·š-v-instrfadePlural*ṭahši*daṭa·špref.1vhave grey hair; grow grey hair; fade2adjunruly ?*duṭa·špref.vrub (stain) away with finger*muṭa·špref.vfade with heat, in the sunmu·ṭašṭašatempl.adj-ideofaded by exposure to the sun*puṭa·špref.vfade by blowing; blow barepu·ṭašṭašatempl.adj-ideowind-faded: having been left in the wind and therefore faded in color
*ṭa·t-v-instrtwistin singular occurs with Semelfactive or DirectionalPlural*ṭahti*baṭa·tpref.vtongue get twisted by speaking*ciṭa·tpref.vtwist by holding a small part of a large object*diṭa·tcipref.vfall and twist; fall twisted*haṭa·tpref.vtwist body*hiṭa·tpref.vtwist body*muṭa·tpref.vtwist*piṭa·tpref.vtwist a long object, with the eyes*šuṭa·tpref.vtwist; pull and twist
ṭa·wiṭa·wi´Dialectal Variant ofta·wicustomtime ?