Kashaya - English


baba´interjoh no!, don’t say that!
*ba-n-kinfather’s father, father’s parent’s father, father’s parent’s brother, father’s older brother, mother’s older sister’s husband2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherba·sʼenʔ1stn-kinmy, our grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandba·banʔ1st inf.n-kinmy, our grandfather: father’s father (informal: grampa, grandpa); also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandmiba·sʼ2ndn-kinyour grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandmiya·basʼ3rdn-kinhis, her, their grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husbandmaba·sʼ3rd refl.n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: father's father; also father's older male relative and mother's older sister's husband*mabasʼaqverb.v-kincall someone father’s father*mabasʼahmucʼrecip.v-kinaddress each other according to a paternal grandfather relationship; call each other father’s father and son’s child
ba-bapref-instrpfxwith the mouth (of human beings), with the snout (of animals), with the beak (of birds). The meaning includes both the organ that produces speech, the mouth, and the organ that detects speech, the ear; thus the translation is often best given by an English verb expressing speaking or hearingpref.*bahkʰuhkʰucrush to pieces with billbahqʰoʔder.1adjinsulting, of one word2adjinsulted3ninsult*bahqʰoʔmacʼahqader.vinsult (someone)*bahqʰoʔmacʼaqdir.vinsult someone; be insulted; be an insult*babo·lpref.vmake a hole with the mouth, beak*bacepref.vgrab with the mouth, beak (of bird)*bacecʼpref.1vput on a headband2nheadband with dangling ornaments*baco·lpref.vline the inner surface with the lips, snout, or beak (as bird preparing nest); by speech (or hearing)*bacʰa·pref.vstuff into hole with beak, snout*bacʰi·ṭpref.v(bird) pulling out (worm from ground) with beak*bacʰupref.vscrub with mouth or beak*bacʰulpref.v(bird) pick food out of a crack, or a berry on a tree*bacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the mouth*bacʼa·ṭpref.v(bird) put several (acorns) tightly in a hole, using the beak*bacʼi·ṭpref.vmix languages, mix words, especially using English words while speaking Kashaya*bacʼo·1pref.vexpose with the mouth*bacʼo·2pref.vstart to sing or play musical instrument*bacʼo·mpref.vinterrupt someone who is speaking*bacʼo·qpref.vpeck*badayicʼpref.vanswer*badilpref.vbe beyond attainment, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*badi·cʼpref.vcall on someone to come toward oneself, or to do something*badulpref.vbe beyond reach, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahcepref.vobstruct or interfere with speaking*bahcelhpref.vspeak with a stammer, as if something is preventing effective speech*bahcenhpref.vstammer, stutter, have a speech impediment*bahcenbahcenhfreq.v-redstammer repeatedly*bahcʰa1pref.vknock over with the mouth, snout, or beak (as a pig might do)*bahcʰa2pref.vcrumble with mouth*bahcʰahcʰaiter.vcrumble with mouth*bahcʰepref.v-redbe nosy, ask a lot of questions*bahcʰi1pref.vface insult with truth, embarrassed from having ancestors named or telling something bad about him that is true; make ashamed*bahcʰiwa·ducdir.vshame, insult, or criticize someone*bahcʰi2pref.vpeck to pieces*bahcʰibahcʰifreq.v-redpeck or pick to pieces with beak*bahcʰitalpref.vmake jerky: cut meat into strips and string it to dry*bahcʰocpref.vwear down with mouth or beak*bahcʰohcʰociter.v-redwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰobahcʰocfreq.v-redwear away with mouth or beak*bahcʰotpref.vbecome tired from talking, voice give out*bahkepref.vput beak into something shallow*bahkešpref.vbragʔama bahkešmawʔtʰinn.p.1na braggart2adjchoosy*bahkipref.vrefuse*bahkihkiiter.v-redrefuse to do something*bahkopref.v*bahkotpref.vpeck away*bahkutpref.1vget dull2adjdull*bahkutʰqacaus.vdull; become dull or less sharp*bahkʰanpref.vbe uncertain, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahkʰanicʼrefl.vto be uncertain of course of action, to excuse self if told to do something*bahkʰepref.vmove with snout*bahkʰeyʔcicʼretr.vmove something with the beak, mouth*bahkʰelpref.v?