Kashaya - English


*d-v-instrmove or hold one thing. (See under -ʔdi-)
dada´Free Variant of*dusplice
da-dapref-instrwith the hand, especially the palm, with the paw of animals, by wavesComparedu-with fingerCausative*dahyalqacause responsibilities*daʔkʼecʰqamake stiff with handCompoundʔoho dawiʔlifire drillDirectional*dahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish with hands*dahqosʼa·ducspill and scatter*dakʼihtimacʼhave horizontal stripes*dakʼihṭʰalahave vertical stripes striped*daqʰa·sadnoise of rubbing hand*daqʰa·salarub palm downwardDurative*dahka·dperson to walk/crawl on hands and feet*daʔkʼoyadact with hand on few objectsEssive*dahcambe bushy*dahcelhmaspan with hands*dahkambe on all fours*dahkolhmapress on something and loosen it*dahkomhands and feet on ground*dahqʰayʔmaslide palm of hand across*daʔcʼolhmake hole with hand*daʔcʼumcibreak with hand*daʔsʼaṭʰmahit and hurt with handFrequentative*dacʼedacʼemake quick short movements with hand*dahcʰudahcʰucrumble with hands*dahkadahkabe on all fours repeatedly*dahkodahkosway back and forth*dahqadahqarepeatedly rub with hand*dahqʰadahqʰarub with hand*dahtadahtapat on something soft like dough or mud*daledalestop with hand*dalodaloroll in hands*datudatucbe overstuffed*daṭadaṭado something in hurry*daʔbedaʔbefeel around where can't see*daʔladaʔlarub every once in a while*daʔlidaʔliwave handIterative*dahcohcopaw (ground)*dahcuhcuclawing*dahcʰahcʰaccrumble with hand*dahcʰohcʰocto tear up to pieces*dahcʰuhcʰucrumble with hands*dahkohkomake something knock*dahkʰuhkʰucrush with hand*dahlihlickeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahmohmorub with hand*dahmuhmuccrush with hand*dahpahpa2smear with hand*dahpahpa1repeatedly pat something messy*dahpʰihpʰitear up by rubbing with hand*dahpʰohpʰobrush*dahqʰahqʰarub with hand; with waves*dahsohsosprinkle*dahsuhsube scratched up*dahšihšiscatter with hand*dahšuhšurustle*dahtahtarepeatedly slap something wet*dahtehtepat repeatedly dry object*dahtohtostuff with hand*dahṭihṭipound with palm*dahṭʰehṭʰespread out with hand*dahyuhyushake to wake up*daʔboʔbopat to get dust out*daʔcʼoʔcʼobreak up by hand*daʔkʼiʔkʼidig almost all way through*daʔkʼoʔkʼocdig shallow hole*daʔliʔliwave hand*daʔloʔloroll into ball*daʔpʼoʔpʼocremove everything with hand*daʔsʼiʔsʼitouch lightly with hand*daʔsʼoʔsʼorepeatedly dent with hand*daʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*daʔtʼeʔtʼebe close together*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something with hand*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something with hand*daʔṭʼaʔṭʼarepeatedly press with hand*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼictangle*daʔṭʼoʔṭʼopat, clap hands*daʔwiʔwirub quickly with palm*daʔyuʔyuhurt with hand*dihtohtoget fatNominal Phrasema·yiš daṭʼowhominyPrefixed*daba·lwipe with hand*dabetgrope with hand*dabi·lturn with hands*dabo·lmake hole with hand*dabo·mcover with hand*dacegrab, capture grab or catch something immaterial*dacobe crushing with hand*daco·lfluff with hand*daco·licbe fluffed out be full moon full (moon)*dacʰa·grab*dacʰi·ṭdig up*dacʰuscrub by pushing*dacʰul2remove amorphous object(s)*dacʰul2remove amorphous object(s)*dacʰul1spread out to dry*dacʼalseparate but remain attached with hand*dacʼedacʼemake quick short movements with hand*dacʼi·ṭmix by hand*dacʼo·2transform with hand*dacʼo·1expose with hand*dacʼo·mbreak in two*dacʼo·qinsert into hand*dacʼo·ṭbreak ends with hand*dacʼu·break with hand*dacʼu·lpluck feathers*dacʼu·mbreak off and leave in hand*dadahcʰipush over*dadaʔdipush person*dadilbe beyond reach of hand*dadi·cʼput against self*daduwwalk straight by feeling with hand*dahaldig*dahcacbe