Kashaya - English


h1hsuppan "inorganic" glottal fricative appearing as an increment to a word that normally does not contain one; this entry is used for coding texts where the speaker seems to have used such a consonant
h2hmim-inandrink, watercfqʰaʔahqʰa 1Unspecified Variantx
-h-hvifxPlural Act: the object undergoing the action is plural, or the act is performed on the same object more than onceoften infixed before a stem-final /c/, sometimes /t/ or /ṭ/; causes deletion of an increment in the rootplur. aff.*bahci*bahli2*baṭihci*bihli2*bohci2*bohkʼi*bohši*buhci*buhši*butʼuhci*buṭuhci*cahli*cehli*cihṭim*cilihci*cohṭi*cʼahni*cʼehci*cʼihṭi*cʼocʼohṭi*cʼohli*cʼohti1*cʼuhli*damuhcim*dasehyaq*duhw*habahti*hahci*hahti*hotʼohti*hqʰahci*huhci*huʔuhti*kahni*kehli*kuhṭi1*kuhṭi2*kʰehṭi*kʰuhli*kʼahli*kʼahni1*kʼahni2*kʼehni*kʼehši*kʼihsi*kʼihši1*kʼihši2*kʼihtʰicget dark*kʼihṭʰi*kʼohli2*kʼohni*kʼohyi1*kʼohyi2*kʼoṭohci*kʼuhyi*loqʼohci*luhṭʼi*mabihci*mašahci*matʰihci*maṭihši*micʰehci*miyahti*moqʰohti*nahci*nehci2*nehci1*pahṭi1*pahṭi2*pihmohyi*pimohyi*pohši*pʰahli*pʰahqʼi*pʰahš*pʰocʼahti*pʰohci*pʰuhti*qahlaqʰahci*qʰahli2*qʰamahti*qʰanahci*qʼahci1qʼahsi*qʼahṭi*qʼosahti*sehyi*sihsi2*siht*sohṭi*suhli*sʼihci2*sʼihci3*sʼihli*sʼuhli*sʼuqahyi*sʼuwahci*šahci2*šakuhti*šibahti*šinahti*šohli*šohma*tahš*tehyi*tihti*tubihci*tʼehti*tʼehyi*tʼuhli*ṭahši*ṭahti*ṭihli*ṭihš*ṭihši*ṭʰehli*ṭʰehš*ṭʰehyi1*ṭʰihli*ṭʼahci*ṭʼahši1*ṭʼahyi*ṭʼihš*ṭʼuhli2*ṭʼuhli3*ṭʼuhli1*wahtʼi*yehci*yohti*ʔilahti*ʔišahti*ʔiyuhma*ʔtʼehni
ha-hapref-instrpfxwith a swinging motionpref.*haco·lline a baby basket or packing box with soft, fluffy material*hacʰa·rest the heel on (a table)*hacʰibe chapped (hands, skin); dry and scaly, rough-looking*hacʰi·ṭremove, take out by kicking*hacʰulremove several things by kicking*hacʼa·ṭstuck*hacʼi·ṭknead something into dough; mix into dough by kneading*hacʼo·expose by kicking*hacʼo·qthrow something sharp so that it sticks in*hacʼu·lkick really hard*hadahcʰikick over, knock over with foot with swinging motionhahceshield or anything that blocks an arrow*hahcʰa1kick over, knock over by swinging (a bat or club)*hahcʰotbe tired of kicking*hahkot1knock by kicking something loose or tapping with foot*hahkʰocatch with a swinging motion (as shinny racquet)*hahlalfeet get cracked, blistered, callused*hahludknock off with a kick*hahpolhgush by kicking*hahpʰoṭmake many fine particles come off by shaking leg*hahpʰukʼutswing something into something soft (mud, water)*hahqaget used to kicking; kick so much it comes easy*hahqalhmolt; shed hair; surface materal come off by itself*hahqʰalhbarely touch by kicking*hahsikʼitkick up gravel*hahsimextinguish (a fire) by kicking or a similar swinging motion*hahsoqwrap up, swaddle*hahsotwrap, enclose with a swinging motion*hahsoṭsow seeds (one or several); throw away, waste (money)throw away*hahšokʼotkick so juices splashes up*hahšolhshake loose; come loose, detach easily by shaking*hahšukʼuṭkick dust, walk in dust*hahtaytouch with foot or leg*hahtenharrange by swinging foot*hahtontolokick and make swell up*hahṭilhknock with the legs*hahṭolhkick and make clang*hahwiby swinging or kicking, stick