*bahkʰopref.vcatch moving object with mouth or beak*bahlipref.vbe nosy*bahlihliiter.v-redbe nosy, prying; be too inquisitive, ask too many questions; repeatedly ask the same question*bahlopref.vdetach with the mouth (take curtain off rod, not off table)*bahlokʼpref.vfeel like collapsing from words*bahludpref.vpick (fruit, etc) off of branch with beak, mouth*bahlu·cpref.v1hurt, upset someone by one's words2spill something by means of pecking, or otherwise with the mouth: chicken or birds to peck on a sack so that wheat spills out*bahlu·mpref.vforget*bahmiypref.v(not talk) dog poke all over with nose*bahmopref.vwork the mouth*bahmohmoiter.vwork the mouth*bahmu·lpref.vdo incompletely, fail to complete, be left over, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahnatpref.vask*bahnataddur.vask about something, ask for information*bahnaticʼrefl.v1ask someone to do something; ask for permission; practice (a song)2practice (song)*baholpref.vcall for something or someone unseen, not presently within sight*bahpapref.vpat with snout*bahpahpaiter.v-redpat repeatedly with snout*bahpolhpref.vcause (liquid) to gush or spurt by the mouth or snout, or by speaking*bahpʰapref.1vsink in with mouth2adjsunken (mouth)*bahpʰatʼmaessiveva person have flopping lips; lips flop or sink in (due to not having teeth)*bahpʰabahpʰafreq.v-redlips moving with no teeth underneath (talking or eating) as of old people; smacking lips*bahpʰatʼpref.vlips flop in*bahpʰa·špref.vsag with mouth*bahpʰa·šmaessivevsag inward, depress, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahpʰipref.vshred by pecking beak*bahpʰihpʰiiter.v-redshred by pecking with beak*bahpʰukʼutpref.vsink into with the mouth*bahpʰuṭpref.vbe unable to finish telling*bahpʰuṭʼpref.vlose control of, become weak, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahqapref.vbe inured to a noise, so that it isn’t noticeable or bothersome; get used to something*bahqalhpref.vwipe the mouth, snout, or beak on something; wipe something with the mouth, snout, or beak*bahqoṭolpref.vfail to get what one asks for, beg or plead in vain; be unable to make somebody do what is asked*bahqoṭolqacaus.vdeny to someone what he or she has requested; withhold granting a request; refuse to give something*bahqoṭolqacʼrefl.vhesitate; refuse to do something*bahqoyʔpref.vbend something with mouth*bahqʰapref.vsound fade away*bahqʰahqʰapref.v-redbarely be able to hear*bahqʰaṭpref.vrip with beak*bahqʰayʔpref.vpush with mouth*bahqʰolhpref.vcut through, cut open (fish or chicken to clean it out)ʔaca·c bahqʰolhph. v.1voperate, perform surgery on a person2noperation, surgery on a person*bahsa1pref.v-hndput down several objects with mouth; stop pushing several objects*bahsamessivev-hndhold several objects in the mouth*basa·bicdir.v-hndmove or push several objects away with the mouth*basa·ddir.v-hndmove or push several objects along with snout (of an animal)*bahsa2pref.vhave an obstruction in one’s way, be blocked: in a car by a downed bridge, blocked by brush while walking; something to get in way*basatʰqacaus.vinterrupt*bahsakʼatpref.vfall and hit face with hard bounce on something*bahsempref.vinterrupt others by speaking*bahsetʼpref.vhairs protrude or stand out from the face, as in a mustache*bahsikʼitpref.vpush away with mouth or beak (as chicken)*bahsompref.vinterrupt someone by speaking; mix someone up*bahsoqpref.vquiver*bahsoṭpref.vscatter with the mouth, beak*bahšapref.vmess up*bahšepref.vused with negative: fail to say; leave out (words or information); omit saying anything that must be said*bahšolhpref.v1remove, detach, pick off with