Kashaya - English


*d-v-instrmove or hold one thing. (See under -ʔdi-)
dada´Free Variant of*dusplice
da-dapref-instrpfxwith the hand, especially the palm, with the paw of animals, by wavescomp.ʔoho dawiʔlifire drill (used to start a fire)n.p.ma·yiš daṭʼowhominypref.*daba·lbe wiping, with the hand (palm)*dabetgrope, feel with the hand for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present*dabi·lturn with sweeping motion of the hands through the air, especially a batch of drying acorns*dabo·lmake a hole with the hand*dabo·mcover, put a lid on with the hand*dacegrab with the hand, catch hand on something; capture, take someone prisoner; hold onto (cloth, stick, glass); keep somebody from goinggrab or catch something immaterial, e.g., catch a disease, take a job or chance*daco·licbe fluffed out. with the hand (palm), paw; by waves(the moon) to be fullfull (speaking of the moon); by extension, a full moon*dacʰa·grab with the hand or claws; capture*dacʰi·ṭdig up*dacʰuscrub by pushing on something*dacʰul2remove something (e.g., dig out of dirt, knock out stuffing)*dacʰul2remove something (e.g., dig out of dirt, knock out stuffing)*dacʰul1spread out (e.g. blanket, clothed) to display or to dry*dacʼi·ṭmix everything together by hand*dacʼo·1expose with the hand*dacʼo·2transform with the hand, by rubbing or washing; make turn different color or shape with the hand*dacʼo·mbreak (a string) in two pieces by pressing with the hand*dacʼo·qinsert something into hand*dacʼo·ṭbreak ends with hand; snap something taut (string) with hand*dacʼu·break with hand; by pressing*dacʼu·lpluck feathers; burn (feathers) in fire*dacʼu·mbreak off (needle or sticker) and leave some in hand*dadahcʰipush over (not aside); push person over or push someone off of porch, stump, bank (not to a tree or house)*dadaʔdipush a person (not a thing) out of the way; make stagger by shoving with hand 9/58 | push over off of something; 7/59 | also used for big rocks*dadi·cʼput something under, on, or against oneself*daduwwalk straight by feeling with the hand*dahaldig*dahcʰa1push over with the hands or paws, be knocked over by waves*dahcʰaṭmess up with hand*dahcʰi2hit with butt of hand so it really hurts*dahcʰotbe tired of doing (with hands)*dahkaṭʼon all fours, on hands and knees*dahkehave hand stopped while digging*dahkelhbrush something bare with hand; strip (fruit, dirt from) something by brushing it with a hand*dahko1on hands and knees*dahkotwear off by rubbing*dahkoycrawl to something*dahkʰemove with hand*dahlalsplit (watermelon) by pressing*dahle·mbe striped (horizontally without directional suffixes); stretch across*dahlobe clean; be cleaned with hand*dahlokʼflop hand back and forth*dahlo·mfold together something jointed; break but not into two pieces, bend on a hinge*dahludknock off with the hand; detach*dahluṭʼslip off, slip away, while pressing with hand*dahlu·cspill by hand*dahmiyrub off (husk), rub off (acorn shell); keep moving stuff around in basket with hand*dahmoyrub off surface with palms (skin, fuzz off peach); break up clods by pushing and moving slightly*dahmu·ldo incompletely, fail to complete, be left over, restricted to activities done with the hand*dahnattry to move by pushing*daholsearch for something unseen with hand, try to contact or feel for something with hand*dahpanhbreak up (e.g., clods of earth) with the hand*dahpoa three-dimensional space to be filled completely and to overflowing, with the hand*dahpʰaqʼinterior of a surface break from hand*dahpʰomwaves to splash over (rocks)*dahpʰoṭmake many fine particles come off some larger object in repeated movements, brush off, with the hand*dahpʰukʼutput hand, palm first, into something yielding, soft, or in water*dahpʰuy2thrust hand into something soft while falling*dahqalhwipe off with the palm of the hand (e.g., dust from a table); wipe clean*dahqoṭoltry to push something but fail to move it; try but fail to wash everything*dahqoyʔbend or sprain wrist by pressing the hand against something*dahqʰalhdust; wipe with the hand*dahqʰolhbreak through with the hand, drill hole*dahsa3warn, admonish, tell