Kashaya - English


qaqa´Free Variant ofqayʔPol.Req
*qa-n-kingrandmother: mother's mother2.6.5.2Woman4., grandmotherFirst person informal possessorka·kanʔ1.Poss.Infrml mother's motherFirst person possessorqa·sʼenʔ1.Poss mother's motherSecond person possessormiqa·sʼ2.Poss mother's motherThird person possessormiya·qa·sʼ3.Poss mother's motherThird person reflexive possessormaqa·sʼ3r.Poss mother's mother
qa-qapref-instrbetween two strongly opposed forces. The most common translations are: ‘with the teeth, by chewing, by eating (chewed food, as contrasted with {bi-} for soft foods and {si-} for liquids)’Absolutive*qasu·lmawlong narrow faceqaṭʼu·smawnarrow (of face)Causative*qaqʼotʼqacatch in mouthDerivativeqalonot soaked enoughDirectional*qabošaqpuff out cheeks*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks*qahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish eatingDurative*qahcawadeat with*qaʔdi·nbite??Essive*qahkolhmaloosen by biting*qasu·lmawlong narrow faceqaṭʼu·smawnarrow (of face)*qaʔcʼolhgnaw holeFrequentative*qacʼeqacʼetake many quick chews*qahcʰoqahcʰocchew up*qahcʰuqahcʰuchew to pieces*qahkoqahkotooth to move loosely while chewing*qahqʰaqahqʰadrag in teeth*qaleqaleforget while eating*qaloqalogargle*qatuqatucstuff with teeth*qaʔbuqaʔbuchew with mouth closedInceptive*qaṭʼu·sibic(face) become narrowIterative*qahcʰahcʰacchew to pieces*qahcʰohcʰocchew up*qahcʰuhcʰuchew to pieces*qahkohkotooth to move loosely while chewing*qahkʰuhkʰucrumble with teeth*qahlihlinibble off several pieces*qahluhlucut to pieces by biting*qahmohmowork food with mouth*qahpʰahpʰasink in by chewing*qahpʰohpʰoshake thing held in teeth*qahqʰahqʰabarely to taste what is chewed*qahsihsishred with teeth, scissors*qahsuhsuchew to pieces*qahšahšadisarrange with teeth*qahtʰohtʰocnibble holes or pieces off*qahyuhyucrush between forces*qaʔboʔbobite pieces off crisp*qaʔcʼoʔcʼognaw to pieces*qaʔkʼiʔkʼignaw almost all way through*qaʔkʼoʔkʼocchop away*qaʔliʔliswing something in mouth*qaʔpʼoʔpʼoceat up everything*qaʔsʼaʔsʼaccrush*qaʔsʼiʔsʼibat eyelids*qaʔwiʔwignawNominal Phrase*cawikʰ qaṭʰaṭʰqa·litool for prying nails outPhrasal Verb*huʔuy qaṭʼahqawinkPrefixed*qabetgrope with teeth*qabe·lface be long with teeth*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up*qacegrab with teeth, etc.*qacocrush with teeth*qacʰa·hold in teeth*qacʰi·ṭsuck out*qacʼalseparate but remain attached by with teeth*qacʼeqacʼetake many quick chews*qacʼi·ṭchew together*qacʼo·transform by chewing*qacʼo·mbite in two*qacʼo·qbite through stick in mouth*qacʼo·ṭcut off ends*qacʼu·lbite hard*qadusplice*qaduwbite off strip*qahcawadeat withqahceceat with food variety*qahcenh?shelter?*qahcohcotenderize with meat-grinder chew (food)*qahcʰapull over with teeth*qahcʰahcʰacchew to pieces*qahcʰohcʰocchew up*qahcʰoqahcʰocchew up*qahcʰotbe too full to finish eating*qahcʰuhcʰuchew to pieces*qahcʰuqahcʰuchew to pieces*qahkilhciprevent from closing*qahkohkotooth to move loosely while chewing*qahkolhmaloosen by biting*qahkoqahkotooth to move loosely while chewing*qahkotʰci*qahkʰocatch with mouth*qahkʰuhkʰucrumble with teeth*qahlihlinibble off several pieces*qahlodetach*qahlokʼflop with teeth*qahludknock off with teeth*qahluhlucut to pieces by biting*qahluṭʼbite off and drop it*qahlu·cspill with teeth*qahmohmowork food with mouth*qahmoywork with mouth*qahmu·lnot eat all food*qahpolhgush by biting*qahponpolocmake swollen by biting*qahpʰahpʰasink in by chewing*qahpʰatʼciflop, go flat between forces*qahpʰohpʰoshake thing held in teeth*qahpʰoṭshake something held in teeth*qahpʰusmoke*qahpʰukʼutbite into something soft*qahpʰulthresh winnow*qahpʰuṭaybe unable to finish eating*qahqaget used to eating*qahqalheat off surface material*qahqoṭolfail to chew*qahqʰahqʰabarely to taste what is chewed*qahqʰalh graze with teeth*qahqʰaqahqʰadrag in teeth*qahsaput (sev.) with mouth*qahsihsishred with teeth, scissors*qahsitmake little pieces with teeth*qahsokʼotspurt by biting*qahsommess up by eating*qahsuhsuchew to pieces*qahsutcut in pieces with scissors*qahšahšadisarrange with teeth*qahšanbe springy to chewing*qahšenever refuse eatqahšoraw*qahšokʼotbite something so soft that teeth go in easily*qahšolhcome loose from teeth*qahšukʼuṭsink into with teeth*qahtaytaste*qahtenhbe ready for chewing*qahtošhave thick face*qahtʰafinish eating fast*qahtʰohtʰocnibble holes or pieces off*qahṭekeyeface distorted*qahṭʰaopen with teeth*qahwatʼflop*qahwaṭʰhave fat face*qahweldawdle while eating*qahwisink teeth into something soft*qahye·finish eating*qahyolmix by eating*qahyuhyucrush between forces*qahyutbreak something crumbly with teeth*qaki·lswing something held in teeth*qaki·mcistretch with teeth*qako·lspin with teeth*qaku·lmouth bulge*qaku·ṭhorse to eat leaves off tree*qakʰekʰeṭpull out with teeth*qakʰu·lfeel rough-testured to teeth*qakʼalopen slightly with teeth*qakʼisscratch lightly with teeth*qakʼišicʼgnash, grate teeth*qakʼi·scratch with teeth*qakʼo·ṭgnaw away*qakʼusbe narrow between to forces*qalacmiss biting*qaleqaleforget while eating*qali·tmove circularly with teethqalonot soaked enough*qaloqalogargle*qalurub with teeth*qamhmicbe sure to taste right*qaminotice different taste*qana·brush to cover heal*qanebite*qane·soak*qapafill by packing tightly*qapašci??*qapo·šblister blister*qapʰa·lcover*qapʰutspit, spit out*qapʰu·spout*qapʼiltaste or feel slick*qaqolstroke between two forces*qaqʰaldrag with teeth*qaqʰaqʰaṭscrape with teeth*qaqʰa·detach with teeth or scissors*qaqʰa·ṭtaste good*qaqʼa·sscratch and make streak with teeth*qaqʼa·ṭgnaw*qasedislike chewing*qase·lclean by chewing*qaso·lrinse out mouth*qasuscratch with teeth*qasu·lmawlong narrow face*qasʼa·break with teeth, between two forces*qasʼa·lsqueeze liquid out by biting*qasʼihcizigzag*qasʼuybe pointed*qatašcrush between two opposing forces*qati·troll dough with rolling pin*qatuqatucstuff with teeth*qatušcheeks swell with food*qatʼattalk about chatter*qatʼehtimqapick out by chewing*qatʼulbite to squeeze out insides*qaṭa·nflipped up*qaṭi·šbe bloated from eating*qaṭʰaṭpry out with tool*qaṭʰopeel with teeth*qaṭʼanbruise between two opposing forces*qaṭʼa·be smashed by anything*qaṭʼo·peel with teeth*qaṭʼusink teeth into*qaṭʼunfeel slimy in mouthqaṭʼu·smawnarrow (of face)*qawaṭʰweaken with teeth*qawayawaken by biting*qawa·dchew (gum)*qawoṭagitate*qayaʔtahelp eat*qaya·mbe unable to chew*qayemove, hold in teeth*qaye·lmove lips slowly*qayiscratch skin with tooth*qaʔbabreak with teeth*qaʔbalhturn with wrench*qaʔboʔbobite pieces off crisp*qaʔbuqaʔbuchew with mouth closed*qaʔcʼababreak by biting*qaʔcʼeqacʼenibble on*qaʔcʼetbite off piece*qaʔcʼolhgnaw hole*qaʔcʼonbite off*qaʔcʼoʔcʼognaw to pieces*qaʔdenbite*qaʔdiput with mouth*qaʔdi·nbite??*qaʔkʼacrack with teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcicʼget caught in teeth*qaʔkʼiṭbite off small piece*qaʔkʼiʔkʼignaw almost all way through*qaʔkʼobite against something hard*qaʔkʼoʔkʼocchop away*qaʔkʼufinish biting*qaʔlawʔcigrab quickly*qaʔliʔliswing something in mouth*qaʔlubarely hold between two forces*qaʔne·cicʼget used to eating*qaʔpʼanhcover between two forces*qaʔpʼoʔpʼoceat up everything*qaʔqʼactighten with tool stuff oneself eatingqaʔsʼastinky taste or smell lymph*qaʔsʼilsqueeze and squirt*qaʔsʼiʔsʼibat eyelidsqaʔsʼowrinkled between two forces sour look*qaʔsʼobe dented*qaʔsʼoqgrind*qaʔsʼulhhave narrow muzzle*qaʔsʼušhave projecting point on face*qaʔtʰušhaving short, round face*qaʔtʰušhaving short, round face*qaʔtʼataste (chewed)*qaʔtʼestick on with teeth*qaʔtʼekelecmash with teeth*qaʔtʼeldoubt*qaʔtʼem1find by chewing*qaʔtʼem2be poisoned*qaʔtʼentʼelecrumple, make out of shape between two forces*qaʔtʼutʰusqueeze between two forces*qaʔṭubite edge*qaʔṭʼahold between two objects*qaʔṭʼašciclose jaw*qaʔṭʼaṭcrack with teeth*qaʔṭʼawʔduceat to death*qaʔṭʼespot or stain with teeth*qaʔṭʼenṭʼeleflatten between two forces*qaʔṭʼeʔṭʼegnaw*qaʔṭʼubutsink teeth into something soft*qaʔwiʔwignaw*qaʔya·qrecognize tasteqa·ṭʰešṭʰešewide-facedReduplication*qaʔcʼeqacʼenibble onReflexive*qakʼišicʼgnash, grate teeth*qaʔkʼayʔcicʼget caught in teethSemelfactive*qahcʰahcʰacchew to pieces*qahkotʰci*qahponpolocmake swollen by biting*qahpʰatʼciflop, go flat between forces*qahtʰohtʰocnibble holes or pieces off*qaki·mcistretch with teeth*qasʼihcizigzag*qatuqatucstuff with teeth*qaʔbalhturn with wrench*qaʔkʼayʔcicʼget caught in teeth*qaʔkʼoʔkʼocchop away*qaʔpʼoʔpʼoceat up everything*qaʔsʼaʔsʼaccrush*qaʔtʼekelecmash with teeth*qaʔṭʼašciclose jawTemplate CvCvqa·bokʼbokʼohaving puffed up cheeksqa·bošbošohaving puffed up cheeksqa·ṭʰešṭʰešewide-facedqa·ṭʼusṭʼusulong and narrow of whole face
-qa1qavCircumstantial Evidential: the speaker did not see happen what he is telling about but deduced the action from circumstantial evidence; preferred over /-bi/ when the evidence is discovered soon after the action or is incontrovertibleCompare-aFACT-doHSY-innaAUD-yaVIS
-qa2qavPsych Verb: verb expressing mental state or emotion when the subject is not first-person