the mouth or beak2metaphorically, remove the words from someone by speaking: generally, correct what someone is saying; stop someone from speaking a particular way, or saying bad things*bahšonhpref.vgo ask for something, whether or not you're sure it can be given*bahšukʼuṭpref.vbill to sink in*bahtapref.vpoke snout on ground*bahtahtaiter.v-redpig poking snout here and there on ground*bahtaypref.vsay something to someone, especially to correct behavior or in a way that will be annoying; bother someone by saying something*bahtepref.vpat with mouth*bahtena·lapref.vcalm down*bahtsipref.vbudge, move*bahtʰunhpref.vrefrain from saying, hold back, fail to say*bahṭekeyepref.vface distorted*bahṭihṭipref.vpound on the table*bahṭilhpref.vmake thud*bahṭolhpref.vmake clang with mouth*bahṭonṭolopref.vwear away the inside of something using the mouth or beak*bahṭoypref.vcomfort, cheer up; do a favor; explain how to do something*bahṭʰa1pref.vopen up, take apart something by speaking*bahṭʰa2pref.vunwind with words*bahṭʰahṭʰaiter.vunwind with words*bahṭʰipref.vkeeping asking the same question*bahṭʰihṭʰiiter.v-redkeeping asking the same question*bahṭʰolhpref.vclear the voice*bahwatʼpref.vflop, disintegrate with the mouth*bahwaṭʰpref.vbe wide of mouth*bahwepref.vshake by talking*bahwehweiter.v-redshake by talking*bahwelpref.vdo quickly, repeatedly, with the mouth*bahwe·npref.vshake with beak*bahwipref.v(an animal) to stick snout, beak, mouth into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, snout, beak, or mouth be stuck in*bahwitpref.vask for certain thing(s)*bahye·pref.vstop speaking, singing, crying*bahyolpref.v1mix something into another with the lips, snout, or beak; mix, attach words2spread or smear a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissing*bahyo·csmlf.v1put words together; mix, attach words; use words to a song2smear or spread a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissing*bahyoqʰpref.vstir, shake with the mouth, beak*baki·lpref.vswing, wave around, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baku·ṭpref.vdronešina bakuṭʰciyʔph. v.vget dizzy, headache, from noise, yelling*bakʰipref.vstretch with beak (as bird pulling worm)*bakʰu·lpref.vbe rough voicedba·kʰulʔkʰutempl.adjraspy-voiced*bakʼalpref.vopen slightly with the mouth*bakʼe·npref.vask too many questions*bakʼi·špref.1vbe squeaky or shrill (of voice, car)2vspeak with a raspy, squeaky or grating voice (naturally, not put on)3adjraspy or squeaky (voice)ba·kʼiškʼišitempl.adj-ideoraspy, squeaky (of the voice)*bakʼoyʔcʼedpref.vbrag about how you are the best*bakʼo·cpref.vsound important (good or bad)*bakʼo·cʰqacaus.vmake something sound extreme, speak in strong terms (pro or con); warn against (a place)*bakʼo·lpref.v(bird) be pecking in one place, making a hole*bakʼumpref.vsound hard to do*bakʼumqacaus.vpersuade someone that some action is too hard to do, talk someone out of doing some hard task*bakʼumaqdir.vtalk to one’s limit, get tired of talking*bakʼummahqacaus.vby talking to make someone tired of a task, discourage someone, try to talk someone out of doing*bakʼumicʼrefl.vtalk too long*balacpref.vmake a mistake when speaking; fail to say what one intended*balepref.vtalk over noise*balebalefreq.vtalk over someone or something*bale·mpref.vmake a loud, discordant noise; many people shout; many things sound but not in unison, such as car horns*balipref.vtalk over someone*balibitpref.vbarely perceive sound; catch glimpse of sound*balupref.vsmeared around mouth from eating*balulupref.v-redhave unclear or blurred sound*balubalucsmlf.vtalk and talk so that another can’t speak*bama3pref.vput shapeless substance with the mouth*bamhmicpref.vsay correctly; hear speech correctly*bamipref.vunderstand speech; speak language that is heard*bamucpref.vtease with the words, with speech*banacpref.vblame, accuse; place blame on*bana·1pref.vkeep