something into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as mud or sand; also, be stuck in as a result of kicking or swinging*hahwisʼscatter*hahyolmix with a swinging motion or by kickingspread, smear a liquid by swinging or kicking*haki·lswing bucket or leg*hako·ltwirl with the legs*haku·ṭpick off, kick off, scrape hops off with hand in swinging motion*hakʰu·lrough to leg*hakʼalkick open slightly*hakʼilpoint with leg*hakʼisscratch lightly with a thrown long object (stick)*hakʼi·throw (knife, glass) to scratch and make bleed*halacfail to kick; miss when kicking*hana·push dirt over something (esp. with leg, fence, other swinging object)*hana·mkick to cover*haneaim to kick*hanecaim to kick, hit*hanemhit, bump, with a swinging motion; especially kicking with the leg*hanoylimp, like with a sore ankle*hapʰo·be splashing with legs, by kicking; scatter by kicking (esp. of water)*hapʰu·scatter small particles or objects from the ground by kicking; kick up small particles (e.g. sand)*hapʼilslip feet alone*haqolstroke with leg*haqʰalmake a mark by kicking or by scraping backwards with the foot*haqʰaqʰaṭscrape or strip the surface with a swinging motion*haqʰa·1break by pressing leg against*haqʰa·2get the leg cut*haqʰa·ṭfeel good while making a swinging motion*haqʰoṭgouge or scratch several times, with a swinging motion, making deep wounds in flesh*hase·lclean or rinse feet by kicking them around in water*hasuscratch several deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface*hasu·lthrow (something) to knock (something else) down; throw out bad acorns while sortingthrow something away; get rid of something unwanted*hasʼimtie up*hasʼulrub something with the heel or side of the foot, making it smooth and shiny, for example by rubbing on pitch or salve*haša·lmake noise with leg*haši·mdisarray, scatter, with a swinging motion*hašo·mscatter by throwing*hatašsquash with the heel*hataṭtwist, with a swinging motion*hate·mscatter (something) with legs, by kicking*hatilhlacross legs; long objects overlap*hatʰutkick and break*hatʼatbother with foot*hatʼe·lthrow and make sticky*hatʼulkick and make liquid come out*haṭa·ttwist body*haṭi·llie with legs up*haṭi·mwave legs around in the air silently*haṭo·mclang, make noise, from kicking something, such as a bucket*haṭʰilspread, stretch out, with a swinging motion (esp. of legs, by kicking)*haṭʼamstir up a swarm (of hornets, bees) by throwing something*hawayawaken by kicking or swinging*hayukʼutthrow a pick (not spear)*haʔbolhknock over by thrown stick*haʔcanhstuck*haʔcʰu??*haʔcʼa1throw (axe) to stick it into (a log)*haʔcʼamhthrow and make project straight, stiff*haʔcʼolhthrow something hard against a surface, such as the groundkick a hole in; kick open; throw something to make a hole in something else*haʔcʼondetach something by kicking it, such as a leg off a stool or a handle off a door; kick off*haʔdi2get a splinter by swinging the arm or by kicking*haʔkʰošswing leg back to bend at knee*haʔkʼacrack by kicking*haʔkʼo1kick backwards against (like a horse)be hit with a thrown long object (stick)*haʔkʼufinish pulling up grass (a swinging