Kashaya - English


-Cv-v > vsfxpfxIterative reduplication: the action is repeated a few timesadded to just a dozen or so verbs that can also occur in unreduplicated form; but many verbs require this reduplication (sometimes changing to Frequentative in the plural)
-CvCv-v > vsfxpfxFrequentative reduplication: the action is repeated in quick successionquite freely used, although there are some verbs that do not have a Frequentative form
-c1cv > vsfxTerrestrial: the action takes place on the ground or floorwith a few verbs, the Terrestrial and Essive act as a pair; either one or the other must be presentterr.*cohqosʼciknock over a group of solid objects; bump non-liquids and cause them to spill over*hihkocterr.v-posgroup be sitting on the ground*hihkomessivev-posgroup be sitting off the ground
-c2cv > vsfxSemelfactive: usually means that the action is done once, but with verbs of motion can also mean "start" or "away"pref.*hihtsinhcijump, give start*pʰaʔkʼayʔcipoke and get stuck in cracksmlf.*bahkotʰciwear away with mouth; (bird) peck to nothing*bahpʰatʼcilips flop in*bahqoyʔcibend something with mouth*bakʼe·nciask too many questions, press too closely for answers*bapa·šcibe done speaking; complete what one is saying*batašciwbird to squash or mash something soft and mushy with its mouthbird bill*bayu·ʔcicall someone's name to pick him or her out of a group; pick someone out of a group; choose someone from a group*baʔbalhci2be turning, shifting, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*baʔkʼayʔciget beak stuck*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*bihkotʰcibird to peck something to nothing (unless /qawi/ is used)*bihpʰatʼciflop, go flat, while being held in armshave sunken lips, as if without teeth*biki·mcirestrain by holding both arms, such as a cat trying to get away*bipaṭʰcicover, repair, or fill in a hole by sewing (not by sewing on a patch)*biṭʼulcisink into by encircling, by eating*biʔbalhcibe turning by encirling*biʔyoʔyoc gather a bunch (of clothes) together with the arms*cahcʰahcʰaccrumble by sitting on*cahkotʰciwear out seat of chair or pants*cahmuhmucsit on and break to pieces*cahponpolocrear end swollen*cahpʰatʼciflop down onto rear end; sit flat, as car on flat tire.*cahpʰitʼcitear with knife, by sitting*caki·mcicatch a part of one thing on something else by sitting on it or setting something heavy on it; also, be caught*caqʼa·scistreak*caṭʼulcisink into with the rear*caʔbalhcimassive object be turning*caʔkʼaʔkʼacbe with legs far apart (like a duck)*cihcehcecobstruct while dragging*cihkotʰciwear out by dragging*cihpʰatʼciflop, go flat, by holding a small part of a larger object, e.g. a handle*cihyoqʰcistir something with a spoon just once, or stir and be done; often in cooking but not necessarily; not used for stirring water*ciki·mcicatch a part of something, such as a dress, on something else; also be caught on; restrain object from moving by a smaller part of the larger object being pulled back or stretched*cobo·cnonlong object (button, knot, shell) be attached firmly to the surface of something; be stuck on; (spot) be present on the surface*cohkotʰciwear out by rubbing with something round*coʔbocplants be clumpedbunch or clump of bushes*coʔpʼoʔpʼoc(in gambling) to clean (the opponents) out, win everything (that the opponent has)clean out*cuhcelhcibecome blocked or obstructed by the front end of something or by the flowing of water*cuhnat1test with front of object, such as running something over with a car*cuki·mcisomething get caught on something else; pull away while restrained, resulting in stretching of leash, etc.*dahcecobstruct with hand*dahkʰiṭʼcistrain wrist*dapaṭʰcipatch, cover, or fill a hole with the hand*daʔkʼecmake stiff with hand*duhtʰihtʰicpoke (full of holes)*hahkotʰciwear out with leg or by kicking*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking*hcʰahcʰaccrumble, by unspecified means*mahcʰahcʰaccrumble with the foot*maki·mcirestrain with the sole of the foot; for example, stand on a rope that someone is pulling so that it stops*matumatucstuff with the feet*mohqosʼcispill nonliquids, cause a group of solid objects to fall off by throwing*pʰaʔkʼayʔcipoke and get stuck in crack*pʰiʔbalhcibe turning with the side of a long object, such as a stick*pʰuyu·ʔciburn a certain thing; blow on a certain thing*pʰuʔbalhciturn over by blowing, such as in the wind*šuhpʰitʼcitear, rip a long flexible object*šuhtʰihtʰictear to pieces (cloth, paper)*šuki·mcirestrain (a person or animal) by pulling; stretch (rope or rubber band) by pulling; pull hair or trousers (they canʼ€™t be pulled loose or off; they just pull tight)*šupaṭʰci1cover hole with a cloth*šuʔkʼayʔcipull (a rope) so that it gets caught (in a fork); hold (a string) caught (in a tree fork)*šuʔkʼecstiffen by pushing or pulling a long flexible object*ʔipʰe·pʰe·cfart, break wind*ʔomcistick out, project (momentarily)*bahcehcecsmlf.vstutter repeatedly*bahcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble with the mouth*bahṭʰahṭʰacsmlf.vunwind with words*balebalecsmlf.v-red1talk over someone or something; drown out noise with talking or crying2exclude*bapa·ṭʰcismlf.Free Variant of*bapa·šcibe done