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tɔ fi carry on the head (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.)
tɔ fi phr. carry on head
tɔ fu sell at loss price (sem. domains: - Sell.)
tɔ gbɨte wa mɨ serious stomach ache (lit. my stomach is cutting) (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.)
tɔ kaŋ 1v. relieve someone (sem. domains: - Relief.) 2v. leave it, let loose (sem. domains: - Set free.) 3v. set free (sem. domains: - Imprison.) 4freed (lit. take out of hand) (sem. domains: - Hold.) 5v. forgo (sem. domains: 4.3.6 - Self-controlled.) 6v. surrender (sem. domains: - Defeat, - Surrender.) 7v. remove your hands (sem. domains: - Fast, not eat.) 8v. take hands, free, release (sem. domains: - Set free, - Give permission, - Exempt.)
tɔ kaŋ carry in hand (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)
tɔ kaŋ bɔ raise hands, carry hands up (sem. domains: - Laugh.)
tɔ kəbandə v. wave (hand as a greeting)
tɔ kɨgbɛti yu stomach ache (sem. domains: - Labor and birth pains.)
tɔ kpaŋ carry finger up (sem. domains: - Cast lots.)
tɔ mbaŋ v. lead, guide
tɔ nə mɛ phr. take (away), carry away
tɔ nɨntɨ wa mɨ stomach ache (lit. my stomach is refusing me) (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.)
tɔ ŋgə endure (sem. domains: - Endure.)
tɔ shəŋ remove heart (sem. domains: - Attention.)
tɔ wu lo wickedness stomach of anger
tɔ wu lu phr. (be) wicked
tɔ wu ndzeŋe 1phr. (be) courageous, (be) brave 2courage, bravery, generosity 3good character (sem. domains: - Beautiful.) kind stomach
tɔ wu ndzeŋe phr. (be) kind
tɔ wu nɨŋŋə phr. stomachache, upset stomach
tɔ yembe wa mɨ serious stomach ache (lit. my stomach is slaughtering me) (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.)
tɔ yəsɨ to carry eyes off when you see something bad (sem. domains: - Look.)
tɔ yi kɨbandə wave, greet with the hand
tɔ yi mbaŋ lead, guide
tɔbɔ auction sale (sem. domains: - Sell.)