motion)*haʔne·cicʼused to and good at kicking ball, as a football player*haʔpʼanhkick closed*haʔqʼalhinsert one's foot into something by swinging it or kicking*haʔsʼaṭslam (down, against)*haʔsʼaylimp, wobble on legs*haʔsʼilsplash liquid; throw water*haʔsʼiyfold with body*haʔsʼo1crumple with a swinging notion*haʔsʼonhdent by throwing (something) or kicking*haʔsʼoqknead (dough)*haʔsʼulhpress down with a swinging motion*haʔtʰisneeze, be sneezing*haʔtʼeone to throw something (like mud) so it sticks*haʔtʼutbe a long narrow space on the inside, with the sides close together like a canoeelongated, long and narrow, boat-shaped (basket or dish)boat-shaped basket: twined, oval, with knob-like reinforcement at one end*haʔṭulay legs lengthwise on an edge*haʔṭʼaqʼattake off; take off with a swinging motion*haʔṭʼethrow something long and hit something; make mark of several long things; one to throw long object so that it hits but doesn’t mark*haʔṭʼuṭmake sparks by throwing*hiʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze with body*maʔṭʼubutsubmerge foot*miʔṭʼubutsubmerge toe or nose*muṭiṭi·mastretch across with kinetic energy, such as throwing or heatfreq.*haṭihaṭikick around on ground making sound (not accepted for similar sound on chair)*haʔsʼahaʔsʼakeep rhythm; rhythm (of movement)*hacepref.hacéwvhold with the heel, rest the heel (on a desk); hook heel onto something (as with spur, to keep from falling back)cf*hacʰa·*hane*hayempl.*hacethacéʔ*hacecʼrefl.vcatch something on self with leg*hace·pref.-vbrace with foot*hace·cʼrefl.vbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)*hacopref.hacówvbe crushing by kickingpl.*hacothacóʔ*hacʼalpref.hacʼálʔvspread legs apartsyn*haṭʰilpl.*hacʼaltahacʼáltaw*hacʼalhacʼalfreq.hacʼálhacʼalʔv-redrepeatedly spread legs*hacʼepref.-vmake quick kick*hacʼehacʼefreq.hacʼehácʼewv-redmake many quick kicks (strong or weak)*hahcelhmapref.hahcélhmawvspan an opening with the legs by standing over itpl.*hacehlimhacéhlimʔ*hahcʰa2pref.-vcrumble by kicking*hahcʰahcʰapref.-vcrumble by kicking*hahcʰahcʰacsmlf.hahcʰáhcʰaʔv-redcrumble by kickingpl.*hahcʰahacʰatadhahcʰahácʰata·du*hahcʰocpref.-vwear out from kicking*hahkipref.-vswing or tap rear of foot*hahkihkiiter.hahkíhkiwv-redrepeatedly swing or tap rear of footcf*hahkilhci*hahkot1*hahkilhcipref.hahkílhciwvstomp hind legs, foot every once in a while, as a horse (not paw ground)cf*duhkilhci*hahkihki*hahkot1*hahṭilh*haṭihaṭi*haṭi·m*hahkopref.-vknock by kicking*hahkohkoiter.hahkóhkowv-redknock by kicking pl.*hahkohahkotadhahkohákota·du*hahkolhpref.-vkick loose*hahkolhmaessivehahkólhmawvkick loose*hahkot2pref.-vwear out with leg or by kicking*hahkotʰcismlf.hahkótʰciwvwear out with leg or by kicking*hahkʰupref.-vkick to pieces*hahkʰuhkʰuiter.hahkʰúhkʰuwv-redkick to piecessyn*hahyuhyu*hahlapref.-vmove around fast*hahlamessivehahlámʔvmove in a weird or erratic manner, limp, hop*hahlahahlafreq.hahlaháhlawv-redmove around fast, move arms, head, talk fast, act crazy or out of control*hahlupref.-vcut by kicking*hahluhluiter.hahlúhluwv-redcut to pieces by kicking*hahponpolopref.