speaking*baʔlawʔcismlf.vsay something quickly after something else happens; in answer to a question or repeating someone else’s words*baʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redbeg or ask (someone) for one thing after another until you have everything of theirs*baʔyoʔyocsmlf.v-red(bird) rumple (fabric, etc.) using beak*bihcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble by encircling*cahtʰohtʰocsmlf.v-redwear hole by sitting and squirming*catucatucsmlf.v-redpress with rear to fill and make bulge (a suitcase)*caʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget butt caught in crack*caʔlawʔcismlf.vmove around while sitting in a chair; fidget in chair, either side to side or up and down*caʔyoʔyocsmlf.v-redsit (on bed) and rumple (up the covers)*cuhcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble by shooting*cuhtsinhcismlf.vshake from being bumped (by car), felt through house*cuhṭʰahṭʰacsmlf.vunwind with a round object or the action of water*cupa·šcismlf.vcoat surface, cover*cusʼihcismlf.vzigzag (design)*cuʔbalhcismlf.vround object be turning*cuʔkʼayʔcismlf.1vfloating (debris) get caught between two (rocks)2nflotsam*cuʔlawʔcismlf.vgrab quickly with the mouth, as with a cat or dog catching prey*cu·sqʰac1smlf.vbulldoze (a piece of land) clean (of brush)*cʰilicsmlf.vspread around (coals) with stick*cʰilocʰilocsmlf.v-redbe round (of nose)*cʰiʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget caught by dragging*cʰiʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redspoon or ladle out everything*cʰiʔtʼekelecsmlf.vdrag paper box until it gets out of shape*dahcacsmlf.vbe brushy*dahcelhcismlf.vbecome obstructed, stopped, blocked by the action of the hand: for the hand to be stopped from moving further while passing the palm along a surface*dahcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble with the hand*dahkocsmlf.vget on hands and knees*dahkolhcismlf.vpress on something and loosen it (door) (no sound)*dahlihlic1smlf.v-redkeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahmuhmucsmlf.v-redcrush (glass) to pieces with hand (or something brittle); crush chair to pieces by pressing*dahpʰitʼcismlf.vtear, rip (paper, cloth, lettuce), with the hand*dahqosʼcismlf.vspill nonliquids with the hand, cause a group of solid objects to fall off*dahṭanṭalacsmlf.vfade from washing*daki·mcismlf.vstretch something out with hands (cloth, not rubber band)*dapʰu·csmlf.vdust*datudatucsmlf.vbe overstuffed*daʔbalhciwsmlf.vturn something over with the hand; turn things over (for example, in a drawer) while looking for something*daʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak with hand*daʔkʼayʔcismlf.vcatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-reddig a shallow hole*daʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redremove everything with hand; pour everything out; empty out by turning upside down*daʔtʼaʔtʼacsmlf.vbe chock full*daʔtʼekelecsmlf.vflatten by hand*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vtangledaʔṭʼidaṭʼihtadu ca·yon.p.na vine in grass, with stems about two feet long*da·sqʰac1smlf.vbrush bare and smooth with the hand*dihcelhcismlf.vbecome blocked, stopped, obstructed as the result of something falling: a tree branch falls into a roadway (and lodges up off the ground, blocking the road like a gate), an object falls and spans an opening without going through; can also refer to something in way of something else that is falling*dihcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redheavy weight falling crush something*dihkilhcismlf.vsomething to fall on the ground with a thud*dihkotʰcismlf.vwear out by falling down*dihmuhmucsmlf.v-reddrop (chair) and break up*dihpʰatʼcismlf.vflop down (in liquid), fall flat*dihpʰitʼcismlf.vfall and tear or rip: paper, cloth, lettuce*diṭʰa·lcismlf.vbecome bright or light enough to see, as the result of an unseen cause, such as falling or gravity*diʔlawʔcismlf.vdrop, fall quickly; for example, before someone else can*diʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redeverything fall out*di·sqʰac1smlf.vshave clean; wear smooth by gravity*docʼocʼoṭʰcismlf.vcoiled up (snake); make self inconspicuous (people); coil rope; make compact*dohponpolocsmlf.vfinger badly swollen*dohtʰohtʰocsmlf.vpoke many holes in using fingers*doʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redkeep pushing (on ground) with finger until (ground) is worn down a little*doʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.vempty out with a finger*doʔyoʔyocsmlf.vgather (papers) together with fingers*duhcelhcismlf.vsomething to get in the way of the fingers*duhcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redcrumble with fingers, break up (a clod of earth) with the fingers*duhlihlic1smlf.v-redpinch off pieces (of bread), all over (the loaf)*duhmuhmucsmlf.v-redbreak up (straw) with fingers*duʔbalhcismlf.vturn with fingers; steer a car or ship*duʔbaladdur.v1keep turning with the fingers2steer a car or ship*duʔbalduʔbalfreq.v-redturn (a doorknob) back and forth quickly*duʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak with fingers*duʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget the