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u-uddidyanInf. ofudidyanadj.predthe younger of two unrelated peopleU-uddidyan hi Miguel Guindayan nem hi Victor Baguilat. Miguel Guindayan is younger than Victor Baguilat.
u-ukkul1nan image; a likenessNampekapya mewan hi Solomon e patul ni dewwan u-ukkul ni anghel ni nepayakan e na-meh idan balituk et iha-ad tudda etan di Nekassantuh ni Kuwaltuh Apu Dios. (2 Chronicles 3:10)Solomon, the king, had two images made like angels with wings and they overlaid them with gold, and he placed them in the most Holy Room of God. follow the example of someone or to imitate someone or somethingImpatna tun u-ukkulen hu kapenga-apeh nan Bruce ey anggengi-ngin peteg.He tried to imitate the way Bruce sings and it was very funny. Ey entan tu iu-ukkul nan Esau e nginhay tu hi Apu Dios. (Hebrews 12:16b)And do not follow the example of Esau who rebelled against God., iC1-/iN-
u-ungngaInf. ofungngana child; childrenDaka mangkakalang u-ungngad dallin. The children outside are noisy.
u-unnudInf. ofunudv1to obey someone, some law or advice Emin itsu ey kayyaggud tu hu u-unnuden hu tugun idan ammed tayu tep humman hu elaw tayu.. As for all of us, it is good to obey our parents’ advice because that is our culture.Nem hedin ngenghayen yu et eleg yu u-unnuda man kastiguen dakeyu anin eya patul yu. (1 Samuel 12:15) But if you are obstinate and refuse to obey him, then he will punish you including your king. 2to imitate someone or somethingBeken ni kayyaggud hu an u-unnuden ida etan lawah ni daka pehpehding.It is not good to imitate the bad things that they are doing.
ubadstafor a knot to be loosenedPakahhuthut mu etan hikgut di utduk ni linubid ma-lat eleg maubad. Tighten the knot at the end of the rope so that it won't be loosened.Simukah7.5.4Tiema-
ubagprocfor a swelling on the body to subside, may be on the body of either a human or animalKamangkeubbag etan limmebag di beneg tu.The swelling on his back is subsiding.
ubanstato have white or gray hairNeubanan hi ametu.His father has white hair.Ey ya kakeubbani hu kakeang-angin dayaw ni nea-ammaan. (Proverbs 16:31b)And having grey hair shows the honor of old-age.2.1.5Hair8.
ubbanna word said when someone sneezesThe word is used primarily when a child sneezes. The equivalent in English may be 'Bless you'.Ya ubban ey humman hu kapengbat ni tuud Antipolo hedin bimma-kih hu u-ungngan wadad kad-an mu.Ubban is what people of Antipolo say when a child near you sneezes.
ubbu1transrefers to people working together in each other's rice fieldsKele eleg mu idaddan hu kennen idan inubbuan?Why didn't you prepare the food for those who are share-working?specahianiahigaudahikiddakiddahanahingunwanahipawaahiwaalehibgaygentalban2vto do share workThe term ubbu refers to a group of people who form themselves into a working group usually during the rice field working seasons. They take turns in working from day to day going from one rice field to another until each group member has had their turn. So, for example, if there are 30 people in a group, they work together for 30 days, working one day in each member's rice field from morning to late in the afternoon when it is getting dark. Food and drinks are provided by the owner of the rice field in which they are working on any given day. Each group is composed of both male and female members though there are certain types of work that are done by only one or the other.Dewwampulu ida etan tuun nan-uubbu ni gaud di Dugyu niyad Nepayew.There are twenty people from Dugyu and Nepayew who formed themselves as a share-working group to spade their rice-fields.Aggak makiubbu tep endi mangngunud bebley. I did not join the group of share workers because there would not have been anybody to work at home. ricemaN-/naN-
ubbung1transto place something upside downPan-ubbung mu eya palyuk niyadda eya duyu.Put the vat and the plates upside down.Simhakkubu 3E Move an object directionally2intransto lie down on one's stomachNampan-ubbung ida etan geggellang di det-al.All the babies are lying on their stomachs on the floor.7.1.3Lie downmaN-/naN-
ubelna type of fish trap6.4.2Trap
ubetnthe back of the human hip; buttockSimsi-muy2.1.2Torso
ubinsweet potato; yamWaday dakel ni ubid gampa.There are many sweet potatoes in the basket. from vegetables
