Kashaya - English


baba´interjoh no!, don’t say that!Comparehay1 1don't say thathoʔwayyou’re hitting close to homehoʔwayyou’re hitting close to homewaydon't say that!
*ba-n-kinfather’s father, father’s parent’s father, father’s parent’s brother, father’s older brother, mother’s older sister’s husband2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherFirst person informal possessorba·banʔ1.Poss.Infrml father's fatherFirst person possessorba·sʼenʔ1.Poss father's fatherSecond person possessormiba·sʼ2.Poss father's fatherThird person possessormiya·basʼ3.Poss father's fatherThird person reflexive possessormaba·sʼ3r.Poss father's father
ba-bapref-instrwith the mouth (of human beings), with the snout (of animals), with the beak (of birds). The meaning includes both the organ that produces speech, the mouth, and the organ that detects speech, the ear; thus the translation is often best given by an English verb expressing speaking or hearingAbsolutive*bacecʼput on a headband headbandbahsoqquiverDerivativebahqʰoʔinsulting insulted insultDirectional*bahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish telling*bahtena·lacalm downDurative*banawaddeceive*baʔkʼoyadspeak in scattered wayEssive*bahseminterrupt*baʔcʼolhpeck hole*baʔsʼimbe faintFrequentative*bacʼebacʼespeak fast*bahcelbahcelstammer*bahcʰobahcʰocwear away with mouth or beak*bahqʰabahqʰasound fade away*balebalectalk over noise exclude*balibalitalk over someone*baʔkʰobaʔkʰorepeatedly bend head*baʔlabaʔlaspeak quickly, repeatIterative*bahcehcecstutter*bahcʰahcʰaccrumble with mouth*bahcʰohcʰocwear away with mouth or beak*bahkihkirefuse*bahkohkotap with beak*bahkʰuhkʰucrush to pieces with bill*bahlihlibe nosy*bahmohmowork mouth*bahpahpapat with snout*bahpʰihpʰishred by pecking with beak*bahqʰahqʰabarely be able to hear*bahšahšadisarrange*bahtahtapig poking snout here and there on ground*bahtehtepat with mouth*bahṭihṭipound on table*bahṭʰahṭʰacunwind with words*bahṭʰihṭʰikeeping asking same question*bahwehweshake by talking*baluluhave unclear sound*baʔbaʔbabother someone by talking*baʔcʼaʔcʼapack tight inside with mouth*baʔcʼeʔcʼebreak off pieces with beak*baʔcʼoʔcʼopeck off pieces wear out voice by talking*baʔkʼiʔkʼispeak indirectly*baʔliʔlibird to swing worm in beak*baʔloʔlostammer*baʔluʔlustutter, babble*baʔpʼoʔpʼocask for everything*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*baʔṭʼeʔṭʼesulk*baʔwiʔwinuzzle*baʔyeʔyetalk with trembling voice*baʔyoʔyocrumple using beak*baʔyuʔyuhurt with mouthPrefixed*babo·lmake hole with mouth*bacegrab with mouth*bacecʼput on a headband headband*baco·lline with mouth*bacʰa·stuff into hole with beak, snout*bacʰi·ṭpull out with mouth or beak*bacʰuscrub with mouth or beak*bacʰulpick with beak*bacʼalseparate but remain attached with mouth*bacʼi·ṭmix languages*bacʼo·2start to sing*bacʼo·1start (song)*bacʼo·minterrupt*bacʼo·qpeck*badayicʼanswer*badilbe beyond attainment with mouth*badi·cʼcall to self*badulbe beyond reach with mouth*bahceobstruct speaking*bahcehcecstutter*bahcelbahcelstammer*bahcenhstammer*bahcʰaknock over with mouth*bahcʰahcʰaccrumble with mouth*bahcʰebe nosy, ask lot of questions*bahcʰi2peck to pieces*bahcʰi1make ashamed*bahcʰitalmake jerky*bahcʰobahcʰocwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰohcʰocwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰotvoice give out*bahkeput beak into something shallow*bahkešbrag*bahkihkirefuse*bahkohkotap with beak*bahkotʰciwear away with mouth*bahkutget dull dull*bahkʰanbe uncertain with mouth*bahkʰemove with snout*bahkʰel?