Kashaya - English

*cʼacʼanumone8. bound element in several numeralscʼašoṭʼoder.numtencʼašoṭʼo mi·lcomp.numten thousandšoṭʼomhmacomp.numfiftyqʰošoṭʼomhmacomp.numhundredcʼaʔcʰoder.numninelanhcʼader.numsixlanhcʼamhmacomp.numthirtylanhcʼamhma na·siboph. adj.numthirty-threena·ncʼader.num1plus one: added to the preceding base-five number2eleven: with preceding "ten" understoodcamhma na·ncʼaph. adj.numtwenty-onesimhma na·ncʼaph. adj.numsixteen
cʼaca·cacʼaca·ca´nmountain quail1.6.1.2Bird
cʼada·ṭʰcʼadá·ṭʰmim-animalarm cry of rabbit when caughtrepeated several times
*cʼah-Plural of*ʔcʼa2get stuck in something
*cʼahahcicʼaháhciwPlural of*cʼa·hacmarrymarriedmarriage
*cʼahni-Plural of*ʔcʼanhget sticky
*cʼahšacʼahšacʼahšácʼahšawv-redcome going "rustle rustle"cʼáhšacʼáhša·ducoming going "rustle rustle"
cʼahtacFree Variant ofcʼahtakoriole
cʼahtakcʼahtáʔnoriole (has black head and yellow breast); canary; green-backed goldfinchcahtakʼínsʼe· muit seems to be an oriolecʼahtakʼé· muit's a canary1.6.1.2BirdFree Variantcʼahtaccʼahtaʔ šiʔbaph. adj.adjorange, yellow
cʼahtaʔ šiʔbacʼahtáʔ šiʔbaadjorange, yellowcʼahtaʔ šiʔba ciwalaworange shirtcʼahtáʔ šiʔba ca·škayellow cupca·ška cʼahtáʔ šiʔba ʔel didubring that yellow dish (bring that dish which is yellow) of the spectrumPhrasal Adjective ofcʼahtakšiʔba
*cʼahtim-Plural of*ʔcʼamhbe stiff and bushy
*cʼakalcʼakálʔvbe apartcʼakala(´)·duʔ ṭʰaʔbamʔ(many) to be far apartcʼakala·cʼicʰmeʔspread out!cʼakalider.adjfar apart, dispersed, scattered, sparse*cʼakalmaessivevbe scattered, be apart
cʼakalicʼakalíadjfar apart, dispersed, scattered, sparsecʼakalí ʔe· muthey’re far apartheʔe cʼákalisparse hair (thin enough to see skin)maʔa cʼákaliscattered fruitDerivative:*cʼakal
*cʼakalmacʼakálmawvbe scattered, be apartseʔe cʼakálmawin duwál cadelaI can see through the scattered (not dense) brushcʼakálmameʔbe apart!cʼakálmabe apart!Essive of*cʼakal
cʼakʼcʼákʼmim-animsound of blade hitting and entering succulent object (axe in wet log, blade in flesh)
*cʼal-v-instrseparate but remain attached at one point or along one side; hingedPlural*cʼalta*bacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the mouth*bicʼalpref.vopen mouth, beak*cacʼalpref.vmassive object separate but remain attached*cucʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with a rounded object*cʰicʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached by holding a small part of a larger object*dacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the hand*dicʼalpref.v(book) opens by itself (not all the way); shirt opens at top; crease in dress opens up*ducʼalpref.veyes open to get something out*hacʼalpref.vspread legs apart*hacʼalhacʼalfreq.v-redrepeatedly spread legs*hicʼalpref.vdress gape open*macʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the foot*micʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the toes*mucʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached at one point or along one side; hinged; crack open (e.g., a curtain) by throwing something*pʰacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the end of a long object*pʰicʼalpref.vhave tears in eyes; separate but remain attached at eyes*pʰucʼalpref.vseparate by blowing but remain attached at one point or along one side; hinged by blowing*pʰucʼalpʰucʼalfreq.v-redrepeartedly blow open*qacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached by with the teeth*sicʼalpref.vstuck papers separate in water*šucʼalpref.vspread apart by pulling; open (book) partly
cʼalalcʼalálnhedgehog mushroomDentinum repandum (Hedgehog or Tooth Fungi)1.5.4Moss, fungus, algae
*cʼaltacʼáltawPlural of*cʼalseparate but remain attached
cʼašcʼášmim-animrustling sound, e.g. walking on leavescʼáš cʼás cʼás cʼás cede· ʔacaʔ šihpʰa sʼuqaʔ wa·demIt went "rustle rustle" when the man walked through the dry leavesčášcenʔit said cʼašrepeated several timescognate word*cʼahšacʼahša
cʼašoṭʼocʼašoṭʼónumten8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersDerivative:*cʼacʼašoṭʼo mi·lcomp.numten thousandšoṭʼomhmacomp.numfiftyqʰošoṭʼomhmacomp.numhundred
cʼašoṭʼo mi·lcʼašoṭʼó mi·lnumten thousand8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersCompound:cʼašoṭʼo*mi·l
cʼaṭa·ṭacʼaṭá·ṭamim-animcall of kingfisher
cʼaṭilcʼaṭílcʼaṭʼíladj1crooked, slantedʔahá· cʼaṭilcrooked stick, slanted stickhiʔbayá cʼaṭilcrooked shape manhiʔda cʼaṭilcrooked road, slanted road2crookedcʼaṭ'íltʰinnot crooked
cʼawcʼáwmim-animsound of many small objects rattling inside somethingcʼacʼawawrattle of rattlesnake or of something small (seeds) in a box or cancʼawawrattle soundcʼaw cʼawbabby rattlerepeated or reduplicated