Kashaya - English


-Cv-v > vsfxpfxIterative reduplication: the action is repeated a few timesadded to just a dozen or so verbs that can also occur in unreduplicated form; but many verbs require this reduplication (sometimes changing to Frequentative in the plural)
-CvCv-v > vsfxpfxFrequentative reduplication: the action is repeated in quick successionused quite freely, although there are some verbs that do not have a Frequentative form
-CvCʼCvʔCʼv-sfxPL*kʰiṭʼkʰiʔṭʼiunspec. comp. form-Plural of*hkʰiṭʼ2choke*pʰitʼpʰiʔtʼiplur. aff.-Plural of*hpʰitʼtear*qosʼqoʔsʼoplur. aff.-Plural of*hqosʼspill nonliquids*qʰaṭʼqʰaʔṭʼaplur. aff.-Plural of*hqʰaṭ1rip apart or open
-c1cv > vsfxTerrestrial: the action takes place on the ground or floorwith a few verbs, the Terrestrial and Essive act as a pair; either one or the other must be presentterr.*cohqosʼciknock over a group of solid objects; bump non-liquids and cause them to spill over*hihkocterr.hihkóʔv-posgroup be sitting on the groundsyn*ca3 2*nohpʰo 1*šoko·d1cf*ca3 1*šohko1 1*hihkomhihkómʔv-posgroup be sitting off the ground
-c2cv > vsfxSemelfactive: usually means that the action is done once, but with verbs of motion can also mean "start" or "away"smlf.*bacʼocstart singing, talking, etc.??*bahcʼolhcibird peck hole with beak*bahkotʰciwear away with mouth; (bird) peck to nothing*bahpʰatʼcilips flop in*bahpʰa·šcisag inward, depress, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*bahqoyʔcibend something with mouth*bahyo·cput words together; mix, attach words; use words to a songsmear or spread a liquid with the mouth, snout, or beak, such as by kissing*bakʼe·nciask too many questions, press too closely for answers*balebalectalk over someone or something; drown out noise with talking or cryingexclude*balubaluctalk and talk so that another can’t speak*bama·cgroup sit or lie down off the ground; get on a horse, bus*banecfall*bapa·šcibe done speaking; complete what one is saying*bapa·ṭʰcibaqʰo·cuproot one with snout*batašciwbird to squash or mash something soft and mushy with its mouthbird bill*baṭi·cgroup lie down on the ground*bayotʰcigather a group by speaking to them or calling them over; herd or gather animals by calling them*baʔa·cgo after, go gathering; go get thing that doesn't move (change location), primarily food.*baʔbalhciturn over an object with the mouthdiscuss one subject thoroughly; discuss or go over one list of topics*baʔdicpick up with the mouth, beak*baʔkʰošcibent, of people*baʔkʼayʔciget beak stuck*baʔkʼonhcibow or bend body over something*baʔkʼošcibow head*baʔkʼuyʔci(person) nod the head, bend over, bow*baʔlawʔcisay something quickly after something else happens; in answer to a question or repeating someone else’s words*baʔpʼoʔpʼocbeg or ask (someone) for one thing after another until you have everything of theirs*baʔqʼacciconsole or calm down someone by talking*baʔtʼeʔtʼecmany close together*baʔṭašcido to all with the mouth*baʔṭʼebaʔṭʼechaving a sulky face (like child); mouth trembles as if you are about to cry; lips pressed together *ba·skalcibe bright, clear, distinct, with the voice, by speech (or hearing)*bihpʰa·šcilip sag inward*biʔdimciaim (a gun)*bi·skalcitaste clear or clean; (mouth) feel good and clean after brushing the teeth or eating fruit*cihpʰa·šcisag inward, depress, by holding a small part of a larger object, e.g. a handle*cobo·šcibe swelled up*coʔdomcistart to hold a bunch or mass at a place; hold up for someone to see, rather than simply be holding*cuhpʰa·šcisag inward with a round object *cuʔṭašcido to all, specifically, bulldoze all; shoot all*cʰiʔcʼamcispace open up*cʰiʔdimcipick up and hold one thing (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder); grab and hold part of an object to drag; take and hold by the hand to lead*dahsisciitch; have a painful surface irritation*daʔṭašcido to all, by hand [?]*dihpʰa·šcisink inward*dimcitake and hold a nonlong object, for example holding the object to do something with it*diṭʰa·lcibecome bright or light enough to see, as the result of an unseen cause, such as falling or gravity*diʔcʼolhcicave in*dohkolhciloosen by fiddling with finders*duhpʰa·šcimake sag inward, depress, with a finger*dutudutucstuff to the point of bulging, using the finger*hahcelhcispan an opening with the legs by standing over it*hidulciseveral to fail to touch with body *hihpʰa·šcisag inward, depress, with body, by itself*hihsiscibody feel surface irritation; body feel itchy*hiṭʰa·lcibright, light enough to see by, (with the body?); be bright out*hiʔkʼonhcihold under arm against body*hiʔṭašcibe familiar to body*kanhcisettle down*mahkolhciloosen with the foot*mahpʰa·šcisag inward, depress, with sole of foot*matumatucstuff with the feet*mihpʰa·šcicollapse, knock down by kicking*miṭʰa·lcibe bright, light enough to see by, especially of the sky*miʔsʼaṭʰcikick hard and cause injury*moʔsʼonhcident, as to a cara dent*muhpʰa·šcicollapse from car driving on*muhsisciscorch; burn black, be burnt black; singe or cook well-done, thoroughly*muṭʰa·lcian area be bright enough, light enough to see by, as a result of sunlight coming in*muʔlawʔcihit, throw or throw quickly; perform an action quickly with energy*pihkolhcimake it loose by hitting (but not