brushy*dahcalhbranching be bared*dahcambe bushy*dahcecobstruct with hand*dahcelhciget blocked by hand*dahcelhmaspan with hands*dahciroll to weave together*dahcuhcuclawing*dahcʰapush over with hands or paws*dahcʰahcʰaccrumble with hand*dahcʰaṭmess up with hand*dahcʰeact in many places with hand*dahcʰi2hit with butt of hand so it really hurts*dahcʰohcʰocto tear up to pieces*dahcʰotbe tired of doing (with hands)*dahcʰudahcʰucrumble with hands*dahcʰuhcʰucrumble with hands*dahkabe on all fours*dahkadahkabe on all fours repeatedly*dahkambe on all fours*dahkaṭʼon all fours *dahkehave hand stopped while digging*dahkelhbrush bare with hand*dahkodahkosway back and forth*dahkohkomake something knock*dahkolhcipress on something and loosen it*dahkolhmapress on something and loosen it*dahkomhands and feet on ground*dahkotwear off by rubbing*dahkoycrawl to something*dahkʰemove with hand*dahkʰiṭʼcicʼstrain wrist*dahkʰocatch with hand*dahkʰuhkʰucrush with hand*dahlalsplit by pressing*dahle·mbe striped*dahlihlickeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahlobe clean*dahlokʼflop hand back and forth*dahlo·mfold together something jointed*dahludknock off*dahluṭʼslip off while pressing with hand*dahlu·cspill by hand*dahmiyrub off*dahmohmorub with hand*dahmoyrub off surface with palms*dahmuhmuccrush with hand*dahmu·ldo incompletely*dahnattry to push*daholsearch for with hand*dahpahpa2smear with hand*dahpahpa1repeatedly pat something messy*dahpanhbreak up with hand*dahpooverflowing from putting hand in*dahpolhgush with hand*dahponpolocmake painfully swollen by repeated irritation by palm of hand*dahpʰaqʼinterior of surface break from hand*dahpʰihpʰitear up by rubbing with hand*dahpʰitʼcitear with hand; with waves*dahpʰohpʰobrush*dahpʰomwaves to splash over*dahpʰoṭbrush off particles with hand*dahpʰukʼutput hand into something soft*dahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish with hands*dahpʰuṭʼhand become weak*dahpʰuyquickly thrust hand into something yielding*dahpʰuyquickly thrust hand into something yielding*dahpʰu·thrust hand into something soft while falling*dahqabe used to with hand*dahqadahqarepeatedly rub with hand*dahqalhwipe off with hand*dahqosʼa·ducspill and scatter*dahqosʼcispill nonliquids*dahqoṭoltry but fail with hands*dahqoyʔbend or sprain wrist*dahqʰadahqʰarub with hand*dahqʰahqʰarub with hand; with waves*dahqʰalhdust, wipe*dahqʰolhbreak through with hand*dahsa3warn*dahsa2go stop someone from doing something*dahsa1put (sev.) heavy objects move as wave*dahsakʼatbounce with hand*dahsetʼwash self*dahseyspread over something with hand*dahsikʼitbrush off*dahsilhget sliver in hand*dahsimextinguish with hand*dahsismaitch*dahsitmake into pieces with hand*dahsitʼitch*dahsohsosprinkle*dahsokʼotspurt with hand*dahsomrub off*dahsoṭbrush off*dahsuhsube scratched up*dahsutmake into pieces with handdahšaunkempt (hair)*dahšac1pack loosely*dahšanbe springy to hand*dahšenot miss anything by touching*dahšihšiscatter with hand*dahšokʼotwash with hand*dahšolhbrush off dust*dahšuhšurustle*dahtadahtapat on something soft like dough or mud*dahtahtarepeatedly slap something wet*dahtaytouch with hand*dahtehtepat repeatedly dry object*dahtenh1massage with hand*dahtenh2press even with hand*dahtohtostuff with hand*dahtʰunhnot quite touch*dahṭanṭalacfade from washing*dahṭihṭipound with palm*dahṭilhthud with hand*dahṭʰaunloose with hand*dahṭʰehṭʰespread out with hand*dahṭʰinhpress firmly to ease pain or to straighten something out*dahṭʰolhone to rub with hand to make hole*dahwatʼflop*dahwe·nshake *dahwistick hand into something soft*dahwisʼsmoke swirl*dahyalicʼhave responsibilities responsibilities*dahyalqacause