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a-abbigInf. ofabigna story; a parableTam nelaing kunu hi Emilio ni a-abbig.They say Emilio is a good story-teller.4.2Social activity
a-abbung1na small temporary structure; a hutSiminappal6.5.1.1House2transto place a hut in a specific location or siteYad nehayyukung hu daka pan-a-abbungi tep wada danum diman. It's in the valley where they are building their hut because there is water there.kapan- -i
a-agguladv.pred1something that is temporaryA-aggul hu impanukud dan a-abbung di muyung.The way they put the posts of the hut in the forest is temporary. that is a fake or pretenseA-aggul hu degeh ni egeh tu tep eleg tu pinhed ni mangngunnu.The pain in his stomach is fake because he does not like to work.
a-allaw1transto send away, used concerning peopleYa ngala da hu nengipea-allawan dan hi-gada di ay-ayaman ni kaalman.Their noisiness was the reason (cause) that they sent them away from the game yesterday. go away from someone or from an areaHinek-il dakemid mika a-abbangin baley tep eleg kami mambayad ni tellun bulang et kantuy um-a-allaw kami etan di baley.We were forced out of the house we were renting for missing three months rent payment and so he told us to move out of (lit. go away from) the house.Entan tu u-unnud hu pinhed Satanas hedin tuka ipatpatnan menuttullun ni hi-gayun mengippahding ni lawah, nem kahing yu et uma-allaw kaya. (James 4:7b)Do not follow what Satan wants if he tries to persuade you to do something bad, but resist him and he will indeed go-away (from you). 1B Movement with a directional component3na place outside of or away from a residential areaIn-iket tu hu ahhu di a-allaw ni baley Tadao.He tied the dog at a distance from Tadao’s house.allawkadtan
a-alluktransto comfort or pacify someoneEhel mun Maria et a-alluken tu hi Edgar et eleg tu taggan nangih.Tell Maria to comfort Edgar so that he won’t keep crying.Ina-alluk Pedro hi Mary et eleg makilaw nan inetud kammading.Pedro comforted Mary and so she did not go with her mother to the school.Endi inna-nu ni penga-allukan nan Maria tep nanlekbid bawang.There is no way to pacify Maria because she locked herself inside.4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
a-allungintransfor the nose to bleedNan-a-allung hi Tomas ni nahdem.Tomas’ nose was bleeding last evening.2.2.5Bleed, bloodmaN-/naN-1E Physiological functions and body conditions
a-amihtransto beat someone in a competition; to overpower someone as in a fight; may also be used regarding overpowering someone with speechTuwak kaemmiha di sanggul nem emmihen ku di ka-wit.He beats me in arm wrestling but I will beat him in finger wrestling.Emmihen Tomas idan emin pekibbultung tu tep na-let. Tomas will beat all those whom he will have wrestling match with because he is strong.Tuwak kaa-amiha nan Carlos nem emmihen ku hedin mambultung kami.Carlos underestimates me but I will beat him if we have a wrestling match.4.2.6Entertainment, recreation-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
a-ammed la1nancestorsTraditionally it was believed that the Ifugao are descended from sky gods.Yadda a-ammed la ey eleg ida mampantalon. As for the ancestors, they did not wear trousers., grandmother2vto have been the ancestors of a particular group of peopleYa impan-ammed la idan kamangkeley-i ey nalpuddad kebunyan.As for the ancestors of the Keley-i speakers, they are from the sky.Hipa nengiammed idan nalpud Sinek?Who are the ancestors of those who came from Sinek?
a-ammukna rain that is fine, mist-like drops; drizzle; mist1.1.3.3Rain
a-angnguInf. ofangnguvto playKimmeng tuwak ni mika pan-a-angngui ey nangkeluknihan tep matedem kuku tu.He scratched me when we were playing with each other and I was bruised because his fingernails are very sharp.4.2.7Play, fun
a-aniadv.predsomething is done or happens frequently or repeatedly at brief intervalsImma-ani ni nelabah hu talak.Frequently a truck passes by.Imma-ani ni kamannengngih hi mahhiken.Frequently the baby is crying.Sime-eggel8.
a-appeh1na songDakel hu nambakbaklang ni a-appeh ni kapandaydayaw ni Apu Dios.There are many different songs for worshipping God.4.2.3Music2vto sing a songIn-a-appeh da a-appeh Tegnaen eman ni kasal di Dugyu.They sang Tegnaen’s song during that wedding in Dugyu.Attu pengia-appehan da etan ni baluh ni a-appeh?Where will they sing the new song?
