The following abbreviations are used:


1SG     first person singular (I)

2SG     second person singular (you)

3SG     third person singular (he/she/it)

1PL      first person plural (we)

2PL      second person plural (you)

3PL      third person plural (they)

adj       adjective

adv      adverb

c.1       noun class 1

c.2       noun class 2

c…        noun class …. (etc)

cmpl     completer

der       derivation

der. of  derivation of

e.g.      for example

intr       intransitive (a verb with only a subject)

lit         literal

n          noun

neg       negation

P          Pidgin

pl         plural

poss     possessive

pro       pronoun

sg        singular

tr         transitive (a verb with a subject and an object)

v          verb