Kashaya - English


-lln > advsfxAllative: toward a placesuffixed to terms for common geographic features and for the cardinal directions; triggers Decrementdir.hcalto a place, arriving, terminating movement=lhqʰaccomp.adptowardcabacʼolcomp.advin the back of the house, behind the housedonolcomp.advupstream or up a roadqʰama winalcomp.adv(arrive, follow) on someone's footsteps, on someone's trailsili ltowcomp.advfrom the rear, back or butt (of a living thing); from the depths of water or firewišalilcomp.advto, towards the eastwiša·lilcomp.advupwardsʔama·lhqʰaccomp.1adjupside down2advdownwards3advdownhillʔašolilcomp.advto, towards the southʔiyol towcomp.advfrom under the bottomʔuhwa· lhqʰaccomp.advto the outside*qali·lhqʰacder.adv1upward, toward the sky2face upma·lder.vface down, downward, upside downqʰato·wilhqʰacder.advtoward the coastšiba·lhqʰacder.1vface the wrong way, in the wrong direction2advto somewhere else, toward another place, in a different direction3advin the wrong direction, off coursešina·lder.advat the head of somethingsʼuʔnuʔnu šinaln.p.placeHuckleberry Heights: a site of the Reservation*šina·lmaessive1vhold up head2npillowšina·lma· dusehyaqocʼn.p.npillow casešina·lma· qaʔ lin.p.npillow case*šinala·ladir.vwash head by ducking itweʔelder.adv1aside, (turn) to the side, [?] afar, away from here2to there, yonder (distant, out-of-sight place)ʔaqʰalder.advat, to the beach, seashore, coastʔaqʰalilder.advdown to the waterʔaqʰa·lhqʰacder.advtoward the water, the river, the oceanʔašo·lhqʰacder.advsouthward, toward the south=tolhqʰacloc.advtowardsduweʔli tolhqʰacn.p.nafternoonbida·lloc.1advdownstream, or downward in general, not necessarily down a stream2adjlowerbida·lhqʰacloc.adv1downstream, downhill2downward3face downcuhulalloc.advnorthward, towards the northcuhulalhqʰacloc.advnorthward, towards the northdono·lhqʰacloc.advupstream, uphillhqʰalloc.advalong the shore, to the coastqʰalʔdacomp.placeShore Trail: a trail going from the Gualala River to the Pacific Oceankulu·lhqʰacloc.advinto the woods, toward the woods, the wildernessmihilu·wilhqʰacloc.advwestward, toward the west sideʔaca·lloc.advto the house, to home; (less often) at the house, at homeʔaca·lhqʰacloc.advhomeward, toward home, toward the houseʔoholloc.advat, to, by, or near the fire
la-lavpfxPlural Act: the object undergoing the action is plural, or the act is performed on the same object more than oncecopies its vowel from the following syllable; used with just five verbs that refer to breaking or otherwise distorting an object, all beginning with an ejective consonantunspec. comp. form*hilaṭʼa*qalaṭʼa1*culaṭʼa1unspec. comp. formPlural of*cuṭʼa·cause innards to come out; flatten
*labat-Plural of*hlabatbe unconscious
*lac-v-instrfail to do (of one thing, involuntary)Plural*daya2*balacpref.vmake a mistake when speaking; fail to say what one intended*bilacpref.vmiss grabbing with arms*culacpref.vmiss or fail to do something with the front end of an object, such as failing to iron part of a shirt or miss hitting an object with a car*cʰilacpref.vmake writing mistake; fail in writing a letter*cʰilacʰqacaus.vcause to make mistake*dalacpref.vmiss catching something with hand*daladalader.vtry to pick up quickly and keep trying because keep missing*dilacpref.vmiss falling on, fail to faill on*dulacpref.v1fail to grab; miss with fingers2forget to take*duladulader.vkeep trying to pick up but keep failing*halacpref.vfail to kick; miss when kicking*halahalader.vrepeatedly fail to kick*hilacpref.vfail to keep track, count*milacpref.vmiscount, make a mistake in arithmetic*mulacpref.vfail to hit or throw*mulamulader.vkeep hitting with rock, trying to break but it won’t break even through you hit it*pʰilacpref.vfail to see something*pʰilapʰilafreq.vkeep hitting with stick*pʰulacpref.vmiss when trying to blow; fail to blow*qalacpref.vmiss biting; fail to bite*qalaqalafreq.v-redkeep failing to bite off*silacpref.vmake mistake while cutting; fail to cut correctly*šulacpref.vfail to lasso, miss with lasso*šulašulader.vfail to do, with a flexible object
