Kashaya - English


qaqa´Free Variant ofqayʔPol.Req
*qa-n-kingrandmother: mother's mother2.6.5.2Woman4., grandmotherqa·sʼenʔ1stn-kinmy, our grandmother: mother's motherka·kanʔ1st inf.n-kinmy, our grandmother: mother's mother (informal: grandma, granny)miqa·sʼ2ndn-kinyour grandmother: mother's mothermiya·qa·sʼ3rdn-kinhis, her, their grandmother: mother's mothermaqa·sʼ3rd refl.n-kinhis, her, their own grandmother: mother's mother
qa-qapref-instrpfxbetween two strongly opposed forces. The most common translations are: ‘with the teeth, by chewing, by eating (chewed food, as contrasted with {bi-} for soft foods and {si-} for liquids)’ph. v.*huʔuy qaṭʼahqawinkn.p.*cawikʰ qaṭʰaṭʰqa·liwhat you pry nails out with; wrench, screwdriver, pliers, etc.pref.*qabetgrope, feel for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present, with mouth, while eating*qabe·lface be long and thin*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up, be enlarged insubstantially*qacegrab with the teeth or between the knees, with pliers, with wrench, with scissors, etc.*qacʰa·hold in teeth (like a clothes pin); hook (salmon) and hang it from teeth*qacʰi·ṭsuck out (disease or pain)*qacʼi·ṭchew together different things*qacʼo·transform by chewing, chew something to shape it with teeth*qacʼo·mbite in two pieces; bite off (a piece of celery); chew off (in plural)*qacʼo·qbite through with one toothstick self in mouth (with bone or something sharp)*qacʼo·ṭcut off ends with scissors or teeth*qacʼu·lbite so hard that it hurts; by extension, eat a lot (of food)*qadusplice*qaduwbite off strip, piece cleanlyqahceceath withaccompanying food, food variety*qahcenh?shelter?*qahcʰa1pull over with the teeth (as a dog might do)*qahcʰotbe too full to finish eating*qahkilhciprevent from closing: block two objects from coming together, such as a door and frame; also, be blocked*qahkʰocatch moving object with mouth (as dog with ball)*qahlodetach, by the teeth*qahlokʼflop with teeth*qahludknock off with teeth; be biting off*qahluṭʼbite off and drop it*qahlu·cspill or get out of container with teeth*qahmoywork (the food); not actually chew*qahmu·lnot eat all the food; leave some food for others*qahpʰoṭ(dog) shake something held in the teeth (nothing need come off)*qahpʰupuff on, smoke (a pipe or cigarette)*qahpʰukʼutbite into something soft (fat pie, marshmallow, butter, cake)*qahpʰulthresh, winnow, blow away the skinwinnow*qahqaget used to eating*qahqalhremove from the surface with the teeth; by caustic lye, bleach*qahqoṭolbe unable to chew something up*qahqʰalhgraze, brush against with teeth, as when a dog snaps at someone but does not bite*qahsitmake little pieces, strips with teeth; break off with teeth*qahsokʼotspurt by biting*qahsommess up by eating (i.e., eating decoration on pretty cake)*qahsutcut in pieces with scissors*qahšanbe springy, spongy, resilient when eaten or chewed, for example a marshmallow*qahšeneve refuse to eat, always eatqahšoraw, especially of food or something to be eaten*qahšokʼotbite something so soft that teeth go in easily*qahšolhcome loose, release from teeth*qahšukʼuṭsink into with the teeth; bite into*qahtaytaste by chewing; get a taste of something*qahtošhave thick, puffed up face (but not of cheeks); face get