Kashaya - English

1Free Variant of2I don’t wanna hear that
2mim-animwhat crabs sayhikʼi· cáhnodoubting someoneFree Variant1
kʼabaʔ mal likʼabáʔ mal liplaceMadrone Beach: a beach slightly south of Stewarts Pt., shorekʼaba·ṭmadrone=liLOC
kʼabaʔ nopʰotʰqawkʼabaʔ nopʰótʰqawna child's game in which madrone leaves are used as dollsThe bigger the leaf, the older the family member it represented. Those with pointed tips were the males; with rounded tips, the females.kʼaba·ṭmadrone*nopʰotʰqaplay with doll, toy
kʼabaʔ qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼewkʼabaʔ qaʔṭʼéʔṭʼewna child’s game in which madrone leaves are folded and bitten to create symmetric designs when unfolded. The prettiest is chosen and others try to guess how it was madekʼaba·ṭmadrone*qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼegnaw
kʼaba·ṭkʼabaʔ´nmadroneArbutus Menziesii (Heath Family)An infusion of the bark was used to treat bleeding, ulcers, tonsillitis, syphilis and bladder trouble.Food: The berries were eaten fresh stored for the winter. or roasted, or parched and stored for the winter. • Medicinal: The bark is boiled until the tea turns dark and the liquid is used to wash sores (e.g., impetigo) except for poison oak sores. Wash the scab off the sore. This is also good to gargle with for sore throat and strep throat. Lengthwise strips of bark 1" wide by about 6" long are shaved from the trunk. Technology: The wood is burned for firewood but is not particularly sought (Gifford, 1967: 14). • Note: The leaves are used for paper-dolls for children to play with (d. Clavaud 1977). the younger The flowers on the madrone tree are used for love charm poisoning. The madrone bark was . boiled to make a strong tea, cooled, and used by women to rinse their face. The tannin in the bark acts as an astringent to close the pores and make the skin soft and pretty. • Season: (bark) year-round; (leaves) when they turn color starting in June until the end of summer; (flowers) March to May; (fruit) late fall to mid winter, after the first frosts when the berries turn deep red in color.Compoundkʼabaʔ nopʰotʰqawgame with madrone leaves as dollsLocativekʼabaʔ mal liMadrone BeachNominal Phrasekʼabaʔ qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼewgame of madrone leaf patterns
*kʼad-n-kinfriend4.1.1FriendComparetuka·yufriendrequires possessive and caseFirst person possessorkʼaṭʰinʔ1.Poss friendSecond person possessormikʼanʔ2.Poss friendThird person possessormiya·kʼanʔ3.Poss friendThird person reflexive possessormakʼanʔ3r.Poss friend
*kʼadaṭkʼadáʔv(snow) fall softlyCompareʔihyu· sibotsnow
*kʼahli-Plural of*kʼal1open slightly
*kʼahni1-fr. var.kʼana·tadPlural of*kʼa·ntilt
*kʼahni2-Plural of*ʔkʼanhlean long against
kʼahšakʼahša´adjagile, nimble, athleticComparepuʔšalightweightDerivativekʼahša·yaKashaya
*kʼahša-v-redmake sound of dry leaves; sneak aroundonly with RFrequentative*kʼahšakʼahšasneak
*kʼahšakʼahšakʼahšakʼáhšawv-redmake sound of dry leaves; be emitting repeated or continuing rustling sounds; sneak*kʼahšamake sound of dry leaves
*kʼahšamvsneak, spook
kʼahša·yakʼahšá·yanKashaya people; Southwestern Pomo (older term)Compareʔaca·c cahnoIndian languageSynonymwina· ma· bakʰe yacʰmaKashaya peoplekʼahšaagile
kʼahto·nankʼahtó·nanplaceKahtónan: a place north and west of Hiwálmu, across the Wheatfield fork fo the Gualala river
*kʼahyi-Plural of*ʔkʼayʔcatch between objects
kʼakʼa·ṭʰakkʼakʼá·ṭʰaʔncrevice, long crackComparekʼaʔliin between
*kʼal1-v-instropen slightlyCompare*cʼalseparate but remain attachedFree Variant*kʼaltaPlural*kʼahli*kʼaltaPrefixed*bakʼalopen slightly with mouth*bikʼalopen slightly*cakʼalpush with rear end to open slightly*cukʼalbump open slightly*cʰikʼalopen slightly with instrument*dakʼalopen slightly with hands*dikʼalfall open*dukʼalopen slightly with fingers*hakʼalkick open slightly*hikʼalopen slightly by itself*makʼalopen slightly with foot*mikʼalopen slightly with toes*pʰakʼalopen slightly with end of long object*pʰikʼalbarely open eyes*pʰukʼalblow open slightly*qakʼalopen slightly with teeth*šukʼalpull open slightly
*kʼal2-v-instrlight go off, become dim, extinguish, die downSynonym*hlakʼatflashPrefixed*sikʼallight go offReflexive*sikʼalicʼ(light) go out
*kʼala-v-instrbe of hoarse voice; half-whispering, barely talking, with bad coldoccurs with RFrequentative*kʼalakʼalasound hoarse hoarse
*kʼalakʼalakʼalakʼálaw1vsound hoarse (of voice only)Compare*sʼalalambe bruised*sʼalasʼalahalf crying voice2adjhoarse (of voice only)*kʼalabe of hoarse voice
*kʼalta-Free Variant of*kʼal1open slightlyPlural of*kʼal1open slightly