Kashaya - English

interjeat, food, hungry
*pʼanta-Plural of*ʔpʼanhshut
pʼayipʼayi´nacorns collected and stuffed into tree holes by woodpeckers1.5.5Parts of a plant
pʼaʔlakʼuʔlespʼaʔlakʼúʔlesnslime, as from a snail or similar source1.2.3.1LiquidCompound:pʼaʔla·kʼuʔles
pʼaʔla·pʼaʔla·´nslug (snail)pʼaʔla· ʔé· muit's a slug5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.9Small animalspʼaʔlakʼuʔlescomp.nslime, as from a snail or similar sourcepʼaʔla·he·šuwacomp.nameSlug Woman
pʼaʔla·he·šowapʼaʔla·hé·šowaFree Variant ofpʼaʔla·he·šuwaSlug Woman
pʼaʔla·he·šuwapʼaʔla·hé·šuwanameSlug Woman4.9.2Supernatural beingCompound:pʼaʔla·Free Variantpʼaʔla·he·šowa
pʼaʔpʼapʼaʔpʼa´mim-animeat, food, hungry
*pʼil-v-instr(particles) be of extremely fine texture, be slick (like particles of fine texture), feel slick*bipʼilpref.vlips have something slick on them (like persimmon)*capʼilpref.vfeel slick to rear end*cʰipʼilpref.vslick to spoon (stirring something while cooking)*dapʼilpref.v(particles) be of extremely fine texture, be slick (like particles of fine texture), feel slick, to the touch, in the hand*dupʼilpref.vfeel slick (of egg white) or fine-textured (of silt) to the fingers*hapʼilpref.vslip feet alone*hipʼilpref.vfeel slick to body*mapʼilpref.v(particles) feel of extremely fine texture, feel slick to the foot*mupʼilpref.v(particles) be of extremely fine texture, be slick (like particles of fine texture), feel slick, with a quick movement, heat, light, mind or emotions*pʰapʼilpref.vbe slippery (to cane)*pʰipʼilpref.vbe slick with the end of a long object*qapʼilpref.vtaste or feel slick*sipʼilpref.1vseparate out the fine particles (of acorn flour, mush, silt, etc.) by letting the coarse particles settle out and taking the top layer of suspension2adjfine-textured, not granular, slick (no matter how it was created, not necessarily by the action of water)
pʼiʔyepʼiʔye´nscales (of fish); scaly skin1.6.2.3Parts of a fish
*pʼi·l-v-instrbe sticky (like clay or dough)*dupʼi·lpref.1vfeel sticky, slick, or gooey to the fingers2adjslick (of eggwhite), fine-textured (of silt); gooey, like clay*mupʼi·lpref.vbe sticky
pʼohkolpʼohkóladjdeep (of a container); bowl-shaped; having a hole in the bottom (or wine bottle); shaped so that something can stay in itcʰiṭu pʼohkoldeep basketkaho·n pʼohkoldeep round boxpʼohkol é· muit is bowl-shapedkalikákʰ bawilʔli pʼohkolé· miʔkʰewhat you put your paper in is deep enough (or shaped enough) to contain itbuhqʰál pʼohkoldeep burden basket8.2.6.5Deep, shallowcʼepohkolcomp.ntimber mushroom, porcino mushroom