Kayan Alphabetical Order


There is more than one way the Kayan alphabet can be ordered. Sometimes variations on the English order are followed, and sometimes variations on the Burmese or Pali ordering are followed.

Under Browse, the Kayan part of this dictionary is arranged alphabetically based primarily on English alphabetical order.  Digraphs (two-letter combinations that indicate one sound) such as 'gn' are found within the normal English alphabetical order in the 'g' words. This is the order which the 2016 print edition follows.


a  ai  ao  au  b  c  d  e  g  gn  h  ht  i  k  kh  l  m  n  ng o  p  ph  r  s  t  th  u  w  y


Diacritics are ordered as follows:
Tone Markings:
   ́ (sai cî),  ̌ (htan),    ̄  (kla),
then Vowel Change Markings:
  ̀ (sai htwai),  ̂ (klaô)