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ba-aknfully mature, dry old seeds1.5.5Parts of a plant
ba-atintransto go someplace away from home to look for workMambe-at hi ama ni an mekittang dan ni killum ni tetbalen ku.My father is going to look for work to earn pigs for my dowry. 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actions
ba-baadv.predan action or event is delayedBa-ba ni hu keluttuan ni kennen tayu tep neladaw idan mene-eng.Our food is not yet cooked because they were late in cooking.Meba-ba kamillid Dugyu tep mi ang-angen hi Alonso.We will be delayed in Dugyu because we will go and see Alonso.Simayyapawbayag8.
ba-dung1intransto make trouble, usually when drunk, to opposeThis word is often used regarding someone who starts a fist fight.Bimma-dung hi Pugong ni kaalman di Hipat.Pugong made trouble yesterday in Hipat.Antan dakel ehel tun Belhayen tep umba-dung ali mewan.Don't be telling many things to Belhayen because he will make trouble again.4.4.2Troubleum-/-imm-Class 2H Behavior2transrefers to a reason for someone causing troubleHipa gaputun tu bina-dungan?What caused him to make trouble?Agmi ngu amta hu hipa gaputun kabenna-dungin Kimmayong.We don't know the reason why Kimmayong makes trouble.-an/-in- -an
ba-hil1nan area or thing that is behind or on the other side of something8. be the other side of somethingDimpap killum ni neba-hil ni luhud.They caught the pig that went through to the other side of the fence.Nehileng et han kami meba-hil etan di duntug.It was nighttime before we were able to get to the other side of that
ba-iba-ingder. ofbaingtransto shame someone; to cause someone to be ashamedEllan da-ak idallin beken ni Jew et heghegnuden da-ak ey ba-iba-ingen da-ak niya pan-inlulupdaan da-ak. (Luke 18:32)Those who are not Jews will get me, mock me, shame me and spit on me.Gapu tep nebasi hi Hannah ey kamekippilliw hi Peninnah ni impeminhed Elkanah, ey tuka pippihula niya tuka ba-iba-inga. (1 Samuel 1:6)Because Hannah was barren, Peninnah was trying to take Elkanah's love from her and so she was mocking and shaming her (Hannah). 4E Perception and cognition
ba-igtransto whip; to beatAnin etan ni ap-apun sindalu et simmakkut tep in-olden tu e bangkilingan da niya be-igen da ey eleg mabalin ni an pehding humman di hakey ni tuun Rome, hedin eleg ni mebistigal. (Acts 22:29b)Even the commander of soldiers became afraid because he had ordered that they would chain and whip him (Paul) and that cannot be done to a Roman citizen if he has not been interrogated.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
ba-kihintransto sneezeKele kaka umbena-kih?Why are you always sneezing?Humman na-mu nisi nakka benna-kihi.That might truly be why I'm always sneezing.Kamambaba-kih hi Gullingay ey tagan tu ehel.Gullingay is sneezing while he continues speaking.2.2.2Cough, sneezeum-/-imm-Class 2C Physiological functions
ba-laktransto put a sign to protect a tree from being cut down or damagedMu panba-laki etan ida sinenem keyew di muyung ma-lat endi an manlelngeh. Go and put signs on the trees that were planted in the forest so no one will cut them down.-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
ba-liwna native song for entertainmentDakel ni inamta tun ba-liw.He knows many native songs.