apart)*pihsiscisurface irritation of eye; feel something in eyesquint, half-close eyes (as from glare or irritation, but could be for any reason)squint while sitting*piṭʰa·lcibe bright, light enough to see by, especially as the result of turning on lights with the side of a long object, such as flipping a light switch with the finger*pi·skalcibe bright; (to person) look bright in one place*puṭʰa·lcibe bright, light enough to see by, from wind blowing away clouds*puʔṭašciblow or burn bare, entirely*pu·skalcibe blown, burned clean, clear*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacstand stiff-legged (not necessarily apart)*pʰobo·šciinflate with air*pʰuʔlawʔcigive a quick puff; blow on something quickly*qabo·šcicheeks be puffed up, be enlarged insubstantially*qaʔlawʔcigrab quickly between opposing forces, such as with the teeth or mouth (of cat, dog); eat quickly, such as without chewing*sihpʰa·šcisag inward, depress, by water*siṭʰa·lciget bright (after rainy, foggy weather)*siʔbalhcibe turning, shifting with tongue*šaʔṭašcido to all, by a long object moving lengthwise; with a mesh*šohkolhcipull loose*šuhsaclead several (people, animals) away, start to lead somewhere; pull (with a rope)*šuʔlawʔciwave quicklyverb.*ma·kucgo deaf, become deaf, lose one's hearing*daʔdimciessivedaʔdímciwv-hndpick up and hold a heavy objectpl.dahsamci*baʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.baʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv(bird) peck away on one spot (on a tree) creating a shallow hole*bihsamcismlf.bihsámciwv-hndpick up and hold several long objects in the armssg.*biʔdimci*cahnomacsmlf.cahnomáʔv(an animal) make a sound or vocalization once, such as a dog barking or an owl hooting*caʔkʼonhcismlf.-vcover with large object; rear end*caʔkʼonhcicʼrefl.caʔkʼónhciʔvretain something by sitting on it*cuṭʰa·lcismlf.cuṭʰalcíwvbe bright, light enough to see by*dabalcismlf.-vwipe face once*dabalcicʼrefl.dabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)*dahpohpocsmlf.dahpóhpoʔvstuff to be overflowing*du·bayhcismlf.-vbe too busy*mihšecsmlf.-vsmell, sniff*mihšecʰqacaus.mihšécʰqawvsmell, sniffcf*mišecʰqa*miʔkanhcismlf.-vnod head once in affirmative*miʔkanhcicʼrefl.miʔkánhciʔvnod head once in affirmative*muʔbecsmlf.-vsmother (of fire)*muʔbecʰqacaus.v(of fire) smother (with water?)*pohcʰohcʰoc2smlf.-vsteam (food)*pohcʰohcʰocʰqacaus.pohcʰóhcʰocʰqawvsteam (food); tenderize meat, by pounding*pʰiqʼa·ṭʰcismlf.pʰiqʼaṭcíwvswipe, scrape oncepl.*pʰiqʼaqʼaṭʰci*pʰisʼamcismlf.-vblink*pʰisʼamcicʼrefl.pʰisʼámciʔvblink; close eyes once (and might keep them closed)*qaʔsʼaʔsʼacsmlf.qaʔsʼáʔsʼaʔvcrush so that the contents are squeezed or forced out (not necessarily something messy); can apply to an animal, or to a tin can or wooden box*sihsoṭʰcismlf.-vdisappear*sihsoṭʰcicʼrefl.sihsóṭʰciʔvdisappear, vanish, dissolve, liquefy*sikʰelcismlf.-vdisappear*sikʰelcicʼrefl.sikʰélciʔvdisappear (of person)*sikʼalcismlf.sikʼálciwvfire to die down, light to go out*sikʼalcihqacaus.sikʼálcihqawvlet a fire die down, turn a light off*silusilucsmlf.silusíluʔvconfuse someone by means of speech or talking; "snow" someone with fast talk*siqʰolcismlf.-vsuck in once*siqʰolcicʼrefl.siqʰólciʔvsuck in once, sniff once, inhale once*soʔbosoʔbocsmlf.soʔbosóʔboʔv-redcome to have irregular projections*sʼaṭicsmlf.sʼaṭíʔvbe healthy*sʼukʰusʼukʰucsmlf.sʼukʰusʼúkʰuʔv-redbe blunt-pointed*ši·batʰcismlf.-vfeel sorry for oneself*ši·batʰcicʼrefl.ší·batʰciʔvfeel sorry for oneself, feel inadequate or inferiorfr. var.*ši·baccicʼ*šoʔkʼonhcismlf.-vpull up against oneselfdahsamcismlf.dahsámciwv-hndpick up and hold several heavy objectssg.*daʔdimci*duhṭʰahṭʰaciter.duhṭʰáhṭʰaʔvunwind, unscrew, destroy with the fingers*mahkʰiṭʼciiter.-vstrain foot*mahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.mahkʰiṭʼciʔvstrain or sprain one's foot
*ca1-n-kinmother’s father, mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brother2.6.5.1Man4., grandmotherca·sʼenʔ1stca·sʼénʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfmaca·sʼmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔfr. var.ca·sʼedeobj.ca·sʼetoben.ca·sʼenʔkʰeloc.ca·sʼetoʔnavoc.ca·sʼeca·sʼedeta·tanʔ1st inf.ta·tánʔn-kinmy, our grandfather: mother’s father (informal: grampa, grandpa); also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼobj.ta·tatoben.ta·tanʔkʰeloc.ta·tatoʔnavoc.ta·tamica·sʼ2ndmicasʼ´n-kinyour grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔobj.mica·sʼelben.mica·sʼeʔkʰeloc.mica·sʼeʔnacom.micasʼe·yimiya·ca·sʼ3rdmiyá·casʼn-kinhis, her, their grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmaca·sʼmica·sʼta·tanʔobj.miya·ca·sʼelben.miya·ca·sʼeʔkʰeloc.miya·ca·sʼeʔnarequires case suffixmaca·sʼ3rd refl.macasʼ´n-kinhis, her, their own grandfather: mother’s father; also mother’s parent’s father, mother’s parent’s brothercfca·sʼenʔmica·sʼmiya·ca·sʼta·tanʔobj.maca·sʼelben.maca·sʼeʔkʰeloc.maca·sʼeʔnacom.macasʼe·yi*macasʼaqverb.macasʼáʔv-kinacknowledge someone as one's grandfather (one's mother’s father); call someone by that word