not to do, tell to stop*dahsakʼatbounce with the hand; hand be jarred*dahsetʼwash self*dahseyspread (cloth) over something with the hand*dahsikʼitbrush off or away (insect from self, vase from table)*dahsilhget a sliver in the hand (palm), paw*dahsimextinguish (a fire) with the hand, by brushing with the hand*dahsismaitch; have a painful surface irritation*dahsitmake into pieces with hand*dahsokʼotspurt with the hand*dahsomrub off with fingers; erase*dahsoṭbrush off with the hand; splash, scatter little pieces with the hand*dahsutmake into pieces with the hand (like a leftover bar of soap)dahšaunkempt (hair)*dahšac1pack loosely; put stuff into something any old way, gather various small things into pile*dahšanbe springy, spongy, resilient when pushed by the hand*dahšenot miss anything by touching*dahšokʼotwash with the hand*dahšolhby hand to brush off dust, shedding hair, leaves from tree*dahtaytouch with the hand*dahṭilhthud with hand*dahwistick hand into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud, sand, concrete; also, hand be stuck in*dahyolsprinkle (powder, salt, etc.) onto something; mix with handspread or smear a liquid with the hand; rub or dab a liquid onto something with the hand*dakelstraighten with the hand; massage, pass hand over a surface to make smooth*dake·ṭtake off a corner with the palm*dakikiṭwith the hand to rub on a washboard*daki·šstretch over a surface, with the hand; stretch non-long object tight with hand*dako·lturn with hand; work a drill by moving the hand up and down*dakʰeṭone to part (grass) with hands (to make path)deal cards*dakʰistretch (rubber) by pushing with hand*dakʰu·lfeel lumpy with hand*dakʼa·ntilt, lean, be askew, standing object be off the vertical as a result of pushing with the hand*dakʼi·scratch with the fingernails (or claws of animals) with the fingers moving perpendicular to the plane of the nails (toward the palm); cut hand on something*dakʼo·ldig a hole with the hand*dakʼo·ṭwipe out with the palm of the hand a depression not on one’s own bodydig (on the ground)*dalacmiss catching something with hand*dalayahands slip; item slips out of hands*dalhatgive up in disgust*dalistir with the hand*dali·tmove hands or arms as in doing breast stroke; move circularly, move through a medium (air, water) in an arc, with the hand (palm), paw*dalo·be soggy from the hand*dalurub or spread something with handbe ocean waves; have waves, whitecaps; splash*dama1scoop in hands (gravel, sand, flower, dirt, bunch of eggs); get (flour from barrel); scrape loose material into a container, pick up bunch (of beans)*dama2weave, twine a basket*damilpick any way, leaves and all; pick roughly, berries with leavesrub surface or run hands through or over (esp. head or hair); scrape bunch of (beans) off (vine) (into box)*danacpush together*dana·cover up with hand*dana·mcover with the hand [?]bury*dapemgrow thickly; coat, surface be densely covered or coated with numerous small objects*dapʰo·be splashing or scattering (water, dust, etc.) with the hands*dapʰo·ṭbe splashing with hands*dapʰu·mstir up a cloud of dust with the hand*dapʼil(particles) be of extremely fine texture, be slick (like particles of fine texture), feel slick, to the touch, in the hand*daqolstroke with the hand (to comfort or pet)*daqʰal2rub with hand; dust surface with hand; brush hand against*daqʰal1make one mark with the hand*daqʰaqʰaṭscrape with the hand (whole or part of)*daqʰa·1break (a string) by pushing with the palm*daqʰa·2get the hand cut*daqʰa·mwipe off, with the palm of hand, or a towel held in the hand*daqʰoṭuproot with hands*daqʼa·sscratch and make a streak, with the hand or paw*daqʼa·ṭscratch, scrape with the hand*dasabreak off several with hand*dasedislike, be irritated by, restricted to activities done with the hand (esp. of washing)*dase·wash, rinse, clean*dasi·ṭcrush or scatter with the hand*daso·lswirl, with the hand, esp. in water to rinse*dasuscratch off several parts of surface, with the hand, paw; scratch several deeply enough to make mark with hand or paw*dasu·l1cure someone of /matʰamʔ/ sickness from breaking taboo (for example, a baby crippled or hurt when a parent breaks taboo), by using herbs and singing; can also be used to prevent sickness from arisingtreat sickness in a menstruating woman by hitting the body with a pepperwood branch*dasu·l2sweep with hand*dasʼamocean wave splashing; stick something in hand (flush ?)