-vmake painfully swollen by kicking*hahponpolocsmlf.hahpónpoloʔvmake painfully swollen by repeated kicking*hahpʰopref.-vshake leg*hahpʰohpʰoiter.hahpʰóhpʰowvscatter with a swinging motion, by shaking one's legsyn*hahwe·npl.*hahpʰohapʰotadhahpʰohápʰota·du*hahqʰapref.-vdrag foot along*hahqʰahqʰaiter.hahqʰáhqʰawv-redslide legs*hahqʰahahqʰafreq.hahqʰaháhqʰawv-reddrag foot along, kick up dirt while walkingcf*hayi1*hahsapref.hahsáw1v-hndmove several objects by swinging the foot, or kickingsg.*haʔdi1 12v-mvtseveral move with the wingssg.*haʔdi1 2*hahsamessivehahsámʔv-mvtseveral hover in the airsg.*haʔdim*hasa·ddir.hasa·du´1v-hndmove several objects along with the footsg.*hade·d 12v-mvtseveral move along with wingssg.*hade·d 2pl. agt.*hasa·cʼ*hahsitʼpref.-vscratch*hahsihahsifreq.hahsiháhsiwv-redscratchpl.*hahsihasi*hahšapref.-vkick and mess up *hahšahšaiter.hahšáhšawv-redkick and mess up, disarrange*hahšipref.-v(chicken) flap wings and raise dust*hahšihahšifreq.hahšiháhšiwv-red(chicken) flap wings and raise dust*hahtepref.-vpat with heel*hahtehteiter.hahtéhtewv-redpat (ground) with the heel*hahtʰunhpref.hahtʰúnʔvshow off, wave arms*hahṭipref.-vkick ground*hahṭihṭiiter.hahṭíhṭiwvkick the groundcf*haṭi·m*hahṭʰapref.hahṭʰáwvtear down (house); tear open (corral)pl.*haṭʰathaṭʰáʔ*hahṭʰe1pref.hahṭʰéwvspread out parts of body*hahṭʰe2pref.-vflutter wings*hahṭʰehṭʰeiter.hahṭʰéhṭʰewv(birds) flutter wings*hahṭʰupref.-vpiece come off larger object with swinging motion*hahṭʰuhṭʰuiter.hahṭʰúhṭʰuwvpieces come off larger object with a swingin motion*hahwatʼpref.hahwáʔvkick and make collapse, flop, disintegrate, lose tenseness, tone*hahwepref.-vshake with leg*hahwehweiter.hahwéhwewv-redshake with leg; shake leg*hahwe·npref.hahwenʔ´vleg shakingsyn*hahpʰohpʰo*hahye·pref.hahyew´vstop or quit an activity that involves a swinging motion, such as kicking or pulling grass from the groundpl.*hayethayéʔ*hahyupref.-vkick to piece*hahyuhyuiter.hahyúhyuwv-redkick to piecessyn*hahkʰuhkʰu*hahyuṭpref.hahyúʔvpoke*halepref.-vbe swollen*halehalefreq.halehálewv-redbe swollen, often as a result of violencepl.*halehalewadhalehálewa·du*halu·mpref.halumʔ´vswarm (insects, birds)cf*haluhalu*hanac1pref.-vremain*hanaca·la1dir.hanacá·lawvremain, stay behind, be left behindfr. var.hinaca·la*hanac2pref.-vsecond crop of fruit last to go*hanaca·la2pref.-vsecond crop of fruit last to gohanaca·lawabs.hanacá·lawn1second crop of fruit (probably second pickings)2last person to go*hapaṭpref.-vpatch hole by sewing or glue*hapaṭʰcismlf.hapáṭʰciwvpatch a hole by sewing or using gluepl.*hapahṭihapáhṭiw*hapa·ṭpref.-vcover by adhering*hapa·ṭʰcismlf.hapaṭʰcíwvcover with a patch or other material, in various ways: sew a patch on clothes, nail a board over a hole in the wall, glue paper over something*haqʼa·spref.haqʼas´vscratch and make a streak by kickingcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·ṭ*hasu*hayi2pl.*haqʼasa·tadhaqʼasá·tadu*haqʼa·ṭpref.vscrape by kickingcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·s*hasu*hayi2*hati·tpref.hatiʔ´vwrap around several timespl.*hatihtihatíhtiw*hati·ticsmlf.vwrap once, tangle*hatupref.