responsibilities*dahyolsprinkle, mix with hand spread with hand*dahyuhyushake to wake up*dahyutbreak crumbly with hand*dahyuṭstir*dakelsmooth out with hand*dake·ṭtake off corner with palm*dakikiṭrub on washboard*daki·lwave hand*daki·mcistretch out with hands*daki·šstretch over surface with hand*dako·lturn with hand*dakʰeṭpart with hand deal cards*dakʰistretch with hand*dakʰu·lfeel lumpy with hand*dakʼalopen slightly with hands*dakʼa·ntilt by pushing*dakʼihtimacʼhave horizontal stripes*dakʼihṭʰalahave vertical stripes striped*dakʼilindicate with hand*dakʼi·scratch with fingernails*dakʼi·šsqueak with fingers*dakʼo·ldig hole with hand*dakʼo·ṭwipe out with palm of hand dig (on ground)*dakʼumbe difficult with hand*dalacfail to catch*dalayaslip with hands*daledalestop with hand*dalhatgive up in disgust*dalistir with hand*dali·tmove hand or arm through medium*dalodaloroll in hands*dalo·be soggy from hand*dalurub or spread something with hand be ocean waves*dama1pick up*dama2weave basket*damilpick roughly scrape, rub*danacpush together*dana·cover with hand*dana·mcover bury*dapamcover thickly*dapaṭʰcifill hole with hand*dapemgrow thickly*dapʰa·lcover by thick growth*dapʰo·be splashing with hands*dapʰo·ṭbe splashing with hands*dapʰu·cdust*dapʰu·mstir up cloud of dust with hand*dapʼilfeel slick in hand *daqolstroke with hand*daqʰal2rub once with hand*daqʰal1mark with hand*daqʰaqʰaṭscrape with hand*daqʰa·1break with palm*daqʰa·2get hand cut*daqʰa·mwipe off *daqʰa·sadnoise of rubbing hand*daqʰa·salarub palm downward*daqʰa·ṭ1praise someone*daqʰa·ṭ2feel good to hand*daqʰoṭuproot several with hands*daqʼa·sscratch and streak with hand*daqʼa·ṭscratch with hand*dasabreak off with hand*dasedislike *dase·wash*dase·lrinse with hand*dasi·ṭcrush with hand*daso·lswirl water with hand*dasuscratch several with hand*dasu·l1cure sickness from taboo treat sickness in menstruating woman*dasu·l2sweep with hand*dasʼamocean wave splashing*dasʼa·break with hands wave break*dasʼa·lsqueeze liquid out with hand*dasʼiyfold with hand*dasʼulmake smooth and shiny; slick down with hand*dasʼuyget pointed with hand*dasʼu·sʼucwash by lifting water by hand*daša·mmake noise with hand on paper or rubbing*dašudfeel something strange*dašu·lwaft out*datašgather together and up with hand*dati·troll*datsaylacrisscross; cross fingers*datudatucbe overstuffed*datulsmooth out wrinkled clothes with palm*datʰiltear by pressing with hand*datʼatone to bother one thing*datʼe·lsmear with hand*daṭadaṭado something in hurry*daṭa·mmake noise by hitting with hand*daṭa·nhold one end of long object with hand *daṭa·šhave grey hair*daṭiṭi·mastretch across with the hand*daṭi·šstretch tight with hand*daṭo·ldrill*daṭʰaṭbreak open with hand*daṭʰe·spread with hand*daṭʰe·lriffle with hand*daṭʰilspread with hand*daṭʰotake wall off room*daṭʼamdisturb (nest) with hand*daṭʼanbruise hand *daṭʼa·press with hand*daṭʼa·špush hair back with hand*daṭʼemtire of doing with hand*daṭʼiṭʼimbe tangled*daṭʼo·take off outer layer*daṭʼo·sscrape with hand*daṭʼuput hand in liquid*daṭʼunfeel slimy to hand*dawayawaken *dawimove hand up and down drill*dawoṭstir with hand*dayaʔtashare*daya·mpush but not move*dayehold, move with hand*dayecʼpress hand against*dayiscratch deeply with hand*dayotsort through*daʔbaopen with fingers*daʔbalhciwturn with hand*daʔbedaʔbefeel around where can't see*daʔbostuff by hand*daʔbolh1turn over with hand*daʔbolh2pat to get dust out*daʔboʔbopat to get dust out*daʔbu2bury with hands*daʔcʰa1having long limbs*daʔcʰa2land on extended arms*daʔcʰuscrape with hands something up to point*daʔcʼaput hand on something so it penetrates skin*daʔcʼababreak with hand*daʔcʼetbreak of pieces from edge with palm*daʔcʼolhmake