*qabahlicqabáhliʔPlural of*qaʔbalhturn with wrench
*qaba·cqabaʔ´vcrack (a nut) with the teeth*qaʔbabreak with teeth
*qabelqabe·lqabélqabelʔv-red(sheep) chew with the lips working back and forth*qabe·lface be long with teeth
*qabetqabéʔvgrope, feel for something unseen which is not known for sure to be present, with mouth, while eatingʔihya· qabéta·dun mul ʔahša maʔawhile feeling for a bone with the teeth (it is not known for sure to be present), eat that fishqa-between two strongly opposed forces*bet1grope
*qabe·lqabelʔ´vface be long and thinEssive*qabe·lmahave long narrow jawFrequentative*qabelqabe·lbe chewingTemplate Cvqa·belʔbesagging (of lips of sheep)qa-between two strongly opposed forces*be·lface be long and thin
*qabe·lmaqabelmáwvhave a long narrow jaw*qabe·lface be long with teeth
*qabohkʼibicqabóhkʼibiʔPlural of*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks
*qabohšaqqabóhsaʔPlural of*qabošaqpuff out cheeks
*qabohšimqabóhšimʔPlural of*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up
*qabošaqqabošáʔvpuff out the cheeksqabošá·qapuff out cheeks!Plural*qabohšaqqa-between two strongly opposed forces*bo·šbe puffed up-aq1out hence N/W hence
*qabo·kʼibicvbe bulging with cheeksʔacaʔ qahmatí·bicʰpʰi qabukʼi·bícʼkʰewhen the man gets mad his face will get stern, unsmilingqabukʼi·bicipuff out your cheeks!2.1.1HeadCompare*qabo·šmacheeks be puffed up*qahtošhave thick face*qatuqatucstuff with teeth*qatušcheeks swell with foodFree Variant*qabu·kʼibicPlural*qabohkʼibicqa-between two strongly opposed forces*bo·kʼswell up-ibicup away INCEP
*qabo·šmaqabošmáwvcheeks be puffed up, be enlarged insubstantiallyqabóšmawbe still with cheeks puffed outheʔén mito huʔú·mo qabošcibíwhow your face has swollen!wá·ka ʔem qabošcibíwthe cow has puffed cheeksCompare*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks*qahtošhave thick face*qatuqatucstuff with teeth*qatušcheeks swell with foodPlural*qabohšimqa-between two strongly opposed forces*bo·šbe puffed up
*qabu·kʼibicqabuʔ´Free Variant of*qabo·kʼibicbe bulging with cheeks
qaceqace´nstrong ligament, tough gristlebihše qácedeer ligament2.1.6Bone, joint1.6.2Parts of an animalCompareʔima 1sinew, muscle
*qaceqacéwvgrab with the teeth or between the knees, with pliers, with wrench, with scissors, etc.qacéhqawhold in crook of arm; hold between knees (pencil at one point)Compare*qacʰa·hold in teeth*qanebite*qayemhold in teethPlural*qacetReflexive*qacecʼbite selfqa-between two strongly opposed forces*cegrab
*qacecʼvbite selfqacecʼibite self!qacétʰmacʼmeʔD: Plural Imperative*qacegrab with teeth, etc.
*qacetqacéʔPlural of*qacegrab with teeth, etc.
*qacoqacówvbe crushing, smashing, breaking solids into several coarse pieces with the teeth; i.e., chew thoroughly; crush with machinerymaʔa míʔkʰe qʼoʔdi qácochew your food well!qʰaʔbe qacohqaw(machinery) to make gravelPlural*qacotqa-between two strongly opposed forces*co1be crushing
*qacotqacóʔPlural of*qacocrush with teeth
*qacʰahqaqacʰáhqawvhold between the knees*qacʰa·hold in teeth