bigger*qahtʰafinish eating fast*qahṭekeyeface distorted*qahwisink teeth into something that is soft but has some resistance, such as fruit, especially if teeth get stuck as a result; teeth be stuck in*qaki·lswing something held in teeth, as a dog*qako·lspin (of heavy object) between forces: with the teeth, by chewing, eating*qaku·lmouth, cheeks bulge*qaku·ṭhorse to eat leaves off tree*qakʰekʰeṭpull out a string with the teeth*qakʰu·lfeel rough-textured to teeth, i.e., while eating*qakʼalopen slightly between forces: with the teeth, by chewing, eating*qakʼisscratch lightly with the teeth*qakʼi·cut or scratch something living sufficently to cause bleeding, using teeth*qakʼo·ṭgnaw away*qalacmiss biting; fail to bite*qali·tmove circularly, move through a medium (air, water) in an arc, with teeth*qalurub with teeth*qamhmicbe sure to taste right*qaminotice a different taste*qana·brush (plant) covers; cover with brush (plant)heal, esp. of injury or wound; wound to scar over*qanebite*qane·soak*qapabe pressed in tight in an area; fill area by being packed tightly*qapašci??*qapo·šblister (from pressure)blister (from pressure)*qapʰa·lcover area of face near mouth; cover mouth, lips, or chin (esp. of facial hair)*qapʰutspit out, expectorate*qapʰu·spout from blowhole (of whale)*qapʼiltaste or feel slick*qaqʰaldrag (something) with teeth*qaqʰaqʰaṭscrape with the teeth or between two forces*qaqʰa·detach with teeth, bite off; cut with scissors*qaqʰa·ṭtaste good (of something chewed)*qaqʼa·sscratch and make a streak with the teeth*qaqʼa·ṭremove layer with teeth; gnaw or pick meat off bone*qasedislike chewing*qase·lclean or clear by chewing*qaso·lrinse out mouth; swirl water in mouth to rinse*qasuscratch several with teeth deeply enough to make a mark or to remove some of the surface*qasʼa·break with teeth; break between two forces*qasʼa·lsqueeze out liquid by biting, or by applying pressure from two sides as with a wringer or a press*qasʼuyget pointed, have corners, be angled, pointed*qatašcrush between two opposing forces*qaṭa·nflipped up*qaṭi·šbe bloated, stretched tight, from eating; clothes stretch tight due to body being bloated*qaṭʼanbruise between two opposing forces; catch (finger) in door enough to turn purple*qawa·dchew, especially gum but also food*qawoṭ(washing machine) agitate, stir up (clothes)*qayaʔtahelp eat, share food*qayimake scratch along skin with tooth, make bleed; gouge or slash with teeth*qaʔbabe cracking open with the teeth*qaʔcʼababreak by biting*qaʔcʼetbite off piece (of apple)*qaʔcʼonbite off*qaʔdenbite; pierce with teeth*qaʔkʼacrack with teeth*qaʔkʼiṭbite off a small piece*qaʔkʼo1bite against something hard while chewing; bump teeth on grit*qaʔkʼufinish biting, chewing, eating chewed food*qaʔlawʔcigrab quickly between opposing forces, such as with the teeth or mouth (of cat, dog); eat quickly, such as without chewing*qaʔlubarely hold between two forces*qaʔne·cicʼget used to eating*qaʔpʼanhcover between two forces*qaʔqʼactighten with a key, wrench, screwdriver, or other toolstuff oneself eating*qaʔsʼilsqueeze and make squirt*qaʔsʼobe dentedqaʔsʼowrinkled, crumpled, dented, smashed up (metal) between two forcessour look on face*qaʔsʼušhave projecting point face (beard); face be narrow and pointed; cut paper into point (with scissors)*qaʔtʰušhaving short, round face*qaʔtʰušhaving short, round face*qaʔtʼem2be poisoned by taboo food; eating in improper manner or at wrong time (breaking taboo)*qaʔṭʼahold between two objects*qaʔṭʼawʔduceat to death*qaʔṭʼespot or stain with the teeth, by biting*qaʔṭʼubutsink teeth into something soft (grapes, bread)smlf.