Kashaya - English


*d-v-instrmove or hold one thing. (See under -ʔdi-)
dada´Free Variant of*dusplice
da-dapref-instrpfxwith the hand, especially the palm, with the paw of animals, by wavescfdu-comp.ʔoho dawiʔlifire drill (used to start a fire)n.p.ma·yiš daṭʼowhominypref.*daba·lbe wiping, with the hand (palm)*dabetgrope, feel with the hand for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present*dabi·lturn with sweeping motion of the hands through the air, especially a batch of drying acorns*dabo·lmake a hole with the hand*dabo·mcover, put a lid on with the hand*dacegrab with the hand, catch hand on something; capture, take someone prisoner; hold onto (cloth, stick, glass); keep somebody from goinggrab or catch something immaterial, e.g., catch a disease, take a job or chance*daco·licbe fluffed out. with the hand (palm), paw; by waves(the moon) to be fullfull (speaking of the moon); by extension, a full moon*dacʰa·grab with the hand or claws; capture*dacʰi·ṭdig up*dacʰuscrub by pushing on something*dacʰul2remove something (e.g., dig out of dirt, knock out stuffing)*dacʰul2remove something (e.g., dig out of dirt, knock out stuffing)*dacʰul1spread out (a blanket, clothes) to display or to dry*dacʼi·ṭmix everything together by hand*dacʼo·1expose with the hand*dacʼo·2transform with the hand, by rubbing or washing; make turn different color or shape with the hand*dacʼo·mbreak (a string) in two pieces by pressing with the hand*dacʼo·qinsert something into hand*dacʼo·ṭbreak ends with hand; snap something taut (string) with hand*dacʼu·break with hand; by pressing*dacʼu·lpluck feathers; burn (feathers) in fire*dacʼu·mbreak off (needle or sticker) and leave some in hand*dadahcʰipush over (not aside); push person over or push someone off of porch, stump, bank (not to a tree or house)*dadaʔdipush a person (not a thing) out of the way; make stagger by shoving with hand 9/58 | push over off of something; 7/59 | also used for big rocks*dadi·cʼput something under, on, or against oneself*daduwwalk straight by feeling with the hand*dahaldig*dahcʰa1push over with the hands or paws, be knocked over by waves*dahcʰaṭmess up with hand*dahcʰi2hit with butt of hand so it really hurts*dahcʰoctear by rubbing*dahcʰotbe tired of doing (with hands)*dahkaṭʼon all fours, on hands and knees*dahkehave hand stopped while digging*dahkelhbrush something bare with hand; strip (fruit, dirt from) something by brushing it with a hand*dahko1on hands and knees*dahkotwear off by rubbing*dahkoycrawl to something*dahkʰemove with hand*dahlalsplit (watermelon) by pressing*dahlobe clean; be cleaned with hand*dahlokʼflop hand back and forth*dahlo·mfold together something jointed; break but not into two pieces, bend on a hinge*dahludknock off with the hand; detach*dahluṭʼslip off, slip away, while pressing with hand*dahlu·cspill by hand*dahmiyrub off (husk), rub off (acorn shell); keep moving stuff around in basket with hand*dahmoyrub off surface with palms (skin, fuzz off peach); break up clods by pushing and moving slightly*dahmu·ldo incompletely, fail to complete, be left over, restricted to activities done with the hand*dahnattry to move by pushing with the hand; test the resistance or firmness of an object by pushing against it with the hand*daholsearch for something unseen with hand, try to contact or feel for something with hand*dahpanhbreak up (e.g., clods of earth) with the hand*dahpoa three-dimensional space to be filled completely and to overflowing, with the hand*dahpʰaqʼinterior of a surface break from hand*dahpʰomwaves to splash over (rocks)*dahpʰoṭmake many fine particles come off some larger object in repeated movements, brush off, with the hand*dahpʰukʼutput hand, palm first, into something yielding, soft, or in water*dahpʰuy2thrust hand into something soft while falling*dahqalhwipe off with the palm of the hand (e.g., dust from a table); wipe clean*dahqoṭoltry to push something but fail to move it; try but fail to wash everything*dahqoyʔbend or sprain wrist by pressing the hand against something*dahqʰalhdust; wipe with the hand*dahqʰolhbreak through with the hand, drill hole*dahsa3warn, admonish, tell not to do, tell to stop*dahsetʼNOT wash self*dahseyspread (cloth) over something with the hand*dahsikʼitbrush off or away (insect from self, vase from table)*dahsilhget a sliver in the hand (palm), paw*dahsimextinguish (a fire) with the hand, by brushing with the hand*dahsitmake into pieces with hand*dahsokʼotspurt with the hand*dahsomrub off with fingers; erase*dahsoṭbrush off (dust) with the hand; splash and scatter water; scatter little pieces (paper, dust, feathers, leaves, stones) with the hand*dahsutmake into pieces with the hand (like a leftover bar of soap)*dahšac1pack loosely; put stuff into something any old way, gather various small things into pile*dahšanbe springy, spongy, resilient when pushed by the hand*dahšenot miss anything by touching*dahšokʼotwash with the hand*dahšolhby hand to brush off dust, shedding hair, leaves from tree*dahšu*dahtaytouch with the hand*dahṭilhthud with hand*dahwistick hand into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud, sand, concrete; also, hand be stuck in*dahyolsprinkle (powder, salt, etc.) onto something; mix with handspread or smear a liquid with the hand; rub or dab a liquid onto something with the hand*dakelstraighten with the hand; massage, pass hand over a surface to make smooth*dake·ṭtake off a corner with the palm*dakikiṭwith the hand to rub on a washboard*daki·šstretch over a