secret; not tell*banawicʼrefl.v*bana·2pref.vdeceive*bana·mpref.vbury with snouth, beak*bane1pref.vthrow a round or otherwise nonlong object and hit something with it*bane·ddir.v1throw object to location2move object to location*bane3pref.vput or throw a round or nonlong object*bana·la1dir.vput (several) down in*bane4pref.vhold something tightly with the mouth*bane·cpref.vput together, with the mouth*bapa·špref.vbe done speaking*bapa·šcismlf.vbe done speaking; complete what one is saying*bapa·ṭpref.v*bape·lpref.vwipe the mouth against (a sleeve) to get (sauce) off*bapʰo·pref.vduck head under water several times*baqa·sʼpref.vbreak, break off [?]*baqolpref.vwipe mouth, snout, or beak; pass one thing over the surface of another, with the lips, snout, or beak*baqʰapref.v(throat, voice) become hoarse; (throat) be sore; lose voice*baqʰa·špref.vhave a faint voice (with essive); get hoarse (with semelfactive)ba·qʰašqʰašatempl.adj-ideofaint-voiced, raspy like with laryngitis*baqʰa·ṭpref.1vbe enjoyable or interesting to hear2adjinteresting*baqʰa·ṭʰqacaus.vpraise, cause to sound good*baqʰoṭpref.v(animal) uproot several with the snoutbaqʰo·csmlf.vuproot one with snout*baqʼa·ṭpref.vscrape with snout or beak*basapref.v(bird) to pick off several (pieces of leaf) with the beak*basepref.vnot like to hear, tired of hearing; sound boring*base·lpref.vclean, make clear, rinse, the lips, snout, or beak; *basi·ṭpref.voveruse voice*basupref.vscratch several times with mouth or beak deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface; bird build nest with beak (AS)*basʼampref.v(bird) to stuff (acorn) (in hole); eat*basʼaylapref.vtangle by mouth*basʼa·lpref.vliquid come from solid, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*basʼimpref.vovercome with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); wilt or overcome (someone) by words*basʼulpref.vmake smooth and shiny, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baša·mpref.vrustle, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bašo·mpref.vecho*bašošomiter.vreverberate (in house or can)*bašudpref.1vsound strange, not be understandable or acceptable2adjsound strangebašunʔder.adjstrange sounding*bašudaqdir.vbe unable to understand words; (something) to sound unfair*batašpref.vsquash with mouth*bataṭpref.vtwist, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*batilhlapref.vtwist words; cross, lap over with the mouth*bati·tpref.vroll, wrap, wind, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*batulpref.vby words to straighten out – to tell people what to do*batʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*batʼa·cʼpref.1vbe still (unmoving or silent), with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); quiet2adjquiet, still*batʼe·tpref.vput in hole with mouth*batʼošpref.vpeel, of the face*batʼulpref.vsqueeze something out of something with the mouth*baṭa·tpref.vtongue get twisted by speaking*baṭe·mpref.vsay the same thing repeatedly*baṭo·lpref.v1(a bird to) peck a hole in something with the beak, snout, etc.2keep saying same thing, ask persistently*baṭʰaṭpref.vbreak open with the mouth*baṭʰa·mpref.vmake noise like shouting, screaming; speak loudly*baṭʼampref.vtalk too much*baṭʼan1pref.vbruise or cut lips, snout, or beak*baṭʼan2pref.vclean (small fish, frog, trout, snake, small birds); slit open and squeeze out the insides*baṭʼa·pref.v1(bird) break open (an egg) by pecking; mother help the chick out of the egg2get a nosebleed by bumping the nose3say (words) perfectly, correct mistakes in speech*baṭʼahqacaus.vcorrect speech errors or mistakes in speech*baṭʼelpref.vmake stain or spot by putting one (spreadable) thing on another, with the lips, snout, or beak*baṭʼipref.vbend speech, manipulate words; bend with mouth or snout*baṭʼo·pref.vskin (animal) with knife*bawaypref.vwake by talking or snoring*bawipref.vbeg; convince talk