a-bek1na round wooden disk-shape with leather stretched over it; used as a rhythm instrument; a drumThe meaning of all the cultural sentences with the use of the a-bek-drum implies ritual procedures performed by shamans in the rice granary at harvest time. Yad alang ni ahiani hu kakeussalin a-bek.It is in the rice granary at harvest time when the drum is being used. instrument2vto beat a drumEndi law kaman-a-bek tep endi kamambekki di alang ni ahiani. There is no more drumming now because nobody performs a traditional ritual at harvest time.Ina-bekan da hu nan-anian mi tep humman elaw tayu. They drummed at our harvest time because that is our custom.-an/-in- -an, kamaN-
a-eyyulaadv.predsomething is wastedAntan tu ibbeng ida eya eleg maigetang ni pukdu tep a-eyulah.Do not throw away these unsold beans because it would be a waste.Simsayang6. adverbial predicates
a-ul1stasomething is lackingWhen the word refers to physical objects, it has the meaning of uneven or unequal.Nakka mea-uli ni e-helen ku tep aggak amta impahding tu.I am lacking in what to say because I do not know what he did. 6D Descriptives2transsomething is undesirable or unfavorableNea-ul hu lawwan tayu tep ey hambatenganan law.Our journey is unfavorable because it is now late afternoon.-an/-in- -an
aaggiInf. ofaginthe plural form of agi; siblings; relativesHedin yadda dama aaggi dan iJudah, man eleg ida mantuttuyu. (Jeremiah 3:10a)As for their relatives from Judah, they also have not changed their minds.han-aaggi
aammedInf. ofammednthe plural form of ammed, refers to ancestors; forebearInhammad dan inhuhummangan e ya hu Ap-Apu e Dios ida lan aammed dan ebuh hu daydayawen da. (2 Chronicles 15:12)They made a firm agreement with the LORD God of their ancestors that he would be the only one that they would worship.4.1.9Kinship
aap-apuInf. ofap-apunthe plural form of ap-apuYa kapehding idan aap-apud bebley hu kaumhulun ni kapambubuhhuli.What the leaders of countries do is the cause of being enemies.
ab-abigInf. ofabig1nstoryBanagim etan ab-abig mun meippanggep ni impeminhed. Give the meaning for your short story regarding love.Netallilaw kamillid Pula ni ab-abig Norton et humman neladawan min immalidya.We were distracted in Pula with Norton’s stories and that is why we were late in coming here.3.5.4Story2transto tell storyIda kaumyamyam hu lallakay hedin immen daka ab-abiga ey ita kamangkakalang.The old men will scold you if they are telling stories and you are noisy.
abana root vegetable that makes the mouth sting if eaten raw; cassavaPekallutem etan aba tep umkalat.Cook the cassava very well so that it will not sting (lit. bite) the mouth.Kele ekkaket eya aba?Why is it that this cassava is small?Simgabi6.2.5.4Plant product
ababtrans1to get or gather immature fruitInebab da etan balat mukun lawah lutu tu.They got the bananas while they were immature that is why the ripening is not good.1.5.6Growth of plants-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object2to give premature birth, particularly referring to animalsImmabab eya ahhun nan-ungnga et aye nangketey ida impah tu.This dog gave premature birth and so its puppies died.2.6.3Birthum-/-imm-
abaktrans1to compete; winning or losingThis word is commonly used in referring to winning or losing in gambling.Nengabaabak nunman hi Marcos ni kebaluh tun tugal nem ag law nunya.Marcos had been winning in gambling but now he is not.Simapput withmeN-/neN-Class 3G Conversive action process2to defeat someone in competitionTuwak numan kaebbaka hedin mika ipatpatnan mandiskas.He can really defeat me if we try to discuss with each other.-en/-in-3to win in a competitionPinpinhakkey kapengebbaki law nan hi Tomas hedin an nekitugal.It is seldom that Tomas is winning now in gambling.
abal1na beetle species, black and yellow stripedDakel et abal nem ag ida meang-ang.There are many beetles, but they cannot be seen.Attu kae-pain abal di muyung?Where do the beetles alight in the forest? gather beetlesKayu na-mu nengabal ni hileng?Did you catch beetles last night?meN-/neN-
abangtransto rent something, e.g house, carabaoKaw inebangan da eman newang ni daka pan-elladu?Did they rent that carabao to have you plow?Mahapul ni um-abang kayun panha-adan yudman.You need to rent a house for your stay there., rent-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented site
abatvto go to a place that is nearby at the same elevation, may go to the left or right of the source locationNan-abat kamin kaalman di baley da.We went to their house yesterday. Lakkay et mu itudun hi-gada etan ebbaten dan umlaw di Mayyaggud.Go and point them in the direction that they will go to Mayyaggud.7.2.2Move in a directionmaN-/naN-, -en/-in-Class 1B Movement with a directional component