*ca3cáw1v-posone sit, be sitting; one nonlong object or one person or animal bent into a nonlong shape, be stationary in some specified location on the ground or floorcf*hcayicʼ 2*hihkoc*hka*hkaṭʼ*hko4*hkoy*šohko1 12vone nonlong object, or one person (assumed shape is immaterial), be in some specified location (on the ground or not is immaterial); be, remain, stay, live, dwell, abidesyn*hihkoc*nohpʰo 1*šoko·d13vone person be in a state or condition; certain nonconcrete concepts be, including the datesyn*ṭʰaʔba*ʔi 1loc.ʔaca·c šina· cawalliHuman Skull Sitting: a place slightly northwest of Huckleberry Heightsdimo caph. v.dimo cáwvlive with spouse's familyqali· caph. v.qali· cáwvstay up (all night)*cuma1cumáw1v-posone be sitting off the groundcf*caʔtʼenh2nexperienceweya cumawcomp.weya cúmawnpowerkawa·yu cumahci· yacn.p.kawa·yu cúmahci· yaʔncowboy, rider; horse breaker, rider of bucking horsessynkawa·yu naṭawake·ruwa·ka naṭaʔoho cumaʔlin.p.ʔoho cúmaʔlinlampcumatʰmawplur.essiveabs.cumátʰmawnchair, bench, any seatcumatʰmaw bihkocomp.cumátʰmaw bihkonhigh chair (with long legs)cumatʰma· dahlokʼciwn.p.cumátʰma· dahlókʼciwnfolding chair*cuma·csmlf.cumaʔ´v-posone sit down on something off the ground, such as a chair or tablepl.*cumahci*cumahqacaus.cumáhqawvkeep locked up*cumayicincep.vsettle in or on a place; (spirit) enter a person*cahci1smlf.cahcíwv-posone sit down on the groundpl.*šuqʰac*cahcihqacaus.cahcíhqawvseat; lead to seat; help in sitting; set or place a child in a seat*cahqa3caus.cáhqawvset (**); connect (wires)pl.*cahqawad*cahqacʼrefl.cáhqaʔvput a costume oncf*caqa·cʼ*šaqacʼ*camucʼrecip.camúʔvsit with someone, with each other
ca-capref-instrpfxwith the rear end, with a massive or bulky object, with a knifepref.*cahnattest or try something by using the rear end or another bulky object; especially, to sit on a chair, bed, or similar surface to test whether it is hard, soft, comfortable, etc.*hayukʼutthrow a pick (not spear)recip.cahwe·nmucʼrock or swing back and fortha chair or seat that rocks or swings back and forth: rocking chair, swing chairseesaw, teeter-totterinstr.cahwe·nmuʔliseesawiter.*caʔwiʔwiquickly twist while sitting (can be fast or slow)*cabo·lpref.cabolʔ´vhollow out with rear endcf*caṭo·lpl.*cabola·tadcabolá·tadu*cacepref.cacéwvsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip offpl.*cacetcacéʔ*cacopref.cacówvbe crushing with the rear endpl.*cacotcacóʔ*cacʰa·pref.cacʰaw´vgrab hold tightly of a massive objectpl.*cacʰat2cacʰáʔ*cacʰi·ṭpref.cacʰiʔ´vcut out with a knifepl.*cacʰiṭcacʰíʔ*cacʼalpref.cacʼálʔvmassive object separate but remain attachedpl.*cacʼaltacacʼáltaw*cacʼepref.-v-redmake a quick cutalways frequentative*cacʼi·ṭpref.cacʼiʔ´vcut up (the ingredients of a salad) so that they become mixed togetherpl.*cacʼihṭicacʼíhṭiw*cacʼi·ṭaqdir.cacʼiṭaʔvsit together, mix (socially)syn*dicʼi·ṭaq 1*hicʼi·ṭaq*cacʼo·pref.cacʼow´v1transform by sitting2whittlepl.*caʔcʼowadcaʔcʼowá·du*cacʼo·mpref.cacʼomʔ´vchop off, amputate a limbpl.*cacʼotamcacʼotámʔ*cacʼo·ṭpref.cacʼoʔ´vcut off ends with knife*cadahcʰipref.cadáhcʰiwvshove aside with the rear endcf*cadaʔdi*cadaʔdipref.cadáʔdiwvwith rear to push aside or down (person or fence)cf*cadahcʰipl.*cadaʔditicadáʔditiw*cadilpref.cadílʔvbe unable to sit (on a chair), miss sitting on something, especially because it is too far awaypl.*cadilta*cadultafr. var.*cadul*cadulta*caduw1pref.-vact on the edge of something with the rear end*caduw2pref.cadúwʔvpeel something in one piece, with a knifecf*biṭʼo·*caṭʰo*caṭʼo·s*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*cahcepref.cahcéwvbe obstructed by something massive; dammed up (but not necessarily fully)cf*capa*cupa*cahcehqacaus.cahcéhqawvdam up; obstruct with something massive*cahcelhpref.-vbe obstructed by massive object*cahcelhmaessivecahcélhmawvbe blocked, stopped, obstructed by a massive object; for example, a gate with sliding bars blocking the waypl.*cacehlimcacéhlimʔ*cahcelhcismlf.cahcélhciwvbe obstructed by massive object*cahci2pref.cahcíwvintercept with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifepl.*cacitcacíʔ*cahcʰa1pref.cahcʰáwvknock over backing uppl.*cacʰat1cacʰáʔ*cahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰahcʰaiter.-vcrumble by sitting on*cahcʰahcʰacsmlf.cahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble by sitting onpl.*cahcʰacacʰatadcahcʰacácʰata·du*cahcʰocpref.-v-redwear out with rear end*cahcʰohcʰociter.cahcʰóhcʰoʔv-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)always reduplicated*cahcʰocahcʰocfreq.cahcʰocáhcʰoʔv-redwear out with rear end (e.g., seat of pants or chair wears out)always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahcʰotpref.cahcʰóʔvbe tired of sitting*cahkepref.cahkéwvbe blocked by something in sitting*cahkilhcipref.cahkílhciwvsit with a thud; make a thud sound when sitting down*cahkopref.-v-red(chair) move loosely when sat inalways reduplicated*cahkolhpref.-vloosen by sitting in*cahkolhmaessivecahkólhmawv(old chair) loosened by sitting inrequires essive -ma*cahkotpref.-vwear out seat of chair or pants*cahkotʰcismlf.cahkótʰciwvwear out seat of chair or pants*cahkʰapref.-v-redstain with rear end*cahkʰahkʰapref.cahkʰáhkʰawv-redstain by the action of the the rear end or other bulky objectalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahkʰepref.-vscoot over, shift position along a surface while sittingsyn*caye*cakʰe·nʔwaddist.cakʰenʔwadúvmove, scoot around on one's butt or rear endpl.