hole with hand*daʔcʼondetach with hand*daʔcʼoqʰotgouge out piece*daʔcʼoʔcʼobreak up by hand*daʔcʼumcibreak with hand*daʔdayacmiss with hand*daʔdi2put down (heavy) store (food)*daʔdi3get splinter in hand*daʔkʼapush and crack with hand*daʔkʼanhlean long object*daʔkʼayʔcicatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼecʰqamake stiff with hand*daʔkʼiʔkʼidig almost all way through*daʔkʼostrike moderately with hand*daʔkʼolhpush over with hand*daʔkʼonhcup hand protectively little above an object*daʔkʼoyadact with hand on few objects*daʔkʼoʔkʼocdig shallow hole*daʔkʼufinish*daʔladaʔlarub every once in a while*daʔlawʔcigrab quickly*daʔlidaʔliwave hand*daʔliʔliwave hand*daʔloʔloroll into ball*daʔluwrap up something flat or round*daʔlušglance off of hand*daʔpʼanhpush closed*daʔpʼoʔpʼocremove everything with hand*daʔqʼactighten with hand*daʔqʼalhinsert hand*daʔsʼaṭʰmahit and hurt with hand*daʔsʼipinch with palm of hand against something*daʔsʼilsplash with hand*daʔsʼiʔsʼitouch lightly with hand*daʔsʼoknead*daʔsʼonhflatten with hand*daʔsʼoʔsʼorepeatedly dent with hand*daʔsʼulhpress down with hand*daʔsʼušhold hands in point*daʔtʼafind, get see, observe*daʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*daʔtʼestick on with hand*daʔtʼekelecflatten by hand*daʔtʼemfind with hand*daʔtʼemhput palm against*daʔtʼenhattach with hand*daʔtʼeʔtʼebe close together*daʔtʼunhconstrict with hand*daʔtʼutʰusqueeze and smash something with hand*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something with hand*daʔtʼuʔtʼusqueeze and smash something with hand*daʔṭašdo to all, by hand [?]*daʔṭupress hand on edge*daʔṭʼahold and break*daʔṭʼaqʼatpress hand on something so it pops*daʔṭʼašjoin together with hand*daʔṭʼaṭcrack with hand*daʔṭʼaʔṭʼarepeatedly press with hand*daʔṭʼestick with hand*daʔṭʼelhpart with hand*daʔṭʼeʔṭʼepound lightly with handdaʔṭʼibent*daʔṭʼiṭtwist several things together with hand*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼictangle*daʔṭʼolhpat*daʔṭʼoʔṭʼopat, clap hands*daʔṭʼubutpush something under water*daʔwiʔwirub quickly with palm*daʔyapress down little*daʔyoʔyorake together with hands*daʔyuʔyuhurt with hand*da·sqʰacbrush smooth*da·sʼlucmake grimy with hands*dihtohtoget fat*dowoṭrile with fingersReflexive*dahkʰiṭʼcicʼstrain wrist*dahyalicʼhave responsibilities responsibilitiesSemelfactive*dahcacbe brushy*dahcecobstruct with hand*dahcelhciget blocked by hand*dahcʰahcʰaccrumble with hand*dahkolhcipress on something and loosen it*dahkʰiṭʼcicʼstrain wrist*dahlihlickeep digging into bank to cut it back*dahmuhmuccrush with hand*dahponpolocmake painfully swollen by repeated irritation by palm of hand*dahpʰitʼcitear with hand; with waves*dahqosʼcispill nonliquids*dahṭanṭalacfade from washing*daki·mcistretch out with hands*dapaṭʰcifill hole with hand*dapʰu·cdust*datudatucbe overstuffed*daʔbalhciwturn with hand*daʔcʼumcibreak with hand*daʔkʼayʔcicatch hand between two objects*daʔkʼecʰqamake stiff with hand*daʔkʼoʔkʼocdig shallow hole*daʔlawʔcigrab quickly*daʔpʼoʔpʼocremove everything with hand*daʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*daʔtʼekelecflatten by hand*daʔṭʼiʔṭʼictangle*da·sqʰacbrush smooth
*dabahlicdabáhliʔPlural of*daʔbalhciwturn with hand
*dabala·taddabalá·taduPlural of*daba·lwipe with hand
*dabalcicʼdabálciʔvwipe once over one’s own (face)*daba·lwipe with hand
*daba·cvopen once with fingers*daʔbaopen with fingers
*daba·ldabalʔ´vbe wiping, with the hand (palm)wayʔcʼinqan lile dabalcicʼe·durepeatedly wipe brow with palmCompare*dahqalhwipe off with handPlural*dabala·tadReflexive*dabalcicʼwipe face onceSemelfactive*dabalcicʼwipe face onceda-with hand*ba·lbe wiping
