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nee pinch (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, 2.5.3 - Injure, - Touch.)
nəə as, from (sem. domains: - Since, from.)
nəfəta beneath (sem. domains: - Under, below.)
nəfiə n. 1loc in front of, before (sem. domains: - Forward, - In front of, 9.2.4 - Prepositions, postpositions.) 21/2 front (of something) (sem. domains: 8.6.1 - Front.)
nəfiəŋ frontage (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)
nəgbɔkɔ under foot (sem. domains: 1.6.2 - Parts of an animal.)
nəgo 1n. loc up 2n. top (sem. domains: 8.6.2 - Top.) 3n. north (lit. upward) (sem. domains: - North, south, east, west.) 4upward (sem. domains: - Up.)
nejiŋ last (sem. domains: - Follow.)
nəjiŋ n. 1loc behind (sem. domains: - Football, soccer, - Late, 9.2.4 - Prepositions, postpositions, - Backward, - Back.) 2loc last (sem. domains: - Last.) 3the end (sem. domains: - Eventually.) 4loc (be) last 51/2 back (of something)
nəjiŋ bə behind with (sem. domains: - Late.)
nəjiŋ wusu . 1better on (sem. domains: - Sad.) 2lastly (sem. domains: - Last, - And, also.) 3afterward (sem. domains: - Delay, - After.)
nəkə he has known (sem. domains: 3.2.2 - Learn.)
nəkoso n. 1loc under, below (sem. domains: - Low, 9.2.4 - Prepositions, postpositions, - Down.) 2underground (sem. domains: - Underground.) 3bottom (sem. domains: - Bottom.)
nəkpo beside (sem. domains: 9.2.4 - Prepositions, postpositions.)
nəkpu . 1at corner (sem. domains: - Catch, capture.) 2surrounding (sem. domains: - Around.)
nəkweiɛ around home (sem. domains: - Vicinity.)
nəla what kind of (sem. domains: 9.1.4 - General adjectives.)
nəlɨ n. 9/8 a scar, an old wound, whether still causing pain or not (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) binəlɨ
nəmə rough (sem. domains: - Flat.)
nəmesə west (lit. leftward) (sem. domains: - North, south, east, west.)
nəməsə n. loc left (direction)
nəmɨlɨ thereafter (sem. domains: - Since, from.)
nende 1v. beg, plead, implore (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow, - Beg.) 2v. appeal (sem. domains: - Make an appeal.) 3ask (sem. domains: - Pray.) 4v. apply (sem. domains: - Right, proper.) 5plead (sem. domains: - Suggest.)
nende ŋgufiɛ apologize (sem. domains: - Repent.)
nendedzə proceed (sem. domains: 3.3.4 - Ask permission.)