Kashaya - English

pʰa1pʰa´Free Variant of*pʰa·son
pʰa2pʰa´interjnasty, don't touch!Comparepʰaʔpʰadon't expose yourselfpʰuw 1pew!politeʔahpʰaexcrement guts
pʰa-pʰapref-instrwith the end of a long object, with the fist (neither {da-} nor {dǔ-} is used for actions of the closed hand); by wrappingAbsolutive*pʰayot2bag be stuffed*pʰayot2bag be stuffedDirectional*pahqʰayadslide with long object*pʰaʔtʼenaymucʼmix with stickEssive*pahcʼelhmapoke into [?]*pʰaʔcʼenhmapoke intoFrequentative*pahcʰopahcʰocwear out something by poking*patupatucstuff with fist*paṭipaṭimake pounding noise*pʰalepʰalefill by pounding*pʰalopʰalobecome round by wrapping*pʰaʔkʼapʰaʔkʼawalk stiff-legged*pʰaʔlipʰaʔliscull with an oar at rear of boatIterative*pahcohcopound up*pahcʰahcʰaccrumble with end of long object*pahcʰohcʰocwear out something by poking*pahkihkirepeatedly pound with fist*pahkohkopounding hand to make noise*pahqʰohqʰorepeatedly skewer*pahsuhsucrush to pieces by pounding*pahšahšadisarrange by poking*pahšihšipoke grass*pahtahtarepeatedly tap with fist*pahtehtepat repeatedly*pahtʰohtʰocpuncture all over*pahṭihṭipound several times with fist*pʰaʔbaʔbabother with end of long object*pʰaʔcʼaʔcʼakey stuck in lock*pʰaʔcʼeʔcʼebreak off pieces with end of long object*pʰaʔcʼoʔcʼopound to pieces*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacstand stiff-legged*pʰaʔliʔliscull boat*pʰaʔloʔloshrink with fist*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼocpoke out everything*pʰaʔsʼoʔsʼosqueeze with fist*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*pʰaʔṭiʔṭipoking with stick*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼacrack, tap with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼacrack, tap with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼictie tight*pʰaʔṭʼoʔṭʼosound of hitting lightly with hands*pʰaʔwiʔwipress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔyiʔyipress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔyuʔyuhurt with fistPrefixed*pacocrush with pestle*pacʰi·ṭtake out with end of long object*pahcohcopound up*pahcʰahcʰaccrumble with end of long object*pahcʰiwa·laspear much game*pahcʰohcʰocwear out something by poking*pahcʰopahcʰocwear out something by poking*pahcʰotgive out with end of long object*pahcʼelhmapoke into [?]*pahkepoke into something shallow*pahkelhlay long object across*pahkihkirepeatedly pound with fist*pahkohkopounding hand to make noise*pahkolhcihit post on ground to make sound*pahkotʰciwear out by pounding*pahkutsound of pounding something hollow*pahkʰocatch moving object with end of long object*pahkʰuhkʰucrush to pieces in powder*pahlo·mbreak at joint*pahludknock off with side of stick or brush off with hand*pahmiystir with stick*paholtry to find by poking*pahpolhgush with end of long object*pahponpolocmake swell painfully from repeated poking*pahpʰukʼutpoke into something soft*pahqabe stiff in leg*pahqalhwipe off by poking or ramming*pahqʰayadslide with long object*pahqʰobotpoke someone in ribs or belly with long object*pahqʰohqʰorepeatedly skewer*pahsa2be blocked from poking*pahsa1move (sev.) with end of long object*pahsamcicʼhit with fist and bounce back*pahseycover by wrapping*pahsimextinguish by poking*pahsuhsucrush to pieces by pounding*pahšahšadisarrange by poking*pahšenever fail to poke*pahšihšipoke grass*pahšukʼuṭput into something soft*pahtahtarepeatedly