*dabetdabéʔvgrope, feel with the hand for something unseen which is not known for sure to be presentʔama dábetʼ e· mu·kinʔhe is blinddabétʰciwD: semelfactivedabétʰciyi·cʼifeel for something on self (uncertain if exists)dabétʰmuliʔ?? feel around for something ??dabetifeel for something unseendabétʰmeʔD: PluraldabetácʼmeʔD: PluralDurative*dabetadexamine with handReflexive*dabeticʼfeel for an object on selfda-with hand*bet1grope
*dabetaddabetá·duvexamine with hand*dabetgrope with hand
*dabeticʼdabetíʔvfeel on oneself where cannot see (the back, in a pocket) to determine if some object is presentdabetí·cʼifeel for something in pocket!*dabetgrope with hand
*dabiltadabíltawPlural of*dabi·lturn with hands
*dabi·ldabilʔ´vturn with sweeping motion of the hands through the air, especially a batch of drying acornsdabi·liturn with the hands!Plural*dabiltada-with hand*bi·lturn something with circular movement through air
*dabola·taddabolá·taduPlural of*dabo·lmake hole with hand
*dabotdabóʔPlural of*daʔbostuff by hand
*dabotamdabotámʔPlural of*dabo·mcover with hand
*dabo·ldabolʔ´vmake a hole with the handPlural*dabola·tadNominal Phraseʔama dabolʔlicrowbarʔimo dabolʔlidrillda-with hand*bo·lmake hole
*dabo·mdabomʔ´vcover, put a lid on with the handPlural*dabotamReflexive*dabo·macʼwear hat hat, topda-with hand*bo·mcover
*dabo·macʼdabo·máʔ1vwear hat, put a lid on oneself by handdabo·macʼ ínsʼe· muit seems to be a hat2nhat, hat with big brim; top, lid5.3ClothingSynonymkacu·cecapCompoundciʔba dabo·maʔstraw hat*dabo·mcover with hand
*dabutdabúʔPlural of*daʔbu2bury with hands
*dacahciPlural of*dahcacbe brushy
*dacahlimdacáhlimʔPlural of*dahcalhmabe standing bare-branched
*dacedacéwv1grab with the hand, catch hand on something; capture, take someone prisoner; hold onto (cloth, stick, glass); keep somebody from goingdace múl ʔgrab it! Grab him! Capture him!qʰalé hcʰaba dacewafter the tree fell it was caught (by branches)cibá· dacéwa ṭa má·dalˇwho caught (grabbed) her?ciba· ṭa má·dal dacewaˇwho caught (grabbed) her?cibal ṭa manʔ dacewaˇwho did she catch?dacetí mulʔgrab several!daceʔcapturedaceD: ImperativedacetʰuʔD: Negativedacecí·du(wa·du)D: Durativedacetá·duD: Plural Object, DurativedacemeʔD: Plural ImperativedacetácʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Plural Imperativedaceta·cʼiyicʼmeʔdaceta·cʼiwacʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Distributive, Plural Imperativedacetito catchdacetí·cʼitake them (when handed to you)!Compare*dacʰa·grab2grab or catch something immaterial, e.g., catch a disease, take a job or chanceʔihya dácemelaI’ve caught my breath. I’ve got my windʔoho dacemuʔthe fire is spreadingma·ṭí·ho dacewma·ṭí·ho hqʰacatching poison oakqahsíl dacewcatch a cold_chánce_ dacewtake a chanceqahsíl dacetʰuʔdon't catch cold!hiʔkʼulú dacewget a coughʔamadútʼaʔ šiwey daceyhe took a second job ondacetigrab and holdPlural*dacetAbsolutivecohšo dacemucʼhand in handCompoundcohšo dacemucʼhand in handPhrasal Verbqahsil dacewcatch coldqʼoʔo dacetake songReflexive*dacecʼhold to selfda-with hand*cegrab
*dacecʼdacéʔvhold to self; take what is handed to oneselfdacetí·cʼigrab several! (to self probably)dacecʼihold to self! take one!dacecʼí toʔgrab it!ʔahá· mul ʔukulú·ta wiʔé·to bidalóh wiyal dacecʼi? weʔé·to ?grab that wood he is handing over the fence to youdacecʼí·duce·duD: DurativedacetícʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Plural Imperativedacetí·cʼiwacʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Plural Imperativeheʔe dácecʼicatch hold of own hairPlural*daceticʼNominal Phrasecahno dacetiʔ yactape recorder*dacegrab, capture grab or catch something immaterial
*dacehlim1dacéhlimʔPlural of*dahcelhmaspan with hands