finger caught in a crack*duʔlawʔcismlf.vpick up something quickly; grab; make a quick movement with the fingers*duʔlicsmlf.vspread with fingers*duʔtʼekelecsmlf.vflatten (nose) with finger*duʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vwrap, tighten with the finger*hahcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redcrumble by kicking*hahponpolocsmlf.vmake painfully swollen by repeated kicking*hapaṭʰcismlf.vpatch a hole by sewing or using glue*hapa·ṭʰcismlf.vcover with a patch or other material, in various ways: sew a patch on clothes, nail a board over a hole in the wall, glue paper over something*haʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak by kicking*haʔkʼayʔcismlf.vkick something in between two objects*haʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-red(horse) paw away (at the ground) creating a shallow depression*haʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redempty out by hitting, tapping, knocking*haʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.v-redwrap around tight, tighten*hihcehcecsmlf.v-redobstruct with body*hihcelhcismlf.vbody to be blocked, stopped, obstructed by having something in the way: for example, an object in one's pocket that interferes with leaning on something*hihcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redcrumble with body*hihcʰohihcʰoc3smlf.v-redwear out something by rubbing, as limb of tree rub paint off house*hihkolhcismlf.ventire object be loose, shake*hihkotʰcismlf.vwear out, wear off paint from body by rubbing against*hihmuhmucsmlf.v-redbreak to pieces (plastic, window, box, chair, table, felled tree, bones)*hihpʰitʼcismlf.vtear with body; body of something is torn*hihqosʼcismlf.vbody spill nonliquids, cause a group of solid objects to fall off*hihtʰihtʰicsmlf.vshred (a piece of cloth)*hiki·mcismlf.vstretch something by itself, especially while restraining it*hipaṭʰcismlf.vcover or fill in a hole with the body*hisʼihcismlf.vzigzag design or patternhisʼihciw cuhtin.p.nzigzag pattern*hituhitucsmlf.v-redbe pressed tight, stuffed*hiṭʰa·lcismlf.vbright, light enough to see by, (with the body?); be bright out*hiʔbalhcismlf.vturn the body*hiʔcʼumcismlf.vsuddenly break by itself; break by body falling on it*hiʔkʰošcismlf.vbending itself*hiʔkʼayʔcismlf.vbody be caught in crack between two close objects*mahkolhcismlf.vloosen with the foot*mahkotʰcismlf.v(sole) wear out by walking on (linoleum)*mahponpolocsmlf.vmake painfully swollen by walking about*mahqoyʔcismlf.vsuddenly to bend, strain, or sprain the ankle*mahtʰihtʰicsmlf.vput many holes in the the feet*mapaṭʰcismlf.vcover or fill in a hole with the sole of the foot*mayu·ʔcismlf.vwant to catch something; be after something in order to catch it (animal, money, good time)*maʔbalhcismlf.vbe turning with the foot*maʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget foot stuck*maʔkʼecsmlf.v(penis) become erect from manipulation*maʔkʼecʰqacaus.vmake stiff by manipulating (butter, penis)*maʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redwear a depression (into the ground) with the foot*maʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.vempty out with the foot*maʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.vbreak up to pieces*maʔtʼekelecsmlf.vstep on something hollow and flatten it out*maʔtʼutʰucsmlf.vstep on edge of long object (sheet of paper [?], hollow inside – can or box) and bend*maʔyoʔyocsmlf.vpucker, wrinkle, using the sole of the foot; to walk on rug and rumple it up*ma·sqʰac1smlf.v(path) be worn bare (of vegetation) by feet*mihcelhcismlf.vtoes be blocked, obstructed by hitting an obstacle; stub the toes, stumble*mihcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble with the toes*mihkolhcismlf.vloosen by kicking*mihponpolocsmlf.vkick so much that (feet) get badly swollen*mihpʰitʼcismlf.vtear by kicking*milomilocsmlf.v-redto roll ball around with feet, to roll something around into a ball*misʼi·lʔcismlf.v(presumably) be disturbed; with Negative, be undisturbed by distractions around oneself, or not be disturbed by someone’s death; stolid, choleric?*miʔbalhcismlf.vbe turning with the toes*miʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.vwear away slightly with the toes*miʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.vempty out with the toes*miʔšawcicʼsmlf.vsniff (several times), be sniffing*mi·sqʰac1smlf.vkick against ground in one place until it is bare of grass*mohkolhcismlf.v1loosen with heat, fire2step on and make loose (no sound meaning)*mohkotʰcismlf.v1tire to wear out2burn down to ashes, ready to food on to cook*mohpolpolocsmlf.vswell up from heat or bee sting*mohponpolocsmlf.vbe painfully swollen from a burn, bee sting, or thrown nonlong object (rock)*mohqoyʔcismlf.vhave a joint (knee) suddenly bent by a thrown nonlong object (rock)*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacsmlf.v-redstand stiff-legged (not necessarily apart)*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redpoke out everything*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacsmlf.vbe chock full; stuff, stack*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vtie (package) tight; wrapped up*pʰiyu·ʔcismlf.vhit