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h1hsuppan "inorganic" glottal fricative appearing as an increment to a word that normally does not contain one; this entry is used for coding texts where the speaker seems to have used such a consonant
h2hmim-inandrink, waterComparewaterqʰawaterʔahqʰawaterUnspecified Variantx
-h-hvPlural Act: the object undergoing the action is plural, or the act is performed on the same object more than onceoften infixed before a stem-final /c/, sometimes /t/ or /ṭ/; causes deletion of an increment in the rootUnspecified Complex Form*bipʰahtʼi*buhši*cobohcihqa*dakʼahni1*maṭihši*piṭʰehyi
ha-hapref-instrwith a swinging motionAbsolutivehanaca·lawsecond crop of fruit last to gohaʔtʼemʔdrumDirectional*hanaca·laremainhanaca·lawsecond crop of fruit last to goEssive*hahkolhmakick loose*hahlammove erratically, limp, hop*haʔcʼumcibreak by kickingFrequentative*hacʼehacʼemake many quick kicks*hahcʰohahcʰocwear out from kicking*hahlahahlamove around fast*hahqʰahahqʰadrag foot along*hahsihahsiscratch*hahšihahši(chicken) flap wings and raise dust*halehalebe swollen*hatuhatukicking around with one or both feet*haṭamhaṭamfoot hitting repeatedly against something*haṭihaṭikick around on ground making sound*haṭohaṭokick repeatedly against something for sound*hayehayemany move around*haʔbehaʔbekick unseen*haʔbuhaʔbu1repeated leg motion revealed through partition*haʔbuhaʔbu2feel repeatedly with legs*haʔqʼahaqʼa·cʼkick feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up*haʔsʼahaʔsʼakeep rhythm*haʔṭʼohaʔṭʼorun around with opposite sexIterative*hahcʰahcʰaccrumble by kicking*hahcʰohcʰocwear out from kicking*hahkihkirepeatedly swing or tap rear of foot*hahkohkoknock by kicking *hahkʰuhkʰukick to pieces*hahluhlucut to pieces by kicking*hahpʰohpʰoshake leg*hahqʰahqʰaslide legs*hahšahšakick and mess up*hahšihšichicken to scratch around*hahtehtepat with heel*hahṭihṭikick ground*hahṭʰehṭʰeflutter wings*hahṭʰuhṭʰupieces come off larger object with swingin motion*hahwehweshake with leg*hahyuhyukick to pieces*haʔcʼaʔcʼasqueeze into hole with leg*haʔcʼoʔcʼokick edges off*haʔkʼoʔkʼocpaw at ground creating shallow depression*haʔloʔlotangle by kicking*haʔpʼoʔpʼocempty out by hitting*haʔsʼoʔsʼorepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔṭiʔṭigather surface into smaller piece with kicking*haʔṭʼaʔṭʼaflop around*haʔwiʔwinudgePrefixed*hacehold with heel*hace·cʼbrace self with foot*hacobe crushing by kicking*haco·lline baby basket or packing box with soft*hacʰa·rest heel on*hacʰibe chapped*hacʰi·ṭkick out*hacʰulremove several things by kicking*hacʼalspread legs apart*hacʼa·ṭstuck*hacʼehacʼemake many quick kicks*hacʼi·ṭknead in*hacʼo·expose by kicking*hacʼo·qstick by throwing*hacʼu·lkick really hard*hadahcʰikick overhahceshield from arrow*hahcelhmaspan with legs*hahcʰakick over*hahcʰahcʰaccrumble by kicking*hahcʰohahcʰocwear out from kicking*hahcʰohcʰocwear out from kicking*hahcʰotbe tired of kicking*hahkihkirepeatedly swing or tap rear of foot*hahkilhcistomp hind legs*hahkohkoknock by kicking *hahkolhmakick