*bahkʰocatch moving object with mouth or beak*bahkʰuhkʰucrush to pieces with bill*bahlihlibe nosy*bahlodetach with mouth*bahlokʼfeel like collapsing from words*bahludpick off with beak*bahlu·cupset by words spill by pecking*bahlu·mforget*bahmiypoke with nose*bahmohmowork mouth*bahmu·ldo incompletely with mouth*bahnatask*baholcall for (unseen)*bahpahpapat with snout*bahpolhgush by mouth*bahpʰasink in with mouth sunken (mouth)*bahpʰatʼcilips flop in*bahpʰa·šmasag inward with mouth*bahpʰihpʰishred by pecking with beak*bahpʰukʼutsink into with mouth*bahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish telling*bahpʰuṭʼlose control of with mouth*bahqabe inured to noise*bahqalhwipe with mouth*bahqoṭolask in vain*bahqoyʔcibend something with mouth*bahqʰabahqʰasound fade away*bahqʰahqʰabarely be able to hear*bahqʰolhcut through*bahsa2be blocked; get in way*bahsa1put down (sev.) with mouth*bahsakʼatfall and hit face with hard bounce on something*bahseminterrupt*bahsetʼhairs protrude from face*bahsikʼitpush away with mouth*bahsominterrupt speechbahsoqquiver*bahsoṭscatter with mouth*bahšahšadisarrange*bahše(not) fail to say*bahšolhcome loose with mouth*bahšongo ask for*bahšukʼuṭbill to sink in*bahtahtapig poking snout here and there on ground*bahtaysay, bother*bahtehtepat with mouth*bahtena·lacalm down*bahtsibudge*bahtʰunhrefrain from saying*bahṭekeyeface distorted*bahṭihṭipound on table*bahṭilhmake thud*bahṭolhmake clang with mouth*bahṭonṭolowear away inside*bahṭoycomfort*bahṭʰaopen up*bahṭʰahṭʰacunwind with words*bahṭʰihṭʰikeeping asking same question*bahṭʰolhclear voice*bahwatʼrepeat nonsensically*bahwaṭʰbe wide of mouth*bahwehweshake by talking*bahweldo quickly*bahwe·nshake with beak*bahwistick snout into something soft*bahwitask for certain thing*bahye·stop speaking, singing*bahyolmix with mouth smear with mouth*bahyoqʰstir with mouth*baki·lswing with mouth*baku·ṭdrone*bakʰistretch with beak*bakʰu·lbe rough voiced*bakʼalopen slightly with mouth*bakʼe·nciask too many questions*bakʼi·šbe squeaky speak with raspy voice raspy, squeaky*bakʼoyʔcʼedbrag about how you are best*bakʼo·csound important*bakʼo·lpeck in one place*bakʼumsound hard to do*balacmake mistake while speaking*balebalectalk over noise exclude*bale·mmake discordant noise*balibalitalk over someone*balibitbarely perceive sound*balusmeared around mouth from eating*baluluhave unclear sound*bama3put shapeless substance with mouth*bamhmicsay or hear correctly*bamiunderstand speech*bamuctease verbally*banacblame*banawaddeceive*bana·keep secret*bana·mbury with snout, beak*bane4hold tightly with mouth*bane1throw and hit*bane3put round object*bane·cput together*bapa·šcibe done speaking*bapa·ṭʰci*bape·lwipe mouth*bapʰo·duck under water (repeatedly)*baqa·sʼbreak [?]