ba-ngettransto put pan or skillet with food over the fire or on stove to cookIba-nget mu etan ihhida et malutu.Put that viand on the stove so that it will cook.Hipa nengiba-ngetan yu ey endi banga?What did you use for cooking yet there is no pot?5.2.1Food preparation7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
ba-nuttransto bite off and chew something such as meat with the teeth; to tear something to pieces with teethThis action may be done by humans or animals.Namba-nut idan ahhu etan neita-yun ni detag.The dogs have been biting-and-chewing on the meat that was left hanging.Eleg mi ang-angen hu nampema-nut etan ni hengeg ni balat.We did not see what has been biting-and-chewing on the trunk of the banana-plant., chew-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
ba-uggannwhetstoneInta-lid Juan hu pingway tud ba-uggan Pedro ni kaalman.Juan sharpened his bolo on Pedro's whetstone yesterday.6.7Tool
ba-unsp. var.baun21transto defer or delay payment; to postpone paymentWada bina-un kun hakey ni killum ni aggak idwat ni bayad ni binuhlan ni inlak.I postponed the payment of one pig so I did not give the payment for the G-string that I got.-en/-in-2staspeech development delayedNeba-un hu ehel etan ni udiudidyan ni u-ungnga tu.The speech development of his very last child is
ba-wektransto stab with sharp object, e.g knife, spearBina-wek ku hi Taywan eman ni mika paniskulid Asipulo ey tu inhel nan inetu et bumsikkak ni emaggew di bebley.I stabbed Taywan when we were studying in Antipolo and he went to report to his mother so I went home at noon.Ba-weken et lan Bahhin hi Dummagan ewah ey singnged kuman Pumihik.Bahhin was about to stab Dummaga with a knife but Pumihik took hold of him.2.5.3Injure-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
ba-weytransto go from one place to another to get donations after the uy-uy prestige festivalThis word refers to a husband and wife, who after the end of their Ifugao prestige festival called uy-uy, go with two to three escorts from place to place to receive donations. They go to the people to whom they gave donations when those people hosted their own Ifugao prestige festival.Kaw dakeyu la bina-wey di Ullagen?Did the Ullagens come to you for donations?Ebuh hu kamengleng ni kaumba-wey.Only those who perform the Ifugao prestige festival can go to collect donations. 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
ba-widintransto walk or stand with a bouncing movementKamamba-ba-wid etan neiiket ni newang tep pinhed tun umbebsik.The carabao that is tied up is bouncing because it wants to run away.7.2.1Manner of movementmaN-/naN-Class 1A - Movement with a manner component
ba-yakstato be spotted, color or pattern, e.g., pigNeba-yakan ni mablah ida etan impah ni killum mi.All the piglets from our pig have white -an/ne- -anClass 6D Descriptives
ba-yuhtransto move something by lowering; to bend or pull something down, e.g., to pull down the branch of a tree to gather fruitIba-yuh mu eman panga ni bayya-ba et alen tayu eman ida nangkelutun lameh tu. Bend down that branch of that guava-tree so we can get its ripened fruits.Iba-yuh mu eman gigit ni ha-peyyan et iha-pey kudda eya imbalbal kun balwasi.Pull that wire-clothes-line lower so I can hang these clothes I washed. somethingiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
baag1intransto shout, to call or announceHeni immen kaumbaabaag di muyung.As if there is somebody shouting in the forest. Verbs – Purpose for speaking2passsomething is made known; to be accused of something; to have a bad action made knownNeibeag hi Ballahiw ni nenakew ni newang Kudyaman.It was made known that Ballahiw stole Kudyaman's carabao.Hipa gaputun an neibeagan Puhhut?What is the reason why Puhhut was publicly known for something bad?mei-/nei-
baak1nold, fully matured unhusked dried grains, e.g., rice, corn, barley, wheat and seeds from leguminous plants, e.g. beans, peas, soybeans, string beansYa pagey di alang da ey baak tep nebayag ni neihahha-ad di diman.As for the rice in their granary, it is old because it has been placed there for a long time. rice2stato be old, e.g. grain or legumesKanday lawah ni ittanem hu nebaak ni pukdu.They say that old beans are not good for
baal1nservant; to be sent to perform a task or service2transto send someone with a message or perform a task; to command or give an orderBineal tun an mene-eng hi Narcisa. He ordered Narcisa to go and cook.
baayna tree variety1.5.1Tree
BaayProp.Nthe name of a village in Antipolo between Palaw and Bahag
babah1transto lower something or someone either literally or figurativelyHedin hanniman, kele kanyuy nakka ibbabah hi Apu Dios ni nanghelan kun hi-gak hu U-ungnga tu? (John 10:36a)If it is like that, why do you say I committed blasphemy (lit. I lowered) God when I said I am the Son of God?SimkumbabahSynbabba somethingiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally2stato be lower in status, position, or rankYa saad tud sindalu ey nebabah.His rank in the army is low.Tuka ibbilang ni nebabah hu ingkatuun Conrad.He considered Conrad’s status as low.Lintum idan nebabbabah ni ekket nem yadda anghel, nem nekemtang ni ebuh. (Psalm 8:5a)You made them a little lower than the angels, but only for a short time. statusme-/ne-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano