du-yahtrans1to pour out something, usually refers to pouring or emptying water or liquid from a containerIdu-yah mu eya natdaan ni ihhibul di mahukung ni duyu et ulahan mu.Pour out the leftover soup from the bowl and wash it.Nedu-yahan hi Julia ni danum et ma-bel.Julia was splashed with water (that was being poured) and got wet.Simdupyakduyagwagwag7.3.2Move something in a directioniC-/iN-2to pour wine on live pigs to be offered for sacrificeKamanmadmad hi Dulnuan ni nenu-yahan tu etan ni killum ni meibbekki.Dulnuan was chanting while he poured rice wine onto the pig that is to be ritually sacrificed., sacrifice