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olasdial. var. ofalasnreference to the time of an event; hourHan-olas hu linlinwagan tu et hannak epwata.It was bubbling for one hour before I removed it.Ey tu-wangun na-kal hu degeh nunman ni bega-en ni nunman ni olas ni nanghelan Jesus. (Matthew 8:13c)And in fact, the sickness of that servant was removed at the very time (lit. hour) Jesus said that (he would be healed).8.4Time
oldenvto command or order someone to do somethingAnin etan ni ap-apun sindalu et simmakkut tep in-olden tu e bangkilingan da niya be-igen da ey eleg mabalin ni an pehding humman di hakey ni tuun Rome, hedin eleg ni mebistigal. (Acts 22:29b)Even the commander of soldiers became afraid because he had ordered that they should chain and whip him (Paul) and that cannot be done to a Roman citizen if he has not been interrogated.Simmandal4.5.3.2CommandiC1-/iN-Manner adverbial predicatesLanguage of Borrowing: English: order
olibah1nolive tree, its fruit, or oil of the fruitInukat Samuel hu neibuti ni lanan olibah et iduyag tud ulun Saul. (1 Samuel 10:1a)Samuel took out the bottle of olive oil and poured it on the head of Saul. from fruit5. oil2Prop.Nname of mountain outside of JerusalemYad Duntug e Olibah hu neipahdingan nunya. (Acts 1:12a)It was at Mt Olive where this event happened at this time.
opisyalna person holding an office, particularly a public officeYan nunya dettengan idan opisyal ni melpud Kiangan.It is today when the officials from Kiangan will arrive. officialLanguage of Borrowing: English: official