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saadnan office position, military rank, or a leadership role in an institution or in a groupMittuduh ni hu saad tu nem capitan ni sindalu law hu saad tun nunya.Teacher was his earlier job position but now captain in the army is his rank at the present time.4.5.2Have authority4.8.3.6Military organizationLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
SadduceeProp.NJewish religious group; a member of an ancient Jewish religious group…tep yadda Sadducee ey eleg da kulluga e kategguin Apu Dios hu netey niya eleg da kulluga e wada anghel et ya linnawan tuu. (Acts 23:8a)…because the Sadducees do not believe that God will resurrect the dead, and they also do not believe that there are angels or spirits of people.4.9.5Practice religion
saksak1transto insert an electrical plug into an electrical socket; to plug inIsaksak mu eya pelinha ma-lat umetung et pelinhaen ku balwasik.Plug in that iron so that it will get hot so I can iron my clothes. iC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a siteLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
saksak2transto pierce someone with a knife; to stab someoneSinaksak Peter ni ewah hi Pedro di beneg tun nambakalan da.Peter stabbed Pedro in the back with a knife when they had a fight.Simta-wektewik2.5.3Injure-en/-in-
sakuhna sackYad sakuh hu pangiha-adim ni begah.In the sack is where you are to put the rice.Simlangusihlunay6.7.7.1Bag
sakuptransto take over and add the land of another area or nation to one's own…ey hedin sinekup yun emin hu bebley ey idwat yun hi-gada Gilead et pambebleyan da....and when you have conquered all the land there, you are to give them (your fellow Israelites) the land of Galilee as their property to live on. (Numbers 32:29) of Borrowing: Ilocano
salahnmodern dance4.2.4DanceLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
salamat1adjuncta word used to express appreciation; thank you2vto expresss appreciation or thankfulnessEleg da pay peang-ang hu daka pampasalamat ni pamilyah nan Gideon ni nengipahdingan tun dakel ni panyaggudan dan helag Israel. (Judges 8:35) They did not show their thankfulness to the family of Gideon for the many good things he did for the descendants of Israel.kapampa-Language of Borrowing: Tagalog
saldatransto mortgage property or to pawn something of valueInsalda tu payew tun tellun killum ni tetbalen tu. He mortgaged his rice-field for three pigs for his dowry.Attu tu nengisaldaan ni balituk ni singsing tu?Where did he pawn his gold ring?6.8.5BorrowiC1-/iN-Class 3Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
salemingsp. var. oftaleming
saluyutnokra5. from vegetables
sametadjunctmaybe; perhaps; possiblyThe word is often used in asking for a verification of a possibility.Immali law samet hi ina?Maybe my mother has arrived now?Synna-muLangauge of Borrowing: Ilocano
sanggulnarm-wrestlingTuwak kaemmiha di sanggul nem emmihen ku di ka-wit. He beats me in arm-wrestling but I will beat him in finger wrestling.Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
sanguhvto challenge, confront or fightSynhanggaLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
santolna tree variety with edible fruit1.5.1Tree5. from fruit
santuhadjholy; sacred; refers to that which is set apart for the service of GodNampekapya mewan hi Solomon e patul ni dewwan u-ukkul ni anghel ni nepayakan e na-meh idan balituk et iha-ad tudda etan di Nekassantuh ni Kuwaltuh Apu Dios. (2 Chronicles 3:10)King Solomon had his workmen make two images/likenesses of angels bathed in gold and he placed them in the Most Holy Room of God.nekaC-Language of Borrowing: Spanish: santo
sapatahsp. var.hapatatransto witness to the truth with an oath; to make a pledge or a promiseInsapatah dan eleg idalli law mambutteng.They pledged that they will not get drunk again.Yad hinanggan kunsihal Dumayyahen hu ehnengan yun pansapatahan yu. It will be in front of Councilor Dumayyahen where you will stand to take your oath. oathiC1-/iN-Manner Adverbial PredicatesLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocanoisapatah
SatanasProp.NSatan, the enemy of God and God's peopleIn English Bibles, Satan is also referred to as the devil.Helipat-i yu niya ipapaptek yu annel yu, tep hi Satanas e buhul tayu ey tuka hellipat-i ma-lat bahbahen daitsu e henin etan ni layon ni kamangngengeyyed ni bunget tu. (1 Peter 5:8)Be careful and protect yourselves, because our enemy Satan carefully seeks to destroy us, he is like a growling anger lion.
sayangstato be wastedNesayang intanem dan bihhu-ut.The cucumbers they planted were wasted.Sima-eyyulane-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
si-dengintransto slope, e.g., sloping landNansi-deng etan payew da.Their rice field was sloping.Simdi-hengsigging, slopingnaN-
si-imvto secretly watch a person or thing to obtain information; to spy on someone or something;Sinissi-iman tuwak eman ni inlian kud bebley yu.He was spying on me when I came to your place. -an, maN-/naN-
si-kuvto be curvedHe-geden dakad nansi-kuan ni keltad. I will wait for you where the road is curved. naN- -an
si-langstato be slenderNesi-lang hu annel idan han-ahwa.The bodies of the husband and wife are slender.Simmi-lang hi Maria ni nehiknan tu.Maria became slender when she became an adult. personme-/ne-, um-/-imm-
si-muysp. var.ti-muynthe back part of the human hip; buttockSimubet2.1.2Torso
si-paksp. var. ofti-paktransto slap with open palmHelipat-i yu hi Rosa tep entanni ey si-paken tulli mewan hi Marites.Be careful of Rosa because she might slap Marites again.Simampingappep7.7.1Hit