surface, with the hand; stretch non-long object tight with hand*dako·lturn with hand; work a drill by moving the hand up and down*dakʰeṭone to part (grass) with hands (to make path)deal cards*dakʰistretch (rubber) by pushing with hand*dakʰu·lfeel lumpy with hand*dakʼa·ntilt, lean, be askew, standing object be off the vertical as a result of pushing with the hand*dakʼi·scratch with the fingernails (or claws of animals) with the fingers moving perpendicular to the plane of the nails (toward the palm); cut hand on something*dakʼo·ldig a hole with the hand*dakʼo·ṭwipe out with the palm of the hand a depression not on one’s own bodydig (on the ground)*dalacmiss catching something with hand*dalayahands slip; item slips out of hands*dalhatgive up in disgust*dalistir with the hand*dali·tmove hands or arms as in doing breast stroke; move circularly, move through a medium (air, water) in an arc, with the hand (palm), paw*dalo·be soggy from the hand*dalurub or spread something with handbe ocean waves; have waves, whitecaps; splash*dama1scoop in hands (gravel, sand, flower, dirt, bunch of eggs); get (flour from barrel); scrape loose material into a container, pick up bunch (of beans)*dama2weave, twine a basket*damilpick any way, leaves and all; pick roughly, berries with leavesrub surface or run hands through or over (esp. head or hair); scrape bunch of (beans) off (vine) (into box)*danacpush together*dana·cover up with hand*dana·mcover with the hand [?]bury*dapemgrow thickly; coat, surface be densely covered or coated with numerous small objects*dapʰo·be splashing or scattering (water, dust, etc.) with the hands*dapʰo·ṭbe splashing with hands*dapʰu·mstir up a cloud of dust with the hand*dapʼil(particles) be of extremely fine texture, be slick (like particles of fine texture), feel slick, to the touch, in the hand*daqolstroke with the hand (to comfort or pet)*daqʰal1make one mark with the hand*daqʰal2rub with hand; dust surface with hand; brush hand against*daqʰaqʰaṭscrape with the hand (whole or part of)*daqʰa·1break (a string) by pushing with the palm*daqʰa·2get the hand cut*daqʰa·mwipe off, with the palm of hand, or a towel held in the hand*daqʰoṭuproot with hands*daqʼa·sscratch and make a streak, with the hand or paw*daqʼa·ṭscratch (an itch), scrape with the hand or palm; grate (vegetables)*dasabreak off several with the hand*dasedislike, be irritated by, restricted to activities done with the hand (esp. of washing)*dase·wash, rinse, clean*dasi·ṭcrush or scatter with the hand*daso·lswirl, with the hand, esp. in water to rinse*dasuscratch off several parts of surface, with the hand, paw; scratch several deeply enough to make mark with hand or paw*dasu·l1cure someone of /matʰamʔ/ sickness from breaking taboo (for example, a baby crippled or hurt when a parent breaks taboo), by using herbs and singing; can also be used to prevent sickness from arisingtreat sickness in a menstruating woman by hitting the body with a pepperwood branch*dasu·l2sweep with hand*dasʼamocean wave splashing; stick something in hand (flush ?)*dasʼa·break glass, window, stick; break in the handswave break*dasʼa·lsqueeze liquid out with hand; liquid come from solid, using the hand*dasʼiyfold something with the hand*dasʼulmake smooth and shiny; slick down with hand, like slicking hair down with pomade*dasʼuyget pointed with the hand*dasʼu·sʼucwash (dog) by lifting water over him by hand*daša·mmake noise with hand on paper or rubbing; rustle with hand or make noise on paper box*dašudfeel something strange*dašu·lwaft out (of something)*datašgather together and up, with the hand (palm)squash with hand*datsaylacrisscross, interlace, be streaked in different directions (like plaid or crisscross); cross fingers; tangle (of string)*datʼe·lsmear, spread (something sticky) with hand (palm)*daṭa·mmake noise by hitting with hand*daṭa·nhold or press one end of a long object with the hand, so that it is in contact with something at one end only*daṭa·šhave grey hair; grow grey hair; fadeunruly ?*daṭʼamdisturb (nest or anthill) by putting hand in; disturb by touching; stir up swarm*daṭʼanbruise hand; break open a sore on the hand by bumping it*daṭʼa·break by pressing so something comes out (as an egg); press hand down on something*daṭʼunfeel slimy to hand*dayaʔtashare, help*daya·mpush but not move*dayehold or move with the hand*dayotsort through with hands; pile up with hands*daʔbo1stuff by hand*daʔbolh1turn over with hand*daʔbolh2pat to get dust out*daʔbu2bury something by pushing dirt over with the hands or paws*daʔcʰa2(falling forward) land on extended arms*daʔcʰa1having long, thin, often unsteady limbs*daʔcʰuscrape with hands something up to a point (sudden stop)*daʔcʼaput hand on something so it penetrates the skin*daʔcʼababreak with the hand*daʔcʼetbreak of pieces from edge with palm*daʔcʼondetach with hand; knock off (something that sticks, door from hinge, window out of frame) with hand*daʔcʼoqʰotgouge out piece, scratch someone in one place so it bleeds*daʔdayacmiss with the hand*daʔdi3get a splinter in the hand*daʔkʼacrack something open by pushing with the hand*daʔkʼanhlean a long object against, vertical object be tilted against*daʔkʼo1strike moderately with the hand*daʔkʼolhpush over with the hand; spill with the hand; upset, overturn with the hand*daʔkʼonhcup the hand protectively a little above an object*daʔkʼufinish pushing, washing (clothes), etc.