*cakʰetʰmucʼcakʰétʰmuʔpl. agt.*cakʰe·cʼwacʼ*cahkʰeyʔcicʼrefl.cahkʰéyʔciʔvshift in seat, especially if toward someone or somethingpl.*cakʰeyʔtacʼcakʰéyʔtaʔincludes Semelfactivemust occur with suffix*cahkʰopref.-vcatch with an object*cahkʰupref.-v-redcrush by sitting on *cahkʰuhkʰupref.cahkʰúhkʰuwv-redcrush (glass) by sitting onalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahlabapref.cahlabáwvcrack apart (by cutting)pl.*cahlabatcahlabáʔ*cahlalpref.cahlálʔvcut into several pieces with a knifehiʔbu cahlalʔcomp.abs.hiʔbu cáhlalʔnfrench fries; potatoes split lengthwise*cahlokʼpref.cahlóʔvmassive or bulky object to bend*cahlo·mpref.cahlomʔ´vdismember an animalcf*bahqʰolh*šamepl.*calotam*caluhlucalúhluw*cahlupref.-v-redcut with knife*cahluhluiter.cahlúhluwv-redcut to pieces with knifealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahlu·cpref.cahluʔ´vspill out (of beads, flour, water)syn*šahlu·c*cahmiypref.cahmíyʔvkeep moving around in seat*cahmoypref.cahmóyʔvshift around, not sitting still*cahmupref.-v-redsit on and break*cahmuhmuiter.-v-redsit on and break to pieces*cahmuhmucsmlf.cahmúhmuʔvsit on and break to piecespl.*cahmucamutadcahmucámuta·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahpapref.-v-redpat with rear*cahpahpaiter.cahpáhpawv-redpat repeatedly with rearalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahpanhpref.cahpánʔvcompress with rear end or with bodypl.*cahpana·tadcahpaná·tadu*cahpopref.cahpówv(water) overflow a dampl.*capotcapóʔ*cahpolhpref.cahpólʔvgush by sitting onpl.*cahpola·tadcahpolá·tadu*cahponpolopref.-vrear end swollen*cahponpolocsmlf.cahpónpoloʔvrear end swollen*cahpʰaqʼpref.cahpʰáqʼciwvbreak interior (of something) with rear end, e.g., by sitting on itcf*cahpʰatʼcipl.*capʰahqʼicapʰáhqʼiw*cahpʰatʼpref.-vflop down onto rear end*cahpʰatʼmaessivevbe flopped on rear*cahpʰatʼcismlf.cahpʰátʼciwvflop down onto rear end; sit flat, as car on flat tire.cf*cahpʰaqʼpl.*capʰahtʼicapʰáhtʼiw*cahpʰipref.-v-redshred with knife, rear, massive object*cahpʰihpʰiiter.cahpʰíhpʰiwv-redshred with a massive object, the rear, a knifesyn*cahpʰitʼcipl.*cahpʰicapʰitadcahpʰicápʰita·dudial. var.*cahpihpialways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahpʰitʼpref.-vtear with knife*cahpʰitʼcismlf.cahpʰítʼciwvtear with knife, by sittingsyn*cahpʰihpʰipl.*cahpʰitʼpʰitʼiwadcahpʰítʼpʰitʼiwa·du*capʰitʼpʰiʔtʼicapʰítʼpʰiʔtʼiwdial. var.*cahpitʼci*cahpʰukʼutpref.cahpʰukʼúʔvsink into something soft, of the rearpl.*capʰukʼutcapʰukʼúʔ*cahqa1pref.cahqáwvbe used to sitting (in a lumpy chair), so that it is not bothersome; sit somewhere usually as "that's my chair, I usually sit there"*cahqa4pref.-v-redrub with buttalways frequentative*cahqʰapref.cahqʰáwvslide on rearcf*cahqʰaya·la*cahqʰahqʰaiter.cahqʰáhqʰawvslide on rear*cahqʰacahqʰafreq.cahqʰcáhqʰawvslide on rear repeatedly*cahqʰaṭ1pref.cahqʰáʔvwhittle, shave off pieces from (a stick) with a knifesyn*dihqʰaṭ2*cahqʰaṭ2pref.cahqʰáʔvrip apart with a knifepl.*caqʰaṭʼqʰaʔṭʼa*cahqʰayʔpref.-vslide on rear*cahqʰayaddir.cahqʰayá·duvslide along on read (as a baby)*cahqʰaya·ladir.cahqʰayá·lawvslide downhill on one’s rearcf*cahqʰapl.*caqʰahyalacaqʰáhyiwcaqʰahyalawabs.plur.caqʰáhyalawnslide (on a playground)*cahqʰayʔmadir.cahqʰáyʔmawvslide across on rearonly with directionals*cahqʰolhpref.cahqʰólʔvleak (of cup), massive object to break throughpl.*caqʰola·tadcaqʰolá·tadu*caqʰoltacaqʰóltaw*cahsa1pref.cahsáwvback up in car or take step backward and bump into something in waterpl.*casatcasáʔ*cahsa2pref.cahsáwv-hndpush several objects by backing up (either with with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*caʔdi1*cahsamessivecahsámv-hndhold several objects in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one'€™s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*caʔdim*casa·ddir.casa·du´v-hndpush along several objects by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)sg.*cade·dpl. agt.*casa·cʼ*cahsakʼatpref.cahsakʼáʔvfall hard and bounce with rear end; rear end jarred*cahsetʼpref.cahséʔvmany to project (i.e. hair on body)*cahsipref.-vmake into piece with knife*cahsihsiiter.cahsíhsiwvmake into pieces by cutting with the blade of a knife: slice up cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and other items that do not crumble when cut; can refer to an object on a surface or held in the handcf*cahsuhsu*cahsut*cahsikʼitpref.cahsikʼíʔvknock away or over something with rearsyn*šahsikʼitpl.*casikʼitcasikʼíʔ*cahsimpref.cahsímʔvextinguish, put out (a fire) by sitting on itpl.*casitʰmacasítʰmaw*cahsitpref.cahsíʔvslice*cahsitacsmlf.vslice once*cahsitaqdir.cahsitáʔvtear, shred, slice with rear end, knifepl.*casihtaqcasíhtaʔ*cahsokʼotpref.cahsokʼóʔvspurt by sittingpl.*casokʼotcasokʼótʔ*cahsompref.cahsómʔvmess up with rear, by sitting*cahsoqpref.cahsóʔ1vsit on a matsyn*cahsot 12ngrass mat to lie on, anything to lie or sit on, cushion, mattresssyn*cahsot 2pl.*casotʰqo*cahsotpref.cahsóʔ1vsit on matsyn*cahsoq 12na mat to sit on, a cushionsyn*cahsoq 2*cahsupref.-vmake into piece with knife*cahsuhsuiter.cahsúhsuwvmake into little pieces with a knifecf*cahsihsi*cahsut*cahsutpref.cahsúʔvmake into little pieces with a knifecf*cahsihsi*cahsuhsu*cahšapref.