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wisiwitintransto wag tailKamanwitwisiwit ni kenayun hu ipuh ni siwad hedin immepad puyek.The tail of a yellow-wagtail-bird is always wagging when it alights on the ground.Kaiwiswisiwit ni ahhu mi hu ikul tun dintengan mi tep kamanggagaya.Our dog was wagging its tail when we arrived because it was happy. movementmaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
witsingtransto swing someone back and forth while holding their hands; to shake forcefully a baby strapped to backAntan tu iweniwwitsing hi akki tep meelliwet.Don't keep swinging baby-girl because she will be dizzy.Antan tu pan-iwitsing hi mahhiken ni imbam tep mehpung buklew tu.Do not be shaking the baby-boy that you are carrying because his neck will break.iC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
witwitintransto wave a piece of firewood with a live coal on the endThis is done in order to see the path when walking at night. Another reason to wave the piece of firewood with a live coal on one end is to keep the coal alive until you reach the point where you are going to start another fire from that burning piece of firewood.Nanwitwit kamin nahdem ni limmaw di baley da tep endi edum ni pandillag mi.We waved-firewood last evening when we went to their house because there was no other light to use. sourcemaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component