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*ṭa1-v-instrdo quickly and excitedlyalways reduplicated*daṭapref.-v-reddo something in hurry*daṭadaṭafreq.daṭadáṭawv-reddo something in a hurry, rushpl.*daṭadaṭamalways frequentativealways frequentative*muṭapref.-v-redshoot excitedly*muṭamuṭafreq.muṭamúṭawv-redshoot excitedly, hurriedly, quicklyalways frequentativealways frequentative*šaṭapref.-v-redrun excited*šaṭašaṭafreq.šaṭašáṭawv-redrun around excited; jump up and down from excitement (no noise nec.)syn*šahkašahkaalways frequentativealways frequentative
*ṭa2-v-instrmake bumping noise*cuṭapref.-v-redmake bumping noise with elbowcf*cuhṭa*cuṭa·m*cuṭacuṭafreq.cuṭacúṭawv-redmake bumping soundalways frequentativealways frequentative
=ṭaṭaprtFocus: sometimes translated as 'of course'id.ko·ko ṭagee, my, how come
ṭacʼqʰaṭacʼqʰa´placeSand Springs: a place where people livedCompound:miṭacʔahqʰa
*ṭahši-Plural of*ṭa·šfadePlural Affix-h-
*ṭahti-Plural of*ṭa·ttwistPlural Affix-h-
ṭakayaṭakáyanfolks, people you know
ṭakʼṭákʼinterj"It just came to me," just remembered; or just got the idea
ṭalṭálmim-inanflat resonant sharp onset sound, of slamming a door once or hitting a rock on a housecfṭamṭimṭololṭom
*ṭal-v-instrflared*caṭalpref.caṭálʔvbe flaredca·ṭalʔmenʔcomp.cá·ṭalʔmenʔname(a woman’s name)ca·ṭalʔṭatempl.cá·ṭalʔṭaadj-ideoflared
*ṭalaṭalaṭalaṭálaw1v-redrattle; rattle around 2mim-animsound of old wagon wheel or trucks rattling; soun of engine out of order, fan belt slapping or bumper loose
ṭamṭámmim-inansound of slamcf*ṭa·m*ṭa·n1ṭalṭimṭololṭom*haṭampref.-v-redfoot hit against something*haṭamhaṭamfreq.haṭámhaṭamʔv-redfoot hitting repeatedly against something, making a rapping sound, not nec. in aircf*haṭanhaṭa·nalways frequentativealways frequentative
ṭapʰṭápʰmim-inansound of striking table
ṭaqʰṭáqʰmim-inansound of rock hitting headsynṭoqʰ
ṭaʔqʼoṭaʔqʼo´1nsalt5.še ṭaʔqʼo sʼiwsalted meatkoci·na bihše ṭaʔqʼo sʼiwn.p.koci·na bíhše ṭaʔqʼo sʼiwnsalted porkcfbihše ṭaʔqʼo sʼiw
ṭaʔqʼo šuhwehweʔlinsalt shaker
*ṭaʔsʼiṭáʔsʼiwv1try in vain2not remember; "do you remember?"weʔé· ṭaʔsʼiwammudon't you know, remember?ʔe· ṭaʔsʼiwaṭa mu pʰala men kihlaʔoh yes remember, they still played there anywayṭaʔsʼiwa mi·lí ʔyowam mensʼiwdon't you remember that happened therecf*duʔyaqad
*ṭa·m-v-instrtap (light noise); make sound of slamcfṭamprefixed forms are always reduplicated*cuṭa·mpref.cuṭamʔ´vbump with elbowsyn*cuṭa·ncf*cuhṭa*cuṭacuṭamcuṭa·mfreq.cuṭámcuṭa·mmim-inannoise from pile driver*daṭa·mpref.daṭamʔ´v-redmake noise by hitting with hand*daṭamdaṭamfreq.daṭámdaṭamʔv-redkeep hitting with handalways frequentativealways frequentative*diṭa·mpref.diṭamʔ´vmake slamming soundsyn*diṭa·n1*muṭa·mpref.muṭamʔ´vmake noise by throwing, kinetic energy*piṭa·mpref.piṭamʔ´vmake noise by hammering; banging*piṭampiṭa·mfreq.piṭámpiṭamʔvmake noises by hammering*puṭa·mpref.puṭamʔ´vwind blowing (door) to make hammering noise*puṭampuṭa·mfreq.puṭámpuṭamʔv-redsound of stick moving back and forth against house, or beating a rugsyn*puṭanpuṭa·n