-vkick with one or both feet*hatuhatufreq.hatuhátuwv-redkicking around with one or both feet, not twisting; kick in the aircf*haʔyiʔyidial. var.*hatohato*haṭampref.-vfoot hit against something*haṭamhaṭamfreq.haṭámhaṭamʔv-redfoot hitting repeatedly against something, making a rapping sound, not nec. in aircf*haṭanhaṭa·n*haṭa·npref.haṭanʔ´vleg hang, project, not touching anything, swinging*haṭanhaṭa·nfreq.haṭánhaṭanʔvswing leg out in space, not necessarily hitting anythingcf*haṭamhaṭam*haṭi1pref.haṭíwvkick up*haṭi2pref.-vkick on ground making sound*haṭiṭimpref.haṭiṭímʔvput leg across space, as between chair and footrest*haṭo·lpref.haṭolʔ´vmake a depression in something by kicking it*haṭʰe·pref.haṭʰew´vone to spread out limbs, such as arms or wings, as in holding hands or flying awaycf*do·bic*do·qpl.*haṭʰewadhaṭʰewádu*haṭʼelpref.haṭʼélʔvthrow (wet cloth or something long, if not wadded up) (on wall) and make spotcf*bane1*hatʼe·l*haʔṭʼe*muṭʼel*muʔṭʼe*šacʼo*haṭʼempref.haṭʼémʔvbe tired of kicking*haṭʼipref.haṭʼíwvtwist or bend the body, or parts of the bodysyn*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭ1*hiṭʼipl.*haliṭʼihaliṭʼíw*haṭʼo·pref.haṭʼow´vget sore from rubbing foot, heel on somethingpl.*haloṭʼohaloṭʼów*hawipref.hawíwvkick multiple timescf*hayi1pl.*hawithawíʔ*haya·mpref.hayamʔ´vkick something to break it and fail (one or several times); hurt by kickingpl.*hayama·taqhayamá·taʔ*haye1pref.-vmove or hold with the foot, especially as it involves a swinging motion*hayemessivehayémʔvhold with foot, keep foot pressed on somethingcf*hace*hacʰa·*hane*hayecʼ*mayecʼpl.*hayehtimhayéhtimʔ*haye·ddir.haye·du´vmove along with the foot pressed on something, such as riding in a car with the foot propped uppl.*hayehtadhayéhtadu*haye2pref.-vmove around*hayehayefreq.hayeháyewv-redmany to move around as in anthill or cars and people on busy streetcf*biyobiyo*biyolbiyo·l*hayecʼpref.hayéʔvhold foot against something, put foot on; rest foot by putting it upcf*hayem*mayecʼ*hayi1pref.hayíwvmove foot (not stick or hand) back and forth; rub with footcf*hahqʰahahqʰa*hawi*hayi2pref.hayíwvscratch using legs and nails, claws; rub foot on somethingsyn*maqʼa·ṭcf*hakʼi·*haqʼa·s*haqʼa·ṭ*hasu*hayohayopref.hayoháyowvmany do quickly by kicking*hayotpref.hayóʔvpile up with feet; push into a pile with the feetpl.*hayohtihayóhtiw*haʔbapref.haʔbáwvbe breaking apart with a swinging motion*haʔbalhpref.-vbe turning by kicking *haʔbalhcismlf.haʔbálhciwvbe turning by kickingpl.*habahlichabáhliʔ*haʔbepref.-vkick blindly*haʔbu1pref.-vleg motion revealed through partition*haʔbuhaʔbu1freq.haʔbuháʔbuwv-redrepeated leg motion revealed through a partition. For example, a mouse moving around under a rugpl.*haʔbuhaʔbut1haʔbuháʔbuʔ*haʔbu2pref.-vfeel with legs*haʔbuhaʔbu2freq.haʔbuháʔbuwv-redrepeatedly feel for something unseen with legspl.*haʔbuhaʔbut2haʔbuháʔbuʔ*haʔcʼa2pref.haʔcʼáwvflexible object stiffen by kicking*haʔcʼa3pref.-vsqueeze into hole with leg*haʔcʼaʔcʼaiter.haʔcʼáʔcʼawv-redsqueeze something into a hole tight, using the leg or foot, or by kicking*haʔcʼopref.