The Kemedzung-English dictionary and English-Kemedzung Index has been prepared primarily for speakers of the Kemedzung language, though it will also be of interest to non-Kemedzung speakers who desire to learn or study the language. The dictionary will serve to:


  • establish a written tradition among the Kemedzung people.
  • establish standards for spelling words, compound words, and clarifying word boundaries in conformity with the Kemedzung Orthography Guide of 2005.
  • preserve Kemedzung words that may fall into disuse as time passes and language shift occurs.
  • be a resource book or reference source for all teachers and students of the Kemedzung language.
  • help non-Kemedzung speakers learn to understand and appreciate Kemedzung as a spoken and written language.
  • help language researchers who seek word lists of an African language.
  • raise the status of the Kemedzung language in joining the ranks of all other written languages throughout the world.