*ṭa·n1-v-instrmake sound of slamcfṭam*cuṭa·npref.cuṭanʔ´vmake sound of bump (less than diṭa·n)syn*cuṭa·m*diṭa·n1pref.diṭanʔ´vmake sound of slam (more than cuṭa·n); sound of piling lumbersyn*diṭa·m
*ṭa·n2-v-instrside of long object be in contact with something at one end onlyalways reduplicated with certain prefixes*daṭa·npref.daṭanʔ´vhold or press one end of a long object with the hand, so that it is in contact with something at one end only*diṭa·n2pref.-vflip when dropped*diṭa·ncismlf.diṭancíwvone side flip when object is dropped*diṭa·nibicdir.diṭani·bíʔvone side flip up when an object is dropped*haṭa·npref.haṭanʔ´vleg hang, project, not touching anything, swinging*haṭanhaṭa·nfreq.haṭánhaṭanʔvswing leg out in space, not necessarily hitting anythingcf*haṭamhaṭam*hiṭa·npref.hiṭanʔ´vside of long object be in contact with the body*piṭa·npref.piṭanʔ´vside of long object flip up; warped from water*puṭa·npref.-vside be in contact by blowing*puṭanpuṭa·nfreq.puṭánpuṭanʔvside of long object be in contact with something at one end only, by blowingsyn*puṭampuṭa·malways reduplicated*qaṭa·npref.qaṭanʔ´vflipped up*šuṭa·npref.šuṭanʔ´vside of long object be in contact with something at one end only, by pulling, pushing and pulling; with a long flexible object
ṭa·šṭa·šngiant (in mythical names)4.9.2Supernatural beingalways as second member of compound?cuye·ṭa·šcomp.cuye·ṭá·šnamePinenut Giant, guardian of sugar pine nuts who has the ability to turn people into bouldershiʔbuṭa·šcomp.hiʔbuṭá·šnamePotato Giant, a mythical being who protected potatoes from transgressors
*ṭa·š-v-instrfadePlural*ṭahši-*daṭa·špref.daṭaš´1vhave grey hair; grow grey hair; fade2adjunruly ?pl.*daṭahšidaṭáhšiw*daṭa·šicsmlf.v(hair) turn grey; (color) fade from washingfr. var.*daṭa·šci*duṭa·špref.duṭaš´vrub (stain) away with fingerpl.*duṭahšiduṭáhšiw*muṭa·špref.muṭaš´vfade with heat, in the sunpl.*muṭahšimuṭáhšiwmu·ṭašṭašatempl.mu·ṭášṭasaadj-ideofaded by exposure to the sun*puṭa·špref.puṭaš´vfade by blowing; blow barepl.*puṭahšipuṭáhšiwpu·ṭašṭašatempl.pu·ṭášṭašaadj-ideowind-faded: having been left in the wind and therefore faded in color
*ṭa·t-v-instrtwistin singular occurs with Semelfactive or DirectionalPlural*ṭahti-*baṭa·tpref.baṭaʔ´vtongue get twisted by speakingpl.*baṭahti*baṭa·tʰcismlf.baṭatʰcíwvtongue get twisted onepl.*baṭahtic*ciṭa·tpref.ciṭaʔ´vtwist by holding a small part of a large objectpl.*ciṭahti*ciṭa·tʰcismlf.ciṭatʰcíwvtwist by holding small part of large objectpl.*ciṭahtic*diṭa·tpref.-vfall and twist; become twisted by fallingpl.*diṭahtirequires semelfactive -ci*haṭa·tpref.haṭaʔ´vtwist bodycf*hiti·t*muṭʼipl.*haṭahti*haṭa·tʰcismlf.haṭatʰcíwvtwist body onepl.*haṭahtic*hiṭa·tpref.hiṭaʔ´vtwist bodypl.*hiṭahti*hiṭa·tʰcismlf.hiṭatʰcíwvtwist body onepl.*hiṭahtic*muṭa·tpref.muṭaʔ´vtwistpl.*muṭahti*muṭa·tʰcismlf.muṭatʰcíwvtwist onepl.*muṭahtic*piṭa·tpref.piṭaʔ´vtwist a long object, with the eyespl.*piṭahti*piṭa·tʰcismlf.piṭatʰcíwvtwist long object onepl.*piṭahtic*šuṭa·tpref.šuṭaʔ´vtwist; pull and twistpl.*šuṭahti*šuṭa·tʰcismlf.šuṭatʰcíwvtwist onepl.*šutahtic
ṭa·wiṭa·wi´Dialectal Variant ofta·wicustomtime ?
=ṭekʰṭekʰFree Variant of=ṭikʰexactly

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