tap with fist*pahtaylightly poke with long object*pahtehtepat repeatedly*pahtenhflatten with end of long object*pahtʰohtʰocpuncture all over*pahṭihṭipound several times with fist*pahṭilhmake boom by pounding with end of stick*pahṭʰatake apart*pahṭʰistep over something*pahṭʰuṭpieces come off of bigger object with end of long object*pahyoqʰcistir with end of long object*pahyuṭpoke*pakelsmooth with end of stick*pake·ṭpound off an edge*paki·lpound with fist*paki·mcihold down with stick*pako·lturn with rod*pakʰu·lfeel rough to poke*papʰo·be splashing from end of long object*papʰu·raise dust with end of instrument*paqʰa·break with long object*pasabreak off by hitting*pase·cʼwash hands*paši·mpoke and scatter*pašudhard to dig*patašsquash something soft and mushy with end of long object*pate·mpat*pati·twalk crookedly*patupatucstuff with fist*patʰiltear but not necessarily apart, with end of long object*paṭipaṭimake pounding noise*paṭi·mcipound once*paṭʰaṭbreak open with fist*paṭʰopeel by striking*pʰacʼalseparate but remain attached with end of long object*pʰacʼepʰacʼedo small quick movements with end of long object*pʰacʼi·ṭmix by pounding*pʰacʼo·uncover by pounding*pʰacʼo·qpoke, stab*pʰacʼu·lpoke or hit with fist*pʰadulbe beyond reach of poking with stick*pʰaduwact on edge with end of long object; by wrapping*pʰakʼalopen slightly with end of long object*pʰakʼilpoint with cane*pʰakʼisscratch lightly with point of long object*pʰakʼi·2make mark on flesh by wrapping*pʰakʼi·1scratch and make bleed with point of long object*pʰakʼusbe narrow with end of long object*pʰakʼu·mkill hurt, beat up*pʰalepʰalefill by pounding*pʰalicstir with long object*pʰali·tpaddle or row*pʰalopʰalobecome round by wrapping*pʰanacpush together with pole*pʰana·cover by wrapping*pʰana·mtie, wrap*pʰaneaim to hit with fist*pʰanempunch*pʰapʼilbe slippery*pʰaqʼa·ṭscrape with long pointed object*pʰasʼa·cʼbreak one's bone*pʰasʼimfold using end of long object*pʰasʼulhstraighten (hair)*pʰatʼe·tstand upright*pʰaṭʼamdisturb (nest) by poking*pʰaṭʼa·squash by poking*pʰaṭʼa·šfasten hair off forehead by poking*pʰaṭʼo·remove outer layer*pʰaṭʼusink end of long object into*pʰaṭʼulcipoke to make sink*pʰaṭʼunfeel slimy to end of long object*pʰaṭʼu·licteem with*pʰawipoke*pʰayemove with end of long object*pʰayot2bag be stuffed*pʰayot2bag be stuffed*pʰayot1pile up with long object*pʰayukʼutprobe with pole fire-tender*pʰaʔbasplit open with crowbar*pʰaʔbalhcibe turning with end of long object*pʰaʔbaʔbabother with end of long object*pʰaʔbewrap tightly, bandage*pʰaʔbolh2particles come off with end of long object*pʰaʔbolh1poke over*pʰaʔbotʼtenderize*pʰaʔcʼastick long object into *pʰaʔcʼabapry open*pʰaʔcʼamhbe stiff [?]*pʰaʔcʼanhput something long into something sticky*pʰaʔcʼaʔcʼakey stuck in lock*pʰaʔcʼenhmapoke into*pʰaʔcʼeʔcʼebreak off pieces with end of long object*pʰaʔcʼondetach with end of long object*pʰaʔcʼoʔcʼopound to pieces*pʰaʔdayacmiss with fist*pʰaʔdi2poke stick in something soft or in crack and break it*pʰaʔdi1move with end of long object; by wrapping*pʰaʔkʼacrack with end of long object*pʰaʔkʼanhlean long object against with end of long object*pʰaʔkʼapʰaʔkʼawalk stiff-legged*pʰaʔkʼayʔcipoke and get stuck in crack*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacstand stiff-legged*pʰaʔkʼopoke dot*pʰaʔkʼufinish poking with long object*pʰaʔlipʰaʔliscull with an