one member of a group (with fist)*pʰiʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak in two with stick*pʰiʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget stick or axe caught between two objects*pʰiʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redchop a shallow hole with an axe*pʰiʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.vbeat up with club*pʰiʔtʼentʼelecsmlf.vmake (a hat) out of shape by hitting many times with a stick*pʰoʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redwind make a depression in ground as vacuum cleaner*pʰoʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redempty out by blowing*pʰoʔyoʔyocsmlf.vwind to push (leaves, etc.) into a pile*pʰuʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak from wind (e.g., dry limb off tree)*pʰuʔkʼayʔcismlf.vbe blown by the wind and caught in a crevice*pʰuʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vwrap, tighten, by blowing in the wind*qahcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redchew (dry toast) to pieces*qahkotʰcismlf.vwear down to nothing by chewing or between opposing forces*qahponpolocsmlf.vmake swollen by biting*qahpʰatʼcismlf.vflop, go flat between forces*qahtʰohtʰocsmlf.v(mice) nibble holes or pieces off*qaki·mcismlf.vstretch something while holding it with the teeth*qasʼihcismlf.vzigzag (design)*qatuqatucsmlf.v-redstuff with the teeth, between the teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget caught in teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcicʼrefl.v(food) get caught in one's teeth*qaʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redchop away (at a tree to notch it)*qaʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redeat up everything; eat (a house) out (of all its food)*qaʔtʼekelecsmlf.vmash (can) with teeth (not nec. flat)*qaʔṭʼašcismlf.vbring teeth together and close jaw tight*sihcecsmlf.vobstruct water*sihlihlic1smlf.v-red(to water) Erode bank of river or road*sihpʰatʼcismlf.vflop, go flat, from water, rain*sihpʰitʼcismlf.vtear, rip (paper, cloth, lettuce), by water*sikʰelcismlf.vdisappear*sikʰelcicʼrefl.vdisappear (of person)*siṭʼulcismlf.v1disappear or duck under, sink into water2disappear by floating away into sky; float away*siʔkʼayʔcismlf.vfloat around and get stuck in*siʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-reddripping water to erode a depression (in the ground)*siʔlawʔcismlf.vstick tongue out once or lick lips quickly; slurp up quickly*siʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-reddrink up everything (in a wine cellar, last of the water)*sʼinhcsmlf.vgive start*sʼinhcicʼrefl.vgive a start, jump with a start*šahcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble with a long object moving lengthwise*šahpolpolocsmlf.vmake swollen and sore by repeated putting a long object in lengthwise*šahponpolocsmlf.vmake swollen and sore by repeated putting a long object in lengthwise, make swollen and sore by rape*šahtʰihtʰicsmlf.vstab to pieces*šaʔbalhcismlf.vbe turning with a long object moving horizontally*šaʔkʰošcismlf.vbend at knee and half-squat*šohponpolocsmlf.vbe swollen and sore from being chafed by something flexible (belt, clothing), or from being beaten with a whip*šohqosʼcismlf.vshake and spill nonliquids, cause a group of solid objects to fall off by shaking*šoʔbotʼcismlf.vpull on (rotten cloth) and it disintegrates*šoʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redshake everything out (of a sack); clean out (of money, like in gambling)*šuhcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redpull to pieces, crumble by dragging around*šuhmuhmucsmlf.v-redshake and break to pieces*šupaṭʰci2smlf.v??*šuʔbalhcismlf.vturn by pulling*šuʔbaladdur.v1keep turning by pulling (the reins of a horse), the steering wheel of a car, the gear shift of a car2pick up and move around; shift aroundšuʔbala·duʔlider.ngear shift (of car)*šuʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.vwear away by pushing and pulling*šuʔtʼekelecsmlf.vdrag paper box until it gets out of shape*šuʔtʼutʰucsmlf.vmake narrower*šuʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vwrap something tight; tighten a bundle by pulling*ʔkʼoṭʰkʼoṭʰocsmlf.v-instrbecome crisp*moʔkʼoṭʰkʼoṭʰocpref.1vbecome dry and brittle from heat, from the sun (but not burned); shrivel up; get stiff from freezing cold (such as a damp rag left out in the frost)2adjdry and brittle from exposure to heat or cold; crisp (such as a potato chip)*pʰoʔkʼoṭʰkʼoṭʰocpref.vwind dry and stiffen*duhṭʰahṭʰaciter.vunwind, unscrew, destroy with the fingers*mahkʰiṭʼciiter.vstrain foot*mahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.vstrain or sprain one's foot
*ca1-n-kinmother’s father, mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brother2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherca·sʼenʔ1stn-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brotherta·tanʔ1st inf.n-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father (informal: grampa, grandpa); also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothermica·sʼ2ndn-kinyour grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothermiya·ca·sʼ3rdn-kinhis, her, their grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothermaca·sʼ3rd refl.n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brother*macasʼaqverb.v-kinacknowledge someone as one's grandfather (one's mother’s father); call someone by that word
*ca3cáw1v-posone sit, be sitting; one nonlong object or one person or animal bent into a nonlong shape, be stationary in some specified location on the ground or floorqʰale sáma· qʰaʔbe cawthe rock sat by the treemuhtʰi doco·ṭíʔ cawthe rattlesnake was lying coiled upcayí·ceducontinue to sit downcayiʔcontinue to sit2vone nonlong object, or one person (assumed shape is immaterial), be in some specified location (on the ground or not is immaterial); be, remain, stay, live, dwell, abideʔa·petóʔna castay with my father!duwíʔcapʰṭʰe qali· cawgod abodes aboveMr. Tróuette toʔna ca(to one) stay at Mr. Trouette's!3vone person be in a state or condition; certain nonconcrete concepts be, including the dateku ʔacaʔ šihmi šá· cawone man was an expert shotbeṭʼbuyi caw iwa bimaciwhat is the date today ?sibóyi cawthe third of the monthloc.ʔaca·c šina· cawalliHuman Skull Sitting: a place slightly northwest of Huckleberry Heightsdimo caph. v.vlive with spouse's familyqali· caph. v.vstay up (all night)*cuma11v-posone be sitting off the ground2nexperienceweya cumawcomp.npowerkawa·yu cumahci· yacn.p.ncowboy, rider; horse breaker, rider of bucking horsesʔoho cumaʔlin.p.nlampcumatʰmawplur.essiveabs.nchair, bench, any seatcumatʰmaw bihkocomp.nhigh chair (with long legs)cumatʰma· dahlokʼciwn.p.nfolding chair*cuma·csmlf.v-posone sit down on something off the ground, such as a chair or table*cumahqacaus.vkeep locked up*cumayicincep.vsettle in or on a place; (spirit) enter a person*cahci1smlf.v-posone sit down on the ground*cahcihqacaus.vseat; lead to seat; help in sitting; set or place a child in a seat*cahqa3caus.vset (**); connect (wires)*cahqacʼcaus.refl.vput a costume on*camucʼrecip.vsit with someone, with each other
ca-capref-instrpfxwith the rear end, with a massive or bulky object, with a knifepref.*hayukʼutthrow a pick (not spear)refl.cahwe·nmuʔliseesawrecip.cahwe·nmucʼrock or swing back and fortha chair or seat that rocks or swings back and forth: rocking chair, swing chairseesaw, teeter-totterinstr.cahwe·nmuʔliseesawiter.*caʔwiʔwiquickly twist while sitting (can be fast or slow)freq.*caʔkʰocaʔkʰorepeatedly bend to a half squat (as in dancing)*cabo·lpref.vhollow out with rear end*cacepref.vsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip off*cacopref.vbe crushing with the rear end*cacʰa·pref.vgrab hold tightly of a massive object*cacʰi·ṭpref.vcut out with a knife*cacʼalpref.vmassive object separate but remain attached*cacʼepref.vmake a quick cut*cacʼi·ṭpref.vcut up (the ingredients of a salad) so that they become mixed together*cacʼi·ṭaqdir.vsit together, mix (socially)*cacʼo·pref.vtransform by sitting*cacʼo·mpref.vchop off, amputate a limb*cacʼo·ṭpref.vcut off ends with knife*cadahcʰipref.vshove aside with the rear end*cadaʔdipref.vwith rear to push aside or down (person or fence)*cadilpref.vbe unable to sit (on a chair), miss sitting on something, especially because it is too far away*caduw1pref.vact on the edge of something with the rear end*caduw2pref.vpeel something in one piece, with a knife*cahcepref.vbe obstructed by something massive; dammed up (but not necessarily fully)*cahcelhpref.vbe obstructed by massive object*cahci2pref.vintercept with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*cahcʰa1pref.vknock over backing up*cahcʰa2pref.vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰahcʰaiter.vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰocpref.vwear out with rear end*cahcʰohcʰociter.v-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)*cahcʰocahcʰocfreq.v-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)*cahcʰotpref.vbe tired of sitting*cahkepref.vbe blocked by something in sitting*cahkilhcipref.vsit with a thud; make a thud sound when sitting down*cahkopref.v(chair) move loosely when sat in*cahkolhpref.vloosen by sitting in*cahkotpref.vwear out seat of chair or pants*cahkʰapref.vstain with rear end*cahkʰahkʰapref.v-redstain by the action of the the rear end or other bulky object*cahkʰepref.vscoot over, shift position along a surface while sitting*cakʰe·nʔwaddist.vmove, scoot around on one's butt or rear end*cahkʰeyʔcicʼrefl.vshift in seat, especially if toward someone or something*cahkʰopref.vcatch with an object*cahkʰupref.vcrush by sitting on *cahkʰuhkʰupref.v-redcrush (glass) by sitting on*cahlabapref.vcrack apart (by cutting)*cahlalpref.vcut into several pieces with a knifehiʔbu cahlalʔcomp.abs.nfrench fries; potatoes split lengthwise*cahlokʼpref.vmassive or bulky object to bend*cahlo·mpref.vdismember an animal*cahlupref.vcut with knife*cahluhluiter.v-redcut to pieces with knife*cahlu·cpref.vspill out (of beads, flour, water)*cahmiypref.vkeep moving around in seat*cahmoypref.vshift around, not sitting still*cahmupref.vsit on and break*cahpapref.vpat with rear*cahpahpaiter.v-redpat repeatedly with rear*cahpanhpref.vcompress with rear end or with body*cahpopref.v(water) overflow a dam*cahpolhpref.vgush by sitting on*cahponpolopref.vrear end swollen*cahpʰaqʼpref.vbreak interior (of something) with rear end, e.g., by sitting on it*cahpʰatʼpref.vflop down onto rear end*cahpʰipref.vshred with knife, rear, massive object*cahpʰihpʰiiter.v-redshred with a massive object, the rear, a knife*cahpʰitʼpref.vtear with knife*cahpʰukʼutpref.vsink into something soft, of the rear*cahqa1pref.vbe used to sitting (in a lumpy chair), so that it is not bothersome; sit somewhere usually as "that's my chair, I usually sit there"*cahqa4pref.vrub with butt*cahqʰapref.vslide on rear*cahqʰahqʰaiter.v-redslide on rear*cahqʰacahqʰafreq.v-redslide on rear repeatedly*cahqʰaṭ1pref.vwhittle, shave off pieces from (a stick) with a knife*cahqʰaṭ2pref.vrip apart with a knife*cahqʰayʔpref.vslide on rear*cahqʰayaddir.vslide along on read (as a baby)*cahqʰaya·ladir.vslide downhill on one’s rearcaqʰahyalawabs.plur.nslide (on a playground)*cahqʰayʔmadir.vslide across on rear*cahqʰolhpref.vleak (of cup), massive object to break through*cahsa1pref.vback up in car or take step backward and bump into something in water*cahsa2pref.v-hndpush several objects by backing up (either with with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)*cahsamessivev-hndhold several objects in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)*casa·ddir.v-hndpush along several objects by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)*cahsakʼatpref.vfall hard and bounce with rear end; rear end jarred*cahsetʼpref.vmany to project (i.e. hair on body)*cahsipref.vmake into piece with knife*cahsihsiiter.vmake into pieces by cutting with the blade of a knife: slice up cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and other items that do not crumble when cut; can refer to an object on a surface or held in the hand*cahsikʼitpref.vknock away or over something with rear*cahsimpref.vextinguish, put out (a fire) by sitting on it*cahsitpref.vslice*cahsokʼotpref.vspurt by sitting*cahsompref.vmess up with rear, by sitting*cahsoqpref.1vsit on a mat2ngrass mat to lie on, anything to lie or sit on, cushion, mattress*cahsotpref.1vsit on mat2na mat to sit on, a cushion*cahsupref.vmake into piece with knife*cahsuhsuiter.vmake into little pieces with a knife*cahsutpref.vmake into little pieces with a knife*cahšapref.vmess up by sitting*cahšanpref.1vbe soft and springy: said of a large object that one sits or lies on, like a bed or chair, or possibly of a springy object that one backs into2adjsoft and springy: of a bed or chair*cahtaypref.vtouch with rear*cahtenhpref.vflatten something by sitting or with the rear end*cahtontolopref.vrub by sitting*cahtošcipref.vskin or scrape the rear end or some other bulky object*cahtʰipref.vtear hole with knife*cahtʰopref.vwear hole by sitting*cahṭapref.vmake noise with massive object*cahṭahṭaiter.v-redmake noise with massive object*cahṭanṭalapref.vworn out, faded, by sitting, e.g. faded corduroys*cahṭonṭolopref.vbody get sore from sitting, laying too long; rear end get sore from moving while sitting. *cahṭʰapref.vtake (meat) out from with a knife; cut out of container*cahṭʰepref.adjspread out at the end, or by sitting on?*cahṭʰinhpref.vsit on to straighten out lumps*cahwatʼpref.vsquash, flatten, lose tenseness, tone, collapse, with the rear end*cahwaṭʰpref.vfatten, with the rear end*cahwe·npref.vrock with rear end or while sitting, as in rocking chair; shake*cahwipref.vstick butt, rear end into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, rear end be stuck in*cahwitpref.vselect a seat; choose a place ot sit*cahye·pref.vliquid stop running or flowing; with causative, block liquid from moving, turn off water*cahyolpref.v1mix with large round object or rear end, by sitting2spread or smear something with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting*cahyo·csmlf.v1mix two or more things together with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting2smear with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting*caka·nmapref.vstick out (of bone, elbow, shoulder, hip, cheek, knee)cakaʔnader.adjprominent*cakancaka·nfreq.v-redkeep sticking out hip, shoulder, elbowca·kankatempl.adj-ideoprominent, projecting, sticking out (of hip, butt, breast, shoulder)*caka·špref.v(massive object) block the way*cake·špref.vmassive object project, protrude, get in the way*cake·ṭpref.vwith knife to take off corner or edge*cakišpref.vtighten in seat of pantsca·kiškišitempl.adj-ideotight in the seat*caki·mpref.vcatch by sitting on*caku·ṭpref.vcut off several*cakʰu·lpref.vfeel rough on rear end*cakʼalpref.vpush with the rear end to open slightly*cakʼipref.vwhittle, cut narrow*cakʼi·pref.vscratch something by sitting on it; be scratched by sitting on something*cakʼi·špref.v(chair) squeak from being sat upon; car squeakca·kʼiškʼišitempl.adj-ideosqueaky (of chair)*cakʼo·lpref.vwear a depression into by sitting on (a chair); scoop out a hollow, e.g., cantaloupe seedsca·kʼolkʼotempl.adj-ideosaggy from being sat on (of a sofa)*cali·tpref.vspread lot of little papers with rear end*cama1pref.vcollect water; water level rise*cama2pref.vtwine (a basket); weave (a basket), begin making a basket*camhmicpref.vget used to sitting; know how it feels to sit (on something)*canacpref.vhide self behind an object; put something in front to hide self; be blocked by an object*cana·pref.vput something or stand in the way deliberately; block by being in the waybalay cana·ph. v.vblood be blocked*cana·mpref.vattack, ambush, make surprise attack*canempref.vback up against*cane·cpref.v1blame2get an armful; put in the way*capapref.vbe overgrown or covered with vegetation; be fully dammed up so water covers all of an area*capa·špref.vcomplete (work, task, etc.)