*dasʼa·break glass, window, stick; break in the handswave break*dasʼa·lsqueeze liquid out with hand; liquid come from solid, using the hand*dasʼiyfold something with the hand*dasʼulmake smooth and shiny; slick down with hand, like slicking hair down with pomade*dasʼuyget pointed with the hand*dasʼu·sʼucwash (dog) by lifting water over him by hand*daša·mmake noise with hand on paper or rubbing; rustle with hand or make noise on paper box*dašudfeel something strange*dašu·lwaft out (of something)*datašgather together and up, with the hand (palm)squash with hand*datsaylacrisscross, interlace, be streaked in different directions (like plaid or crisscross); cross fingers; tangle (of string)*datʼatone to bother one thing; flirt; fidget*datʼe·lsmear, spread (something sticky) with hand (palm)*daṭa·mmake noise by hitting with hand*daṭa·nhold or press one end of a long object with the hand, so that it is in contact with something at one end only*daṭa·šhave grey hair; grow grey hair; fadeunruly ?*daṭʼamdisturb (nest or anthill) by putting hand in; disturb by touching; stir up swarm*daṭʼanbruise hand; break open a sore on the hand by bumping it*daṭʼa·break by pressing so something comes out (as an egg); press hand down on something*daṭʼunfeel slimy to hand*dayaʔtashare, help*daya·mpush but not move*dayehold or move with the hand*dayotsort through with hands; pile up with hands*daʔbo1stuff by hand*daʔbolh1turn over with hand*daʔbolh2pat to get dust out*daʔbu2bury something by pushing dirt over with the hands or paws*daʔcʰa1having long, thin, often unsteady limbs*daʔcʰa2(falling forward) land on extended arms*daʔcʰuscrape with hands something up to a point (sudden stop)*daʔcʼaput hand on something so it penetrates the skin*daʔcʼababreak with the hand*daʔcʼetbreak of pieces from edge with palm*daʔcʼondetach with hand; knock off (something that sticks, door from hinge, window out of frame) with hand*daʔcʼoqʰotgouge out piece, scratch someone in one place so it bleeds*daʔdayacmiss with the hand*daʔdi2put down something heavy on the floor or ground, with the hand (even if it has a handle)store, put away (food, provisions)*daʔdi3get a splinter in the hand*daʔkʼacrack something open by pushing with the hand*daʔkʼanhlean a long object against, vertical object be tilted against*daʔkʼo1strike moderately with the hand*daʔkʼolhpush over with the hand; spill with the hand; upset, overturn with the hand*daʔkʼonhcup the hand protectively a little above an object*daʔkʼufinish pushing, washing (clothes), etc.*daʔluwrap up something flat or round*daʔlušglance off of the hand*daʔpʼanhpush closed*daʔqʼactighten, make secure, make safe, with the hand*daʔqʼalhinsert one's hand into something*daʔsʼi1pinch with palm of hand against something*daʔsʼilsplash with the hand*daʔsʼo1knead (dough)*daʔsʼulhpress down with hand*daʔsʼušhold hands in the shape of a point*daʔtʼe1stick (mud) on wall with hand*daʔtʼunhconstrict, reduce and close inner space using the hand (palm)*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something between palms of hand*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something between palms of hand*daʔṭašdo to all, by hand [?]*daʔṭʼa1hold between hands and break*daʔṭʼaqʼatpress the hand on something so that it pops, such as a peanut*daʔṭʼestick (mud or dough) with hand or pushing a finger*daʔṭʼolhpat with the hand, especially the cheeks or buttocks*daʔṭʼubutpush something under water; submerge*da·sʼlucmake grimy and slick with the hands*dowoṭrile with fingersiter.