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fuŋ ruff (sem. domains: - Plant product.)
fuŋ blow (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)
fuŋ bə nchanyɛ tired to talk (sem. domains: - Speak poorly.)
fushi dig an opening in the ground (sem. domains: 6.6.6 - Working with land.)
fushi open in the ground (sem. domains: - Poking tool.)
futə v. spoil
futə ntɨŋ midmorning (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)
futulu lightest (sem. domains: - Light in weight.)
futuluuu too light (not heavy) (sem. domains: - Malnutrition, starvation.)
fuwɔki time. morning (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)
fuwɔki kpe at the crack of dawn (sem. domains: - Early.)
fuyɨŋ time. dry season (sem. domains: - Season.)
fwa n. 1/2 an animal with proverbially long ears, possibly a fox bəfwa
fwá ankle bells (sem. domains: 5.3.5 - Clothes for special people.)
fwa fwá n. ankle bells, for example ones that jujus dance with (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance, - Play music, - Musical instrument, 5.3.5 - Clothes for special people.)
fwəŋkɨfwəŋkɨ light (sem. domains: - Liquid.)