someone into doing*bayaʔtapref.vhelp (share in) the conversation, support by talking*baya·mpref.vbe unable to finish with words or speech*bayepref.vdirect, warn, remind; give oral instructions to someone*bayemessivevhold with mouth, words*baye·ddir.vsend someone along with instructions; tell (a blind person) which way to go*baye·daducdir.Free Variant of*baye·ducwarn, remind when leaving*baye·ducdir.vremind or warn someone of something as they are leaving; send someone away with instructions to be careful or to be good*bayipref.vpromise *bayihqacaus.vpromise a feast, an offering*bayotpref.vcause to move together or form a group by speaking or other noise*bayotʰmaessivevkeep a group busy by talking to them; call to work*bayotʰcismlf.vgather a group by speaking to them or calling them over; herd or gather animals by calling them*bayota·ducdir.vto scatter, scare away (sheep, birds) by clapping or yelling; animals scattering food with their mouths*bayukʼutpref.vpenetrate with the mouth, snout, or beak; stick mouth, snout, or beak in*bayu·ʔpref.vcall someone from group*baʔba1pref.vbe breaking apart (a nut) with the mouth (using teeth or beak)*baʔba2pref.vbother by talking; flirth with by talk*baʔbaʔbapref.v-redbother someone by talking; flirt with by talking; bother someone by talking, flirt with by talk*baʔbalhpref.vturn with mouth*baʔcʰapref.vstutter; chatter*baʔcʰabaʔcʰafreq.v-redchatter; stutter; repeatedly move mouth up and down fast (eating or talking); ‎(sing or speak) unevenly, not smoothly or fluently, with interruptions*baʔcʰupref.vsurface be completely covered (box filled?); no more room, (grass) grown thick together; covered with many small things*baʔcʼapref.vpack tight inside mouth*baʔcʼaʔcʼaiter.v-redpacked tight inside with the mouth several times*baʔcʼalpref.vteem with the mouth*baʔcʼepref.vbreak off piece with beak*baʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.v-redbreak off pieces with beak (like birds to cherries)*baʔcʼetpref.1vchip (a tooth, a saw blade)2adjchippedhoʔo baʔcʼetn.p.nchipped or missing tooth, including the tooth of a saw blade or similar tool*baʔcʼopref.vpeck off piece*baʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.v-red1peck off pieces (e.g., bird pecking edge of bread)2wear out voice or become hoarse from talking too much*baʔcʼolh2pref.vmake a hole by pecking*baʔcʼonpref.vdetach by words*baʔcʼoqʰotpref.vpeck out piece (of skin and make bleed)*baʔdayacpref.vmake a mistake when speaking; miss a word, mispronounce a word; unintentionally say the wrong thing (a slighting remark)*badayacʰqacaus.vcause someone say something wrong, especially by interrupting*baʔdenpref.vbe piercing. with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔdipref.1v-hndput down with the mouth; stop pushing an object2vstop convincing someone to do something, to cease causing someone to do something by talking*baʔdimessive1v-hndhold something with the mouth2vurge, encourage*baʔdicsmlf.v-hndpick up with the mouth, beak*bade·bicdir.v-hndmove something away with the mouth; move something up with the mouth*bade·ddir.1v-hndmove or push along with the snout (of an animal)2vdirect, give directions, encourage*baʔduwpref.vsound to penetrate*baʔkʰopref.vbend head*baʔkʰošpref.vbend one's head*baʔkʰošcismlf.vbent, of people*baʔkʰošcicʼrefl.vbend one'€™s own head down once*baʔkʼapref.vcrack with the mouth*baʔkʼayʔpref.vget beak stuck*baʔkʼipref.vspeak indirectly*baʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.v-rednot speak directly to the point but gradually approach it from several directions*baʔkʼopref.vbump with the mouth, get bumped in the mouth*baʔkʼoʔkʼociter.smlf.v-red(bird) peck away on one spot (on a tree) creating a shallow hole*baʔkʼobaʔkʼofreq.v-red(woodpecker) repeatedly hit with bill*baʔkʼolhpref.vturn a nonlong object over with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔkʼonhpref.vhold