-v-redmess up by sitting*cahšahšaiter.cahšáhšawv-reddisarrange, mess up by sitting (on something)always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahšanpref.cahšánʔ1vbe soft and springy: said of a large object that one sits or lies on, like a bed or chair, or possibly of a springy object that one backs into2adjsoft and springy: of a bed or chair*cahtaypref.cahtáyʔvtouch with rearpl.*catayʔtacahtáyʔtaw*cahtenhpref.cahténʔvflatten something by sitting or with the rear end*cahtontolopref.cahtóntolowvrub by sitting*cahtošcipref.cahtóšciwvskin or scrape the rear end or some other bulky objectcf*caṭʼo· 1*cahtʰipref.-v-redtear hole with knife*cahtʰihtʰiiter.-v-redtear many holes with knife*cahtʰihtʰicsmlf.cahtʰíhtʰiʔv1cut (curtains) to pieces, cut to pieces with a knife2wear hole (in chair) by sitting, wear to piecesalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahtʰopref.-v-redwear hole by sitting*cahtʰohtʰoiter.-v-redwear hole by sitting and squirming*cahtʰohtʰocsmlf.cahtʰóhtʰoʔvwear hole by sitting and squirmingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahṭapref.-v-redmake noise with massive object*cahṭahṭaiter.cahṭáhṭawv-redmake noise with massive objectalways reduplicated*cahṭacahṭafreq.cahṭacáhṭawv-redmake noise with massive objectalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*cahṭanṭalapref.cahṭánṭalawvworn out, faded, by sitting, e.g. faded corduroyspl.*cahṭanṭalat*cahṭonṭolopref.cahṭónṭolowvbody get sore from sitting, laying too long; rear end get sore from moving while sitting. *cahṭʰapref.cahṭʰáwvtake (meat) out from with a knife; cut out of containerpl.*caṭʰatcaṭʰáʔ*cahṭʰepref.cahṭʰe´adjspread out at the end, or by sitting on?*cahṭʰinhpref.cahṭʰínʔvsit on to straighten out lumpspl.*cahṭʰina·tad*cahwatʼpref.cahwáʔvsquash, flatten, lose tenseness, tone, collapse, with the rear end*cahwatʼmaessivecahwátʼmawvsquash with rear end*cahwatʼcismlf.cahwátʼciwvsquash with rear end*cahwaṭʰpref.cahwáʔvfatten, with the rear end*cahwe·npref.cahwenʔ´vrock with rear end or while sitting, as in rocking chair; shakecahwe·nmucʼrecip.cahwenmúʔ1vrock or swing back and forth2na chair or seat that rocks or swings back and forth: rocking chair, swing chaircan occur with or without "chair"*cahwipref.cahwíwvstick butt, rear end into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, rear end be stuck in*cahwitpref.cahwíʔvselect a seat; choose a place ot sit*cahwitʰcismlf.cahwítʰciwvselect seat*cahye·pref.cahyew´vliquid stop running or flowing; with causative, block liquid from moving, turn off waterpl.*cayetcayéʔ*cahyolpref.cahyólʔv1mix with large round object or rear end, by sitting2spread or smear something with a large round object or the rear end, by sittingpl.*cayolaqcayoláʔ*cahyo·csmlf.cahyoʔ´v1mix two or more things together with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting2smear with a large round object or the rear end, by sitting*caka·npref.-vstick out (of bone, elbow, shoulder, hip, cheek, knee)*caka·nmaessivecaka·nʔ´vstick out (of bone, elbow, shoulder, hip, cheek, knee)cf*caka·šma*cake·špl.*cakahnimcakaʔnader.cakáʔnaadjprominentsynca·kanka*cakancaka·nfreq.cakáncakanʔvkeep sticking out hip, shoulder, elbowca·kankatempl.ca·kánkaadj-ideoprominent, projecting, sticking out (of hip, butt, breast, shoulder)syncakaʔnarequires essive -ma*caka·špref.-v(massive object) block the way*caka·šmaessivecakašmáwvmassive object project, block the waysyn*cake·šcf*caka·nma*cake·špref.cakeš´vmassive object project, protrude, get in the waysyn*caka·šmacf*caka·nma*cake·ṭpref.cakeʔ´vwith knife to take off corner or edge*cakišpref.cakíšvtighten in seat of pantsca·kiškišitempl.ca·kíškišiadj-ideotight in the seat*caki·mpref.-vcatch by sitting on*caki·mmaessivecakimmáwvcatch by sitting on*caki·mcismlf.cakimcíwvcatch a part of one thing on something else by sitting on it or setting something heavy on it; also, be caught*caku·ṭpref.cakuʔ´vcut off severalcf*hlud1*mikuṭʰci*misʼa·pl.*cakuhṭicakúhṭiw*cakʰu·lpref.cakʰulʔ´vfeel rough on rear endpl.*cakʰula·tad*cakʼalpref.cakʼálʔvpush with the rear end to open slightlypl.*cakʼahlicakʼáhliw*cakʼipref.-vwhittle, cut narrow*cakʼi·pref.cakʼiw´vscratch something by sitting on it; be scratched by sitting on somethingpl.*cakʼit*cakʼi·špref.cakʼiš´v(chair) squeak from being sat upon; car squeakpl.*cakʼihšicakʼíhšiwca·kʼiškʼišitempl.ca·kʼíškʼišiadj-ideosqueaky (of chair)*cakʼo·lpref.cakʼolʔ´vwear a depression into by sitting on (a chair); scoop out a hollow, e.g., cantaloupe seedsca·kʼolkʼotempl.ca·kʼólkʼoadj-ideosaggy from being sat on (of a sofa)*cali·tpref.caliʔ´vspread lot of little papers with rear endpl.*cali·tʰmacalitʰmáw*cama1pref.camáwvcollect water; water level risepl.*camat2camáʔ*cama2pref.camáwvtwine (a basket); weave (a basket), begin making a basketsyn*biʔsʼaṭcf*ʔbu2*ʔbulpl.*camat1camáʔ*camhmicpref.camhmíʔvget used to sitting; know how it feels to sit (on something)*canacpref.canáʔvhide self behind an object; put something in front to hide self; be blocked by an object*cana·pref.canaw´vput something or stand in the way deliberately; block by being in the waybalay cana·ph. v.balá· canawvblood be blockedsynbalay hina·*cana·mpref.canamʔ´vattack, ambush, make surprise attackpl.