adj. adjective
adj-ideo. adjective-ideophone
adj-instr. adjective-instrument
adp. adposition (like a preposition, but it comes after the noun)
adv. adverb
baby. baby terms
conj. conjunction
coordconn. coordinating conjunction
interj. interjection
mim-anim. animate mimetic (imitating the sound of a living being)
mim-inan. inanimate mimetic (imitating the sound of an object or action)
n. noun
num.card. cardinal numeral
name name
num. number
para. paragraph
place. place
pref-instr. instrumental prefix (used with v-instr)
pro. pronoun
pro-form. proform
prt. particle
v. verb
v-hnd. verb of handling (carrying)
n suff. nominal suffix
v-instr. instrumental verb (requires a prefix)
v-kin. kinship verb (derived from a kinship noun)
v-mvt. verb of movement
v-pos. possessive verb
v-red. reduplicative verb
supp. supplemental marker
sfx. suffix
kin. kinship