loose*hahkotknock by kicking something loose or tapping with foot*hahkotʰciwear out with leg or by kicking*hahkʰocatch with swinging motion*hahkʰuhkʰukick to pieces*hahlahahlamove around fast*hahlalfeet get cracked*hahlammove erratically, limp, hop*hahludknock off with kick*hahluhlucut to pieces by kicking*hahpolhgush by kicking*hahponpolocmake painfully swollen by repeated kicking*hahpʰohpʰoshake leg*hahpʰoṭmake particles come off by shaking leg*hahpʰukʼutswing something into something soft*hahqaget used to kicking*hahqalhshed hair, molt*hahqʰahahqʰadrag foot along*hahqʰahqʰaslide legs*hahqʰalhbarely touch by kicking*hahsamove (sev.) with foot (sev.) move with wings*hahsihahsiscratch*hahsikʼitkick up gravel*hahsimextinguish by kicking*hahsoqwrap up*hahsotwrap*hahsoṭsow throw away*hahšahšakick and mess up*hahšihahši(chicken) flap wings and raise dust*hahšihšichicken to scratch around*hahšokʼotkick so juices splashes up*hahšolhshake loose*hahšukʼuṭkick dust*hahtaytouch with foot or leg*hahtehtepat with heel*hahtenharrange by swinging foot*hahtontolokick and make swell up*hahtʰunhshow off*hahṭihṭikick ground*hahṭilhknock with legs*hahṭolhkick and make clang*hahṭʰatear down*hahṭʰespread out parts of body*hahṭʰehṭʰeflutter wings*hahṭʰuhṭʰupieces come off larger object with swingin motion*hahwatʼkick and make collapse*hahwehweshake with leg*hahwe·nleg shaking*hahwistick into something soft by swinging*hahwisʼscatter*hahye·stop kicking, swinging*hahyolmix by kicking, swinging spread by kicking, swinging*hahyuhyukick to pieces*hahyuṭpoke*haki·lswing bucket or leg*hako·ltwirl with legs*haku·ṭpick off*hakʰu·lrough to leg*hakʼalkick open slightly*hakʼilpoint with leg*hakʼisscratch lightly with thrown long object*hakʼi·throw to scratch and make bleed*halacfail to kick*halehalebe swollen*halu·mswarm*hanaca·laremainhanaca·lawsecond crop of fruit last to go*hana·cover with dirt*hana·mkick to cover*haneaim to kick*hanecaim to kick*hanemkick*hanoylimp*hapaṭʰcipatch hole by sewing or glue*hapa·ṭʰcicover by adhering*hapʰo·be splashing with legs*hapʰu·scatter by kicking*hapʼilslip feet alone*haqolstroke with leg*haqʰalmake mark by kicking*haqʰaqʰaṭscrape while swinging*haqʰa·2get leg cut*haqʰa·1break with leg*haqʰa·ṭfeel good swinging*haqʰoṭscratch by swinging*haqʼa·sscratch and make streak by kicking*haqʼa·ṭscrape by kicking*hase·lclean feet by kicking in water*hasuscratch several deeply*hasu·lthrow to knock down throw away*hasʼimtie up*hasʼulrub with heel*haša·lmake noise with leg*haši·mdisarray*hašo·mscatter*hatašsquash with heel*hataṭtwist swinging*hate·mscatter with legs*hatilhlacross legs*hati·twrap around several times*hatuhatukicking around with one or both feet*hatʰutkick and break*hatʼatbother with foot*hatʼe·lthrow and make sticky*hatʼulkick and make liquid come out*haṭamhaṭamfoot hitting repeatedly against something*haṭa·nleg hang*haṭa·ttwist body*haṭikick up*haṭihaṭikick around on ground making sound*haṭiṭimput leg across space*haṭi·llie with legs up*haṭi·mwave legs around*haṭohaṭokick repeatedly against something for sound*haṭo·lkick