the mouth over; lay face down on something*baʔkʼonhcismlf.vbow or bend body over something*baʔkʼoypref.vspeak in a scattered way*baʔkʼupref.vfinish talking or singing; finish doing something with the mouth, snout, or beak*baʔkʼuypref.vnod the head*baʔkʼuyʔcismlf.v(person) nod the head, bend over, bow*baʔkʼuyʔcicʼsmlf.refl.vbend the head down towards the chest; bow head down*baʔkʼuyaydir.vnod the head toward someone (in greeting)*baʔlawʔpref.vsay quickly*baʔlipref.vbird to swing worm in beak*baʔliʔlipref.v-redbird to swing worm in beak*baʔlopref.vstammer*baʔlupref.vstutter, babble*baʔluʔluiter.vstutter, fail to speak effectively (as if mute); babble (as a baby does)*baʔne·cicʼpref.vused to noise, so don’t mind or pay attention*baʔpʼanhpref.vclose with the mouth or snout*baʔpʼopref.vbeg someone for something*baʔqʼacpref.vtighten, make secure, make safe, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔqʼaccismlf.vconsole or calm down someone by talking*baʔqʼacaydir.vmake secure with words, ask someone to look after something*baʔqʼoʔdipref.vorally to explain, give directions, fix a misunderstanding, correct, instruct*baʔsʼapref.vmany sounds together*baʔsʼawaddur.vsing*baʔsʼawa·ladir.vlowering (of voice)*baʔsʼawi·bicdir.vsing up; rise (of voice)*baʔsʼaṭpref.v1hit hard and hurt, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); (fall and) hit own face against something2repeathiʔda basʼaṭʰmucʼrecip.n.p.na fork in road; where road or trail comes together (not of river or tree)*baʔsʼaṭʰmaessivevbe hit in the mouth; speak sharply*baʔsʼaypref.vbe drunk, high*baʔsʼipref.vbe partly, incompletely*baʔsʼilpref.vsplash, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔsʼonhpref.vdent, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔsʼoqpref.vmash, crumple, deflate, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔsʼuypref.1vget pointed in the mouth2nboat-shaped basket, coiled and oblong, used for serving food3ndeep container that is oblong, longer than it is wide; roasting pan*baʔtʼa1pref.vsound like; seem, feel, detect with the mouth; by hearingʔihmi baʔtʼaph. v.v1belive, agree2obey, mind*batʼa·ddir.vsound be approaching; hear a sound when it is not there*batʼa·ducdir.vsound remind you of other sound; sound travel far or away*baʔtʼe1pref.vbird to fasten acorn in tree*baʔtʼe2pref.vmany close together*baʔtʼeʔtʼeiter.vmany close together*baʔtʼelpref.vbe insufficient, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔtʼem1pref.vfind, hit upon, strike, attack, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔtʼem2pref.v1guess, bid, answer correctly2bid*baʔtʼenhpref.vattach, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing); assign name*baʔtʼenaydir.vhave name or be named (surname, not first name); name be assigned or attached*baʔtʼentʼelepref.vmess up with the snout*baʔtʼilpref.1vbe noisy; make annoying noise; make too much noise2nannoying noise*baʔtʼilqacaus.vcause something else to make noise (by rattling an object, etc.)*baʔṭašcipref.vdo to all with the mouth*baʔṭʼaqpref.vcall the name, pick out certain people; name off, count out (cows passing by, people going through door)*baʔṭʼaṭpref.vname off*baʔṭʼawʔducpref.vinjure severely, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔṭʼepref.vsulk*baʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.vsulk, "flatten with mouth"*baʔṭʼebaʔṭʼecsmlf.freq.vhaving a sulky face (like child); mouth trembles as if you are about to cry; lips pressed together *baʔṭʼelhpref.vpart, mat down. with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔṭʼopref.vsmack one's lips*baʔṭʼolhpref.vsmack lips*baʔṭʼubutpref.vface (to sink) in water*baʔṭʼuṭʰupref.vsqueeze lips*baʔwipref.vnuzzle with lips*baʔyapref.vstart to say something then stop in middle of sentence*baʔya·qpref.vunderstand; recognize speech; detect and