-vkick edges off*haʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.haʔcʼóʔcʼowv-redkick edges off*haʔdi1pref.haʔdíw1v-hnd[with a directional-locational suffix] move something by swinging the foot, or kicking; [without a suffix] stop performing this action: stop moving something by swinging or kicking the footpl.*hahsa 12v-mvtmove self with the wingspl.*hahsa 2*haʔdimessivehaʔdímʔv-mvthover in the air: that is, stay in one place by moving the wingspl.*hahsam*haʔdic1smlf.haʔdíʔvhockey term to pick up ball with hockey stick*haʔdic3smlf.-vtie up*haʔdicʰqacaus.haʔdícʰqawvtie up*hade·ddir.hade·du´1v-hndmove something along with footpl.*hasa·d 12v-mvtmove self along with wingspl.*hasa·d 2pl. agt.*hade·cʼ*haʔkʼanhpref.haʔkʼánʔvlean a long object against by kickingpl.*hakʼahnihakʼáhniw*haʔkʼayʔpref.-vkick something in between two objects*haʔkʼayʔcismlf.haʔkʼáyʔciwvkick something in between two objectspl.*hakʼahcihaʔkʼáhciw*haʔkʼo2pref.-vpaw at ground creating depression*haʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.-vpaw at ground creating depression*haʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.haʔkʼóʔkʼoʔv-red(horse) paw away (at the ground) creating a shallow depression*haʔlopref.-vtangle by kicking*haʔloʔloiter.haʔlóʔlowv-redtangle by kicking; tangle in legs*haʔlupref.haʔlúw1vwrap (a package)2nbig packagecf*pʰaʔlu 23adjwrapped uppl.*haʔluhalutadhaʔluháluta·du*haʔpʼopref.-v*haʔpʼoʔpʼopref.-vempty out by hitting*haʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.haʔpʼóʔpʼoʔv-redempty out by hitting, tapping, knockingpl.*haʔpʼohapʼotadhaʔpʼohápʼota·du*haʔqʼapref.-vkicking around to get feet on something to get up*haʔqʼahaqʼaiter.-vkick feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up*haʔqʼahaqʼa·cʼrefl.haʔqʼaháqʼaʔv-redkick the feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up (from lying position)*haʔsʼapref.-vkeep rhythm*haʔsʼahaʔsʼafreq.haʔsʼaháʔsʼawv-redkeep rhythm; rhythm (of movement)*haʔsʼo2pref.-vrepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔsʼoʔsʼoiter.haʔsʼóʔsʼowvrepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔtʼa1pref.haʔtʼáwvfeel, detect with feet*haʔtʼa2pref.haʔtʼáwv1be enough2share*haʔtʼempref.haʔtʼémʔnan underground drum that was danced on; any drum*haʔtʼemhpref.haʔtʼémʔvcover by throwing something over (with a swingin motion)*haʔṭipref.-vgather surface into smaller piece with kicking *haʔṭiʔṭiiter.haʔṭíʔṭiwvgather surface into smaller piece with kicking*haʔṭʼapref.-vflop*haʔṭʼaʔṭʼaiter.haʔṭʼáʔṭʼawvflop around*haʔṭʼelhpref.haʔṭʼélʔvkick down grasssyn*maʔṭʼelhpl.*haʔṭʼela·tadhaʔṭʼelá·tadu*haʔṭʼespref.haʔṭʼésvcrack (sound), with a swinging motion, i.e., hitting with a stick or kicking*haʔṭʼiṭ1pref.haʔṭʼíʔvtwist several things together, tangle, crosssyn*bicʰa·*haṭʼi*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*hiṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭiṭpref.-vwrap around tight*haʔṭʼiʔṭʼicsmlf.haʔṭʼíʔṭʼiʔv-redwrap around tight, tightensyn*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼi*haʔṭʼihaʔṭʼifreq.haʔṭʼiháʔṭʼiwvtwist togethersyn*haṭʼi*haʔṭʼiṭ1*haʔṭʼiʔṭʼic*hiṭʼi*haʔṭʼopref.-vrun around with opposite sex*haʔṭʼohaʔṭʼofreq.haʔṭʼoháʔṭʼowvrun around with opposite sexcfhaʔṭʼo·lemenʔ*haʔṭʼubutpref.haʔṭʼubúʔvthrow iron rod (in water) and it sinks inpl.*haṭʼubuthaṭʼubúʔ*haʔṭʼuṭʰupref.haʔṭʼúṭʰuwvsqueeze with legs*haʔwipref.-vnudge*haʔwiʔwiiter.haʔwíʔwiwvnudgesyn*haʔyiʔyipl.*haʔwihawitadhaʔwiháwita·du*haʔyipref.-vtwist foot in air*haʔyiʔyiiter.haʔyíʔyiwvtwist foot in airsyn*haʔwiʔwicf*hatuhatu*hahšihšiiter.hahšíhšiwv-redchicken to scratch around in the dirt*hahcʰohahcʰocfreq.hahcʰoháhcʰoʔv-redwear out from kicking
