Kashaya - English

*tʰalatʰalatʰalatʰálawv-redpleasant stinging feeling on tongue, of peppermint, excess salt
tʰawiltʰawíladj1left (side)tʰawil é· muit's the left sidetʰawil ʔ (answer to question:) lefttʰawi·lleft?! (surprise at hearing someone is left-handed)cohšo tʰawilleft handʔahca tʰáwilu·towleft-hand side of housetʰawilú·to· ʔahca cohtowamleft house8.5.2.3Right, left2wickedʔacaʔ tʰawilwicked mancahno tʰawilwicked words4.3.1.1Bad, immoral
tʰawilu·towadjleft-hand side
*tʰil1-v-instrtear but not necessarily apart*batʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart, with the lips, snout, or beak; by speech (or hearing)*cutʰilpref.vtear, but not necessarily apart, by means of a rounded object or by the action of water*datʰilpref.vtear, not necessarily apart, by pressing with hand*dutʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart using fingers*hitʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart, with the body*matʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart using the sole of the foot*patʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart (by poking) with the end of a long object*pitʰil2pref.vtear, not necessarily apart, with the side of a long object such as a stick*šutʰilpref.vtear but not necessarily apart
*tʰil2-v-instrshow through the dusk*pitʰil1pref.vshow through darkness
=tʰintʰinadvnot9.4.6.1No, notph. v.ʔama bahtayʔtʰinbe touchy about what is saidn.p.ʔama· ʔdu·ciʔ tʰinignorant, stupid, bad mannersder.hiʔbi meʔ tʰinfrom time to timesometimeph. adj.ʔama· htayʔ tʰintouchy, sensitive (in one's feelings); make a fuss over a little scratchin the air, not touching the ground
tʰiwinsʼu·sʼutʰiwínsʼu·sʼunsp. of fish with a horn, horned sea creature; swordfish or shark?
-tʰmucʼtʰmucʼv > vsfxplural form of the Directional-Distributive suffix combination -ad-wad, indicating movement of several actors "around" or "here and there"includes the Plural /t/dist.*bisatʰmucʼcarry several long objects in the arms here and there, all over, all around*cisatʰmucʼcarry (with a handle, or packing on one's back or shoulder) several things here and there, all over, all around; drag; lead by the hand*dasatʰmucʼcarry, move several heavy objects here and there, all over, all around*sibotʰmucʼgroup float or sail here and there, all over, all around; several groups (of snow) drift all over*sidetʰmucʼsail around PLUR*šusatʰmucʼlead several (people, animals) here and there, all over, all around; pull (with a rope)
tʰoltʰolmim-animsound of moving throughtʰololololsound of something coming through brush (not water through pipe)*tʰolotʰolofreq.v-redsound of going through brush
*tʰolotʰolotʰolotʰólowv-redsound of going through brushqʰaʔbe báhṭʰe (ʔem) tʰolotʰolo·laya big rock rolled down (crashing through brush)tʰolotʰóloD: ImperativetʰolotʰolomeʔD: Plural Imperativetʰolotʰólo·dusound caused going through brush; cloth on clothwá·ka wa·dun tʰolotʰólo·nne· seʔe tolthe cow going along is making rustle in the brushFrequentative oftʰol
tʰutʰu´interjptooey, "I spit on you" (expresses disgust)
tʰunkuhtutʰúnkuhtunPurple fiddleneckPhacelia californica (Waterleaf Family)1.5Plant
*tʰut-v-instrbreak apart something brittleFree Variant*htʰut*ditʰutpref.vdrop and break apart something brittle; something brittle fall and break apart*hatʰutpref.vkick and break*mutʰutpref.vbreak apart something brittle with fire
-tʰuʔtʰuʔsfxNegative Imperative: used in telling a single person not to perform an actionthe final /ʔ/ is technically a distinct clitic that can be separated from the verb