*baqolwipe mouth*baqʰabecome hoarse*baqʰa·šhave faint voice*baqʰa·ṭsound good interesting*baqʰoṭuproot several with snout*baqʼa·ṭscrape with snout or beak*basapick with mouth*basenot like to hear*base·cʼsave self by talking*base·lclean mouth*basi·ṭicʼoveruse voice*basuscratch off several with mouth*basʼameat*basʼaylatangle by mouth*basʼa·lliquid come from solid with mouth*basʼimovercome with mouth*basʼulmake smooth and shiny with mouth*baša·mrustle with mouth*bašo·mecho*bašudsound strange sound strange*batašciwsquash with mouth bird bill*bataṭtwist with mouth*batilhlatwist words*bati·troll with mouth*batulstraighten with mouth*batʰiltear with mouth*batʼa·cʼbe quiet quiet*batʼe·tput in hole with mouth*batʼošpeel*batʼulsqueeze with mouth*baṭa·ttongue get twisted*baṭe·msay repeatedly*baṭo·lpeck hole ask persistently*baṭʰaṭbreak open with mouth*baṭʰa·mmake noise with mouth*baṭʼamtalk too much *baṭʼan2clean (fish)*baṭʼan1bruise mouth*baṭʼa·peck open bump nose and bleed say perfectly*baṭʼelstain with mouth*baṭʼibend speech*baṭʼo·skin with knife*bawaywake up by talking or snoring*bawiconvince; beg*bayaʔtahelp by speaking*baya·mfail to finish with words*bayedirect*bayipromise *bayotcause group to move by speaking*bayukʼutpenetrate with mouth*bayu·ʔcicall from group*baʔbabreak apart with mouth*baʔbalhci2turn with mouth*baʔbaʔbabother someone by talking*baʔcʰastutter*baʔcʰusurface be completely covered*baʔcʼalteem with mouth*baʔcʼaʔcʼapack tight inside with mouth*baʔcʼetchip chipped*baʔcʼeʔcʼebreak off pieces with beak*baʔcʼolhpeck hole*baʔcʼondetach by words*baʔcʼoqʰotpeck out piece*baʔcʼoʔcʼopeck off pieces wear out voice by talking*baʔdayacmake oral mistake*baʔdenpierce with mouth*baʔdiput down with mouth stop convincing someone to do something*baʔduwsound to penetrate*baʔkʰobaʔkʰorepeatedly bend head*baʔkʰošbend*baʔkʼacrack with mouth*baʔkʼayʔciget beak stuck*baʔkʼiʔkʼispeak indirectly*baʔkʼobump with mouth*baʔkʼolhturn nonlong object with mouth*baʔkʼonhhold mouth over*baʔkʼoyadspeak in scattered way*baʔkʼufinish talking, singing*baʔkʼuynod head*baʔlabaʔlaspeak quickly, repeat*baʔlawʔcisay, repeat quickly*baʔliʔlibird to swing worm in beak*baʔloʔlostammerbaʔlustuttering*baʔluʔlustutter, babble*baʔne·cicʼused to noise*baʔpʼanhclose with mouth or snout*baʔpʼoʔpʼocask for everything*baʔqʼactighten with mouth*baʔqʼoʔdiorally to explain*baʔsʼamany sounds together*baʔsʼaṭhit hard and hurt with mouth repeat*baʔsʼaybe drunk, high*baʔsʼisay partly*baʔsʼilsplash with mouth*baʔsʼimbe faint*baʔsʼonhdent with mouth*baʔsʼoqmash with mouth*baʔsʼuyget pointed in mouth boat-shaped basket oblong container*baʔtʼa1sound like*baʔtʼebird to fasten acorn in tree*baʔtʼelbe insufficient with mouth*baʔtʼem1find with mouth*baʔtʼem2guess bid*baʔtʼenhattach with mouth*baʔtʼentʼelemess up with snout*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*baʔtʼilbe noisy annoying noise*baʔṭašcido to all with mouth*baʔṭʼaqname off*baʔṭʼaṭname off*baʔṭʼawʔducinjure severely with mouth*baʔṭʼelhpart with mouth*baʔṭʼeʔṭʼesulk*baʔṭʼosmack one's lips*baʔṭʼolhsmack lips*baʔṭʼubutface sink into water*baʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze lips*baʔwiʔwinuzzle*baʔyastop short (talking)*baʔya·qunderstand*baʔyeʔyetalk with trembling voice*baʔyoʔyocrumple using beak*baʔyuʔyuhurt with mouth*ba·skalmavoice be bright, clearReflexive*base·cʼsave self by talking*basi·ṭicʼoveruse