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mbi n. 11 world (sem. domains: - Map, 1 - Universe, creation, 1.2 - World, 1.7.1 - Natural.) 2earth (sem. domains: - Map.) 3planet (sem. domains: - Map.)
mbi 1ask (sem. domains: - Be about, subject.) 2request (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request.) 3n. question (sem. domains: - Investigate a crime.)
mbɨ . 1gain (sem. domains: - Deserve, 6.9.2 - Work for someone, - Make profit, 7.4.2 - Receive.) 2value (sem. domains: - Value.) 3benefit (sem. domains: - Beneficiary of an event.) 4interest (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Purpose, goal.)
mbɨ necessary (sem. domains: - Necessary.)
mbɨ use (sem. domains: 9.1.2 - Do.)
mbi chi the whole world (sem. domains: 1.2 - World.)
mbi ka the world has end (sem. domains: - Life after death.)
mbi sɨŋ worry not (sem. domains: - Indifferent.)
mbi sɨŋ unquestionable (sem. domains: - Certainly, definitely.)
mbɨ sɨŋ no gain (sem. domains: - Without result, - Useless.)
mbɨ wu bubiə phr. punish
mbi yi dzə ask for direction (sem. domains: - Way, route.)
mbi yi kpansɨ 1phr. (be) engaged, (be) betrothed 2get engaged
mbia admirable (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.)
mbia and so on (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing.)
mbiansɨ . 1star (sem. domains: - Attract sexually, - Star, - Reflect, mirror.) 2twinkle (sem. domains: - Shine.)
mbiansɨ n. a kind of tree (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)
mbiansɨ badge (sem. domains: - Police.)
mbiansɨ n. 9/10 star mgbíansɨ
mbiansɨ yi ba phr. shooting star, meteor
mbiɔ accuse (sem. domains: - Explain.)
mbɨchɛ imagine (sem. domains: - Imagine.)
mbɨchɛ bubiə bad thoughts (sem. domains: - Bad, immoral.)
mbɨchɛ sɨŋ not calculating (sem. domains: - Certainly, definitely.)
mbɨchɛ yi fiɔŋ to think something (sem. domains: 3.2.5 - Opinion.)