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i-1transprefix, imperative default affix for Class 3 verbal rootsIhulat mu.Cover it.Igitek mud pangil.Cut it on the other side.Sim-iiC1-iN-keiC1-paN- affixes
i-2Prop.Na prefix that co-occurs with the name of a place and refers to a person or people from that placeEndi nak inang-ang ni tuun iNepayew.I haven't seen anyone from Nepayew.Immalidda iDugyu ni an umbaddang ni hi-gatsun iNepayew.The people from Dugyu came to help us people from Nepayew.
-itranssuffix, the imperative default affix for Class 5 verbal rootsEkalim tep mebel-at.Remove some because it's heavy.Dilagim.Light it (the lamp).Apyuhim eya ewey et pemedbed ku.Strip this rattan and I'll use it to tie.Sim-an1 1i-1ka- -ipaN- affixes
i-abekInf. ofabektransto commit adulteryThis is a euphemistic way of talking about having sexual relations with someone who is not one's spouse.Neha-kupan ni tuka i-abeabek hu ahwatu.He was caught sleeping (having-sex) with people other than his spouse.Kanyuy lawah hu pengi-ebbekan ni ahwa, nem kele yuka i-abek hu ahwa yu? (Romans 2:22a)You say that it is wrong to commit adultery so why are you committing adultery? immoralityiC1-/iN-
i-aliInf. ofali1transto bring somethingI-ali Juan hu kennen tayu.Juan will bring our food.Ya etan tuun kantuy wada ibbaddang tu, nem endi kaya, ey henin kulput ni kaney i-ali tu udan ey endi kumedek. (Proverbs 25:14)The person who says that he will give help but doesn't give it is like a cloud that indicates it will bring rain and then, it doesn't. iC1-/iN-Class 3F Move an object along with oneself
i-appitInf. ofappit3trans1to sacrifice something specificThis word is used frequently in the Antipolo Ifugao Old Testament to refer to the sacrifices the Israelites gave to God.Itta-pew nunman ni tuu hu ngamay tud ulu etan ni baka ma-lat abuluten Apu Dios humman ni i-appit tu et ma-kal hu liwat tu. (Leviticus 1:4)That person will place his hand on the head of that bull so that God will accept what he will sacrifice so that his sins will be removed., sacrificeiC1-/iN-Class 3B Move and release an object2to sacrifice somethingMan-appit kayun kagihheba ni kewa-wa-wan nunman ni pitun aggew. (Leviticus 23:36a)You will offer burning sacrifices every day for seven days at that time.maN-/naN-
i-ehnengInf. ofehnengtransto defend someone by standing for them or mediating for themHedin nambahul hu tuud edum tun tuu man dammutun i-ehneng Apu Dios etan nambahul. Nem hedin hi Apu Dios hu nambahulan ni hakey ni tuu man endi law mengi-ehneng ni hi-gatu. (1 Samuel 2:25a)If a person sins against another person, it can be that God will defend that one who sinned. But if it is God that a person sins against, there is no one who will defend him.Ya etan tuun kamengi-ehneng ni utang ni hakey ni tuun eleg tu inghaan ey mantuttuyyullin edum ni aggew. (Proverbs 11:15) The person who stands-for (guarantees) a debt for a person he is not acquainted with, will repent of it someday. against accusationiC1-/iN-kamengi-ehneng
i-immanstabetter-by-comparisonEy huyya nengamtaan ku e i-imman tu-wa anhan hu laing nem ya endi nemnem. (Ecclesiastes 2:13a)And this is what I learned, wisdom is truly better than foolishness.Tep i-imman hu nelaing niya nenemneman ita nem ya kinedangyan e dakel pihhuh, tep nebalbalol hu laing nem ya hipan nebalol ni tenged e henin rubies. (Proverbs 8:11)For it's better to be knowledgeable and wise then to be rich with much money because knowledge is more valuable than anything valuable that can be held like rubies.
i-innep1ndream5.7.2Dream2transto dreamIni-innep kun hileng e um-ali kayullin Linggu di baley mi.I dreamed last night that you will be coming to our house on Sunday.Simhilap 1-in-
ibbengtransto throw something awayAntan tu ibbeng ida eya eleg maigetang ni pukdu tep a-eyulah.Do not throw away these unsold beans because it would be a waste.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3B Move and release an object
ibelintransto feel dizzy as a result of chewing betel nutAntan pantappi tep um-ibel.Don't be chewing betel nu because you will become 2C Physiological functions
ibeliwenInf. ofbaliwennoma person form the lowlandsDakel ida immalin ibeliwen ni nekibebley di Kiangan. There are many people from the lowlands who came to live in Kiangan.
iC1-transfuture tense default affix for Class 3 verbal rootsIggitek kud ba-hil.I will cut it on the opposite side.Ibbedbed ku heli tu.I'll bandage his leg.Simi-1iN-keiC1-The C in the form stands for the duplication of the first consonant of the co-occurring verbal root. affixes
iC1- -antransfuture tense circumfix that cross-references a beneficiary of an action by another personIggitekan tudda.He will cut (wood) for them.SimiN- -an9.2.9.1Verb affixes
idapro1they, 3rd person plural pronounDakel et abal nem ag ida meang-ang.There are many beetles but they cannot be seen.Limmaw ida ta da beninbinen nem agda han-immatun.They went so that they could examine it but they could not recognize it.The form expresses the subjective grammatical relationship with the verb and is cross-referenced by the affix.The form is a member of Set 2 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns2the form is also used to pluralize nouns that refer to people or thingsYu pan-ibi-tang ida eya pagey et meha-peyan.Spread these bundles of rice so that they will be dried.Nangkabwel ida manggan neiha-ad di basket.The mangoes in the basket are rotten.
idatstato stretch one's bodyKaum-idat hu tuu hedin nebayag ni yimuyudung.A person usually stretches when he has been sitting for a long time.7.1.9Move a part of the bodyum-/-imm-
idewna large snake that constricts and crushes its prey to death; python1.
idihtransfor a motor vehicle to crush something or someone underneath itNeidih di talak tu etan ahhu yu et matey.Your dog was crushed by his truck and died.2.5.3Injure-en/-in-
iduhna spoonSimhaklung 1indu utensil
idut1na curseYa du-gah, idut niya ayak ey lawah ida humman ni an ippahding di edum ni tuu.Curses and ritual offerings for evil are bad things to do to (our) fellowmen.Simameh2ayak 2du-gah4.9.4.4Curse2transto invoke a deity to harm someone; to curse someoneAntan tu idusi hu edum ni tuu tep lawah humman ni an ippahding.Do not curse other people because that is a bad thing to do.i- -an/iN- -an
igawsp. var. ofhigaw
igetnrefers to whatever is used to absorb the blood of the menstrual cycle
iggatangInf. ofgatangtransto sell somethingAhah, negatang ni emin hu nakka iggatang ni kamihitahOh wow! All the t-shirts that I am selling are all bought.Synsinda6.8.4.2SelliC1-/iN-Class 3G Conversive action process
igudna stone used to rub off dead skin cells
ih-ihintransfor a liquid to dripKaman-ih-ih-ih hu kuheyaw di liput di ulpu tu.The blood is dripping from the wound on his thigh.Man-iih-ih ali kuheyaw dad panak. (Deuteronomy 32:42a)My arrows will drip with their (my enemies) blood. 1B Movement with a directional component