ha cʰo·hacʰó·Dialectal Variant ofʔahay cʰo·wood wormCompound:ʔahayʔicʰo·
ha simahasimáDialectal Variant ofhasimebeard, whiskers
ha sʼiʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlihasʼíʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlinlipstick5.4.2CosmeticsNominal Phrase:hasʼiʔdakʼi·ssʼiyiʔli
ha sʼiʔda ʔimehasʼíʔda ʔimenmustache2.1.5HairCompound:hasʼiʔdaʔime
*habahlichabáhliʔPlural of*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking
*habahtiPlural of*habatdo with tonguePlural Affix-h-
*habathabáʔvperform some action with the tongue: move the tongue in some direction, put the tongue in some placehabata·duʔgo with the tongue(ʔaha wí) habátʰcicʼiput your tongue back in your mouth!7.1.9Move a part of the bodyoften with directional, essive, or semelfactive suffixVerbalization ofha·ba-t1Plural*habahti
*hacehacéwvhold with the heel, rest the heel (on a desk); hook heel onto something (as with spur, to keep from falling back)ʔispé·la wi sí·ya haceba, daʔbomáʔ dihciwwith his spurs holding onto the saddle, (the cowboy leaned over and) picked the hat up (from the ground)qʰáma háceqa· ma mulyou're resting your feet (heel) on thatcf*hacʰa·*hane*hayemPrefixed:ha-*cePlural*hacethacéʔ*hacecʼrefl.vcatch something on self with leg
*hacecʼvcatch something on self with leghacecʼicatch something on self (shoes) with legReflexive of*hace
*hacehlimhacéhlimʔPlural of*hahcelhmaspan with legs
*hacethacéʔPlural of*hacehold with heel
*hace·-vbrace with footPrefixed:ha-*ce·*hace·cʼrefl.vbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)
*hace·cʼvbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)hacecʼmácʼmeʔ(to several) brace yourselves!hacéhcʼimeʔ(to several, acting separately) brace selves!Reflexive of*hace·
*hacohacówvbe crushing by kickingPrefixed:ha-*co1Plural*hacothacóʔ
*hacola·tadhacolá·taduPlural of*haco·lline baby basket or packing box with soft
*hacothacóʔPlural of*hacobe crushing by kicking
*haco·lhacolʔ´vline a baby basket or packing box with soft, fluffy materialmatʼiléʔya kaho·nli kalikakʰ hacolʔbina bawilqʰ your things were packed full in a box with paper (to protect the objects)cuhse mul haco·liprepare that baskethacóhlimeʔD: Plural Object, Plural Imperativehacolmá· baṭiwit is linedhacolátaduD: Plural Object, Durative, AbsolutivePrefixed:ha-*co·l2Plural*hacola·tadhacolá·tadu
*hacʰat1hacʰáʔPlural of*hahcʰa1kick over
*hacʰat2hacʰáʔPlural of*hacʰa·rest heel on
*hacʰa·hacʰaw´vrest the heel on (a table)cf*hace*hane*hayemPrefixed:ha-*cʰa·1Plural*hacʰat2hacʰáʔ
*hacʰihacʰíwvbe chapped (hands, skin); dry and scaly, rough-lookingcohšo hácʰiwchapped handshacʰichap! (to skin)hacʰitʰuʔdon't chap! (to skin)hacʰiwá·tadukeep chappingcfcihcʰi 1Prefixed:ha-*cʰi