*canatamcanatámʔ*canempref.vback up against*cane·cpref.caneʔ´v1blame2get an armful; put in the waypl.*canehcicanéhciw*capapref.capáwvbe overgrown or covered with vegetation; be fully dammed up so water covers all of an areasyn*cupacf*cahce*capa·špref.capaš´vcomplete (work, task, etc.)*capa·šcismlf.capašcíwvbe finished, be complete*cape·lpref.capelʔ´vsit on something and spread or smear itsyn*caqol*capo·špref.capoš´vget a blister on the buttocks (from horseback riding)pl.*capoša·tadcapošá·tadu*capʰo·pref.capʰow´vsplash repeatedly by sitting in water*capʰu·pref.capʰuw´vscatter small particles from the ground by shooting*capʼilpref.capʼílʔvfeel slick to rear end*caqolpref.caqólʔvstroke with rearsyn*cape·lpl.*caqola·tadcaqolá·tadu*caqʰalpref.caqʰálʔvbrush against with the rear endpl.*caqʰahlicaqʰáhliw*caqʰa·1pref.caqʰaw´vcut or slice with a knife (not necessarily cut off)pl.*caqʰamcaqʰámʔ*caqʰawa·tadcaqʰawá·taducihṭʰiṭi caqʰa·ph. v.cihṭʰiṭí caqʰawvcircumcisepl.cihṭʰiṭi caqʰamcihṭʰiṭí caqʰamʔ*caqʰa·cʼrefl.caqʰaʔ´vcut something off self*caqʰa·2pref.caqʰaw´v(fall and) get cut in the rump*caqʰa·ṭpref.caqʰaʔ´v(chair) to feel good, be comfortable (to sit in)*caqʰoṭpref.caqʰóʔvcut off several at the rootscaqʰo·csmlf.vcut one off at roots*caqʼa·spref.caqʼas´vscratch and make a streak, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifepl.*caqʼasa·tadcaqʼasá·tadu*caqʼa·scismlf.-vstreakcaqʼa·sciwabs.caqʼascíwadjstreaked, from scratching*caqʼa·ṭpref.caqʼaʔ´vbe scraping with a knife to remove surface material*casapref.casáwvknock off several by backing upsyn*šusa*case·lpref.caselʔ´vclean, make clear, rinse rear end (by putting in water); clean while sitting*casisilpref.cahsisílʔvfeel irritation by sitting on crumbs, grit, scratchy surfacefr. var.*cahsisil*casi·ṭpref.casiʔ´vscatter or scrape with a knife*casu·lpref.casulʔ´vfood drop before ripe because of broken taboo or bad weathercf*disu·l*musu·l 2*casʼa·lpref.casʼalʔ´vsqueeze out liquid by sitting (as baby sitting on wet diaper)*casʼiypref.casʼíyʔvfold with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knife*caši·mpref.cašimʔ´vscatter by sitting*catupref.-v-redpress with rear to make bulge*catucatufreq.-v-redpress with rear to fill and make bulge*catucatucsmlf.catucátuʔvpress with rear to fill and make bulge (a suitcase)always frequentativealways frequentative*catʼapref.catʼawvsit on (a dress that you aren’t wearing)cf*catʼat*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔduc*catʼatpref.catʼáʔvbe bothered by sitting on dress you are wearingcf*catʼa*catʼe·lpref.catʼelʔ´vsmear with rear end*catʼulpref.catʼúlʔvsquash by sitting on; squeeze contents out of something by sitting on itpl.*catʼuhlicatʼúhliw*caṭalpref.caṭálʔvbe flaredca·ṭalʔmenʔcomp.cá·ṭalʔmenʔname(a woman’s name)ca·ṭalʔṭatempl.cá·ṭalʔṭaadj-ideoflared*caṭiṭi·mapref.caṭiṭí·mawvlong object stretch, lay across, over somethingsyn*caʔṭim*caṭo·lpref.caṭolʔ´vmake a depression or hole in something with the rear end, such as by sittingcf*cabo·l*caṭʰe·lpref.caṭʰelʔ´vcut off a rotten spot (of apple); gouge out a piece with a knife (not cut off a slice); spread or separate by sitting or cuttingpl.*caṭʰelʔtacaṭʰélʔtaw/caṭʰehli/ plural stem when suffixed*caṭʰopref.caṭʰówvpeel in pieces with a knife, especially food items such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, applescf*biṭʼo·*caduw2*caṭʼo· 2*caṭʼo·s*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*caṭʼampref.caṭʼámʔv(to stir up) by sitting on; sit down and disturb (ant nest or yellowjackets; not of snake)*caṭʼanpref.caṭʼánʔvbreak open sore on rear endpl.*caṭʼantacaṭʼántaw*caṭʼa·pref.caṭʼaw´v1burst something by sitting on it, such as an egg or a boil; more generally, sit on something and keep it from movingcf*catʼa*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔduc2lance (a boil); remove boil by cutting it and draining the liquidpl.*calaṭʼa1calaṭʼáwhuʔuymo caṭʼahqawph. v.huʔú·mo caṭʼahqawvsnap a picturecfhuʔuymo calaṭʼahqa·lihuʔuymo sʼiqacʼyoqo caṭʼa·ph. v.yoqo cáṭʼawvcastratepl.yoqo calaṭʼayoqo cálaṭʼawhuʔuymo calaṭʼahqa·lin.p.huʔú·mo calaṭʼahqa·lincamerasynhuʔuymo sʼiwaʔlicfhuʔuymo caṭʼahqaw*caṭʼempref.caṭʼémʔvbe tired of sitting*caṭʼo·pref.caṭʼow´v1get sore from sitting on rear end, get saddle sorescf*cahtošci2peel (tree bark, food, etc.) with knifecf*caṭʰopl.*caloṭʼocaloṭʼów*caṭʼo·spref.caṭʼos´vremove covering so liquid oozes out, skin, with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifecf*biṭʼo·*caduw2*caṭʰo*caʔṭiʔṭi*doʔqʼoʔdi*caṭʼupref.caṭʼúwvrear end sink into, not necessarily entirely submergecf*caṭʼulci*caṭʼulpref.-vsink into with rear*caṭʼulcismlf.caṭʼúlciwvsink into with the rearcf*caṭʼupl.*caṭʼuhliccaṭʼúhliʔ*caṭʼulatad*caṭʼulmaalways occurs with semelfactive, essive, or directionals*caṭʼunpref.caṭʼúnʔvsit on something slimy; feel slimy to sit on, such as rocks with seaweed on them*cawipref.cawíwvtwirl, spin on rear end or while sittingcf*cayipl.*cawitcawíʔ*cayepref.-vmove, hold, with a massive object; propped object slipsyn*cahkʰecf*cuyecʼ*cayemessivecayémʔvbe propped up against; support by leaning against; hold heavy objectsyn*cuyem*caye·ddir.caye·du´vpush or move something along with the shoulders, with something massive, whether slow or fastpl.*cayehtadcayéhtaduoccurs with Essive or Directional suffix*cayipref.cayíwvrub rear end on cornercf*cawi*caykucpref.caykúʔvwhittle down*cayukʼutpref.cayukʼúʔvsit down into something (such as mud); sink into while sitting*caʔbapref.caʔbáwvsplit with a knife, break apart by sitting on*caba·csmlf.cabaʔ´vbreak apart by sitting on*caʔbalhpref.-v(massive object) be turning*caʔbalhcismlf.caʔbálhciwvmassive object be turningpl.*cabahliccabáhliʔ*caʔbopref.-v-redcur piece off*caʔboʔboiter.caʔbóʔbowv-redcut pieces offpl.*caʔbocabotadcaʔbocábota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*caʔbolhpref.caʔbólʔvknock over by sitting downpl.*caʔbola·tadcaʔbolá·tadu*caʔbolhcismlf.caʔbólhciwvknock over by sitting downplural stem cabohl- with directional suffixes*caʔcʼapref.caʔcʼáwvflexible object stiffen with the rear end*caʔcʼabapref.caʔcʼabáwvcut in half, cut open with a knifepl.*caʔcʼabatcaʔcʼabáʔ*caʔcʼamhpref.caʔcʼámʔadjbe stiff (of hair), be starched (clothes), be erect (of tail)syn*pʰiʔcʼamhpl.*cacʼahtim2*cacʼahtim1cacʼáhtim*caʔcʼanhpref.vstick something on by sitting on it; spread something sticky on seat by sitting*caʔcʼepref.-v-redtake nicks out of chair*caʔcʼeʔcʼeiter.caʔcʼéʔcʼewv-redtake nicks out of chairsyn*caʔcʼoʔcʼocf*caʔcʼet 1always reduplicatedalways reduplicated*caʔcʼetpref.caʔcʼéʔv1keep cutting off pieces from the edges of a hard object, using a knife; remove several nicks by whittling the edge (or even place nicks there, depending on the action); especially, cut off nicks in wood on the edge of a chair or tablesyn*caʔcʼotcf*caʔcʼeʔcʼe2sit on the edge of chair, readypl.*caʔcʼetadcaʔcʼetá·du*caʔcʼopref.-v-redcut with knife*caʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.caʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redcut to pieces with knifesyn*caʔcʼeʔcʼe*caʔcʼoʔcʼocsmlf.caʔcʼóʔcoʔvcut to pieces with knifealways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*caʔcʼolhpref.caʔcʼólʔvsit down hardcf*muhti*pʰiʔcʼolh1pl.*cacʼohlicacʼóhliw*caʔcʼolhmaessivecaʔcʼólhmawvwear a hole in (a chair) by sitting on it, or suddenly break through the seat of a chairpl.*cacʼohlimcacʼóhlimʔ*caʔcʼolhcismlf.caʔcʼólhciwvsit down hard*caʔcʼonpref.caʔcʼónʔvdetach by sitting; sit on something loose or weak and break it offpl.*cacʼontacacʼóntaw*caʔcʼotpref.caʔcʼóʔvcut little pieces off edge with knifesyn*caʔcʼet 1pl.*cacʼohticacʼóhtiw*caʔdi1pref.caʔdíwv[with a directional-locational suffix] push something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car); [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop pushing by backing uppl.*cahsa2*caʔdimessivecaʔdímʔv-hndhold something in place by backing up (for instance, against a wall, either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)pl.*cahsam*cade·ddir.cade·du´v-hndpush along something by backing up (either with one’s own body or with a machine such as a car)pl.*casa·dpl. agt.*cade·cʼ*caʔdi2pref.caʔdíwvget a splinter by falling down or by sitting*caʔkʰopref.-v-redbend to half squat*caʔkʰocaʔkʰofreq.caʔkʰocáʔkʰowv-redrepeatedly bend to a half squat (as in dancing)cf*caʔkʰošalways frequentativealways frequentative*caʔkʰošpref.caʔkʰóšvbend long object (like body) near middle; bend at the waist, kneescf*caʔkʰocaʔkʰo*caʔkʰošcismlf.caʔkʰóšciwvbend at knee and half-squatsyn*šaʔkʰošci*caʔkʼa1pref.caʔkʼáwvcrack (a chair) by sitting (on it)pl.*cakʼatcakʼáʔ*caʔkʼa2pref.-v-redwalk along with legs apart*caʔkʼaʔkʼaiter.-v-redbe with legs far apart*caʔkʼaʔkʼacsmlf.caʔkʼáʔkʼaʔvbe with legs far apart (like a duck)always reduplicated*caʔkʼacaʔkʼafreq.caʔkʼacáʔkʼawv-redwaddle, walk along with the legs far apart (like a duck)pl.*caʔkʼacaʔkʼamalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*caʔkʼayʔpref.-vget butt caught in between objects*caʔkʼayʔcismlf.caʔkʼáyʔciwvget butt caught in crackpl.*cakʼahcicaʔkʼáhciw*caʔkʼipref.-v-redwhittle at one point*caʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.caʔkʼíʔkʼiwv-redwhittle at one point (on a block of wood) to narrow it downcf*cakʼihwala*caʔkʼiṭpl.*caʔkʼicakʼitadcaʔkʼicákʼita·du*caʔkʼiʔkʼicsmlf.caʔkʼíʔkʼiʔvwhittlealways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*caʔkʼiṭpref.caʔkʼíʔvcut off with a knifecf*cakʼihwala*caʔkʼiʔkʼipl.*cakʼiṭ*caʔkʼo1pref.caʔkʼówvbump the elbowpl.*cakʼotcakʼóʔ*caʔkʼo2pref.-v-redchip at a spot with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-v-redchip away with a knife*caʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.caʔkʼóʔkʼoʔvchip away at a spot (on a plank) with a knifealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*caʔkʼolhpref.caʔkʼólʔvbump with elbow or rear and overturnpl.*cakʼohlicakʼóhliw*cakʼolkʼohlo*caʔkʼonhpref.caʔkʼónʔvcover with a large object; the rear endcf*caʔtʼunhpl.*cakʼohnicakʼóhniw*caʔkʼonhcismlf.-vcover with large object; rear end*caʔkʼonhcicʼrefl.caʔkʼónhciʔvretain something by sitting on it*caʔkʼoypref.-vcut scattered objects*caʔkʼupref.caʔkʼúwvfinish cutting with a knife; finish sitting in a series of chairspl.*cakʼutcakʼúʔ*caʔlawʔpref.-vmove while sitting*caʔlawʔcismlf.caʔláwʔciwvmove around while sitting in a chair; fidget in chair, either side to side or up and downpl.