recognize, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔyepref.vtalk with trembling voice*baʔyeʔyeiter.vtalk with trembling voice (while crying)*baʔyopref.vwrinkle using beak*baʔyoʔyopref.vwrinkle using beak*baʔyupref.vhurt with mouth*ba·skalmapref.vbe bright, clear, distinct, with the voice, by speech (or hearing)base·pref.vsave self by talkingbaʔlupref.adjstuttering, stammering; not speaking effectively, or unable to do socahno baʔluph. adj.adjmute (can only mouthe noises not words); having any speech defect*bacʼebacʼefreq.v-redspeak fastba·kʰaškʰašatempl.adj-ideohaving indistinct speech*bane2unspec. comp. formv1act on, put, lay down nonlong obj (for light objects); to throw and hit with nonlong obj2fall down (onto the ground, a bed), collapse in a ball, crumpled; drop to the ground3set, choose a day or date for some activity*ʔdaba·necomp.vthrow, throw away, or abandon a non-long objectqali bane·bicph. v.vstart (jump from being startled)*banemessivev1fall to ground2put in container3put, throw (not on ground)4pick up or move something that is located on the ground*banemcicʼrefl.vswing back*banembanemfreq.vbounce*banecsmlf.vfall*bana·lahqacaus.dir.vput down*banehqacaus.vthrow down, to ground*bana·la2dir.vthrow downʔahqʰa banala·muʔlin.p.nconfluence of streams; where two streams flow togetherʔahqʰa bana·lawn.p.nwaterfall*bana·lamecʼdir.vput down in*bana·loqdir.vregurgitate; throw food up; food come back up*bana·qdir.1vswing, throw out, fall out2na swing3vthrow out*bana·qacdir.v1throw something upwards2take last breath, pass on, die*bane·ducdir.v1use up contents; run out of supply2fall asleep*bane·ydir.vput item on self*banemacʼrefl.vput on oneself (hat, clothing)*banemucʼrecip.vbet, donate (in group)
-babavsfxSame-Subject Past: the action denoted by the verb has been completed and precedes that of the main verb, and they have the same Agent; "after, having done, when, and, because"n.p.cila ʔibaafter a while
*babahlicbabáhliʔPlural of*baʔbalhci2turn with mouth
*babola·tadbabolá·taduPlural of*babo·lmake hole with mouth
*babo·lbabolʔ´vmake a hole with the mouth, beakPrefixed:ba-*bo·lPlural*babola·tad
*bacebacéwvgrab with the mouth, beak (of bird)Prefixed:ba-*cePlural*bacet
*bacecʼbacéʔ1vput on a headband5.3.7Wear clothing5.3.3Traditional clothing2nheadband with dangling ornaments5.3.3Traditional clothingPrefixed:ba-*cecʼPlural*baceyʔta
*bacetbacéʔPlural of*bacegrab with mouth
*baceyʔtabacéyʔtawPlural of*bacecʼput on a headbandheadband
*bacitbacíʔPlural of*ʔbacgrow
*bacola·tadbacolá·taduPlural of*baco·lline with mouth
baco·baco·´n1cattail, tule reedTypha, especially Typha latifolia?baco· šiyothickly growing cattailsmi qʰáʔṭo hcow mi· báco· qoláwthere was a pond there, with a group of cattails1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2boat, raft, canoe; a boat of any kind now, but formerly one made of cattails or reeds bound in bundlesmusu báco·log raftqʰabánha· baco·raft, driftwood boatʔahqʰa yo· baco· muʔsʼulá·danʔthe boat is coming swiftly through the water7.· haʔtʼutcomp.ncanoebaco· wihlamʔcomp.nreed shoots, cattail shoots; used as food
baco· haʔtʼutbaco· háʔtʼuʔncanoe7.·*haʔtʼut
baco· wihlamʔbaco· wíhlamʔnreed shoots, cattail shoots; used as food5.2.3.1Food from plantsCompound:baco·*wihlam
*baco·lbacolʔ´vline the inner surface with the lips, snout, or beak (as bird preparing nest); by speech (or hearing)Prefixed:ba-*co·l2Plural*bacola·tad
*bacutbacúʔPlural of*bahcujump
*bacutambacutámʔPlural of*bacu·mwin (gambling)
*bacutamqabacutámqawPlural of*bacu·mqawin game, money
*bacu·labacu·láwvjump downDirectional of*bahcu
*bacu·mbacumʔ´vwin (in gambling)*bacutam*bacu·mqacaus.vwin money (while gambling), win (a game)
*bacu·mqabacumqáwvwin money (while gambling), win (a game) of*bacu·mPlural*bacutamqa
*bacʰat1bacʰáʔPlural of*bahcʰa1knock over with mouth
*bacʰat2bacʰáʔPlural of*bacʰa·stuff into hole with beak, snout