Kashaya - English

cʰacʰiʔbulamʔcʰacʰíʔbulamʔAphesis ofʔicʰa cʰiʔbulamʔspider web
cʰada·ṭcʰadaʔ´adjrough (of skin), coarse, not smoothcʰadaṭʼ é· muit's roughsʼiʔda cʰádaʔrough, chapped skin from being in the water or sunqʰaʔbe cʰádaʔrough stone like a grindstone, not perfectly smoothSynonymcihcʰi 1rough, scalycohsobumpy
*cʰahqacʰahqáwv1cause to grab, snare or trap, catch something in a snare, trap, or strainersu·le wí cʰahqawtrap with a net!ʔicʰa· cʰahqayícʼqaʔ tiʔkʰe su·lewithe spider caught itself in its own webSynonym*šahkʰocatch moving object in mesh2strainpʰala cʰáhqawstrain againcʰahqastrain one!cʰátʰqastrain several!*cʰa·2be caught tightly
*cʰahtimacʼcʰáhtimaʔPlural of*hcʰamacʼbe step-parent to lie down with
cʰalcʰálmim-inanSound made by liquid running through or out of a constriction, for example, water through a screen or from a sprinkler nozzle or strongly from a faucetCompare*cʰala1 1object to be making sound of cʰalalcʰalalsound of water through narrow openingOccurs only in iterative form cʰalal(al)(al).
*cʰala1-1vobject to be making sound of cʰalalComparecʰalsound of liquid through holecʰalalsound of water through narrow opening2v-instr(woman, not man) be urinating3v-instrbear to be feedingonly occurs with RFrequentative*cʰalacʰalamake cʰalal sound
*cʰala2cʰaláwvsound made by liquid coming out of narrow opening
*cʰalacʰalacʰalacʰálawv-redobject to be making the sound of cʰalal (noise of water through opening); (woman, not man) to be urinating; also said of bear feeding*cʰala1object to be making sound of cʰalal woman urinate bear to be feeding
cʰalalcʰalálmim-inansound of water through narrow openingCompare*cʰala1 1object to be making sound of cʰalalcʰalsound of liquid through hole
cʰala·mʔcʰalamʔ´n1wyethia, mule earsWyethia glabra (Sunflower Family)Food: The seeds were used in pinole or eaten fresh. • Season: early to mid summer.1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2wild sunflowerWyethia angustifolia (Sunflower Family)Food: The fresh seeds are eaten and taste like sunflower seeds. They were dried for winter use and ground to mix with pinole. • Season: June to July (early summer).1.5.3Grass, herb, vineCompoundcʰala·mʔ wihlamʔwild sunflower shoots
cʰala·mʔ wihlamʔcʰalamʔ wíhlamʔnsomething that comes out of ground (with no or few leaves) but in vertical shoots, like a wild sunflower1.5.6Growth of plantscʰala·mʔwyethia wild sunflower*wihlambe shoot of plant stalk, shoot
*cʰamacʼcʰamáʔ1vbe step-parent, take child in; usually means adopt, but also crawl in withqʰaboʔ yaʔ to cʰamacʼqʰ(camping out) A snake has crawled in with meʔo·cʰi₁ to₂ qʰaboʔ₃ yáʔ₄ cʰamacʼkʰeʔ₅(Someone says sleep out there, I say·) "Oh, gee, a snake will come in with me."cʰamá·cʼedu take child incʰamá·cʼiʔbahe could take the child in2nadopted relative?3vcrawl in with
cʰanamacʰanamánkelp, bull kelpNereocystis leutkeamaFood: The thick part of the stalk is cooked in an oven or in hot ashes until it becomes puffy. The stalks also can be cut into lengthwise strips and dried for winter use. • Medicinal: The stalk is split into 1/2" wide and 2"-5" long strips and dried. A layer of salt crystals form on the surface. These salty strips of kelp can be sucked on if you have a cold to soothe the throat and clear mucus. Technology: The stem is shredded into long slender pieces and partially dried in the sun until they are limp. These can be then be used as cordage or fish line. • Season: summer to fall.1.5.4Moss, fungus, algae
cʰasiwicʰasíwinscorpionʔicʰa·spidersiwipoisonous tail
*cʰat1-Plural of*hcʰa2fall over
*cʰat2cʰáʔPlural of*hcʰa5fall over
*cʰat3Unspecified Variant of*cʰa·2be caught tightly
*cʰat4-Plural of*cʰa·1grab
*cʰatʰmacʰatʰmáwPlural of*hcʰamfall onto
*cʰawicʰawíwvswarm; be bunched up together, like bees, snakespʰala cʰáwiwto swarm againcʰawitʰúmeʔdon’t swarm! (to several)cʰawicí·duD: AbsolutivecʰawiwácʼmeʔcʰawitácʼmeʔD: Plural Imperative (to several groups)cadúʔba ma kawa·yu qʼácʰmamucʼqa· li ʔacacʼ em ʔihmi cóʔo cʰawiwyou should see the people at the horse races, swarming like beesPlural*cʰawitadInstrumentalcʰawi·linest
*cʰawitadPlural of*cʰawiswarm
cʰawi·licʰawí·linnest (of snakes, ants, bears if there are many)biʔkʼas cʰawi·liant nest1.6.5Animal home*cʰawiswarm
cʰayniman ʔohsocʰáyniman ʔohsonwatercress1.5.3Grass, herb, vineʔohsoclover