*qaʔsʼaʔsʼaccrush so that the contents are squeezed or forced out (not necessarily something messy); can apply to an animal, or to a tin can or wooden boxincep.*qaṭʼu·sibicface become narrow; have a narrow faceiter.*qaʔsʼaʔsʼaccrush so that the contents are squeezed or forced out (not necessarily something messy); can apply to an animal, or to a tin can or wooden box*qabo·kʼpref.vbe bulging with cheeks*qabo·kʼibicdir.vbe bulging with cheeks*qacopref.vbe crushing, smashing, breaking solids into several coarse pieces with the teeth; i.e., chew thoroughly; crush with machinery*qacʼalpref.vseparate but remain attached by with the teeth*qacʼepref.vtake chew*qacʼeqacʼefreq.v-redtake many quick chews*qahcawpref.veat with*qahcawaddur.veat one thing with another*qahcohcopref.v1tenderize with a meat-grinder2chew (food)*qahcʰa2pref.vchew in piece*qahcʰahcʰaiter.vchew to pieces*qahcʰahcʰacsmlf.v-redchew (dry toast) to pieces*qahcʰocpref.vchew up*qahcʰohcʰociter.v-redwear out something by chewing*qahcʰoqahcʰocfreq.v-redwear out something by chewing*qahcʰupref.vchew in piece*qahcʰuhcʰuiter.v-redchew something (e.g., mealy apple, crackers) to pieces*qahcʰuqahcʰufreq.v-redchew something (e.g., mealy apple, crackers) to pieces*qahkopref.vmove loosely while chewing*qahkohkoiter.v-redtooth to move loosely while chewing*qahkoqahkofreq.v-redtooth to move loosely while chewing*qahkolhpref.vloosen by biting*qahkolhmaessivevloosen by biting*qahkotpref.vwear down by chewing or between opposing forces*qahkotʰcismlf.vwear down to nothing by chewing or between opposing forces*qahkʰupref.vcrumble with teeth*qahkʰuhkʰuiter.v-redcrumble with teeth*qahlicpref.vnibble off piece*qahlihliiter.v-rednibble off several pieces; cut partly with scissors with several cuts*qahlupref.vcut in piece by biting*qahluhluiter.v-redcut to pieces by biting*qahmopref.vwork food with mouth*qahmohmoiter.v-redwork food with mouth*qahpolhpref.vgush by biting*qahponpolopref.vmake swollen by biting*qahponpolocsmlf.vmake swollen by biting*qahpʰapref.v*qahpʰahpʰaiter.v-redsink in by chewing, chewing something not crispy (like damp cracker)*qahpʰatʼpref.vflop, go flat between forces*qahpʰatʼcismlf.vflop, go flat between forces*qahpʰopref.vshake thing held in teeth*qahpʰohpʰoiter.v-redshake something held teeth, repeatedly*qahpʰuṭpref.vbe unable to finish eating*qahpʰuṭaydir.vbe unable to finish eating*qahqʰapref.vdrag in teeth*qahqʰahqʰaiter.v-redbarely to taste what is chewed*qahqʰaqahqʰafreq.v-reddrag in teeth*qahsapref.v-hndplace several objects with the mouth; set down several objects with the mouth; move several objects with the teeth*qahsamessivev-hndhave or hold several objects in the teeth, in the mouth*qasa·bicdir.1v-hndlift several objects with the teeth, with the mouth2vsuck (pain) out*qasa·ladir.v-hndlower several objects with the teeth*qahsipref.vshred with teeth, scissors*qahsihsiiter.vshred or rip to pieces with teeth or scissors*qahsihsicsmlf.vrip with teeth*qahsupref.vchew in piece*qahsuhsuiter.vchew to pieces*qahšapref.vdisarrange with teeth*qahšahšaiter.v-reddisarrange, mess up, with teeth, when eating*qahtenhpref.ve ready for chewing*qahtʰopref.vnibble hole or piece off*qahtʰohtʰoiter.vnibble holes or pieces off*qahtʰohtʰocsmlf.v(mice) nibble holes or pieces off*qahṭʰapref.vopen something with the teeth, such as a bottle*qahwatʼpref.vflop, disintegrate, lose tenseness, tone, collapse, between forces: with the teeth, by chewing, eating*qahwaṭʰpref.vhave wide, fat face*qahwelpref.vdawdle while eating; eat slowly, interminably*qahye·pref.vfinish eating, stop chewing or eating*qahyolpref.vmix by eating; eat multiple foods together; combine foods in order to eat them; chew several things together*qahyo·csmlf.vmix by eating; mix foods together in order to eat; eat several foods together*qahyupref.vcrush between forces*qahyuhyuiter.v-redcrush, break into little pieces betwee forces, i.e., with a grinder*qahyutpref.vbreak something crumbly with teeth*qaki·mpref.vstretch with teeth*qaki·mcismlf.vstretch something while holding it with the teeth*qakʼi·špref.vgrate teeth*qakʼišicʼrefl.vgnash or grate one'€™s teeth (several times)*qakʼuspref.vbe narrow between to forces*qalepref.vforget while eating*qaleqalefreq.v-redforget while eating; exclude by eating*qalopref.vgargle*qaloqalofreq.v-redgargle, rinse out mouth*qaqolpref.vstroke between two forces*qasu·lpref.vlong narrow face*qasu·lmaessivevlong narrow face*qasu·lmawabs.adjlong and narrow (of the whole face)*qasʼihcpref.vzigzag*qasʼihcismlf.vzigzag (design)*qati·tpref.vroll (dough with rolling pin)*qatupref.vstuff with teeth*qatuqatufreq.vstuff with teeth*qatuqatucsmlf.v-redstuff with the teeth, between the teeth*qatušpref.vcheeks swell with food; jowls bulgingqa·tuštušutempl.adj-ideoswollen face*qatʼatpref.v1talk about, talk idly; talk about, jaw, bat gums, bat around2chatter*qatʼehtimqapref.Plural of*qaʔtʼemqa*qatʼulpref.vbite to squeeze out insides*qaṭʰaṭpref.vpry out with tool, e.g., screwdriver, pliers, etc*qaṭʰopref.vpeel in pieces with the teeth (oranges, apples, or tomatoes; spitting out peelings)*qaṭʼa·pref.vbe smashed by anything; must pop – noise or inside come out (n.d.); get caught in trap; be trapped; catch (finger) in door*huʔuy qaṭʼahqaph. v.vwinkqalaṭʼa·liinstr.ntrap to catch an animal*qaṭʼo·pref.vpeel whole thing with teeth or between two other forces; peel in one piece*qaṭʼupref.vsink teeth into; bite*qaṭʼunpref.vtaste slimy; (food) feel slimy in the mouth when eating it*qaṭʼu·spref.vnarrow (face)*qaṭʼu·smaessivevnarrow (of face)qaṭʼu·smawabs.adjsmall-faced, with a narrow, small chin, not so long*qawaṭʰpref.vweaken or break with teeth*qawaypref.vawaken with the teeth, by biting (as fleas do)*qaya·mpref.vbe unable to chew (because it's too tough); be unable to finish eating*qayepref.vmove or hold something in the teeth*qayemessivevhold in teeth and prevent from moving*qaye·ddir.vmove something in the teeth; carry something along holding it in the teeth*qaye·lpref.vchew slowly, moving lips at the same time*qaʔbalh2pref.vturn with wrench*qaʔbalh1smlf.vturn with wrench, screwdrivercawikʰ qabahlimuliʔlin.p.nwrenchcawikʰ qaʔbala·duʔlin.p.nscrewdriver*qaʔbopref.vbite pieces off crisp*qaʔboʔboiter.1v-redbite on repeatedly and many small pieces come off; eat something crispy2adjcrisp, crispy (of food such as crackers, potato chips)*qaʔbupref.vchew with mouth closed*qaʔbuqaʔbufreq.v-redchew with the mouth closed. The only sign of the internal activity is through movements of the jaw and cheeks*qaʔcʼepref.vnibble on*qaʔcʼeqacʼeredup.vnibble on*qaʔcʼopref.vgnaw in piece*qaʔcʼoʔcʼoiter.v-redgnaw to pieces, chew up, cut to pieces with scissors*qaʔdipref.v-hndput with the mouth; set down with the mouth; move with the teeth*qade·bicʰqader.caus.vpry up*qaʔdimessivev-hndhave or hold in the teeth, in the mouth*qaʔdi·ndur.vbite??*qada·la1dir.v-hndlower something with the teeth, with the mouth*qade·bicdir.v-hndlife something in the teeth*qade·ddir.v-hndmove something along with the teeth, with the mouth*qaʔkʼayʔpref.vget caught in teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcismlf.vget caught in teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcicʼrefl.v(food) get caught in one's teeth*qaʔkʼipref.vgnaw*qaʔkʼiʔkʼiiter.v-red(rat) gnaw almost all the way through (a rope)*qaʔkʼo2pref.vchop*qaʔkʼoʔkʼoiter.vchop away*qaʔkʼoʔkʼocsmlf.v-redchop away (at a tree to notch it)*qaʔlipref.vswing something in mouth*qaʔliʔliiter.v-red(dog) swing something in mouth*qaʔpʼopref.veat up*qaʔpʼoʔpʼoiter.veat up*qaʔpʼoʔpʼocsmlf.v-redeat up everything; eat (a house) out (of all its food)*qaʔsʼi2pref.vbat eyelids*qaʔsʼiʔsʼiiter.v-redbat eyelids, eyelids twitch; eye (lids) move repeatedly*qaʔsʼoqpref.vgrind, mash between forces (meat-grinder), with the teethbihše qaʔsʼoqn.p.nhamburgerkoci·na qaʔsʼoqn.p.nsausage*qaʔsʼulhpref.vhave a narrow muzzleqa·sʼulsʼutempl.adj-ideonarrow of muzzle, mouth (like a collie)*qaʔtʼapref.vtaste (as experienced by chewing), taste (said of a solid food)*qaʔtʼepref.vstick on between two forces, with the teeth*qaʔtʼekelepref.vmash with teeth*qaʔtʼekelecsmlf.vmash (can) with teeth (not nec. flat)*qaʔtʼelpref.vdoubt*qaʔtʼem1pref.vfeel by chewing, with the teeth*qaʔtʼentʼelepref.vcrumple, make out of shape between two forces*qaʔtʼutʰupref.vsqueeze between two forces; decrease inside space*qaʔṭupref.vbite edge*qaʔṭʼašpref.vclose jaw*qaʔṭʼašcismlf.vbring teeth together and close jaw tight*qaʔṭʼaṭpref.vcrack (nuts) with teeth but not so can see in or anything come out*qaʔṭʼenṭʼelepref.vflatten between two forces; drive over*qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼepref.vgnaw; like monkey, dog, to bite around on body (for lice)kʼabaʔ qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼewn.p.na child’s game in which madrone leaves are folded and bitten to create symmetric designs when unfolded. The prettiest is chosen and others try to guess how it was made*qaʔṭʼeqaʔṭʼefreq.vbite around*qaʔwipref.vgnaw*qaʔwiʔwiiter.vgnaw (on a bone); twist or rub with the teeth*qaʔya·qpref.vrecognize taste of chewed food or feel of chewing gum*qa·ṭʰešpref.vwide-facedqa·ṭʰešṭʰešetempl.adj-ideowide-faced ?qalopref.adjnot soaked soft enough; unleached, uncured (of acorns or olives)qaʔsʼapref.1adjstinky taste or smell2nlymph, liquid from injurypʰaqaʔsʼacomp.nfinal messy nasty diarrhea, fluid which drains out of hanging intestines*qaʔsʼaʔsʼaciter.smlf.vcrush so that the contents are squeezed or forced out (not necessarily something messy); can apply to an animal, or to a tin can or wooden box*qaqʼotʼqacaus.vcatch in mouth*qabošaqdir.vpuff out the cheeksqa·bokʼbokʼotempl.adj-ideohaving puffed up cheeksqa·bošbošotempl.adj-ideohaving puffed up cheeks or a swollen-looking faceqa·ṭʼusṭʼusutempl.adj-ideolong and narrow of whole face; small-faced, narrow, small chin