depression in*haṭo·mclang from kicking*haṭʰe·spread limbs*haṭʰilspread by swinging*haṭʼamstir up swarm by throwing something*haṭʼelmake spot by throwing*haṭʼemtire of kicking*haṭʼitwist body*haṭʼo·get sore from rubbing foot*hawayawaken by kicking*hawikick multiple times*haya·mkick and fail to break*hayemove, hold with foot*hayecʼhold foot against *hayehayemany move around*hayi1move foot*hayi2scratch with foot*hayohayomany do quickly by kicking*hayotpile up with feet*hayukʼutthrow pick*haʔbabreak apart by swinging*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking*haʔbehaʔbekick unseen*haʔbolhknock over by thrown stick*haʔbuhaʔbu1repeated leg motion revealed through partition*haʔbuhaʔbu2feel repeatedly with legs*haʔcanhstuck*haʔcʰu??*haʔcʼa1throw to stick into something*haʔcʼa2flexible object stiffen by kicking*haʔcʼamhthrow and make project straight*haʔcʼaʔcʼasqueeze into hole with leg*haʔcʼolhthrow hard kick hole in*haʔcʼonkick off*haʔcʼoʔcʼokick edges off*haʔcʼumcibreak by kicking*haʔdi2get splinter by swinging*haʔdi1move with foot move with wings*haʔkʰošswing leg back to bend at knee*haʔkʼacrack by kicking*haʔkʼanhlean long object against by kicking*haʔkʼayʔcikick something in between two objects*haʔkʼokick backwards against be hit with thrown long object*haʔkʼoʔkʼocpaw at ground creating shallow depression*haʔkʼufinish pulling up grass*haʔloʔlotangle by kicking*haʔluwrap big package wrapped up*haʔne·cicʼused to and good at kicking ball*haʔpʼanhkick closed*haʔpʼoʔpʼocempty out by hitting*haʔqʼahaqʼa·cʼkick feet around to get purchase on something in order to get up*haʔqʼalhinsert foot*haʔsʼahaʔsʼakeep rhythm*haʔsʼaṭslam*haʔsʼaylimp*haʔsʼilsplash liquid*haʔsʼiyfold with body*haʔsʼocrumple with swinging notion*haʔsʼonhdent by throwing or kicking*haʔsʼoqknead*haʔsʼoʔsʼorepeatedly dent by kicking*haʔsʼulhpress down with swinging motion*haʔtʰisneeze*haʔtʼa1feel with feet*haʔtʼa2be enough share*haʔtʼethrow to stick*haʔtʼemhcover by throwing something overhaʔtʼemʔdrum*haʔtʼutbe long narrow space elongated boat-shaped basket*haʔṭiʔṭigather surface into smaller piece with kicking*haʔṭulay legs lengthwise on an edge*haʔṭʼaqʼattake off*haʔṭʼaʔṭʼaflop around*haʔṭʼethrow something long and hit something*haʔṭʼelhkick down grass*haʔṭʼescrack with swinging motion*haʔṭʼiṭ1twist several things together*haʔṭʼohaʔṭʼorun around with opposite sex*haʔṭʼubutthrow iron rod and sink*haʔṭʼuṭmake sparks by throwing*haʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze with legs*haʔwiʔwinudge*haʔyiʔyitwist foot in air*hiʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze with body*maʔṭʼubutsubmerge foot*miʔṭʼubutsubmerge toe or nose*muṭiṭi·mastretch across with energyReflexive*hace·cʼbrace self with foot*haʔqʼahaqʼa·cʼkick feet around to get purchase on something in order to get upSemelfactive*hahcʰahcʰaccrumble by kicking*hahkotʰciwear out with leg or by kicking*hahponpolocmake painfully swollen by repeated kicking*hapaṭʰcipatch hole by sewing or glue*hapa·ṭʰcicover by adhering*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking*haʔcʼumcibreak by kicking*haʔkʼayʔcikick something in between two objects*haʔkʼoʔkʼocpaw at ground creating shallow depression*haʔpʼoʔpʼocempty out by hitting
