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tapro1we two, 1st and 2nd person dual pronounKalli alan bulung ni neyug et abyuhan ta.Go and get coconut leaves and we will strip them.The form expresses the subjective grammatical relationship with the verb. The form is a member of Set 1 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns2pronoun, 1st and 2nd person possessive; our
ta-bawtransto pounce on someone or something by jumping on, e.g., pig, personLakkay et mu ta-bawen eman kamanluklukbub ni killum hedin handepap mu ah.Go and pounce on that pig lying down if you can catch it.-en/-in-
ta-buntrans1to purposely cover something, e.g., cover a dead animal with soil to bury; to unintentionally cover something, e.g., to cover a a piece of clothing with a pile of other clothing or blanketNeta-bunan ni geday etan dalan ni umlaw di Nepayew tep ya udan.The road leading to Nepayew is covered with eroded soil because of the rain., cover-an/-in- -an2to figuratively cover over what someone is saying by talking at the same time; to speak over the top of someone who is talkingKata-bunin Mary hi Terry ni tuka panheppisi.Mary is speaking over the top of Terry while she is talking.
ta-gey1stato be or become high or tallThe word may also be used regarding social status or rank.Endi kaellawahaddan u-ungnga ni duyyaw tep neita-gey hu daka pantattayyabi.The kids are not catching any dragonflies because they are flying high. place something in a high place; to raise something higherItta-gey ku hu pengihha-adan kun sinapay ma-lat eleg han-adang idan u-ungnga.I am going to put the bread in a high place so the kids will not be able to reach it.Synngatuh 17.5.9PutiC1-/iN-3transto cause something to be raised higherImpeta-gey da hu sildu tu ni nunyan toon.They have raised his salary this year.
ta-i1nmanure or feces 2.2.8Defecate, feces2intransto defecatePeteg hu tai nan Roy et lumaw di kahhilyan an mante-i.Roy’s feces were ready to come out so he went to the toilet to defecate.maN-/naN-
ta-keptransto place two flat things together or on top of each otherPanta-ta-kep mudda eya duyu et han mu iha-ad di patsay.Put the dishes on top of each other before putting them on the shelf. Simedah 1teklip7.5.9Put
ta-lidnto sharpen or hone any sharp tool or weaponInta-lid Juan hu pingway tud ba-uggan Pedro ni kaalman.Juan sharpened his bolo with Pedro's whetstone yesterday.Simhamlit 17.7.6Grind-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object ta-liddan
ta-liddanInf. ofta-lidna stone used for sharpening tools or weapons6.7Tool
ta-luytransto mix cooked sweet potatoes and sweet potato leaves with handsThis is done to prepare food for pigs.Mu panta-luy hu upi et pangan mudda killum.Mix the sweet-potato-food and feed the pigs.7.5.3MixpaN-
ta-meltransto dip or soak something in water or liquidInta-mel tud danum etan pantalon ku et ma-bel.He submerged my pants in water and they are wet.iC1-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state
ta-nangstato be mid-morning, the position of the sun at mid-morningKami nampeppettang ni neta-nangan tu.We went out into the sunshine at mid-morning. of the day1.1.1Sunna- -an
ta-nilintrans1to be unmixed; restricted to only one thing; only; purelyThis word may be used to refer to eating some food that has no condiments or to eat one type of food only. It may especially refer to eating viand without rice.Simma-nil ni pukdun ebuh hu inhaeng tun ihhida.It was only beans that he cooked for viand.Impeta-nil dan kinan hu ihhida tep endi hu nelutun gaga. They ate viand only because there was no cooked rice., unmixedum-/-imm-2the word may also refer to an unmixed group of people, e.g., people from only one villageSimma-nil ni iNepayew idan emin hu immalin kaalman di Bahag.All those who came to Bahag yesterday were only people from
ta-nuktransto get water from a container by using cup or bowl; to scoop out liquid from containerLakkay et mu panta-nuken hu danum etan di gembang.Go and scoop out all the water from the copper-vat.7.4.3Get-en/-in-