oar at rear of boat*pʰaʔliʔliscull boat*pʰaʔloʔloshrink with fist*pʰaʔluwrap small package*pʰaʔpʼanhcover with end of long object*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼocpoke out everything*pʰaʔqʼacwrap tight*pʰaʔqʼalhpoke in hole*pʰaʔsʼaṭ2braid*pʰaʔsʼaṭ1slappʰaʔsʼoslim*pʰaʔsʼohem*pʰaʔsʼoqcrumple, mash mashed*pʰaʔsʼoʔsʼosqueeze with fist*pʰaʔsʼulhwrap up*pʰaʔtʼafeel by poking*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*pʰaʔtʼembegin beginning of project*pʰaʔtʼenaymucʼmix with stick*pʰaʔtʼutlong narrow space inside*pʰaʔtʼutʰusqueeze*pʰaʔṭiʔṭipoking with stick*pʰaʔṭʼahold by tying*pʰaʔṭʼaṭcrack with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼawʔducinjure severely using fist*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼacrack, tap with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼaʔṭʼacrack, tap with end of long object*pʰaʔṭʼeshit with fist or slap and make certain sound*pʰaʔṭʼeʔṭʼepound (food)*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼictie tight*pʰaʔṭʼolhpat*pʰaʔṭʼoʔṭʼosound of hitting lightly with hands*pʰaʔṭʼubutpoke under with end of stick*pʰaʔṭʼuṭstir fire and make sparks*pʰaʔṭʼuṭʰusqueeze with fist*pʰaʔwiʔwipress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔyathreaten to cut*pʰaʔya·qrecognize with end of long object*pʰaʔyiʔyipress against and twist with stick*pʰaʔyuʔyuhurt with fistReciprocal*pʰaʔtʼenaymucʼmix with stickReflexive*pase·cʼwash hands*pʰasʼa·cʼbreak one's boneSemelfactive*pahcʰahcʰaccrumble with end of long object*pahkolhcihit post on ground to make sound*pahkotʰciwear out by pounding*pahponpolocmake swell painfully from repeated poking*pahtʰohtʰocpuncture all over*paki·mcihold down with stick*patupatucstuff with fist*paṭi·mcipound once*pʰalicstir with long object*pʰaṭʼulcipoke to make sink*pʰaʔbalhcibe turning with end of long object*pʰaʔkʼayʔcipoke and get stuck in crack*pʰaʔkʼaʔkʼacstand stiff-legged*pʰaʔpʼoʔpʼocpoke out everything*pʰaʔtʼaʔtʼacbe chock full*pʰaʔṭʼiʔṭʼictie tight
*pʰabahlicpʰabáhliʔPlural of*pʰaʔbalhcibe turning with end of long object
*pʰaba·cvdig up [AS]*pʰaʔbasplit open with crowbar
*pʰabetpʰabéʔPlural of*pʰaʔbewrap tightly, bandage
*pʰabetʰmacʼPlural of*pʰaʔbeyicʼwrap, bandage bandage
*pʰabeʔtaPlural of*pʰabe·cʼwrap self
*pʰabe·cʼvwrap selfPlural*pʰabeʔta
*pʰabotʼpʰabóʔPlural of*pʰaʔbotʼtenderize
*pʰabo·cpʰaboʔ´Plural of*pʰaʔbopoke
*pʰacʼahpʰacʼáhPlural of*pʰaʔcʼastick long object into
*pʰacʼahnipʰacʼáhnPlural of*pʰaʔcʼanhput something long into something sticky
*pʰacʼahtimpʰacʼáhtimPlural of*pʰaʔcʼamhbe stiff [?]
*pʰacʼalpʰacʼálʔvseparate but remain attached with the end of a long objectPlural*pʰacʼaltapʰa-with end of long object*cʼalseparate but remain attached
*pʰacʼaltapʰacʼáltawPlural of*pʰacʼalseparate but remain attached with end of long object
*pʰacʼa·ṭpʰacʼaʔ´vstuck into something and can't pull out*cʼa·ṭ1get stuck between
*pʰacʼepʰacʼepʰacʼépʰacʼewvdo small quick movements with the end of a long objectpʰa-with end of long object*cʼedo with small quick movements
*pʰacʼihṭipʰacʼíhṭiwPlural of*pʰacʼi·ṭmix by pounding
*pʰacʼi·ṭpʰacʼiʔ´vmix by pounding or poking with the end of a long objectPlural*pʰacʼihṭipʰa-with end of long object*cʼi·ṭmix
*pʰacʼontaPlural of*pʰaʔcʼondetach with end of long object
*pʰacʼotpʰacʼóʔPlural of*pʰacʼo·uncover by pounding
*pʰacʼotʰqopʰacʼótʰqoPlural of*pʰacʼo·qpoke, stab