Kashaya - English

-a·cʼacʼacʼacʼPlural Agent of-a·dadLOC.n.mvmtLOC.mvmtLOC.stat
-a·dada·dadv > vsfx1Locomotory (with non-motion verb): the Agent, while performing the action of the verb, is moving from one place to another, or is intermittently doing so; duplicate use indicates that the movement is definitely intermittent2Locomotory (with motion verb): intermittent movement; duplicant use intensifies this meaning, i.e. it is more intermittent or continues a longer distance3Locomotory (with change of state verb): indicates a steady or gradual change, with no movement impliedthe basic form /a·dad/ occurs after a consonant and has a first vowel that is long due to a phonogical process (foot flipping or iambic lengthening); the other allomorphs occur when either of these conditions does not hold; the final /ad/ of any allomorph is dropped when followed by a Directional or Distributive suffixPlural Agent-a·cʼacʼlocom.*maʔkʼuṭʰmakʼuṭʰa·dadbe making crunching sounds from intermittently walking (on leaves, grass, twigs)