ubudtransto pulverize with pestle and mortar, e.g., coffee beans, riceNanengtun gahal etan inubud dan gahhilang tep eleg da pakabbayuen.The corn that they pulverized is still coarse because they did not pound it hard enough.Bineyu dad lehung etan inhanglag mun kapih et maubud.They pounded the coffee beans that you fried and so they are pulverized7.8.1Break-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
ubuhintrans1to get out of an enclosure through a gap or hole, may refer to the action of animals, humans, e.g., pigs escaping from a pigpenImmubuh ida hu impah ni manuk di kebi.The chicks got out from the chicken coop (through the holes).Yan hileng hu inubuhan idan pina-lek di kubkub.It was at night when thee piglets got out (through the gaps) in the pigpen. outum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another2for water to leak from a hole in an enclosure, e.g., rice fieldWada kaman-ubbuh ni danum di alak.There is water getting out from the rice-field-irrigation-channel.Ya kakeilleppuin kapantututusi ey heni etan ni ekket ni kaman-ubbuh di nalbeng e hedin eleg iyayyaggud man lektattuy meetteng et meikkuluh etan danum. (Proverbs 17:14a)The beginning of an argument is like a small leakage in a pond that when not fixed, it will eventually become big and let all the water flow out.maN-/naN-
ubuubtransto fill an enclosure with smoke from fireThere is always a purpose for filling an enclosure with smoke, e.g. to drive out insects or mosquitoes inside a house, to drive out dangerous creatures inside a cave like snakes, scorpions, bats, spiders and mosquitoes before entering, to drive out wild animals living inside a hollow log or burrow, such as possum, squirrel, rabbits and other similar animals. These animals are killed for food.Inubuub da baley mi ma-lat mangkaukat ida hu dakel ni tubbaybay niya tukkan di bawang.They filled up our house with smoke in order to drive out the many cockroaches and mosquitoes from the inside.Daka pan-ubbuuba hu amkih di lungug ni keyew.They are filling up the hollow in the tree with smoke to drive out the squirrel. something out of something-en/-in-
uda-dennan archaic term for food and to eat
udalna type of fish trap woven from rattan or bamboo6.4.2Trap
udan1nrainNealeg tep ida nandu-du-luk di udan ni kaalman. He has a cold because they were playing in the rain yesterday.Peellin Apu Dios ali udan di payew mu niya peyaggud tu iggaud mu ma-lat dakel ali ennien mu niya dakel ali innumem. (Genesis 27:28)(Isaac said to his son,) "May God send you rain on your fields and make your farming good so that you might have a bountiful harvest and much wine to drink."1.7Nature, environment2intransto rainUm-udan.It will rain.Immudan ni kaalman.It rained 2F Meteorologicalmainudanmanginudan
uddangnprawns; shrimp5.2.3.2Food from animals
udduyvto greet from an upper placeDingngel min kaman-u-udduy hi Christopher etan di nedunduntug.We heard Christopher saying hello from the top of a hill. 1C General class - Types of behavior
udel1nthe remnants of rice in the rice field after harvest seasonThese remnants of rice are immature and so are left behind by the share-workers during harvesting.The owner of the field will harvest the remnants after they become mature.2transto harvest the remnants of rice left by the share workersKami nenguddel nan ina di payew min kaalman.My mother and I harvested the remnants of rice in our field yesterday.6.2.5Harvest
udengna rice stalk that holds the clusters of rice grains Ey inang-ang tu e wada simmemel ni hakey ni pagey e wada pitun udeng tun makabgah niya na-teng. (Genesis 41:5b)And (in his dream) he saw a single stalk of grain with seven heads of well-formed and mature grain. rice
udidihInf. ofudihnthe last in a sequence or the end of somethingYa udidih ni inhel tu ey kantuy kayyaggud itsun emin.The last thing that he said was that we are all good.Eleg mi ang-angen hu udidih ni ay-ayam da tep immanemut kami.We did not see the end of their game because we went home.
udidyanInf. ofudih1nthe last child born in a familyNeba-un hu ehel etan ni udiudidyan ni u-ungnga tu.The speech development of his very last child is delayed.Hi Arnold hu udidyan di enem ni u-ungngad Josephine nan Jacobsen.Arnold is the youngest child of the six children of Josephine and Jacobsen. order2adjthe younger of two siblingsUdidyan nan James hi Jared.Jared is James' younger brother.u-uddidyan