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laprta time marker indicating a time in the past; formerly; may also be used to indicate that the person named is deceased Yadda a-ammed la ey eleg ida mampantalon. As for the ancestors, they did not wear trousers.9.2.6Particlesayyulakanlanladlan
la-bungtransfor water to overflow; for water to floodLina-bung ni danum etan ehiw tep ya na-let ni udan et nekibaggan napnu. The water overflowed the canal because of the strong rain, and so it quickly filled up.1.3.2Movement of water-en/-in-Class 4
la-dangintransto go up to an upper area or placeKela-dang kayullid baley mi ni mahmahdem et hegeden tayu di Joel nan James.Come up to our house this evening and we will all wait for Joel and James.
la-haktrans1to plant things alternately, that is, a different type of plant is planted between the main crop plantsInlena-la-hak ku hu gahhilang ida etan di intanem kun pukdu.I have alternated corn in-between the beans that I have planted.6.2.1Growing cropsiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site2the word also refers to the alternate planting of one kind of crop at a time in every season so that rice is planted in one season, then corn in the next season and vegetables in the next season
la-hangstato fall into an unseen hole while walking or runningNeila-hangngak di dalan et megamlidan hu helikI fell into a hole on the road and my foot was bruised.
la-hettransto intercept someone along the way; to stop an animal from getting out of a pen or running awayLakkay et mu la-heten hi Gaspar et ehelen mu hu pambangngadan tulli di deya.Go and intercept Gaspar on his way and tell him when he should come back here.La-het muddad habyen ni kubkub hu killum ma-lat eleg ida bumukyat Stay at the pigpen’s door to stop the pigs from getting out. 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
la-hivto go over or through a barrier, e.g., fenceNela-hi di luhud hu killum yu.Your pig went through the fence.Simlakhigme-/ne-
la-huhtransto remove something from where it is hungLakkay et mulli la-huhen etan taddung ku et itaddung ku.Go and get my hat from where it was hung so I can wear it. something out of something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
la-kamtransto include someone in an action or event; to be included; to participate in somethingInla-kam ku hi Josie ni mekikkan ni mahmahdem di baley mi.I included Josie to eat with us in the evening at our house.Humman ni impakulug Apu Dios ni panyaggudan ni pan-iyyatuan ni indaddan tu ey dammutu daman la-kamen tayu. (Hebrews 4:1a)As for that good resting place that God promised that he has prepared, it can be that we will also be included in it., -en/-in-
la-kipstatwo flat items held togetherThe two items may be stuck together or held together.Neila-kip etan latlatuh mud papil ni inha-ad kud gawwan libluh.Your photo was stuck with the paper that I placed in the middle of the book. togethermei-/nei-
la-la-gahtranssexual intercourse outside of marriage that produces a childInla-la-gah etan hakey ni u-ungnga tu.One of her children was born out of wedlock.Inla-la-gahan tu etan bega-en da.He had a child with their maid out of wedlock.Simitul2.6.3BirthiN-, iN- -an
la-lu1na pounding stick, pestleYa la-lu niya lehung hu kaussalan mambeyyu. A pestle and mortar are used in pounding.2transto pound with pestleA pestle is used to pound rice to remove the husks or to pound coffee beans to reduce them to coffee powder.Lina-lu tu etan neyug et malmat.He hit the coconut with a pestle and it cracked open.7.7Physical impact-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
la-medtrans1to increase or intensify what one is doing or feelingIla-la-med mun gedgeden eya lapan killum ma-lat meki-la hu daddakkel ni laman.Cut deeper into that pig’s rump so it will include more flesh.Neila-med hu impemedbed tun luhud. He tied up the fence firmly and securely.8.1.4MoreiC1-/iN-Manner Adverbial Predicates2to be greater or more seriousNela-la-med ni bahul hu umpatey nem ya hu menekkew.It is a more serious fault to kill than to steal.8.1.4Moreme-/ne-
la-ngadtransto make steps on a steep trailMu la-ngadi etan dalan ni he-pen ni alang tep medanglel.Make steps on the way below the granary because it is very slippery.Kaw hi-gam hu nanla-ngad etan ni impedayyun dalan di kad-an ni alang?Were you the one who made steps on the way going down to where the granary is? -an, maN-/naN-Class 5C Goal oriented sites
la-nihtransto pull on something that should not be pulled onInla-nih ku ey nebi-ki.I pulled it and it was torn.Kele muka panlaniha eya itten?Why are you pulling that? 3E Move an object directionally
la-pahtransto undermine someone's credibilityPitu ulu tu niya hampulu ha-duk tu niya nangketudkan ida annel tun lawah ni ehel ni keang-angan tun tuka la-pahi hi Apu Dios. (Revelation 17:3c)It has seven heads and ten horns and on its body are written blasphemous words/names to show that it is undermining God. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
la-pihintransfor a liquid to overflow a containerThis generally refers to water overflowing a container that is being filled or to water overflowing the banks of a body of water when there is much rain.Limma-pih hu danum ni induyag tud mahukung et ma-bel hu det-al. The water he poured in the bowl overflowed and so the floor is wet.Kamanla-la-pih hu danum di payew tep ya nemahhig ni udan.The water is overflowing the rice-field because of too much rain.1.3.2Movement of waterum-/-imm-, maN-/naN-Class 2G Processes
la-tatransto shoulder-carry a person, especially a childLa-taen la nan Philip hi mahhiken hedin teyyeddan. Philip will carry the baby-boy on his shoulders when it (the path) is going uphill.7.3.1Carry-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
la-tuadjthe first matured fruit; the early ripened fruitIndawtan kun dewwa hi Mary ni inla min la-tun lameh etan ni bayya-ba.I gave Mary two of the early ripened fruit of the guava tree that we got.
la-tungvto bypass; to skip over something; to leave something outLina-tungan dan emin eta nenginha-pat.They left out all those that are at the upper-part.Kele kayu kaumla-tung ey eleg ni mabayan eya kad-an mi?Why are you skipping over (to another area), yet this area where we are is not yet planted. past, over, through-an/-in- -an
la-wahtransto relieve someone for a period of time in any job that can be done by another personLa-wahim hi Pio eyad pinhan tu et meiblayan.Relieve Pio from what he is carrying so he can rest. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
la-wangtransto clean rice fields by pulling weedsLina-wang ni-ngangun Dagami payew da.Dagami already pulled the weeds in their field.Pakkaw la-wangen idan bii hu payew ni han ida kunu an nangga di habal.The women must clean the rice-field before they start cleaning the sweet potato patch.6.2.4Tend a field-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
la-wat1nto form a rope, string, wire or vine into a loop with a slipknotThis is done most frequently to make a noose trap for catching animals or birds.Kapya kayun la-wat et tayu la-watan etan kaung di kubkub.Make a noose so we can go and catch the sow in the pigpen.2transto use a noose trap to catch an animal or birdLina-watan dan kaalman etan newang mi.They caught our carabao yesterday.Simhablut 16.4.2Trap-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
la-winintransto swing back and forthBel-ed mu eya ayyud et ag manla-win.Tie that hammock at the center so it won't be swinging. back and forthmaN-/naN-Class 1B Movement with a directional component
la-yabtransto remove or overcome a curseInla-yab da kaya hu iduidut idan tuu et deh e bimmaknang ida.They overcame the people’s curse and there, now they became rich. 3B Move and release an objectaffixation: i-