*daʔluwrap up something flat or round*daʔlušglance off of the hand*daʔpʼanhpush closed*daʔqʼactighten, make secure, make safe, with the hand*daʔqʼalhinsert one's hand into something*daʔsʼi1pinch with palm of hand against something*daʔsʼilsplash with the hand*daʔsʼo1knead (dough)*daʔsʼulhpress down with hand*daʔsʼušhold hands in the shape of a point*daʔtʼe1stick (mud) on wall with hand*daʔtʼunhconstrict, reduce and close inner space using the hand (palm)*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something between palms of hand*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something between palms of hand*daʔṭʼaqʼatpress the hand on something so that it pops, such as a peanut*daʔṭʼestick (mud or dough) with hand or pushing a finger*daʔṭʼolhpat with the hand, especially the cheeks or buttocks*daʔṭʼubutpush something under water; submerge*da·sʼlucmake grimy and slick with the hands*dowoṭrile with fingersiter.*dihtohtoget fat*dacopref.dacówvbe crushing with the hand, (horse) crush by pawingpl.*dacotdacóʔ*daco·lpref.dacolʔ´vfluff the surface layer with the hand; spread out (acorns) to dry; be spread outpl.*dacola·taddacolá·tadu*daco·lmaessivedacolmáwvbe lined fluffily by handʔime dacolmawcomp.abs.ʔime dácolmawadjsoft, fluffy fur (like a Persian cat)*dacʼalpref.dacʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the handpl.*dacʼaltadacʼáltaw*dacʼepref.-v-redmake quick short movement with hand*dacʼedacʼefreq.dacʼedácʼewv-redmake quick short movements with hand, such as washing clothesalways frequentativealways frequentative*dadilpref.dadílʔvbe beyond reach of handcf*dahtʰunhpl.*dadiltadadíltaw*dahcapref.-vbe brushy*dahcamessivedahcámʔvbe bushy, stick outsyn*dahcac*pihcamcf*dahcalhma*dahšac2pl.*dacahtimdacáhtimʔ*dahcacsmlf.vbe brushysyn*dahcamcf*dahcalhpl.*dacahci*dahcalhpref.dahcálʔvbranching skeletal parts be bared and visible: exposed branches on a plant, hair that sticks out, deer antlers; applies to scrub if branches show as well as to dead brushcf*dahcac*pihcalhpl.*dahcala·taddahcalá·tadu*dahcalhmaessivedahcálhmawv(tree) be standing bare-branched (above ground); (animal) be skinny with bones or ribs showingcf*dahcampl.*dacahlimdacáhlimʔ*dahcalhcismlf.dahcálhciwv(tree) be lying bare-branched on the groundsyn*daʔcʰa2*dahcala·ladir.vspread outoften with a Directional suffix that indicates the movement of a branching or bushy object*dahcepref.-vobstruct with hand*dahcecsmlf.vobstruct with hand*dahcelhpref.-vget blocked by hand*dahcelhmaessivedahcélhmawvhold the hand spanning two things at some distance; stand with the arms across, a hand pressed against each side (of a door)pl.*dacehlim1dacéhlimʔ*dahcelhcismlf.dahcélhciwvbecome obstructed, stopped, blocked by the action of the hand: for the hand to be stopped from moving further while passing the palm along a surfacepl.*dacelʔtadacélʔtaw*dahcipref.dahcíwvroll or twist (string, strips of hide) to weave together; fasten several strands together into a rope by rolling between the palm and the thighpl.*dacitaddacitá·du*dahcitaddahcitá·du*dahciwaddahciwá·du*dahcupref.-v-redclawing*dahcuhcuiter.dahcúhcuwv-redclawingpl.*dacudacumdacudácumʔalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble with hand*dahcʰahcʰaiter.-vcrumble with hand*dahcʰahcʰacsmlf.dahcʰáhcʰaʔvcrumble with the handpl.*dahcʰadacʰataddahcʰadácʰata·du*dahcʰepref.dahcʰéwvact in many places with the hand*dahcʰupref.-v-redcrumble with hands*dahcʰuhcʰuiter.dahcʰúhcʰuwv-redcrumble with handssyn*dahkʰuhkʰualways reduplicated*dahcʰudahcʰufreq.dahcʰudáhcʰuwv-redcrumble with handsalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahkapref.dahkáwvbe on all fourspl.*dakahtidakáhtiw*dahkamessivedahkámʔvbe like a frog on all fours when body is raised up off the ground (not used of dogs who usually stand that way); person be with feet and hands on floorsyn*dahkaṭʼma*dahkompl.*dakahtimdakáhtimʔdahkamder.dahkámadjup off the ground, like a frog on all fours when its body is raised*dahkadahkafreq.dahkadáhkawvbe on all fours repeatedly*dahko2pref.-v-redsway*dahkodahkofreq.dahkodáhkov-redsway back and forth (of baby)always frequentativealways frequentative*dahko3pref.-v-redmake something knock*dahkohkoiter.dahkóhkowv-redmake something knock (as by shaking it)pl.*dahkodahkotaddahkodákota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahkolhpref.-vpress on something and loosen it *dahkolhmaessivedahkólhmawvpress on something and loosen it (door)*dahkolhcismlf.dahkólhciwvpress on something and loosen it (door) (no sound)requires essive -ma or semelfactive -ci*dahkʰiṭʼpref.-vstrain wrist*dahkʰiṭʼcismlf.-vstrain wrist*dahkʰiṭʼcicʼrefl.dahkʰíṭʼciʔvstrain or sprain one's wrist*dahkʰopref.dahkʰówvcatch with hand (a thrown ball)pl.*dakʰotdakʰóʔ*dahkʰupref.-v-redcrush with hand*dahkʰuhkʰuiter.dahkʰúhkʰuwv-redcrush with the handsyn*dahcʰuhcʰualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahle·mpref.dahlemʔ´vbe striped (horizontally without directional suffixes); stretch acrosspl.*daletamdaletámʔ*dahlicpref.-v-reddig into bank to cut it back*dahlihlic2iter.-v-redkeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahlihlic1smlf.dahlíhliʔvkeep digging into bank to cut it backpl.*dahlidalitadalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahmopref.-v-redrub with hand*dahmohmoiter.dahmóhmowv-redrub with hand; break up clods by passing hand over surfacealways reduplicated*dahmodahmofreq.dahmodáhmowv-redrub with handpl.*dahmodahmomdahmodáhmomʔalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahmupref.-v-redcrush with hand*dahmuhmuiter.-v-redcrush with hand *dahmuhmucsmlf.dahmúhmuʔvcrush (glass) to pieces with hand (or something brittle); crush chair to pieces by pressingpl.*dahmudamutaddahmudámuta·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahpa1pref.-v-redpat something messy*dahpahpa1iter.dahpáhpawv-red(the hand) come into repeated contact with something messy; repeatedly pat something messy, gooeyalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahpa2pref.-v-redsmear with hand*dahpahpa2iter.dahpáhpawv-redsmear with handalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahpolhpref.dahpólʔvgush with the handpl.*dahpola·taddahpolá·tadu*dahponpolopref.-vmake painfully swollen by irritation by palm of hand*dahponpolocsmlf.dahpónpoloʔvmake painfully swollen by repeated irritation by the palm of the handpl.*dahponpolowad*dahpʰipref.-v-redtear by rubbing with hand*dahpʰihpʰiiter.dahpíhpiwv-redtear up or shred by rubbing with hand (or with claws)syn*dahpʰitʼcipl.*dahpʰidapʰitaddahpʰidápʰita·dudial. var.*dahpihpialways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahpʰitʼpref.-vtear with hand*dahpʰitʼcismlf.dahpʰítʼciwvtear, rip (paper, cloth, lettuce), with the handsyn*dahpʰihpʰipl.*dahpʰitʼpʰitʼiwaddahpʰítʼpʰitʼiwa·du*dapʰitʼpʰiʔtʼidapʰítʼpʰiʔtʼiwdial. var.*dahpitʼci*dahpʰopref.-v-redbrush*dahpʰohpʰoiter.dahpʰóhpʰowv-redbrush (dandruff) off (a coat) with the hand; fluff (a pillow)pl.*dahpʰodapʰotaddahpʰodápʰota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahpʰuṭpref.-vbe unable to finish with hands*dahpʰuṭaydir.dahpʰuṭáyʔvbe unable to finish (washing clothes) with hands*dahpʰuṭʼpref.dahpʰúʔvhand become weak, lose control of hand*dahpʰuṭʼcismlf.dahpʰúṭcʼiwvhand become weak*dahpʰuy1pref.dahpʰúyʔvquickly thrust hand into something yielding*dahqa1pref.dahqáwvbe used to with the handpl.*daqawa·taddaqawá·tadu*dahqa2pref.-v-redrub with hand*dahqadahqafreq.dahqadáhqawv-redrepeatedly rub with the hand, wash oftenalways reduplicatedalways frequentative*dahqosʼpref.-vspill a solid of some sort (not a liquid)*dahqosʼmaessivedahqósʼmawvspill a solid onto a surface, with a focus on the resulting spilled materialpl.*daqosʼqoʔsʼodaqósʼqoʔsʼow*dahqosʼcismlf.dahqósʼciwvspill nonliquids with the hand, cause a group of solid objects to fall off; for instance, push a table cloth off and spill what is on itpl.*daqosʼqoʔsʼodaqósʼqoʔsʼow*dahqosʼa·ducdir.dahqosʼá·duʔvspill and scatterpl.*daqohsʼaducdaqóhsʼaduʔ*dahqosʼa·ladir.vspill a solid downward into a contained area or onto a surface, such as sugar into a sinkoccurs with Semelfactive, Essive, or Directional suffix*dahqʰapref.-v-redrub with hand*dahqʰahqʰaiter.dahqʰáhqʰawvrub with hands back and forth; rub around or massage gently (a sore part of the body)cf*daqol*daqʰal1*daqʰal2always reduplicated*dahqʰadahqʰafreq.dahqʰdáhqʰawv-redrub repeatedly with the handpl.*dahqʰadahqʰam*dahqʰadahqʰatad*dahqʰadaqʰataddahqʰadáqʰata·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahsa1pref.dahsáw1vput or move several heavy objects, with the handsg.*daʔdi2 12move as ocean wave*dahsam1essivedahsámʔv-hndhold several heavy objectssg.*daʔdim2dahsamcismlf.dahsámciwv-hndpick up and hold several heavy objectssg.*daʔdimci*dahsam3dahsámʔv-hndput (several heavy objects) on a surface off the ground, such as on a tablesg.*daʔdim1*dahsac1smlf.dahsáʔv-hndpick up several heavy objects in order to carrysg.*daʔdic*dasatʰmucʼdist.dasátʰmuʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects here and there, all over, all aroundsg.*dade·nʔwad*dahsam2dir.dahsámʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects across or pastsg.*daʔdim3*dahsamacdir.dahsamáʔv-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects in from heresg.*daʔdimac 12carry, move several heavy objects south or east from heresg.*daʔdimac 2*dahsamaddir.dahsamá·duv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects within an enclosed place (house, pasture); at a place identified in the context, enclosed or notsg.*daʔdimadpl. agt.*dahsamacʼ*dahsamaqʷdir.dahsamáʔ1v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects in heresg.*daʔdimaqʷ 12v-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects southward or eastward to here, from the north or westsg.*daʔdimaqʷ 23vwaves to come ashore, wash on the beach, break on the rocks*dahsama·ducdir.dahsamá·duʔv-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects home, to a place, carry to destinationsg.*daʔdima·ducpl. agt.*dahsama·cʼic*dasa·bicdir.dasa·bíʔv-hnd1lift up, pick up several heavy objectssg.*dade·bic 12carry, move several heavy objects awaysg.*dade·bic 2*dasa·ddir.dasa·du´v-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects along, in one directionsg.*dade·d 12bring, carry, move several heavy objects toward heresg.*dade·d 2pl. agt.*dasa·cʼ*dasa·ducdir.dasa·dúʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects far, away to a distancesg.*dade·ducpl. agt.*dasa·cʼic*dasa·ladir.dasa·láw1v-hndcarry, move, put several heavy objects down into somethingsg.*dada·la 12vbury several peoplesg.*dada·la 2*dasa·lamecʼdir.dasala·méʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects down off of somewheresg.*dada·lamecʼ*dasa·loqdir.dasa·lóʔv-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects up toward heresg.*dada·loq*dasa·loqocʼdir.dasalo·qóʔv-hndbring, carry, move several heavy objects up out of somewheresg.*dada·loqocʼ*dasa·qdir.dasaʔ´v-hnd1carry, move several heavy objects out from here, awaysg.*dada·q 12carry, move several heavy objects north or west from heresg.*dada·q 2*dasa·qacdir.dasa·qáʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects up from heresg.*dada·qac*dasa·qocʼdir.dasa·qóʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects out from heresg.*dada·qocʼ*dasa·qʷdir.dasaʔ´v-hnd1bring, carry, move several heavy objects out toward heresg.*dada·qʷ 12bring, carry, move several heavy objects northward or westward to here, from the south or eastsg.*dada·qʷ 2dahsama·qocʼdir.dahsamá·qoʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects back a few stepssg.*daʔdima·qocʼdahsamuldir.dahsamúlʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects around to the other sidesg.*daʔdimuldahsamu·licʼdir.dahsamú·liʔv-hndcarry, move several heavy objects all the way aroundsg.*daʔdimu·licʼ*dahsa2pref.dahsáwvgo stop someone from doing somethingpl.*dasatdasáʔ*dahsakʼatpref.dahsakʼáʔvbounce with the hand; hand be jarredcf*dahsikʼit*dahsitʼpref.dahsíʔvitch, feel itchypl.*dahsitʼa·taddahsitʼa·tadu*dahsopref.-v-redsprinkle*dahsohsoiter.dahsóhsowv-redsprinkle (clothes to iron)pl.*dahsodahsomdahsodáhsomʔalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahsupref.-vbe scratched up*dahsuhsuiter.dahsúhsuwvbe scratched up (on surface)*dahšipref.-v-redscatter with hand*dahšihšiiter.dahšíhšiwv-redscatter (grass or leaves) (like chickens but with hand)syn*dahšuhšualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahtapref.-v-redslap something wet*dahtahtaiter.dahtáhtawv-redrepeatedly slap something wet (or dry added later)syn*pahtahtacf*dahtehtealways reduplicated*dahtadahtafreq.dahtadáhtawv-redpat on something soft like dough or mudcf*dahtehte*dahṭedahṭealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahtepref.-v-redpat to dry object*dahtehteiter.dahtéhtewv-redpat repeatedly dry object, not wetcf*dahtadahta*dahtahta*dahṭedahṭealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahtenh1pref.dahténʔvmassage by patting with hand*dahtenh2pref.dahténʔvmake even by pressing with hand, arrange*dahtopref.-v-redstuff with hand*dahtohtoiter.dahtóhtowv-redstuff with the handalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahtʰunhpref.dahtʰúnʔvnot quite touch with the hand; not quite press on with the handcf*dadil*dahṭanṭalapref.-vfade from washingpl.*dahṭanṭalawad*dahṭanṭalacsmlf.dahṭánṭalaʔvfade from washing*dahṭipref.-vpound with palm*dahṭihṭiiter.dahṭíhṭiwvpound with the palm of hand (chair)*dahṭʰapref.dahṭʰáwvunloose with the hand; open with the hand; uncover with the hand, pawpl.*daṭʰatdaṭʰáʔ*dahṭʰepref.-vspread out with handsyn*daṭʰe·*dahṭʰehṭʰeiter.dahṭʰéhṭʰewvspread out with the hand (like prunes for drying)*dahṭʰinhpref.dahṭʰínʔvpress firmly to ease pain or to straighten something out; massage with the hand on a personcf*dakelpl.*dahṭʰinma*daṭʰinta*dahṭʰolhpref.dahṭʰólhmawvone to rub with hand to make hole; force one's way through (brush)*dahṭʰolhmaessivevforce one's way through (brush); push paper through hole in wall*dahwatʼpref.dahwáʔvflop, disintegrate; lose tenseness, tone, collapse*dahwatʼmaessivedahwátʼmawvflop*dahwatʼcismlf.dahwátʼciwvflop*dahwe·npref.dahwenʔ´vshake, using handspl.*dahwe·nma*dahwisʼpref.-vsmoke, fog swirl, move*dahwisʼmaessivevbe heavy smoke, fogoccurs with Dir-Loc suffix*dahyupref.-v-redshake to wake up *dahyuhyuiter.dahyúhyuwv-redshake to wake up with the handsalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*dahyutpref.dahyúʔvbreak something crumbly with the hand (palm) by pushing*dahyuṭpref.dahyúʔvstir, poke with the hand*daki·lpref.dakilʔ´vwave with the hand (usually sideways); wave arms aimlesslypl.*daki·lmadakilmáw*dakildaki·lfreq.dakíldakilʔvkeep on swinging quickly*daki·mpref.-vstretch out with hands*daki·mmaessivedakimmáwvstretch out with hands*daki·mcismlf.dakimcíwvstretch something out with hands (cloth, not rubber band)cf*dakel*dakʼalpref.dakʼálʔvopen slightly with the handspl.*dakʼahlidakʼáhliw*dakʼilpref.dakʼílʔvindicate with the hand*dakʼiṭʰpref.-vhave horizontal stripes*dakʼihṭʰaladir.dakʼíhṭʰalaw1vhave parallel stripes running downward; have vertical stripescfbaṭihcala· koʔyi2adjstriped*dakʼihṭʰimacdir.dakʼíhṭʰimaʔvhave parallel stripes running sideways; have horizontal stripes*dakʼi·špref.dakʼiš´vsqueak with fingerspl.*dakʼihšidakʼíhšiw*dakʼumpref.dakʼúmʔvbe too much or too difficult to do, do to one’s limit, restricted to activities done with the hand (palm)cf*daṭʼem*dalepref.-v-redstop with hand*daledalefreq.daledálewv-redstop with the handpl.*daledalewaddaledálewa·du*daledalecsmlf.daledáleʔvstop with handpl.*daledalewaddaledálewa·dualways reduplicated; usually with semelfactivealways frequentative*dalopref.-v-redroll in hands*dalodalofreq.dalodálowv-redroll around in hands (between palms) into a ball (clay or dough)cf*daʔloʔloalways frequentativealways frequentative*danempref.vhit with hand; slap?pl.*danetʰma*dapampref.dapámʔvcover thickly; grow denselysyn*dapem*dapʰa·lcf*cupausually with essive*dapaṭpref.-vfill hole with hand*dapaṭʰcismlf.dapáṭʰciwvpatch, cover, or fill a hole with the handpl.*dapahṭidapáhṭiw*dapʰa·lpref.dapʰalʔ´vcover by thick growth: plants, hairsyn*dapam*dapempl.*dapʰahlidapʰáhliw*dapʰa·lmaessivedapʰalmáwvcover by thick growthunspec. var.*dapʰahlim*dapʰa·lcismlf.dapʰalcíwvcover by thick growthpl.*dapʰahlicoften with essive -m*dapʰu·pref.-vdust*dapʰu·csmlf.vdust*daqʰa·spref.-vnoise of rubbing hand*daqʰa·saddir.daqʰasa·du´vnoise of rubbing hand against something*daqʰa·saladir.daqʰasa·láwvrub the palm of the hand downward (on a wall), producing a sound*daqʰa·ṭ1pref.daqʰaʔ´vpraise someone (one instance), usually on lookscf*baqʰa·ṭʰqapl.*daqʰaṭa·tad*daqʰa·ṭ2pref.vfeel good to handant*dase*dase·lpref.daselʔ´vrinse something with the hands; wash or rinse handssyn*dase·*pase·cʼ*dasoṭa·ducpref.vscatterpl.*dasohṭaduc*dati·tpref.datiʔ´vroll (with rolling pin)cf*qati·tpl.*datihtidatíhtiwdatiʔliinstr.datiʔli´nrolling pin*datupref.-vbe overstuffed*datudatufreq.-vbe overstuffed*datudatucsmlf.datudátuʔvbe overstuffedcf*pitupitu*datulpref.datúlʔvsmooth out wrinkled clothes with palm, when spread over something; straighten (bent wire)cf*dakelpl.*datula·tad*datulta*datʰilpref.datʰílʔvtear, not necessarily apart, by pressing with hand*daṭapref.-v-reddo something in hurry*daṭadaṭafreq.daṭadáṭawv-reddo something in a hurry, rushpl.*daṭadaṭamalways frequentativealways frequentative*daṭiṭi·mapref.daṭiṭí·mawvstretch the hand or arm across something; stretch something with the hand or arm*daṭi·špref.daṭiš´vstretch tight, of a surface or cloth, with the hand; inflate by stretching or fillingcf*daki·špl.*daṭihšidaṭíhšiw*daṭi·šicsmlf.vstretch tight with handfr. var.*daṭi·šci*daṭo·lpref.daṭolʔ´vdrillcf*dawi 2*moko·l*moṭo·l*muwiʔimo daṭolʔlin.p.ʔimo dáṭolʔlinhand drill*daṭʰaṭpref.daṭʰáʔvbreak open with the hand*daṭʰe·pref.daṭʰew´vspread something out with the hands; use hand to open (a book) so it is spread outsyn*dahṭʰepl.*daṭʰewaddaṭʰewádu*daṭʰe·lpref.daṭʰelʔ´vriffle, flip through a stack of papers with whole handpl.*daṭʰelta*daṭʰelʔtadaṭʰélʔtaw/daṭʰehli/ plural stem when suffixed*daṭʰilpref.daṭʰílʔvspread, stretch out, with the hand (palm), fabric, small things (acorns)*daṭʰopref.daṭʰówvtake wall off room; peel wall off in piecescf*daṭʼo·*diṭʰo*daṭʼa·špref.daṭʼaš´vput hair back or off the forehead with the hand*daṭʼempref.daṭʼémʔvbe tired of doing action with handcf*dakʼum*daṭʼiṭʼimpref.daṭʼiṭʼímʔvbe tangled; twisted aroundcf*hiʔloʔlo*šuyamdaṭʼiṭʼimʔ qʰalen.p.daṭʼiṭʼímʔ qʰalenmorning glory, tangled vine, Bindwood or Orchard Morning Glory (naturalized from Europe); also hops, sweet peafr. var.daṭʼiṭim qʰale*daṭʼo·pref.daṭʼow´vtake off outer layer; peel offsyn*daqʰal2*daqʰaqʰaṭ*daqʼa·s*daṭʼo·scf*daṭʰopl.*daloṭʼodaloṭʼów*daʔṭʼowadma·yiš daṭʼown.p.má·yiš daṭʼowvhominy*daṭʼo·spref.daṭʼos´vscrape or scratch surface with the hand, fingernailsyn*daqʰal2*daqʰaqʰaṭ*daqʼa·s*daṭʼo·pl.*daṭʼos*daṭʼupref.daṭʼúwvput hand in liquid; let hand sink into liquid*dawaypref.dawáyʔvawaken someone (?with the hand, by touching or shaking)cf*wayicʼqapl.*dawayʔtadawáyʔtaw*dawipref.dawíwv1move hand up and down, palm downcf*dayi2drill; operate or work a drillcf*daṭo·l*moko·l*moṭo·l*muwipl.*dawitdawíʔdawiʔliinstr.dáwiʔlina drillfr. var.dawi·li*dawoṭpref.dawóʔvstir with whole hand, as in laundry in watercf*dahyol 1*dayoṭpl.*dawohṭim*dayecʼpref.dayéʔvpress open hand against somethingcf*daye*dayem*daye·dpl.*dayeʔtadayéʔtaw*dayipref.dayíwvscratch deeply, gouge, slash, with the hand or claws; scratch over a distance so that the material separatescf*dakʼi·*daqʼa·ṭ*dasu*dawi 1*hasu*daʔbapref.daʔbáwvopen with fingers*daba·csmlf.dabaʔ´vopen once with fingers*daʔbalhpref.-vturn with hand*daʔbalhciwsmlf.daʔbálhciwvturn something over with the hand; turn things over (for example, in a drawer) while looking for somethingpl.*dabahlicdabáhliʔ*daʔbepref.-v-redfeel around where can't see*daʔbedaʔbefreq.daʔbedáʔbewv-redfeel around where one can't seepl.*daʔbedabetaddaʔbedábeta·dualways frequentativealways frequentative*daʔbo2pref.-v-redto get dust out*daʔboʔboiter.daʔbóʔbowv-redpat to get dust outsyn*daʔbolh2pl.*daʔbodabotaddaʔbodábota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔcʼopref.-v-redbreak up by hand*daʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.daʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redbreak up by handcf*daʔcʼet*daʔcʼoʔcʼocsmlf.daʔcʼóʔcʼoʔvbreak up by handalways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*daʔcʼolhpref.-vmake hole with hand*daʔcʼolhmaessivedaʔcʼólhmawvmake or dig a hole or opening with the hand (not in the ground)pl.*dacʼohlimdacʼóhlimʔ*daʔcʼolhcismlf.daʔcʼólhciwvmake hole with hand*daʔcʼupref.-vbreak with hand*daʔcʼumessive-vbreak with hand*daʔcʼumcismlf.daʔcʼúmciwvbreak with handpl.*daʔcʼuma·taddaʔcʼumá·tadu*daʔdi2pref.daʔdíw1v-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] move or carry something heavy; [without a suffix] stop performing this action: put down something heavy on the floor or ground, with the hand (even if it has a handle)pl.*dahsa1 12vstore, put away (food, provisions)pl.*dahsac2*daʔdim2essivedaʔdímʔv-hndhold a heavy objectpl.*dahsam1*daʔdimciessivedaʔdímciwv-hndpick up and hold a heavy objectpl.dahsamci*daʔdim1daʔdímʔv-hndput (something heavy, such as a sack of potatoes) on a surface off the ground such as a tablepl.*dahsam3*dahsac2smlf.dahsáʔvstore [?]sg.*daʔdi2 2*daʔdicsmlf.daʔdíʔv-hndpick up a heavy object in order to carry itpl.*dahsac1*dade·nʔwaddist.dadenʔwadúv-hndcarry, move a heavy object here and there, all over, all aroundpl.*dasatʰmucʼpl. agt.*dade·cʼwacʼ*dada·ladir.dada·láw1v-hndcarry, move, put something heavy down into somethingpl.*dasa·la 12vbury a personpl.*dasa·la 2*dada·lamecʼdir.dadala·méʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy down off ofpl.*dasa·lamecʼ*dada·loqdir.dada·lóʔv-hndbring, carry, move something heavy up to herepl.*dasa·loq*dada·loqocʼdir.dadalo·qóʔv-hndbring, carry, move something heavy up out ofpl.*dasa·loqocʼ*dada·qdir.dadaʔ´v-hnd1carry, move something heavy out from here, awaypl.*dasa·q 12carry, move something heavy north or west from herepl.*dasa·q 2*dada·qacdir.dada·qáʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy up from herepl.*dasa·qac*dada·qocʼdir.dada·qóʔv-hndcarry, move a heavy object from out of here; take out from insidepl.*dasa·qocʼ*dada·qʷdir.dadaʔ´v-hnd1bring, carry, move something heavy outpl.*dasa·qʷ 12bring, carry, move something heavy northward or westward to here, from the south or eastpl.*dasa·qʷ 2*dade·bicdir.dade·bíʔv-hnd1lift up, pick up something heavypl.*dasa·bic 12carry, move something heavy awaypl.*dasa·bic 23waves or ocean rise up*dade·ddir.dade·du´1v-hndcarry, move something heavy along (in one direction)pl.*dasa·d 12v-hndbring, carry, move something heavy toward herepl.*dasa·d 23vwave to move alongpl. agt.*dade·cʼ*dade·ducdir.dade·dúʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy far, away to a distancepl.*dasa·ducpl. agt.*dade·cʼic*daʔdim3dir.daʔdímʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy across or pastpl.*dahsam2*daʔdimacdir.daʔdimáʔv-hnd1carry, move something heavy in from herepl.*dahsamac 12carry, move something heavy south or east from herepl.*dahsamac 2*daʔdimaddir.daʔdimá·duv-hndcarry, move something heavy within an enclosed place (house, pasture); at a place identified in the context, enclosed or notpl.*dahsamadpl. agt.*daʔdimacʼ*daʔdimaqʷdir.daʔdimáʔv-hnd1bring, carry, move something heavy in herepl.*dahsamaqʷ 12bring, carry, move something heavy southward or eastward to here, from the north or westpl.*dahsamaqʷ 2*daʔdima·ducdir.daʔdimá·duʔv-hndbring, carry, move something heavy home, to a place, carry to destinationpl.*dahsama·ducpl. agt.*daʔdima·cʼic*daʔdima·qocʼdir.daʔdimá·qoʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy back a few stepspl.dahsama·qocʼ*daʔdimuldir.daʔdimúlʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy around to the other sidepl.dahsamul*daʔdimu·licʼdir.daʔdimú·liʔv-hndcarry, move something heavy around all the waypl.dahsamu·licʼ*daʔkʼayʔpref.-vcatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼayʔcismlf.daʔkʼáyʔciwvcatch hand between two objectspl.*dakʼahcidaʔkʼáhciw*daʔkʼepref.-vmake stiff with hand*daʔkʼecsmlf.-vmake stiff with hand*daʔkʼecʰqacaus.daʔkʼécʰqawvmake stiff with the hand*daʔkʼipref.-v-reddig almost all way through*daʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.daʔkʼíʔkʼiwv-reddig around (a stump) almost all the way through (to uproot it)pl.*daʔkʼidakʼitaddaʔkʼidákʼita·du*daʔkʼiʔkʼicsmlf.daʔkʼíʔkiʔvdig almost all way throughalways reduplicated, usually with semelfactive -calways reduplicated*daʔkʼo2pref.-v-reddig a shallow hole*daʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-v-reddig a shallow hole*daʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.daʔkʼóʔkʼoʔvdig a shallow holealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔkʼoypref.-vact with hand on few objects*daʔkʼoyaddur.daʔkʼoyá·duvbe acting on a few ungrouped or scattered objects with the hand*daʔlawʔpref.-vrub every once in a while*daʔlawʔcismlf.daʔláwʔciwvrub face or chair with hand; make quick movement with hand; grabsyn*duʔlawʔci*daʔladaʔlafreq.daʔladáʔlawvrub (face or chair) with the hand every once in a whilecf*baʔlabaʔla*daladalarequires frequentative or semelfactive*daʔlipref.-v-red*daʔliʔliiter.daʔlíʔliwv-redwave handpl.*daʔliʔlimalways reduplicated*daʔlidaʔlifreq.daʔlidáʔliwv-redwave handalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔlopref.-v-redroll into ballalways reduplicated*daʔpʼopref.-v-redremove with hand*daʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.-v-redremove everything with hand *daʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.daʔpʼóʔpʼoʔvremove everything with hand; pour everything out; empty out by turning upside downpl.*daʔpʼodapʼotaddaʔpʼodápʼota·dualways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔsʼaṭpref.-vhit and hurt with hand*daʔsʼaṭʰmaessivedaʔsʼáṭʰmawvhit hard and hurt, using the palm of the handpl.*daʔsʼahṭim*daʔsʼi2pref.-v-redtouch lightly with hand*daʔsʼiʔsʼiiter.daʔsʼíʔsʼiwv-redtouch lightly and repeatedly with the hand or paw; twitch; ticklealways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔsʼo2pref.-vdent with hand*daʔsʼoʔsʼoiter.daʔsʼóʔsʼowvrepeatedly dent with the handsyn*pʰaʔsʼoʔsʼo*daʔsʼonhpref.vflatten with hand*daʔsʼonhmaessivedaʔsʼónhmawvflatten with hand*daʔsʼonhcismlf.daʔsʼónhciwvflatten with hand*daʔsʼona·ducdir.vpunch to make hole*daʔtʼa1pref.daʔtʼáwv1find one thing; the commonest meaning is ‘to find’ (by any means, not just with the hand); locate something2see, observe, encounter, find out, notice, discover3feel (with a hand), use a hand to detect or observe, touchpl.*datʼatdatʼáʔqanemaʔ daʔtʼaph. v.qanemáʔ daʔtʼawv adopt as relative*daʔtʼamessivevdiscoverpl.*datʼahtimdatʼáhtimʔ*daʔtʼahqacaus.daʔtʼáhqawvlet (someone) know; inform*daʔtʼaqacaus.-vshow oneself*daʔtʼaqacʼrefl.daʔtʼaqáʔvshow oneself to others*daʔtʼamucʼrecip.daʔtʼamúʔv1meet, meet each other, get acquainted2make physical contact, make lovepl.*datʼatʰmucʼdatʼátʰmuʔ*daʔtʼa2pref.=vbe full*daʔtʼaʔtʼapref.-vbe chock full*daʔtʼaʔtʼacsmlf.daʔtʼáʔtaʔvbe chock fullsyn*dohtohto 1*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacpl.*daʔtʼadatʼataddaʔtʼadátʼata·du*daʔtʼe2pref.-vbe close together*daʔtʼeʔtʼeiter.daʔtʼéʔtʼewv(berries hanging) close together; be crowded*daʔtʼeʔtʼecsmlf.daʔtʼéʔtʼeʔvbe close together*daʔtʼekelepref.-vflatten by hand*daʔtʼekelecsmlf.daʔtʼekéleʔvflatten by hand*daʔtʼempref.daʔtʼémʔvfind, hit upon with the hand (palm)pl.*datʼehtimdatʼéhtimʔ*daʔtʼemhpref.daʔtʼémʔvput palm against; pat; cover with a cloth; cover with handsyn*muʔtʼemh*daʔtʼemhcicʼrefl.vput on oneself*daʔtʼenhpref.daʔtʼénʔvattach, with the hand (palm), paw; by wavespl.*daʔtʼehnidaʔtʼéhniw*daʔtʼutʰupref.daʔtʼútʰuwvsqueeze and smash something between palms of hand; smash, decrease inside space with the hand; roll up; this "squeeze" is only for things with an opening and implies closing the opening, or perhaps inner spacesyn*daʔtʼuʔtʼupl.*datʼutʰudatʼutʰúw*daʔṭašpref.-vdo to all, by hand [?]*daʔṭašcismlf.daʔṭášciwvdo to all, by hand [?]requires semelfactive -ci*daʔṭupref.daʔṭúwvpress hand on edge, brace hand on edgepl.*daʔṭut1daʔṭúʔ*daʔṭut2*daʔṭʼa1pref.daʔṭʼáwvhold between hands and breakcf*daṭʼa·pl.*dalaṭʼa1dalaṭʼáw*daʔṭʼawaydir.daʔṭʼawáyʔvpress firmly against something with the hand, and (potentially) break itpl.*daṭʼahway*daʔṭʼawa·yicʼrefl.daʔṭʼawá·yiʔvhold against one's chest with the handpl.*daṭʼahwayicʼ*daʔṭʼa2pref.-vpress with hand*daʔṭʼaʔṭʼaiter.daʔṭʼáʔṭʼawvrepeatedly press with hand*daʔṭʼašpref.daʔṭʼášvput in place or join together using the hand; close a door or lidpl.*daṭʼahšidaṭʼáhšiw*daʔṭʼaša·ladir.daʔṭʼašá·lawvpress down with the hand to put into place something that has bent out at a joint; press the lid on a boxpl.*daṭʼahšaladaṭʼáhšalaw*daʔṭʼadaṭʼatʰmacʼrefl.daʔṭʼadáṭʼatʰmaʔvcloth wrapped like turban*daʔṭʼaṭpref.daʔṭʼáʔvcrack with the hand*daʔṭʼelhpref.daʔṭʼélʔvpart with the handcf*dihšahšapl.*daʔṭʼela·taddaʔṭʼelá·tadu*daʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.daʔṭʼéʔṭʼewvpound lightly with handpl.*daʔṭʼedaṭʼehtidaʔṭʼedáṭʼehtiw*daʔṭʼipref.-vtangle*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼipref.-vtangle*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.daʔṭʼíʔṭʼiʔvtangledaʔṭʼidaṭʼihtadu ca·yon.p.daʔṭʼidáṭʼihtadu ca·yona vine in grass, with stems about two feet longcfnaya ca·yoqʰatow ʔbakʰe ca·yo*daʔṭʼiṭpref.daʔṭʼíʔvtwist several things together with the hand*daʔṭʼopref.-v-redpat, clap hands*daʔṭʼoʔṭʼoiter.daʔṭʼóʔṭʼowv-redmake the sound of hitting lightly, patting, tapping, with the hand or palmsyn*pʰaʔṭʼoʔṭʼocfdaʔṭʼoṭʼoalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*daʔwipref.-vrub with palm*daʔwiʔwiiter.daʔwíʔwiwvrub quickly with palm, twisting handspl.*daʔwidawitaddaʔwidáwita·du*daʔyapref.daʔyáwvpress down a little; press hand lightly on something (/dayeʔ/ is to press hard)*daʔyoʔyopref.daʔyóʔyowvrake together with handspl.*daʔyodayotdaʔyodáyoʔ*daʔyupref.-v-redhurt with hand*daʔyuʔyuiter.daʔyúʔyuwv-redhurt, or feel discomfort with the hand, by rubbing or pressing the hand on something; hurts but doesn’t injure; hurt someone else by pushing or rubbingalways reduplicatedalways reduplicated*da·sqʰac2pref.-v*da·sqʰac1smlf.dá·sqʰaʔvbrush bare and smooth with the handpl.*da·sqʰawa·taddá·sqʰawa·tadudahšapref.adjunkempt (hair)*dahšamessivevhave unkempt hairpl.*dašahtim*dašatʰma*dahšac2smlf.dahšáʔv** have unkempt hair; be with (hair) sticking out all over; hair to be bushy; disarrange with handcf*dahcam*puhšaš*šuhšahšaduša·maw*dahšahšaiter.dahšáhšawvdisarrange, mess up, with the hand (palm)daʔṭʼipref.daʔṭʼi´adjbent by hand*dahqʰayʔmaessivedahqʰáyʔmawvslide the palm of the hand across (a smooth table top)*dahka·ddur.dahka·du´vperson to walk/crawl on hands and feetpl.*dakahtacʼdakáhtaʔ*dahcohcoiter.vpaw (ground)pl.*dahcodacotad
*dabahlicdabáhliʔPlural of*daʔbalhciwturn with hand
*dabala·taddabalá·taduPlural of*daba·lwipe with hand
*dabalci-vwipe face onceSemelfactive of*daba·l-c2*dabalcicʼrefl.dabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)
*dabalcicʼdabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)Reflexive of*dabalci-icʼ2
*daba·cdabaʔ´vopen once with fingersSemelfactive of*daʔba
*daba·ldabalʔ´vbe wiping, with the hand (palm)cf*dahqalhPrefixed:da-*ba·lPlural*dabala·taddabalá·tadu*dabalcismlf.-vwipe face once*dabalcicʼrefl.dabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)
*dabetdabéʔvgrope, feel with the hand for something unseen which is not known for sure to be presentPrefixed:da-*bet1*dabetaddur.dabetá·duvexamine with hand*dabeticʼrefl.dabetíʔvfeel on oneself where cannot see (the back, in a pocket) to determine if some object is present
*dabetaddabetá·duvexamine with handDurative of*dabet
*dabeticʼdabetíʔvfeel on oneself where cannot see (the back, in a pocket) to determine if some object is presentReflexive of*dabet
*dabiltadabíltawPlural of*dabi·lturn with hands
*dabi·ldabilʔ´vturn with sweeping motion of the hands through the air, especially a batch of drying acornsPrefixed:da-*bi·lPlural*dabiltadabíltaw
*dabohciPlural of*daʔbo1stuff by hand
*dabohlacʼicPlural Agent of*dabola·ducturn away ???
*dabola·ducvturn away ???Plural Agent*dabohlacʼic
*dabola·taddabolá·taduPlural of*dabo·lmake hole with hand
*dabotdabóʔPlural of*daʔbo1stuff by hand
*dabotadPlural of*daʔbo1stuff by hand
*dabotamdabotámʔPlural of*dabo·mcover with hand
*dabo·ldabolʔ´vmake a hole with the handPrefixed:da-*bo·lPlural*dabola·taddabolá·taduʔama dabolʔlin.p.ʔama dábolʔlincrowbarfr. var.ʔama· dabolʔliʔimo dabolʔlin.p.ʔimo dábolʔlindrill, hand drillfr. var.ʔahca ʔimo dabolʔlidrill
*dabo·mdabomʔ´vcover, put a lid on with the handPrefixed:da-*bo·mPlural*dabotamdabotámʔ*dabo·macʼrefl.dabo·máʔ1vwear hat, put a lid on oneself by hand2nhat, hat with big brim; top, lidsynkacu·ceciʔba dabo·maʔcomp.ciʔba dábo·maʔnstraw hat
*dabo·macʼdabo·máʔ1vwear hat, put a lid on oneself by hand2nhat, hat with big brim; top, lidsynkacu·ce5.3ClothingReflexive of*dabo·mciʔba dabo·maʔcomp.ciʔba dábo·maʔnstraw hat
*dabutdabúʔPlural of*daʔbu2bury with hands