ta-pew1nthe top of somethingEy wada hu Ispirituh Apu Dios e heni dibdib di ta-pew ni danum. (Genesis 1:2b)And the Spirit of God was there, like a wind (blowing) above the water.8.6.2Top2transto put something on the top of another thingInta-pew tud kaban hu ewah.She placed the knife on top of the box.Ang-ang mu tep ta-pewan mu etan itlug ey megmik.See to it because you might put something on top of that egg and it will be broken.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-3transto rise above in authority or powerEy kammuy ‘Henin nunya meippahding ni Babilon niyadda tutu-udman e kamei-ellig ni umlaw di dallem tu et eleg ali law umta-pew tep bahbahen Apu Dios.’ ” (Jeremiah 51:64)And you, (Seraiah, the attendant of King Zedekiah) you (must) say, ‘This is what will happen to Babylon and its people there, it will sink and never rise again because God will destroy it.’ ” upum-/-imm-eta-pew
ta-tana traditional religious sacrificial ritualImpuut dan kaalman hu ta-ta di baley di Ba-nih.They performed the ta-ta ritual at Ba-nih’s house yesterday.4.9.5Practice religion
ta-ta-it1na traditional religious sacrificial ritual2intransto perform the ritualNena-ta-it idan kaalman di baley da.They performed the ta-ta-it-ritual at their house yesterday.4.9.5Practice religionmeN-/neN-
ta-wektransto thrust a knife, stick or other sharp object into somethingInta-wek Ginnanghan etan ewah tud egeh ni killum ey bimmudhak hu kuheyaw. Ginnanghan thrust his knife into the stomach of the pig and the blood rushed out.Nanta-wek idan u-ungnga hu annel etan ni balat et humman hu gaputun kamangkettey. The children had been thrusting sharp things into the trunk of the banana tree and that is the reason why it is dying.Simsaksak2tewikiC-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state
ta-yunintrans1to hang something on someone or something(Jesus said,) "Nem ya etan tuun hi-gatu umhulun ni pengiwwallengan ni pakekulug tun tuka pengullug ni hi-gak, ey heballi ta-yunan hu buklew tun et-eteng ni batu et an lenengen di baybay." (Mark 9:42)(Jesus said,) "But as for the person who is the cause for a new believer to abandon his faith in me, a huge stone should be hung around his neck and be thrown into the sea." -an2for something to hang on another thingInang-ang mi dakel ni panniki ni kamampanta-ta-yun di keyew.We saw many fruit bats hanging on the tree.maN-/naN-
taabtransto cut a big notch in a tree trunk; to notch a tree trunkSineaban mi hengeg etan ni lumban ey netukkad eman ni pinwekan tu.We cut a big notch in the bottom of the pomelo tree and it fell down when the typhoon came. 7.8.3Cut-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
taaw1na grass variety that is eaten by carabao and cows1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2stafor an area to be covered with the grass varietyNetaawan etan habal la nid Bartolome.The sweet-potato-patch that used to belong to Bartolome is now covered with taaw-grass.
taba1nfat; may refer to a characteristic of a person, but may also refer to the fat of animalsNemnem yu e emin hu taba ey neieng-eng ni kamei-appit nan Apu Dios. (Leviticus 3:16b)You should remember, all the fat (of the goat) is to be dedicated as a sacrifice to the LORD.Simdalem2intransto become fatSimmaba hi Mely.Mely became something to make a person fatIntabetu hu sinapay di baley nan Jack.He became fat on the bread at Jack's house.iC1-/iN-
tababtransto fill a hole with dirtLakkay et mu tababen eman neku-kuan di dalan.Go and fill that hole on the road.Simhabab7.5.9.2Fill, cover-en/-in-
tabakna type of basketIda kamanheggap ni tabak.They are weaving baskets.6.7.7Container
tabaltransto cut down the stalk of the banana plant to gather the fruitThere is more than one way to cut down a banana plant. When it is a small plant to be cut down with just one chop, it is called hegpat. And when cutting down a big banana plant with many chopping actions, it is called lengeh. And when cutting down a banana plant to harvest the fruit, it is called tabal.Dideya kayudya et nak ali tabalen eman nelutun balat.You stay here and I'll go to cut down that stock of ripened bananas.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
tabawna wildcatDinweng da etan tabaw ni kamengngamengan ni manuk mi.They hunted the wildcat that has been eating our chickens.