laci·talací·tanhatchet6.7.1Cutting tool
lahwallahwáladvacross8.5.1.6Acrossused mainly with cardinal directionsLocative of*lahwicomp.qʰamilahwalSan Franciscobilahwalcomp.advacross here, across thiscuhu lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the northwihša lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the eastʔahšo lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the south
*lahwilahwíwvcross, step over or across; go over or across8.5.1.6Across7.2.3.5Move past, over, throughPlural*lawitlahwalloc.advacrossbilahwalcomp.advacross here, across thiscuhu lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the northwihša lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the eastʔahšo lahwalcomp.advacross a barrier (mountain, river, canyon) to the south
lakʼlákʼˆ1mim-animcall of wild geese in the air2mim-inansaid to baby when playing tickle game
*lakʼat-Plural of*hlakʼatflash
lakʼišlakʼíšngall, gall bladder2.1.8Internal organs
lalalala´ngoose, wild goose1.6.1.2Birdlaʔlahqʰader.placeWild Goose Spring: a place south of Dusty Place and northwest of Elderberry Place
*lam-v-instrcarry with tumplinelenghtens preceding vowel*cʰi·lampref.vpack on back with strap around the shoulders
lame·salamé·santable5.1.1.1Tablelame·sa qahcacomp.ntable knifelame·sa qʼoʔocomp.ndance type; a woman's dance performed with apronsqahcacomp.n1knife, blade, the striking part of a weapon2missile3clitoriscoʔo qahcacomp.n1stinger of a bee, yellowjacket, wasp2clitorishisʼu· qahcacomp.narrowheadlame·sa qahcacomp.ntable knifeqahca bahṭʰecomp.nbread or butcher knifeqahca mocomp.nwound from a knife or a gunqahca samacomp.nknife handle, hiltqahca tʼinaʔnacomp.nbat (of any species)qahcaʔtacomp.nwestern harvest mousešihmi qahcacomp.nbullet, ammunitionʔaha qahcaʔtacomp.Free Variant ofqahcaʔtamouseʔama qahcacomp.nflint, long flint flake used as a knifeʔama qahca cuhticomp.nflint design for basket or costumeqahca siʔtʼa ltown.p.nsharp edge of a knife
lame·sa kʼaṭantablecloth5.1.2Household decoration
lame·sa qahcalamé·sa qahcantable knife5.2.2.8Eating utensilCompound:lame·saqahca
lame·sa qʼoʔolame·sá qʼoʔondance type; a woman's dance performed with aprons4.2.4DanceCompound:lame·saqʼoʔo
lanhcʼalanhcʼa´numsix8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersDerivative:*cʼalanhcʼamhmacomp.numthirtylanhcʼamhma na·siboph. adj.numthirty-three
lanhcʼamhmalanhcʼámhmanumthirty8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersCompound:lanhcʼa-mhmalanhcʼamhma na·siboph. adj.numthirty-three
lanhcʼamhma na·sibolanhcʼámhma na·sibonumthirty-three8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersPhrasal Adjective oflanhcʼamhmana·sibo
lanhkʰolanhkʰo´numseven8.1.1.1Cardinal numberslanhkʰomhmaph. adj.numthirty-five
lanhkʰomhmalanhkʰómhmanumthirty-five8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersPhrasal Adjective oflanhkʰo-mhma
*laqʰam-v-instrfeed, give foodonly with bi-Plural*laqʰa·tam*bilaqʰampref.vfeed, give food
*laqʰa·tam-Plural of*laqʰamfeed
lariya·talariyá·tanlariat, rawhide lasso7.5.4.1Rope, stringFree Variantriya·ta
*lasʼa·-Plural of*sʼa·break