Kashaya - English


*pa1-v-instrarrive in time for (when one expects to be late)Plural*patDerivative*mapaarrive in timePrefixed*mupaarrive in time find as expected
*pa2-v-instrcompletely fill a two-dimensional space, an area to be filledCompare*pa·ṭ1cover part of surface *paṭ2patch, cover or fill in holeSynonym*bo·mcover*dohpofull to top*pamcover thickly*pemcoat*pʰa·lcoverPrefixed*capabe overgrown*cipacover by writing*cupabe overgrown*dipabe covered with fallen objects*hipabe covered, full*pupacovered by debris*qapafill by packing tightly*šupacover with flexible object
*pacepacéwv1fasten by wrapping, especially a bundle of sticks; tick something through somthing to hold it (as papers on a pin); wrap up, pack up, tie up with ropepaceD: ImperativepacetʰuʔD: NegativepacétʰmeʔD: Plural Object, Plural Imperativepacewa·duD: Durativesílhkʰeʔ pacewayʔ... pahcewayʔ | weʔelhkʰeʔ "away"*- stick towards self ?pacetácʼmeʔD: Plural Object, Durative, Plural Imperative2make a torch of split sticks tied togetherpacemake a torch of split sticks tied together!pacetʰuʔD: Negativepacetimake several torches!Plural*pacetAbsolutivepacewtorch, flashlightInstrumentalpaceʔliimpaling instrumentpʰa-with end of long object*cegrab
*pacetpacéʔPlural of*pacefasten by impaling or wrapping make a torch of split sticks
pacewpacéwnbundle of wood, torch of bound split sticks or rushes; flashlightpʰuyécʰqa miʔkʰe pacew ʔlight your torch ! sourceobsoleteNominal Phraseʔoho pacewtorch*pacefasten by impaling or wrapping make a torch of split sticks
paceʔlipacéʔlinimpaling instrument, especially a spit for roasting meat6.7.1.1Poking tool5.2.1.3Cooking utensilFree Variantpace·liNominal Phrasemaʔa paceʔlitable forkqaʔdi paceʔlipitchfork*pacefasten by impaling or wrapping make a torch of split sticks
pace·lipacé·liFree Variant ofpaceʔliimpaling instrument
*pacitpacíʔPlural of*pahcibundle up tight
*pacopacówvcrush, be crushing with the end of a long object (e.g. pestle); pound uppacoD: ImperativepacomeʔD: Plural ImperativepacotiD: Plural Object, ImperativepacowácʼmeʔD: Durative, Plural Agent, Plural Imperativepahcowaʔ(sev) pounding here and therepacotʰuʔD: Negativebihše pacowpound meat to piecesbiʔdu pacowbiʔdu cuhšiwpound acornsšihpʰa pacowmash leaf to piecesCompare*pahcohcopound upPlural*pacotpʰa-with end of long object*co1be crushing
*pacotpacóʔPlural of*pacocrush with pestle
*pacʰat1pacʰáʔPlural of*pahcʰapoke over
*pacʰat2pacʰáʔPlural of*pacʰa·hold end of stick against something
*pacʰa·pacʰaw´vhold end of stick against somethingPlural*pacʰat2pʰa-with end of long object*cʰa·1grab
*pacʰiṭpacʰíʔPlural of*pacʰi·ṭtake out with end of long object
*pacʰi·ṭpacʰiʔ´vtake out with the end of a long objectPlural*pacʰiṭpʰa-with end of long object*cʰi·ṭ1take out
*pacʰulpacʰúlʔvremove several things with end of a long objectPlural*pacʰulʔtapʰa-with end of long object*cʰul1remove several objects from one place
*pacʰulicʼvpick teeth
pacʰuliʔlipacʰulíʔlintoothpick6.7.1.1Poking tool
*pacʰulʔtapacʰúlʔtawPlural of*pacʰulremove several things with end of long object
pahcanpahcánnfish hawk, ospreypahcané· muit's a fish-hawk1.6.1.2BirdCompoundpahcankʼi·rock crab
pahcankʼi·pahcánkʼi·nrock crabRomaleon antennarium1.6.1.9Small animalspahcanfish hawkhikʼi·crab
*pahcipahcíwvbundle something up and bind tight with several turns of a cord; be stuffed tightPlural*pacitpʰa-with end of long object*hci4lace
*pahcohcopahcóhcowvpound upCompare*pacocrush with pestlePlural*pahcopacotadpʰa-with end of long object*co1be crushing
*pahcopacotadpahcopácota·duPlural of*pahcohcopound up
*pahcʰapahcʰáwvpoke overPlural*pacʰat1pʰa-with end of long object*hcʰa2fall over