*dihtohtoget fat*dacopref.vbe crushing with the hand, (horse) crush by pawing*daco·lpref.vfluff the surface layer with the hand; spread out (acorns) to dry; be spread out*daco·lmaessivevbe lined fluffily by handʔime dacolmawcomp.abs.adjsoft, fluffy fur (like a Persian cat)*dacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached with the hand*dacʼepref.vmake quick short movement with hand*dacʼedacʼefreq.v-redmake quick short movements with hand, such as washing clothes*dadilpref.vbe beyond reach of hand*dahcapref.vbe brushy*dahcamessivevbe bushy, stick out*dahcacsmlf.vbe brushy*dahcalhpref.vbranching skeletal parts be bared and visible: exposed branches on a plant, hair that sticks out, deer antlers; applies to scrub if branches show as well as to dead brush*dahcalhmaessivev(tree) be standing bare-branched (above ground); (animal) be skinny with bones or ribs showing*dahcalhcismlf.v(tree) be lying bare-branched on the ground*dahcala·ladir.vspread out*dahcepref.vobstruct with hand*dahcecsmlf.vobstruct with hand*dahcelhpref.vget blocked by hand*dahcelhmaessivevhold the hand spanning two things at some distance; stand with the arms across, a hand pressed against each side (of a door)*dahcelhcismlf.vbecome obstructed, stopped, blocked by the action of the hand: for the hand to be stopped from moving further while passing the palm along a surface*dahcipref.vroll or twist (string, strips of hide) to weave together; fasten several strands together into a rope by rolling between the palm and the thigh*dahcupref.vclawing*dahcuhcuiter.v-redclawing*dahcʰa2pref.vcrumble with hand*dahcʰahcʰaiter.vcrumble with hand*dahcʰahcʰacsmlf.vcrumble with the hand*dahcʰepref.vact in many places with the hand*dahcʰocpref.vtear by rubbing*dahcʰohcʰociter.v-redto tear up to pieces by rubbing*dahcʰupref.vcrumble with hands*dahcʰudahcʰufreq.v-redcrumble with hands*dahkapref.vbe on all fours*dahkamessivevbe like a frog on all fours when body is raised up off the ground (not used of dogs who usually stand that way); person be with feet and hands on floordahkamder.adjup off the ground, like a frog on all fours when its body is raised*dahkadahkafreq.v-redbe on all fours repeatedly*dahko2pref.vsway*dahkodahkofreq.v-redsway back and forth (of baby)*dahko3pref.vmake something knock*dahkohkoiter.v-redmake something knock (as by shaking it)*dahkolhpref.vpress on something and loosen it *dahkolhmaessivevpress on something and loosen it (door)*dahkolhcismlf.vpress on something and loosen it (door) (no sound)*dahkʰiṭʼpref.vstrain wrist*dahkʰiṭʼcismlf.vstrain wrist*dahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.vstrain or sprain one's wrist*dahkʰopref.vcatch with hand (a thrown ball)*dahkʰupref.vcrush with hand*dahkʰuhkʰuiter.v-redcrush with the hand*dahlicpref.vdig into bank to cut it back*dahlihlic2iter.vkeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahlihlic1smlf.v-redkeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahmopref.vrub with hand*dahmohmoiter.vrub with hand; break up clods by passing hand over surface*dahmupref.vcrush with hand*dahmuhmuiter.vcrush with hand *dahmuhmucsmlf.v-redcrush (glass) to pieces with hand (or something brittle); crush chair to pieces by pressing*dahpa1pref.vpat something messy*dahpahpa1iter.v-red(the hand) come into repeated contact with something messy; repeatedly pat something messy, gooey*dahpolhpref.vgush with the hand*dahponpolopref.vmake painfully swollen by irritation by palm of hand*dahponpolocsmlf.vmake painfully swollen by repeated irritation by the palm of the hand*dahpʰipref.vtear by rubbing with hand*dahpʰihpʰiiter.v-redtear up or shred by rubbing with hand (or with claws)*dahpʰitʼpref.vtear with hand*dahpʰitʼcismlf.vtear, rip (paper, cloth, lettuce), with the hand*dahpʰopref.vbrush*dahpʰohpʰoiter.v-redbrush (dandruff) off (a coat) with the hand; fluff (a pillow)*dahpʰuṭpref.vbe unable to finish with hands*dahpʰuṭaydir.vbe unable to finish (washing clothes) with hands*dahpʰuṭʼpref.vhand become weak, lose control of hand*dahpʰuy1pref.vquickly thrust hand into something yielding*dahqa1pref.vbe used to with the hand*dahqa2pref.vrub with hand*dahqadahqafreq.v-redrepeatedly rub with the hand, wash often*dahqosʼpref.vspill and scatter*dahqosʼcismlf.vspill nonliquids with the hand, cause a group of solid objects to fall off*dahqosʼa·ducdir.vspill and scatter*dahqʰapref.vrub with hand*dahqʰahqʰaiter.v-redrub or slide with hands; with waves*dahqʰadahqʰafreq.v-redrub repeatedly with the hand*dahsa1pref.1vput or move several heavy objects, with the hand2move as ocean wave*dahsam1essivev-hndhold several heavy objectsdahsamcismlf.essivev-hndpick up and hold several heavy objects*dahsam3v-hndput (several heavy objects) on a surface off the ground, such as on a table*dahsac1smlf.v-hndpick up several heavy objects in order to carry*dasatʰmucʼdist.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects here and there, all over, all around*dahsam2dir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects across or past*dahsamacdir.v-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects in from here2carry, move several heavy objects south or east from here*dahsamaddir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects within an enclosed place (house, pasture); at a place identified in the context, enclosed or not*dahsamaqʷdir.1v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects in here2v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects southward or eastward to here, from the north or west3vwaves to come ashore, wash on the beach, break on the rocks*dahsama·ducdir.v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects home, to a place, carry to destination*dasa·bicdir.v-hnd1lift up, pick up several heavy objects2carry, move several heavy objects away*dasa·ddir.v-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects along, in one direction2bring, carry, move several heavy objects toward here*dasa·ducdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects far, away to a distance*dasa·ladir.1v-hndcarry, move, put several heavy objects down into something2vbury several people*dasa·lamecʼdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects down off of somewhere*dasa·loqdir.v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects up toward here*dasa·loqocʼdir.v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects up out of somewhere*dasa·qdir.v-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects out from here, away2carry, move several heavy objects north or west from here*dasa·qacdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects up from here*dasa·qocʼdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects out from here*dasa·qʷdir.v-hnd1bring, carry, move several heavy objects out toward here2bring, carry, move several heavy objects northward or westward to here, from the south or eastdahsama·qocʼdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects back a few stepsdahsamuldir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects around to the other sidedahsamu·licʼdir.v-hndcarry, move several heavy objects all the way around*dahsa2pref.vgo stop someone from doing something*dahsitʼpref.vitch, feel itchy*dahsopref.vsprinkle*dahsohsoiter.v-redsprinkle (clothes to iron)*dahsupref.vbe scratched up*dahsuhsuiter.vbe scratched up (on surface)*dahšipref.vscatter with hand*dahšihšiiter.v-redscatter (grass or leaves) (like chickens but with hand)*dahtapref.vslap something wet*dahtahtaiter.v-redrepeatedly slap something wet (or dry added later)*dahtadahtafreq.v-redpat on something soft like dough or mud*dahtepref.vpat to dry object*dahtehteiter.v-redpat repeatedly dry object, not wet*dahtenh1pref.vmassage by patting with hand*dahtenh2pref.vmake even by pressing with hand, arrange*dahtopref.vstuff with hand*dahtohtoiter.v-redstuff with the hand*dahtʰunhpref.vnot quite touch with the hand; not quite press on with the hand*dahṭanṭalapref.vfade from washing*dahṭanṭalacsmlf.vfade from washing*dahṭipref.vpound with palm*dahṭihṭiiter.vpound with the palm of hand (chair)*dahṭʰapref.vunloose with the hand; open with the hand; uncover with the hand, paw*dahṭʰepref.vspread out with hand*dahṭʰehṭʰeiter.vspread out with the hand (like prunes for drying)*dahṭʰinhpref.vpress firmly to ease pain or to straighten something out; massage with the hand on a person*dahṭʰolhpref.vone to rub with hand to make hole; force one's way through (brush)*dahwatʼpref.vflop, disintegrate; lose tenseness, tone, collapse*dahwe·npref.vshake, using hands*dahwisʼpref.vsmoke, fog swirl, move*dahyupref.vshake to wake up *dahyuhyuiter.v-redshake to wake up with the hands*dahyutpref.vbreak something crumbly with the hand (palm) by pushing*dahyuṭpref.vstir, poke with the hand*daki·lpref.vwave with the hand (usually sideways); wave arms aimlessly*dakildaki·lfreq.v-redkeep on swinging quickly*daki·mpref.vstretch out with hands*dakʼalpref.vopen slightly with the hands*dakʼilpref.vindicate with the hand*dakʼiṭʰpref.vhave horizontal stripes*dakʼihtimacʼdir.vhave parallel stripes running sideways; have horizontal stripes*dakʼihṭʰaladir.1vhave parallel stripes running downward; have vertical stripes2adjstriped*dakʼi·špref.vsqueak with fingers*dakʼumpref.vbe too much or too difficult to do, do to one’s limit, restricted to activities done with the hand (palm)*dalepref.vstop with hand*daledalefreq.v-redstop with the hand*dalopref.vroll in hands*dapampref.vcover thickly; grow densely*dapaṭpref.vfill hole with hand*dapaṭʰcismlf.vpatch, cover, or fill a hole with the hand*dapʰa·lpref.vcover by thick growth: plants, hair*dapʰu·pref.vdust*dapʰu·csmlf.vdust*daqʰa·spref.vnoise of rubbing hand*daqʰa·saddir.vnoise of rubbing hand against something*daqʰa·saladir.vrub the palm of the hand downward (on a wall), producing a sound*daqʰa·ṭ1pref.vpraise someone (one instance), usually on looks*daqʰa·ṭ2pref.vfeel good to hand*dase·lpref.vrinse something with the hands; wash or rinse hands*dati·tpref.vroll (with rolling pin)datiʔliinstr.nrolling pin*datupref.vbe overstuffed*datudatufreq.vbe overstuffed*datudatucsmlf.vbe overstuffed*datulpref.vsmooth out wrinkled clothes with palm, when spread over something; straighten (bent wire)*datʰilpref.vtear, not necessarily apart, by pressing with hand*daṭapref.vdo something in hurry*daṭadaṭafreq.v-reddo something in a hurry, rush*daṭiṭi·mapref.vstretch the hand or arm across something; stretch something with the hand or arm*daṭi·špref.vstretch tight, of a surface or cloth, with the hand; inflate by stretching or filling*daṭo·lpref.vdrillʔimo daṭolʔlin.p.nhand drill*daṭʰaṭpref.vbreak open with the hand*daṭʰe·pref.vspread something out with the hands; use hand to open (a book) so it is spread out*daṭʰe·lpref.vriffle, flip through a stack of papers with whole hand*daṭʰilpref.vspread, stretch out, with the hand (palm), fabric, small things (acorns)*daṭʰopref.vtake wall off room; peel wall off in pieces*daṭʼa·špref.vput hair back or off the forehead with the hand*daṭʼempref.vbe tired of doing action with hand*daṭʼiṭʼimpref.vbe tangled; twisted arounddaṭʼiṭʼimʔ qʰalen.p.nmorning glory, tangled vine, Bindwood or Orchard Morning Glory (naturalized from Europe); also hops, sweet pea*daṭʼo·pref.vtake off outer layer; peel offma·yiš daṭʼown.p.vhominy*daṭʼo·spref.vscrape or scratch surface with the hand, fingernail*daṭʼupref.vput hand in liquid; let hand sink into liquid*dawaypref.vawaken someone (?with the hand, by touching or shaking)*dawipref.v1move hand up and down, palm down2drill; operate or work a drilldawiʔliinstr.na drill*dawoṭpref.vstir with whole hand, as in laundry in water*dayecʼpref.vpress open hand against something*dayipref.vscratch deeply, gouge, slash, with the hand or claws; scratch over a distance so that the material separates*daʔbapref.vopen with fingers*daba·csmlf.vopen once with fingers*daʔbalhpref.vturn with hand*daʔbalhciwsmlf.vturn something over with the hand; turn things over (for example, in a drawer) while looking for something*daʔbepref.vfeel around where can't see*daʔbedaʔbefreq.v-redfeel around where one can't see*daʔbo2pref.vto get dust out*daʔboʔboiter.v-redpat to get dust out*daʔcʼopref.vbreak up by hand*daʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.v-redbreak up by hand*daʔcʼolh2pref.vmake hole with hand*daʔcʼolh1essivevmake or dig a hole or opening with the hand (not in the ground)*daʔcʼupref.vbreak with hand*daʔcʼumessivevbreak with hand*daʔcʼumcismlf.vbreak with