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pa-inf., causative, to cause something to be doneImpaelak nan Peter etan tudek mun James.I have sent your letter to James through Peter. (lit. caused Peter to get your letter to James)Simimpa-This affix generally co-occurs with transitive verbs, and cross-references the object. affixespaela
pa-lektransfor an animal to give birthNampidwan nepa-lek etan kaung da.Their female pig gave birth twice.1.6.3Animal life cycleme-/ne-
pa-litna bamboo tube for cooking meat6.7.7Container
pa-naynwine jarDiman eya neiha-ad di hakey ni pa-nay et pantaeng alin amam.Leave what is placed in this one jar and your father will make wine.5.1Household equipment
pa-netstato stick something sharp like an axe, bolo in wood or groundYad etan di nemag-anan ni keyew hu neipa-netan ni wahay et neligat ni e-kalen. It is in the dried wood that the ax was stuck and so it is hard to remove it.7.7Physical impact-an/-in- -an
pa-ngawnnecklace or neck pendant of goldEy kakkayyaggud eya buklew mun nebanggelan ni pa-ngaw... (Song of Songs (4:4a) And your neck is beautiful wearing a necklace of jewels...Simbanggel 1hubengkabbaungkelkel 1
pa-ngiw1nanimal fangs1.6.2Parts of an animal2starefers to an animal having fangsNepa-ngiwan etan killum da.Their pig has -an
pa-pa11nan implement used to pound a wooden post into the groundThe implement is usually at least one square foot of wood shaped as a big mallet with a handle attached at the center and weighty enough to drive a wooden post into the ground. Mulli ala etan pa-pa et pema-pa tayu eyaddan waged.Go and get the pa-pa-implement and we'll use it to pound these retaining-wall-posts (into the ground).6.7.2Pounding tool2transto use the instrument for poundingGumek hu impa-pa dad nampappegan ni payew di Joseph nan Jose. It was a metal post that they pounded into the ground at the boundary of Joseph's and Jose’s rice-fields.iC1-/iN-3transto place a stick or post into the ground by pounding itAttu nengipa-paan mu etan ni minusingan kun keyew?Where did you place the piece of wood that I sharpened?
pa-pa2transto kill a dog by hitting it on the head before butcheringAhhun Kimberly hu pina-pa dan inhidaddan mangili da.It was Kimberly's dog that they killed for their visitor's viand.Simpa-tu6.3.4Butcher, slaughter-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
pa-tengvto send a message through someone verballyA message is sent with assurance that it will be delivered to the recipient.Naka-ippateng kun Martin ni e-helen tun ina e linggu hu dettengan midman. I have sent a message through Martin to tell my mother that Sunday will be the day of our arrival there.iC1-/iN-Manner adverbial predicates
pa-tutransto hit someone or an animal on the head with a piece of metal or woodThis word may be used to kill a dog for butchering.Hellipat-im tep pa-tuen dakallin mahhiken eyan bakdung.Be careful because the little boy might hit you on the head with the bat.Simpa-pa27.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
pa-yuhintransto leave later in the day to go to one's intended destinationThis may sometimes imply that one has stopped off in a place other than one's intended destination.Yan hambatengan ni kabbuhhan hu mengippa-yuhan mi lad Pula.It will be tomorrow afternoon when we head off for Pula.
paadtransto send a message by word of mouthIpead mun Charles et ehlen tun ama et umlilli ni bewahtu.Send a message through Charles to tell my father to come on the day after tomorrow.
paaknempty snail shells, snails are removed1.6.1.9Small animals
paayvto let a fire die; to put out a fire or embersEhel mun u-ungngak ida et paayen da hu apuy et han ida maugip.Tell my children to put out the fire before they go to sleep.5.5.3Extinguish a fire-en/-in-
padang1na metal arc-shaped handle on a betel nut bagKamandinglih etan padang ni pinutta nan Benjamin.The handle of Benjamin’s betel nut bag is shiny. place the handle on a bagPadangim etan pungguh et han mu idwat ni hi-gatu.Put a handle on the betel nut bag before giving it to him.-an/-in- -an
paddantransto start the foundation when rebuilding an eroded wall of a rice field paddy or other eroded rock walls or dirt slopesPinaddanan tudda etan nagday ni tuping niya leba di payew yu.He started the foundation of the eroded stone-wall (terrace) and the paddy wall in your rice-field., property
paddapadna wild ginger plant variety1.5Plant
paddihvto be done or to happen at the same timeImpaddih tu kuman neugwan tu hu illian di ina et kayyaggud ali dalan.My mother came at the same time as the dry season so the trail was good.Simdihhanindah 1mei-/nei-
paddung1adv.predimplies a comparison between to two objects, people or events; as though; as ifPaddung tu inang-ang mu hi Daniel tep han-immatun mud latlatu.It's as if you have seen Daniel because you can recognize him in the photo.Simheniingeh2transto compareAntan tu ipenappaddung hi ama nan hi amam tep beken ni kayyaggud humman.Do not be comparing my father with your father because that is not good.
paddutstafor rice plants to be stunted The rice plants do not grow tall and they produce grain that is difficult to harvest.
PadduyawProp.Nmale nameNeki-li hi Padduyaw ni kaalman di Nepayew.Padduyaw came along yesterday to Nepayew.
padelanInf. ofdalancausto cause a person, or an animal to move following a path; may also be used about causing an inanimate thing to follow a path, e.g., vehicle, waterEt padelan Jehu hu kebayyu tu et ya kalesah tud annel nan Jesebel et mangkeigsin. (2 Kings 9:33d)And Jehu drove his horses and his chariot over the body of Jezebel and they trampled her.7.3.3Take somewherepa-
padewintransto protrude or stick outA protrusion of something is usually from structural types of things such as buildings and can be a piece of metal, plastic or wood.Hipa eman pimmadew di awwidan ni baley yu?What is that thing protruding from the back of your house?8.5.5Spatial relationsum-/-imm-
padhektransto put wooden or steel sticks in the groundIpadhek mu hulkud mu et yumudung ka et uminum itsu.Put your cane in the ground and sit down and we will have a drink.Simtu-bek7.5.9PutiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site