*capa·šcismlf.vbe finished, be complete*cape·lpref.vsit on something and spread or smear it*capo·špref.vget a blister on the buttocks (from horseback riding)*capʰo·pref.vsplash repeatedly by sitting in water*capʰu·pref.vscatter small particles from the ground by shooting*capʼilpref.vfeel slick to rear end*caqolpref.vstroke with rear*caqʰalpref.vbrush against with the rear end*caqʰa·1pref.vcut or slice with a knife (not necessarily cut off)cihṭʰiṭi caqʰa·ph. v.vcircumcise*caqʰa·cʼrefl.vcut something off self*caqʰa·2pref.v(fall and) get cut in the rump*caqʰa·ṭpref.v(chair) to feel good, be comfortable (to sit in)*caqʰoṭpref.vcut off several at the rootscaqʰo·csmlf.vcut one off at roots*caqʼa·spref.vscratch and make a streak, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caqʼa·scismlf.vstreakcaqʼa·sciwabs.adjstreaked, from scratching*caqʼa·ṭpref.vbe scraping with a knife to remove surface material*casapref.vknock off several by backing up*case·lpref.vclean, make clear, rinse rear end (by putting in water); clean while sitting*casisilpref.vfeel irritation by sitting on crumbs, grit, scratchy surface*casi·ṭpref.vscatter or scrape with a knife*casu·lpref.vfood drop before ripe because of broken taboo or bad weather*casʼa·lpref.vsqueeze out liquid by sitting (as baby sitting on wet diaper)*casʼiypref.vfold with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caši·mpref.vscatter by sitting*catupref.vpress with rear to make bulge*catucatufreq.vpress with rear to fill and make bulge*catʼapref.vsit on (a dress that you aren’t wearing)*catʼatpref.vbe bothered by sitting on dress you are wearing*catʼe·lpref.vsmear with rear end*catʼulpref.vsquash by sitting on; squeeze contents out of something by sitting on it*caṭalpref.vbe flaredca·ṭalʔmenʔcomp.name(a woman’s name)ca·ṭalʔṭatempl.adj-ideoflared*caṭiṭi·mapref.vlong object stretch, lay across, over something*caṭo·lpref.vmake a depression or hole in something with the rear end, such as by sitting*caṭʰe·lpref.vcut off a rotten spot (of apple); gouge out a piece with a knife (not cut off a slice); spread or separate by sitting or cutting*caṭʰopref.vpeel in pieces with a knife, especially food items such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples*caṭʼampref.v(to stir up) by sitting on; sit down and disturb (ant nest or yellowjackets; not of snake)*caṭʼanpref.vbreak open sore on rear end*caṭʼa·pref.v1burst something by sitting on it, such as an egg or a boil; more generally, sit on something and keep it from moving2lance (a boil); remove boil by cutting it and draining the liquidhuʔuymo caṭʼahqawph. v.vsnap a pictureyoqo caṭʼa·ph. v.vcastratehuʔuymo calaṭʼahqa·lin.p.ncamera*caṭʼempref.vbe tired of sitting*caṭʼo·pref.v1get sore from sitting on rear end, get saddle sores2peel (tree bark, food, etc.) with knife*caṭʼo·spref.vremove covering so liquid oozes out, skin, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caṭʼupref.vrear end sink into, not necessarily entirely submerge*caṭʼulpref.vsink into with rear*caṭʼunpref.vsit on something slimy; feel slimy to sit on, such as rocks with seaweed on them*cawipref.vtwirl, spin on rear end or while sitting*cayepref.vmove, hold, with a massive object; propped object slip*cayemessivevbe propped up against; support by leaning against; hold heavy object*caye·ddir.vpush or move something along with the shoulders, with something massive, whether slow or fast*cayipref.vrub rear end on corner*caykucpref.vwhittle down*cayukʼutpref.vsit down into something (such as mud); sink into while sitting*caʔbapref.vsplit with a knife, break apart by sitting on*caba·csmlf.vbreak apart by sitting on*caʔbalhpref.v(massive object) be turning*caʔbopref.vcur piece off*caʔboʔboiter.v-redcut pieces off*caʔbolhpref.vknock over by sitting down*caʔcʼapref.vflexible object stiffen with the rear end*caʔcʼabapref.vcut in half, cut open with a knife*caʔcʼamhpref.adjbe stiff (of hair), be starched (clothes), be erect (of tail)*caʔcʼanhpref.vstick something on by sitting on it; spread something sticky on seat by sitting*caʔcʼepref.vtake nicks out of chair*caʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.v-redtake nicks out of chair*caʔcʼetpref.v1keep cutting off pieces from the edges of a hard object, using a knife; remove several nicks by whittling the edge (or even place nicks there, depending on the action); especially, cut off nicks in wood on the edge of a chair or table2sit on the edge of chair, ready*caʔcʼopref.vcut with knife*caʔcʼolh1pref.vsit down hard*caʔcʼolh2essivevwear a hole in (a chair) by sitting on it, or suddenly break through the seat of a chair*caʔcʼonpref.vdetach by sitting; sit on something loose or weak and break it off*caʔcʼotpref.vcut