hand*daʔkʼayʔpref.vcatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼayʔcismlf.vcatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼepref.vmake stiff with hand*daʔkʼecsmlf.vmake stiff with hand*daʔkʼecʰqacaus.vmake stiff with the hand*daʔkʼipref.vdig almost all way through*daʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.v-reddig around (a stump) almost all the way through (to uproot it)*daʔkʼo2pref.vdig a shallow hole*daʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.vdig a shallow hole*daʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-reddig a shallow hole*daʔkʼoypref.vact with hand on few objects*daʔkʼoyaddur.vbe acting on a few ungrouped or scattered objects with the hand*daʔlawʔpref.vrub every once in a while*daʔladaʔlafreq.vrub (face or chair) with the hand every once in a while*daʔlipref.v*daʔliʔliiter.v-redwave hand*daʔlidaʔlifreq.v-redwave hand*daʔlopref.vroll into ball*daʔpʼopref.vremove with hand*daʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.vremove everything with hand *daʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redremove everything with hand; pour everything out; empty out by turning upside down*daʔsʼaṭpref.vhit and hurt with hand*daʔsʼaṭʰmaessivevhit hard and hurt, using the palm of the hand*daʔsʼi2pref.vtouch lightly with hand*daʔsʼiʔsʼiiter.v-redtouch lightly and repeatedly with the hand or paw; twitch; tickle*daʔsʼo2pref.vdent with hand*daʔsʼoʔsʼoiter.vrepeatedly dent with the hand*daʔsʼonhpref.vflatten with hand*daʔsʼona·ducdir.vpunch to make hole*daʔtʼa1pref.v1find one thing; feel with the hand, but the commonest meaning is ‘to find’ (by any means, not just with the hand); locate something2see, observe, encounter, find out, notice, discoverqanemaʔ daʔtʼaph. v.v adopt as relative*daʔtʼahqacaus.vlet (someone) know; inform*daʔtʼaqacʼcaus.refl.vshow oneself to others*daʔtʼamucʼrecip.v1meet, meet each other, get acquainted2make physical contact, make love*daʔtʼa2pref.vbe full*daʔtʼaʔtʼapref.vbe chock full*daʔtʼaʔtʼacsmlf.vbe chock full*daʔtʼe2pref.vbe close together*daʔtʼeʔtʼeiter.v(berries hanging) close together; be crowded*daʔtʼekelepref.vflatten by hand*daʔtʼekelecsmlf.vflatten by hand*daʔtʼempref.vfind, hit upon with the hand (palm)*daʔtʼemhpref.vput palm against; pat; cover with a cloth; cover with hand*daʔtʼenhpref.vattach, with the hand (palm), paw; by waves*daʔtʼutʰupref.vsqueeze and smash something between palms of hand; smash, decrease inside space with the hand; roll up; this "squeeze" is only for things with an opening and implies closing the opening, or perhaps inner space*daʔṭupref.vpress hand on edge, brace hand on edge*daʔṭʼa2pref.vpress with hand*daʔṭʼaʔṭʼaiter.vrepeatedly press with hand*daʔṭʼašpref.vput in place or join together using the hand; close a door or lid*daʔṭʼaša·ladir.vpress down with the hand to put into place something that has bent out at a joint; press the lid on a box*daʔṭʼadaṭʼatʰmacʼrefl.vcloth wrapped like turban*daʔṭʼaṭpref.vcrack with the hand*daʔṭʼelhpref.vpart with the hand*daʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.vpound lightly with hand*daʔṭʼipref.vtangle*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼipref.vtangle*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.vtangledaʔṭʼidaṭʼihtadu ca·yon.p.na vine in grass, with stems about two feet long*daʔṭʼiṭpref.vtwist several things together with the hand*daʔṭʼopref.vpat, clap hands*daʔwipref.vrub with palm*daʔwiʔwiiter.vrub quickly with palm, twisting hands*daʔyapref.vpress down a little; press hand lightly on something (/dayeʔ/ is to press hard)*daʔyoʔyopref.vrake together with hands*daʔyupref.vhurt with hand*daʔyuʔyuiter.v-redhurt, or feel discomfort with the hand, by rubbing or pressing the hand on something; hurts but doesn’t injure; hurt someone else by pushing or rubbing*da·sqʰac2pref.v*da·sqʰac1smlf.vbrush bare and smooth with the handdaʔṭʼipref.adjbent by hand*dahqʰayʔmaessivevslide the palm of the hand across (a smooth table top)*dahka·ddur.vperson to walk/crawl on hands and feet*dahcohcoiter.vpaw (ground)
*dabahlicdabáhliʔPlural of*daʔbalhciwturn with hand
*dabala·taddabalá·taduPlural of*daba·lwipe with hand
*dabalcicʼdabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)Semelfactive ofReflexive of*daba·l
*daba·cvopen once with fingersSemelfactive of*daʔba
*daba·ldabalʔ´vbe wiping, with the hand (palm)wayʔcʼinqan lile dabalcicʼe·durepeatedly wipe brow with palmPrefixed:da-*ba·lPlural*dabala·tad*dabalcicʼsmlf.refl.vwipe once over one’s own (face)
*dabetdabéʔvgrope, feel with the hand for something unseen which is not known for sure to be presentʔama dábetʼ e· mu·kinʔhe is blinddabétʰciwD: semelfactivedabétʰciyi·cʼifeel for something on self (uncertain if exists)dabétʰmuliʔ?? feel around for something ??dabetifeel for something unseendabétʰmeʔD: PluraldabetácʼmeʔD: PluralPrefixed:da-*bet1*dabetaddur.vexamine with hand*dabeticʼrefl.vfeel on oneself where cannot see (the back, in a pocket) to determine if some object is present
*dabetaddabetá·duvexamine with handDurative of*dabet
*dabeticʼdabetíʔvfeel on oneself where cannot see (the back, in a pocket) to determine if some object is presentdabetí·cʼifeel for something in pocket!Reflexive of*dabet
*dabiltadabíltawPlural of*dabi·lturn with hands
*dabi·ldabilʔ´vturn with sweeping motion of the hands through the air, especially a batch of drying acornsdabi·liturn with the hands!Prefixed:da-*bi·lPlural*dabilta
*dabola·taddabolá·taduPlural of*dabo·lmake hole with hand
*dabotdabóʔPlural of*daʔbo1stuff by hand
*dabotamdabotámʔPlural of*dabo·mcover with hand
*dabo·ldabolʔ´vmake a hole with the handPrefixed:da-*bo·lPlural*dabola·tadʔama dabolʔlin.p.ncrowbarʔimo dabolʔlin.p.ndrill, hand drill
*dabo·mdabomʔ´vcover, put a lid on with the handPrefixed:da-*bo·mPlural*dabotam*dabo·macʼrefl.1vwear hat, put a lid on oneself by hand2nhat, hat with big brim; top, lidciʔba dabo·maʔcomp.nstraw hat
*dabo·macʼdabo·máʔ1vwear hat, put a lid on oneself by handdabo·macʼ ínsʼe· muit seems to be a hat2nhat, hat with big brim; top, lid5.3ClothingReflexive of*dabo·mciʔba dabo·maʔcomp.nstraw hat
*dabutdabúʔPlural of*daʔbu2bury with hands
*dacahciPlural of*dahcacbe brushy
*dacahlimdacáhlimʔPlural of*dahcalhmabe standing bare-branched
*dacedacéwv1grab with the hand, catch hand on something; capture, take someone prisoner; hold onto (cloth, stick, glass); keep somebody from goingdace múl ʔgrab it! Grab him! Capture him!qʰalé hcʰaba dacewafter the tree fell it was caught (by branches)cibá· dacéwa ṭa má·dalˇwho caught (grabbed) her?ciba· ṭa má·dal dacewaˇwho caught (grabbed) her?cibal ṭa manʔ dacewaˇwho did she catch?dacetí mulʔgrab several!daceʔcapturedaceD: ImperativedacetʰuʔD: Negativedacecí·du(wa·du)D: Durativedacetá·duD: Plural Object, DurativedacemeʔD: Plural ImperativedacetácʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Plural Imperativedaceta·cʼiyicʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Distributive, Plural Imperativedacetito catchdacetí·cʼitake them (when handed to you)!2grab or catch something immaterial, e.g., catch a disease, take a job or chanceʔihya dácemelaI’ve caught my breath. I’ve got my windʔoho dacemuʔthe fire is spreadingma·ṭí·ho dacewcatching poison oakqahsíl dacewcatch a cold_chánce_ dacewtake a chanceqahsíl dacetʰuʔdon't catch cold!hiʔkʼulú dacewget a coughʔamadútʼaʔ šiwey daceyhe took a second job ondacetigrab and holdPrefixed:da-*cePlural*dacetcomp.cohšo dacemucʼhand in hand, holding handsabs.cohšo dacemucʼhand in hand, holding handsqahsil dacewph. v.vcatch coldqʼoʔo daceph. v.vtake the song*dacecʼrefl.vhold to self; take what is handed to oneselfcahno dacetiʔ yacn.p.ntape recorder
*dacecʼdacéʔvhold to self; take what is handed to oneselfdacetí·cʼigrab several! (to self probably)dacecʼihold to self! take one!dacecʼí toʔgrab it!ʔahá· mul ʔukulú·ta wiʔé·to bidalóh wiyal dacecʼigrab that wood he is handing over the fence to youdacecʼí·duce·duD: DurativedacetícʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Plural Imperativedacetí·cʼiwacʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Plural Imperativeheʔe dácecʼicatch hold of own hairReflexive of*dacePlural*daceticʼcahno dacetiʔ yacn.p.ntape recorder
*dacehlim1dacéhlimʔPlural of*dahcelhmaspan with hands