Kashaya - English

*sʼa-v-instrleach, be leached*sisʼapref.vleach out; drain object of bitterness or something else; be leached; bitterness be gone
*sʼahlusʼahlúwvshine (intransitive)ʔahca sʼaluʔcicʼqa·lin.p.nfloor polisher*sʼalu·messive1vshine (on something)2adjshining, shiny*sʼahluhluiter.v-redshine, be shiny*sʼalusʼalufreq.v-redsparkle (as the sun on water); be shiny, shine
*sʼahluhlusʼahlúhluwv-redshine, be shinysʼahlúhluwto shine (of car, shoes, of shiny new things); be shinysapá·tu sʼahlúhluw tala·whe’s wearing shiny shoesqʰamosʼ sʼahlúhlun hcowthe ocean is lying shiningsʼahlúhlummeʔD: Plural Imperativesapá·tu miʔkʰe sʼahluhlawe· ma cuʔtʼáʔbemyour shoes are shining after you shined themIterative of*sʼahlu
*sʼahlusʼahlusʼahlusʼáhluwFree Variant of*sʼalusʼalusparkle
*sʼahma-v-redshinealways reduplicated?*sʼahmahmaiter.1vshine2adjshiny
*sʼahmahmasʼahmáhmaw1vshine8.3.3.1Shine2adjshiny8.3.3.4ShinyIterative of*sʼahma
sʼakʰelsʼakʰél1adjgreen (plant: fruit, vegetable, wood), very immaturemaʔa sʼákʰelgreen (immature) vegetable or fruitsʼakʰeliqʰit's greenʔahá· sʼakʰelgreen wood8. of plants2nChristmas (tree): may occur alone or with "tree"1.5.1Tree4.2.9Holidayn.p.maʔa sʼakʰelunripe vegetable or fruitsʼakʰel pʰatʼeʔ meṭChristmas Day
sʼakʰel pʰatʼeʔ meṭsʼakʰel pʰatʼeʔ meʔnChristmas Day4.9.7.2Christianity4.2.9HolidayNominal Phrase:sʼakʰel*pʰatʼe·tmeṭ
sʼakʼsʼákʼmim-inansound of breaking something dry and brittle, such as a stickhisʼa·ba sʼákʼ cenʔit broke and it went /sʼakʼ/
*sʼala-v-instrwith strained voiceoccurs with R*sʼalasʼalafreq.v-redhalf crying voice; talk in strained voice, natural voice or of whining child
*sʼalalsʼalálʔvbe bruised, black and bluesʼaláhlibi·cito start to get black and blue*sʼalalamessivevbe bruised, black and blue
*sʼalalamsʼalalámʔvbe bruised, black and bluesʼalalá·ma(to flesh) be bruised!sʼalalá·tamʔD: Pluralciba·tʰin pʰanétʰmabina sʼalalámqaqʰsomeone must have hit him; it is black and blueEssive of*sʼalalPlural*sʼalala·tam
*sʼalala·tamsʼalalá·tamʔPlural of*sʼalalambe bruised
*sʼalasʼalasʼalasʼálawv-redhalf crying voice; talk in strained voice, natural voice or of whining childsoh sʼalasʼálanati qʼoʔo cáhno· daqa·cʼalthough (she) only sang off tune (didn’t carry the tune), she wanted to sing the songFrequentative of*sʼala
*sʼalusʼalusʼalusʼáluwv-redsparkle (as the sun on water); be shiny, shinesʼahlusʼahluwshining like sun on waterFrequentative of*sʼahluFree Variant*sʼahlusʼahlu
sʼalutsʼaluʔadjslippery, slick, shiny, smooth (like satin)hiʔda sʼalúʔ mimawsmooth roadsʼalutʼ ayD: Pluralsʼalutʼ ínsʼe· muit seems to be slipperyqʰaʔbe sʼáluʔslick rockʔacaʔ sʼalúʔsmooth-skinned person (hairless)sʼalúʔ ʔibe slick!sʼalutá·duit's slick8.3.2.1Smoothšihpʰa sʼaluʔ qʰalecomp.nredwood ivy, inside-out flower
*sʼalu·msʼalumʔ´1vshine (on something)šiwey íne· mu sʼalu·mamit’s shining because it’s newšiwey íne· ma·caʔ sʼalu·mamthey’re shining because they’re newsʼaluma·lawshining while moving downʔila sʼalu·mé· mitoyour nose is shinysʼalu·mashine! be shiny!sʼalumméʔshine! (to several), shinyʔahqʰa sʼalumʔshiny waterqʰaʔṭo sʼalumʔbald (head) is shiningsʼalum é· mu·kinʔhe shines8.3.3.4ShinyEssive of*sʼahlu
*sʼam-v-instrfill or coverPlural*sʼatam*basʼampref.v(bird) to stuff (acorn) (in hole); eat*bisʼampref.veat*dasʼampref.vocean wave splashing; stick something in hand (flush ?)*dusʼampref.vbreak off; plug with finger [??]*musʼampref.vcover, fill, by fire; smoke*pʰisʼampref.v1close the eyes2waves splash, break on rocks*pʰisʼamcicʼsmlf.refl.vblink; close eyes once (and might keep them closed)*pʰisʼamacʼrefl.vblink eyes several times*pʰisʼampʰisʼamacʼfreq.vkeep blinking one's eyes, voluntarily*šusʼampref.vbreak pulling
sʼamo sʼaqʰa·lasʼamo sʼáqʰa·laFree Variant ofsʼamo· sʼaqʰa·lablowfly
sʼamoṭsʼamóʔadjgreen, immature, unripesʼamoṭʼ ayD: Pluralʔacaʔ sʼamoʔimmature mansʼamoṭʼ insʼe· muit seems to be unripe4. in behavior1.5.6Growth of plantsmaʔa sʼamoṭcomp.nunripe vegetable or fruityiho·l sʼamoṭcomp.nstring beans, green beans
sʼamo·1sʼamo·´nfly (insect)ʼamo· qawi yyacomp.ngnatssʼamo· ʔicʰo·comp.vfly egg after it is laidsʼamo· huʔuyn.p.nOwl cloversʼamo· sʼaqʰa·lan.p.nblowflysʼamo· pʰili·maʔliinstr.nfly swatter; a tool used to swat flies
sʼamo·2sʼamo·´nulnar nerve in the soft part of the elbow: the "funny bone"sʼamo· pʰilébiʔfeeling when the funny bone is hit2.1.6Bone, joint
sʼamo· huʔuysʼamo· huʔúynOwl cloverOrthocarpus densiflorus; Orthocarpus purpurascens; Orthocarpus faucibarbatus (Figwort Family)1.5PlantNominal Phrase:sʼamo·1huʔuy
sʼamo· pʰili·maʔlis'amo· pʰilí·maʔlinfly swatter; a tool used to swat fliessʼamo· pʰilí·maʔlifly swatter (NONCE)6.7.2Pounding toolInstrumental ofsʼamo·1*pʰili·macʼ
sʼamo· qawi yyasʼamo· qawí yyangnats1.6.1.7InsectCompound:sʼamo·1qawi=yya