Kashaya - English

1babysuck, nurse, want milkCompare*ʔtʼo2 1be suckingnoʔno 2 nurse!tʼoʔtʼoencourage to suck
2interjtsk tsk; said on hearing or seeing something not good, often front of fingers is put over mouth
*tʼac1-Plural of*ʔtʼa4seem
*tʼac2-Plural of*ʔtʼa1cooked
*tʼac3-Plural of*ʔtʼa2reach
*tʼac4-Plural of*ʔtʼa7come upon
*tʼac5-Plural of*ʔtʼa6be enough
*tʼacaytʼacáyʔvbutt something against; one thing against another; touch againstPlural*tʼahcay*ʔtʼa8detect-ayagainst
*tʼahcaytʼáhcayʔPlural of*tʼacaytouch against
*tʼahcaymucʼtʼáhca·muʔPlural oftʼammucʼbe put together
*tʼahtalatʼahtaláPlural of*tʼa·lastart to feel, think
tʼakʼtʼákʼmim-inansound of hitting something soft or mushy (e.g., flesh, mud, dough)Synonymtʼapʼsound of hitting something soft
*tʼalatʼaláwFree Variant of*tʼa·lastart to feel, think
tʼammucʼtʼámmuʔv(edges or pieces) be put togethertʼámmuʔliwhere it ends (pattern of basket), meets the beginningtʼámmucʼqaput it together!pʰala tʼámmucʼqapʰalá ʔtʼammucʼqaput it together again!Plural*tʼahcaymucʼ*ʔtʼa8detect
tʼapʼtʼápʼmim-inansound of hitting something soft and wettʼatʼatʼatʼapʼsound of many hitting or batter spillingCompare*hwatʼflopSynonymtʼakʼsound of hitting something soft
*tʼat1-v-instrwork, preparePlural*tʼatatPrefixed*dutʼat2work
*tʼat2-v-instrtalk, chatterPrefixed*qatʼattalk about chatter
*tʼat3-v-instrfidgetPrefixed*catʼatbe bothered by sitting on dress you are wearing*datʼatone to bother one thing*dutʼat1bother with fingers*hatʼatbother with foot*hitʼatfidget body*matʼatbother with sole of foot*mitʼatfidget toes*pʰitʼatfeel around with end of long object*šatʼatbother with stick*šatʼatbother with stick
*tʼatat-Plural of*tʼat1work
*tʼatʰqa1tʼátʰqawPlural of*ʔtʼaq2rub and lather
*tʼatʰqa3-Plural of*ʔṭʼaq1name off
*tʼawicʼtʼawíʔvthink (about self)*ʔtʼa8detect
*tʼa·cʼ-Plural Agent of*tʼa·dfeel think
*tʼa·dtʼa·du´v1one to feel (feelings, emotions; not from a specific sense organ)weʔé· tʼanʔqawignore, not pay attentionʔama· pišúdu tʼanʔqawʔama· qóʔdi tʼanqáwʔtʰinsorrow, feeling badqoʔdi tʼa·duto be feeling goodcuhti tʼanʔliwhere the word/design ends (meets beginning)ʔama ʔyá·yi min tʼa·nʔI’m worriedto· ṭʼo hin tʼa·nʔI don’t careto· ṭʼo heʔen tʼaʔtʰI don’t care!qanemáʔ min tʼacʼqawthey felt like they were relativesʔama· qʼoʔdi tʼácʼqan yala· nohpʰowthey lived there happily at first2(one) thinknihin tʼanʔqawnihin tʼa·duto think to selfPlural Agent*tʼa·cʼCompound*duʔsʼaʔ tʼa·dbe coldPhrasal Verbpišudu tʼa·dfeel bad*ʔtʼa8detect