voiceSemelfactive*bahcehcecstutter*bahcʰahcʰaccrumble with mouth*bahkotʰciwear away with mouth*bahpʰatʼcilips flop in*bahqoyʔcibend something with mouth*bahṭʰahṭʰacunwind with words*bakʼe·nciask too many questions*balebalectalk over noise exclude*bapa·šcibe done speaking*bapa·ṭʰci*batašciwsquash with mouth bird bill*bayu·ʔcicall from group*baʔbalhci2turn with mouth*baʔkʼayʔciget beak stuck*baʔlawʔcisay, repeat quickly*baʔpʼoʔpʼocask for everything*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*baʔyoʔyocrumple using beakTemplate CvCvba·kʰaškʰašahaving indistinct speechUnspecified Complex Form*bane2act on, put nonlong obj fall down, collapse set a day
-babavSame-Subject Past: the action denoted by the verb has been completed and precedes that of the main verb, and they have the same Agent; "after, having done, when, and, because"Nominal Phrasecila ʔibaafter a while
*babahlicbabáhliʔPlural of*baʔbalhci2turn with mouth
*babola·tadbabolá·taduPlural of*babo·lmake hole with mouth
*babo·lbabolʔ´vmake a hole with the mouth, beakCompare*bakʼo·lpeck in one place*baṭo·l 1peck holePlural*babola·tadba-with mouth*bo·lmake hole
*bacebacéwvgrab with the mouth, beak (of bird)Plural*bacetba-with mouth*cegrab
*bacecʼbacéʔ1vput on a headband5.3.7Wear clothing5.3.3Traditional clothingCompare*pʰana·mtie, wrap2nheadband with dangling ornaments5.3.3Traditional clothingCompare*šacecʼ 2body strapPlural*baceyʔtaba-with mouth*cecʼput on band
*bacetbacéʔPlural of*bacegrab with mouth
*baceyʔtabacéyʔtawPlural of*bacecʼput on a headband headband
*bacitbacíʔPlural of*ʔbacgrow
*bacola·tadbacolá·taduPlural of*baco·lline with mouth
baco·baco·´n1cattail, tule reedTypha, especially Typha latifolia?baco· šiyothickly growing cattailsménsʼiba mi qʰáʔṭo hcow mi· báco· qoláwThere was a pond there, with a group of cattails.Food: The young shoots (wihlamʔ) were eaten. • Note: Young girls and women are not supposed to walk near areas where cattails grow. • Season: spring.1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2boat, raft, canoe; a boat of any kind now, but formerly one made of cattails or reeds bound in bundlesmusu báco·log raftqʰabánha· baco·raft, driftwood boatʔahqʰa yo· baco· muʔsʼulá·danʔthe boat is coming swiftly through the water7.· haʔtʼutcanoebaco· wihlamʔreed shoots
baco· haʔtʼutbaco· háʔtʼuʔncanoe7.·cattail boat, raft*haʔtʼutbe long narrow space elongated boat-shaped basket
baco· wihlamʔbaco· wíhlamʔnreed shoots, cattail shoots; used as food5.2.3.1Food from plantsSynonymhaʔamʔsoaprootbaco·cattail boat, raft*wihlambe shoot of plant stalk, shoot
*baco·lbacolʔ´vline the inner surface with the lips, snout, or beak (as bird preparing nest); by speech (or hearing)Plural*bacola·tadba-with mouth*co·l2line the interior surface
*bacutbacúʔPlural of*bahcujump
*bacutambacútamʔPlural of*bacu·mwin (gambling)
*bacutamqaPlural of*bacu·mqawin game, money
*bacu·labacu·láwvjump down*bahcujump
*bacu·mbacumʔ´vwin (in gambling)*mihyac 1winPlural*bacutamCausative*bacu·mqawin game, money
*bacu·mqabacumqáwvwin money (while gambling), win (a game)*mihyac 1winPlural*bacutamqa*bacu·mwin (gambling)
*bacʰat1bacʰáʔPlural of*bahcʰaknock over with mouth
*bacʰat2bacʰáʔPlural of*bacʰa·stuff into hole with beak, snout