*caʔlawʔcitad*caʔlacaʔlafreq.caʔlacáʔlawvmove around with quick movements while sitting; fidget in a chair, side to side or up and downrequires frequentative or semelfactive*caʔlopref.-v-redtangle with the body*caʔloʔloiter.caʔlóʔlowv-redtangle with the bodyalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*caʔlupref.caʔlúwvwrap with the rear endpl.*caʔlucalutadcaʔlucáluta·du*caʔluṭʼpref.vslip by sitting*caʔpʼanhpref.caʔpʼánʔvshut, close, plug, cover an opening. pl.*capʼantacapʼántaw*caʔpʼanicʼrefl.caʔpʼaníʔvhold it in*caʔqʼacpref.caʔqʼáʔvrelax, secure, feel, sit tight, settle backpl.*caqʼahcicaqʼáhciw*caʔqʼoʔdipref.caʔqʼóʔdiwvdo well with the rear end; with a knifepl.*caʔqʼoʔdiwadcaʔqʼóʔdowa·du*caʔqʼoʔdicsmlf.-vto get well settled into one's seat*caʔqʼoʔdiyicʼrefl.caʔqʼóʔdiyiʔvto get well settled into one’s seat*caʔsʼaṭpref.caʔsʼáʔvmake mark by sitting on something roughpl.*casʼayʔṭacasʼáyʔṭaw*caʔsʼipref.caʔsʼíwv1be little bits, pieces, by cutting with a knife2slicepl.*casʼitcasʼíʔ*caʔsʼo1pref.caʔsʼówvmash with the rear end*caʔsʼo2pref.-vwrinkle by sitting on*caʔtʼapref.caʔtʼáwvseem, feel, detect with the rear end, e.g., while sitting*caʔtʼepref.caʔtʼéwvfasten, stick to rear endpl.*catʼetcatʼéʔ*caʔtʼekelepref.caʔtʼekélewvdistort, make out of shape, flatten, by sitting on*caʔtʼelpref.caʔtʼélʔvnot sit enough; not get enough (rest, enjoyment) while sitting or lying down*caʔtʼempref.caʔtʼémʔvstrike (as panther); man to grab and start fightingsyn*maʔtʼem1*caʔtʼenhpref.caʔtʼénʔvattach the rear end; sit (on a cushion, pad)cf*cuma1 1pl.*catʼenta*caʔtʼehnicaʔtʼéhniw*caʔtʼentʼelepref.caʔtʼéntʼelewvcrumple, make out of shape with the rear end, e.g., by sitting on something*caʔtʼunhpref.caʔtʼúnʔvconstrict, reduce and close inner space. with the rear end, a massive or bulky object, a knifecf*caʔkʼonh*caʔtʼunhmaessivecaʔtʼúnhmawvconstrict with massive object; with knife*caʔtʼunhcismlf.caʔtʼúnhciwvconstrict with massive object, with knife*caʔṭipref.-vpeel the skin of a tree or fruit using a knife*caʔṭimpref.caʔṭímʔvstretch a long object across something else; lay a long object over or across somethingsyn*caṭiṭi·ma*caʔṭupref.caʔṭúwvsit on edge, sidewayspl.*caʔṭut*caʔṭʼapref.caʔṭʼáwvhold between two objects using the rear end or another bulky object [?]cf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼaṭ*caʔṭʼawʔducpl.*calaṭʼa2calaṭʼáw*caʔṭʼašpref.caʔṭʼášvjoin together objects by bulky area ??pl.*caṭʼahšicaṭʼáhšiw*caʔṭʼaṭpref.caʔṭʼáʔvcrack with the rear endcf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼawʔduc*caʔṭʼawʔducpref.caʔṭʼáwʔduʔvinjure severely by sittingcf*catʼa*caṭʼa· 1*caʔṭʼa*caʔṭʼaṭpl. agt.*caṭʼawʔcʼic*caʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.caʔṭʼéʔṭʼewvsit on (box) and flatten, crush flatpl.*caʔṭʼecaṭʼehticaʔṭʼecáṭʼehtiw*caʔṭʼolhpref.caʔṭʼólʔvmake slapping noise by bumping*caʔṭʼubutpref.caʔṭʼubúʔvrear (to sink) in water; head (to sink) in waterpl.*caṭʼubutcaṭʼubúʔ*caʔwipref.-vquickly twist sitting*caʔyapref.caʔyáwvstart to sit down and get up*caʔya·qpref.vrecognize by sitting; know what it is you are sitting on; feel right or familiar by sitting*caʔyi1pref.caʔyíwvcut rawhide strips with a knife*caʔyi2pref.-vwiggle in seat*caʔyispref.-vrock in seat*caʔyismaessivecaʔyísmawvrock on butt in seat; moving around in seat*caʔyopref.-vsit and rumple*caʔyoʔyopref.-vsit and rumple up*caʔyoʔyocsmlf.caʔyoʔyoʔvsit (on bed) and rumple (up the covers)*caʔyupref.-v-redfeel discomfort from sittingalways reduplicated*ca·sqʰacpref.cá·sqʰaʔv1wear smooth with rear end2crop; cut with knife (so that surface is smooth, flat?)pl.*ca·sqʰawa·tadcá·sqʰawa·tadu*ca·sʼlucpref.cá·sʼluʔvget slick from wearsyn*ca·šluc*ca·šlucpref.cá·šluʔv(seat of pants) get slick from wearsyn*ca·sʼluc*ca·ṭʰešpref.v*ca·ṭʰešmaessiveca·ṭʰéšmawvbe wide-bodied, of fat man or tree trunkcfca·ṭʰešṭʰešecaʔsʼopref.caʔsʼo´adjwrinkled by sitting, from being sat on (such as pants or dress)caʔyopref.caʔyo´adjwrinkled, with the rear endca·kʰeškʰešetempl.ca·kʰéškʰešeadj-ideo(tree bole) flared at the bottom, wide at the basesynca·ṭʰešṭʰeše
cabacʼolcabácʼoladvin the back of the house, behind the house6.5.1.1House8.6.1.1BackCompound:ʔahcabacʼo·-l
cabahlawcabáhlawnsplinter, sliver, or other wood fragment6.6.3.2Wood8.1.6.2PieceCompound:bahlaw
*cabahliccabáhliʔPlural of*caʔbalhcimassive object be turning
*caba·ccabaʔ´vbreak apart by sitting onSemelfactive of*caʔba
*cabola·tadcabolá·taduPlural of*cabo·lhollow out with rear end
*cabo·lcabolʔ´vhollow out with rear endcf*caṭo·lPrefixed:ca-*bo·lPlural*cabola·tadcabolá·tadu
*cacecacéwvsecure something in place by sitting on it; "grab" with the rear end; sit on (a towel) so that it cannot slip offPrefixed:ca-*cePlural*cacetcacéʔ
*cacehlimcacéhlimʔPlural of*cahcelhmabe blocked by massive object
*cacetcacéʔPlural of*cacesecure by sitting
*cacitcacíʔPlural of*cahci2intercept, head off
*cacocacówvbe crushing with the rear endPrefixed:ca-*co1Plural*cacotcacóʔ
*cacotcacóʔPlural of*cacobe crushing with rear end
*cacʰat1cacʰáʔPlural of*cahcʰa1knock over backing up
*cacʰat2cacʰáʔPlural of*cacʰa·grab hold tightly of massive object
*cacʰa·cacʰaw´vgrab hold tightly of a massive objectPrefixed:ca-*cʰa·1Plural*cacʰat2cacʰáʔ
*cacʰiṭcacʰíʔPlural of*cacʰi·ṭcut out