-qa1qavsfxCircumstantial Evidential: the speaker did not see happen what he is telling about but deduced the action from circumstantial evidence; preferred over /-bi/ when the evidence is discovered soon after the action or is incontrovertible
-qa2qavsfxPsych Verb: verb expressing mental state or emotion when the subject is not first-person
*qabahlicqabáhliʔPlural of*qaʔbalh1turn with wrench
*qaba·cqabaʔ´vcrack (a nut) with the teethSemelfactive of*qaʔba
*qabelqabe·lqabélqabelʔv-red(sheep) chew with the lips working back and forthFrequentative of*qabe·l
*qabetqabéʔvgrope, feel for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present, with mouth, while eatingʔihya· qabéta·dun mul ʔahša maʔawhile feeling for a bone with the teeth (it is not known for sure to be present), eat that fishPrefixed:qa-*bet1
*qabe·lqabelʔ´vface be long and thinPrefixed:qa-*be·l*qabe·lmaessivevhave a long narrow jaw*qabelqabe·lfreq.v-red(sheep) chew with the lips working back and forthqa·belʔbetempl.adj-ideosagging (of lips of sheep)
*qabe·lmaqabelmáwvhave a long narrow jawEssive of*qabe·l
*qabohkʼibicqabóhkʼibiʔPlural of*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks
*qabohšaqqabóhsaʔPlural of*qabošaqpuff out cheeks
*qabohšimqabóhšimʔPlural of*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up
*qabošaqqabošáʔvpuff out the cheeksqabošá·qapuff out cheeks!Directional ofqa-*bo·š-aq1Plural*qabohšaq
*qabo·kʼ-vbe bulging with cheeksPrefixed:qa-*bo·kʼ*qabo·kʼibicdir.vbe bulging with cheeks
*qabo·kʼibicvbe bulging with cheeksʔacaʔ qahmatí·bicʰpʰi qabukʼi·bícʼkʰewhen the man gets mad his face will get stern, unsmilingqabukʼi·bicipuff out your cheeks!2.1.1HeadDirectional of*qabo·kʼ-ibicPlural*qabohkʼibicFree Variant*qabu·kʼibic
*qabo·šmaqabošmáwvcheeks be puffed up, be enlarged insubstantiallyqabóšmawbe still with cheeks puffed outheʔén mito huʔú·mo qabošcibíwhow your face has swollen!wá·ka ʔem qabošcibíwthe cow has puffed cheeksPrefixed:qa-*bo·šPlural*qabohšim
*qabu·kʼibicqabuʔ´Free Variant of*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks
qaceqace´nstrong ligament, tough gristlebihše qácedeer ligament2.1.6Bone, joint1.6.2Parts of an animal
*qaceqacéwvgrab with the teeth or between the knees, with pliers, with wrench, with scissors, etc.qacéhqawhold in crook of arm; hold between knees (pencil at one point)Prefixed:qa-*cePlural*qacet*qacecʼrefl.vbite self
*qacecʼvbite selfqacecʼibite self!qacétʰmacʼmeʔD: Plural ImperativeReflexive of*qace
*qacetqacéʔPlural of*qacegrab with teeth, etc.
*qacoqacówvbe crushing, smashing, breaking solids into several coarse pieces with the teeth; i.e., chew thoroughly; crush with machinerymaʔa míʔkʰe qʼoʔdi qácochew your food well!qʰaʔbe qacohqaw(machinery) to make gravelPrefixed:qa-*co1Plural*qacot
*qacotqacóʔPlural of*qacocrush with teeth