ha cʰo·hacʰó·Dialectal Variant ofʔahay cʰo·wood wormCompound ofʔahayʔicʰo·ʔahaywood, stick, pole forty (in compounds)ʔicʰo·larva
ha simahasimáDialectal Variant ofhasimebeard, whiskers
ha sʼiʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlihasʼíʔda kʼis sʼiyiʔlinlipstick5.4.2Cosmeticshasʼiʔdalipskʼi·sredsʼiyiʔlimakeup
ha sʼiʔda ʔimehasʼíʔda ʔimenmustache2.1.5Hairhasʼiʔdalipsʔimebody hair
*habahlichabáhliʔPlural of*haʔbalhcibe turning by kicking
*habahtiPlural of*habatdo with tongue
*habathabáʔvperform some action with the tongue: move the tongue in some direction, put the tongue in some placehabata·duʔgo with the tongue(ʔaha wí) habátʰcicʼiput your tongue back in your mouth!7.1.9Move a part of the bodyPlural*habahtioften with directional, essive, or semelfactive suffixha·batongue-t1VBZ.n VBZ.a
*hacehacéwvhold with the heel, rest the heel (on a desk); hook heel onto something (as with spur, to keep from falling back)ʔispé·la wi sí·ya haceba, daʔbomáʔ dihciwwith his spurs holding onto the saddle, (the cowboy leaned over and) picked the hat up (from the ground)qʰáma háceqa· ma mulhacʰa·qa·you're resting your feet (heel) on thatCompare*hacʰa·rest heel on*haneaim to kick*hayemhold with footPlural*hacetReflexive*hacecʼcatch something on self with legha-with swinging motion*cegrab
*hacecʼvcatch something on self with leghacecʼicatch something on self (shoes) with leg*hacehold with heel
*hacehlimhacéhlimʔPlural of*hahcelhmaspan with legs
*hacethacéʔPlural of*hacehold with heel
*hace·cʼvbrace self with foot (to protect from falling)hacecʼmácʼmeʔ(to several) brace yourselves!hacéhcʼimeʔ(to several, acting separately) brace selves!ha-with swinging motion*ce·protect
*hacohacówvbe crushing by kickingPlural*hacotha-with swinging motion*co1be crushing
*hacola·tadhacolá·taduPlural of*haco·lline baby basket or packing box with soft
*hacothacóʔPlural of*hacobe crushing by kicking
*haco·lhacolʔ´vline a baby basket or packing box with soft, fluffy materialmatʼiléʔya kaho·nli kalikakʰ hacolʔbina bawilqʰ your things were packed full in a box with paper (to protect the objects)cuhse mul haco·liprepare that baskethacóhlimeʔhacóhlimmeʔD: Plural Object, Plural Imperativehacolmá· baṭiwit is linedhacolátaduD: Plural Object, Durative, AbsolutivePlural*hacola·tadha-with swinging motion*co·l2line the interior surface
*hacʰat1hacʰáʔPlural of*hahcʰakick over
*hacʰat2hacʰáʔPlural of*hacʰa·rest heel on
*hacʰa·hacʰaw´vrest the heel on (a table)Compare*hacehold with heel*haneaim to kick*hayemhold with footPlural*hacʰat2ha-with swinging motion*cʰa·1grab
*hacʰihacʰíwvbe chapped (hands, skin); dry and scaly, rough-lookingcohšo hácʰiwchapped handshacʰichap! (to skin)hacʰitʰuʔdon't chap! (to skin)hacʰiwá·tadukeep chappingComparecihcʰi 1rough, scalyha-with swinging motion*cʰibe chapped
hacʰimʔhacʰímʔnsedge species: grass growing near the riverCarex species1.5.3Grass, herb, vineSynonymʔacʰi·mʔ 2nut grass, chufa