little pieces off edge with knife*caʔdi1pref.vpush something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)*caʔdimessivev-hndhold something in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)*cade·ddir.v-hndpush along something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)*caʔdi2pref.vget a splinter by falling down or by sitting*caʔkʰopref.vbend to half squat*caʔkʰošpref.vbend long object (like body) near middle; bend at the waist, knees*caʔkʰošcismlf.vbend at knee and half-squat*caʔkʼa1pref.vcrack (a chair) by sitting (on it)*caʔkʼa2pref.vwalk along with legs apart*caʔkʼayʔpref.vget butt caught in between objects*caʔkʼipref.vwhittle at one point*caʔkʼiṭpref.vcut off with a knife*caʔkʼo1pref.vbump the elbow*caʔkʼo2pref.vchip at a spot with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.vchip away with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redchip away at a spot (on a plank) with a knife*caʔkʼolhpref.vbump with elbow or rear and overturn*caʔkʼonhpref.vcover with a large object; the rear end*caʔkʼonhcicʼsmlf.refl.vretain something by sitting on it*caʔkʼoypref.vcut scattered objects*caʔkʼupref.vfinish cutting with a knife; finish sitting in a series of chairs*caʔlawʔpref.vmove while sitting*caʔlacaʔlafreq.v-redmove around with quick movements while sitting; fidget in a chair, side to side or up and down*caʔlopref.vtangle with the body*caʔlupref.vwrap with the rear end*caʔluṭʼpref.vslip by sitting*caʔpʼanhpref.vshut, close, plug, cover an opening. *caʔpʼanicʼrefl.vhold it in*caʔqʼacpref.vrelax, secure, feel, sit tight, settle back*caʔqʼoʔdipref.vdo well with the rear end; with a knife*caʔqʼoʔdiyicʼsmlf.refl.vto get well settled into one’s seat*caʔsʼaṭpref.vmake mark by sitting on something rough*caʔsʼipref.v1be little bits, pieces, by cutting with a knife2slice*caʔsʼo1pref.vmash with the rear end*caʔsʼo2pref.vwrinkle by sitting on*caʔtʼapref.vseem, feel, detect with the rear end, e.g., while sitting*caʔtʼepref.vfasten, stick to rear end*caʔtʼekelepref.vdistort, make out of shape, flatten, by sitting on*caʔtʼelpref.vnot sit enough; not get enough (rest, enjoyment) while sitting or lying down*caʔtʼempref.vstrike (as panther); man to grab and start fighting*caʔtʼenhpref.vattach the rear end; sit (on a cushion, pad)*caʔtʼentʼelepref.vcrumple, make out of shape with the rear end, e.g., by sitting on something*caʔtʼunhpref.vconstrict, reduce and close inner space. with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caʔṭipref.vpeel the skin of a tree or fruit using a knife*caʔṭimpref.vstretch a long object across something else; lay a long object over or across something*caʔṭupref.vsit on edge, sideways*caʔṭʼapref.vhold between two objects using the rear end or another bulky object [?]*caʔṭʼašpref.vjoin together objects by bulky area ??*caʔṭʼaṭpref.vcrack with the rear end*caʔṭʼawʔducpref.vinjure severely by sitting*caʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.vsit on (box) and flatten, crush flat*caʔṭʼolhpref.vmake slapping noise by bumping*caʔṭʼubutpref.vrear (to sink) in water; head (to sink) in water*caʔwipref.vquickly twist sitting*caʔyapref.vstart to sit down and get up*caʔya·qpref.vrecognize by sitting; know what it is you are sitting on; feel right or familiar by sitting*caʔyi1pref.vcut rawhide strips with a knife*caʔyi2pref.vwiggle in seat*caʔyispref.vrock in seat*caʔyopref.vsit and rumple*caʔyoʔyopref.vsit and rumple up*caʔyupref.vfeel discomfort from sitting*ca·sqʰacpref.v1wear smooth with rear end2crop; cut with knife (so that surface is smooth, flat?)*ca·sʼlucpref.vget slick from wear*ca·šlucpref.v(seat of pants) get slick from wear*ca·ṭʰešpref.vcaʔsʼopref.adjwrinkled by sitting, from being sat on (such as pants or dress)caʔyopref.adjwrinkled, with the rear endca·kʰeškʰešetempl.adj-ideo(tree bole) flared at the bottom, wide at the base
cabacʼolcabácʼoladvin the back of the house, behind the house6.5.1.1House8.6.1.1BackCompound:ʔahcabacʼo·-l
cabahlawcabáhlawnsplinter, sliver, or other wood fragmentcabáhla· mito miʔdiyyou've got a splinter in your toe6.6.3.2Wood8.1.6.2PieceCompound:bahlaw
*cabahliccabáhliʔPlural of*caʔbalhcimassive object be turning
*caba·ccabaʔ´vbreak apart by sitting onSemelfactive of*caʔba
*cabola·tadcabolá·taduPlural of*cabo·lhollow out with rear end
*cabo·lcabolʔ´vhollow out with rear endPrefixed:ca-*bo·lPlural*cabola·tad
*cacecacéwvsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip offcacé· cumawe· ma mil cumatʰma· tolyou are sitting holding the chair downPrefixed:ca-*cePlural*cacet
*cacehlimcacéhlimʔPlural of*cahcelhmabe blocked by massive object
*cacetcacéʔPlural of*cacesecure by sitting
*cacitcacíʔPlural of*cahci2intercept, head off
*cacocacówvbe crushing with the rear endPrefixed:ca-*co1Plural*cacot
*cacotcacóʔPlural of*cacobe crushing with rear end
*cacʰat1cacʰáʔPlural of*cahcʰa1knock over backing up
*cacʰat2cacʰáʔPlural of*cacʰa·grab hold tightly of massive object
*cacʰa·cacʰaw´vgrab hold tightly of a massive objectPrefixed:ca-*cʰa·1Plural*cacʰat2
*cacʰiṭcacʰíʔPlural of*cacʰi·ṭcut out
*cacʰi·ṭcacʰiʔ´vcut out with a knifeqahca wi haʔal muṭʰu· cacʰi·ṭicut out that knot with a knife!Prefixed:ca-*cʰi·ṭ1Plural*cacʰiṭ